Dirty Life

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After staring at the full moon for nearly an hour, Inuyasha went to the
couch and laid down. Kikyo had told him to sleep on the floor but he
didn't really care. She pissed him off too much to care. Hell, she liked
the S&M stuff. If she was going to hurt him anyway, what was the point in
worrying about making her angry?

Yawning, he looked at the phone then at the clock. It was late, early morning
late. "She's probably asleep." Inuyasha, still holding that little piece of
paper, sighed. Why was he even considering calling her? What would be the
point? He mocked himself. "Hello, it's me, the guy you saw in the coffee shop.
Nice to meet you. Want to go on a date? Oh, by the way, I'm a whore."
He cringed at those last words. Damn it. If he hadn't gotten mixed up
with Naraku, he wouldn't be doing this shit right now.

No. He wouldn't be doing this... He'd be dead. Which was worse? Humphing at his
own idiotic whims, he stuffed the piece of paper back in his pocket. He wasn't
about to ruin her life. She was better off not knowing him. Really...
she was. He couldn't do that to her. He couldn't....

His daydreams and fantasies is where she would stay.

He sighed into the moonlight's shadows. "Kagome."


Rin's sniffles and shakes were ebbing now so Sesshoumaru leaned back away from
her. Sitting there, they both were quiet, the room was quiet, except for
an occasional sniffle from Rin who gazed out at nothing with a frown.
What was he going to do? How could he help Rin, Miroku, and his brother?
From the looks of things, Naraku owned all three, made money off all three,
and more so from his females than males. Miroku and Inuyasha may belong
to Naraku but Rin... She didn't seem the type to sell her body for money.
More than likely, the girl was being forced in some way to work here.
It probably had something to do with her brother.

Sesshoumaru brooded over the situation. The only way he could insure the
safety of all three was to cut a deal with Naraku, a deal the man couldn't
resist. He glanced at the fine artwork on the walls of Rin's room. All
were rare, very rare, and priceless. Even the furniture was antique.
Obviously, the man had a thing for vintage items of the most valuable.
"I think I know a way to get you, Miroku, and Inuyasha out of here, Rin."

Rin, still frowning, turned her head, her brow furrowing. "Huh?"

Sesshoumaru switched his observant gaze from the wall and set a sober
eye on Rin. "I will stay with you the rest of the evening."

Rin's eyes widened a bit. He could have smiled at the blatant flash of
fear in them. "I am not staying for that."

She slowly nodded, the fear fading to trust once more. "Okay."

"Do you know where Inuyasha is now?"

Rin shook her head. "No."


"Aren't you even going to go visit her?" Sango asked while lying halfway
over the side of her bed.

Kagome, sitting on a sleeping bag by
Sango's bed, blew on her nails to dry the polish. "Why should I?"

Sango rolled to her stomach. "Beeecaaauuussee she is your cousin."

Kagome shot a glance at Sango. "Distant cousin. Last time I saw Kikyo was at a
family reunion a few years back. She was all snotty because she had inherited
a bunch of money from her Mother's side of the Family."

Grabbing a pillow, Sango stuffed it under her chest and chin. "So, you're not
going to go visit your only family in this city because she's a snob?"

Grimacing in guilt at Sango's raw outlook on the subject, Kagome sighed. "You're right
I should at least go by and see her. I think I still have her address in my
purse." Kagome reached over and picked up her purse. After a minute of
rummaging, she found her small book full of names and addresses. A few flips
of the small pages, and she came across it. "Here it is. Kikyo Shikon. 525
Great Oak lane."

Kagome frowned at the address. "I don't know if I can find it in this city.
I don't know where everything is and I sure don't know the suburban area."

Sango reached to her night table and opened a drawer, shuffled around a bit,
then pulled out a map. She unfolded it and laid it on the sleeping bag
by Kagome. "This map has helped me so much. I even found the park using it."

Kagome lit up. "You went to the city park?"

"Yep, Me and Kohaku did. We had a great time."

With a mischievous thought, Kagome grinned at Sango. "Did you happen to see, ohhhhh,
any boys there?"

Sango laughed. "Welllll....maybe."

Kagome scooted closer, still grinning. "Okay, spill it. Was he cute?"

Sango nodded.

"Where did you see him?"

Rolling over to her back, Sango smiled at the ceiling. "I saw him on
the street corner. I kinda accidentally bumped into him."

"Oh, yeah, sure you did, Sango. Sure you did."

Sango turned her head and looked at Kagome with mock surprise. "You don't
think I bumped into him on purpose do you?"

Kagome raised a brow and cleared her throat.

Sango giggled.

Smiling, Kagome laid down on the sleeping bag. "So, did you get his
phone number or anything?"

Sighing, Sango flipped over on the bed. "No."

"Why not?"

Sango didn't reply.

Kagome sat up. "Don't tell me you were too dazed to even get the guy's number."

Sango stuck her bottom lip out in a pout. "I couldn't help it. I got this
funny feeling while talking to him. I couldn't think straight."

Kagome laughed. "Uh, huh. You have to find that guy again. He really got
you flustered. In all the times growing up, I never once seen a guy get you
to blush, and I would bet anything you blushed right in front of that one."

With a giggle, Sango threw her pillow at Kagome.



He heard the call in his dreams. Or was he dreaming?


It was a female's voice, smooth and light, whispering his name like a
far away wind.

"Inuyasha. Wake up."

He opened his eyes to see very beautiful brown ones staring back.

Those brown eyes glimmered in the morning light. "I need you. Now."

Inuyasha came back to reality and remembered where he was. The clock on
the far wall read eight a.m.. It was early morning. He breathed in deeply and
stretched his arms out around the young woman who was sliding on top of him.
Cherry lips found his and softened against his mouth. Inuyasha closed his eyes,
daring in his half sleepy state, daring to pretend.


Sesshoumaru woke hard and uncomfortable. With a small yawn, he sat up on
the couch and glanced around. Rin was on her bed, sound asleep, her small
body bundled up in the dark green comforter. He gazed at her for a moment.
She looked so young lying there, like a child almost. The inside of his
stomach twisted at the thought. Did he really get a boner for a girl that
might be too young? How old was she? Shaking his head and rubbing the back
of his neck, Sesshoumaru sighed. It didn't really matter. All that mattered
at the moment was speaking to Naraku. He glanced at the clock on Rin's night
table. It stared back at nine a.m.. Wondering if Naraku would be at work this early
in the morning, he stood and stretched some more. "I could really use a cup
of coffee right now."

After taking one last glance at a sleeping Rin, Sesshoumaru straightened his
clothes and left the room.

Amazingly, he shut the door to see a grinning Ginta walk out of the door
across the hallway. Sesshoumaru raised a brow. "Been busy?"

Ginta's grin turned wolfish. "You could say that."

Sesshoumaru walked with Ginta down the hallway. "I need to speak with
Naraku. Do you know where his office is?"

Ginta nodded. "Yeah, it's on the first floor next to the bar. You can't miss
it. Hey buddy, do you need me to wait on you?"

With a brief, half-nod, Sesshoumaru waved while heading for the bar room.
"I would appreciate that, Ginta. Wait for me in the sitting room until I am

Walking away, Ginta gave a short wave in return. "You got it, dude."


Sesshoumaru opened the first door to find a secretary. The guy had a secretary.
Well, he was filthy rich.

The petite blond looked up to him with a strawberry red smile. "May I help

"MY name is Sesshoumaru Takahashi.
I would like to see Mr. Aracne. Is he available?"

She smiled and nodded. "He just arrived a few minutes ago." Pushing a button
on a small intercom on her desk, the cute blond cooed. "Mr. Arcane. There is
a Sesshoumaru Takahashi here to see you."

Naraku's polished voice slid into the air. "Thank you, Miss Tara. Please
send him in."


Sesshoumaru stepped into the large office. The room was decorated with dark mahogany
furniture, soft oriental carpet, priceless paintings, and valuable antiquities.
"Good, morning, Mr. Arcane."

The male sitting at the desk smiled darkly, his black eyes shadowed in an almost
sinister gaze. "May I help, you, Mr. Takahashi?" He gestured to the chair
in front of the desk. "Please, sit down."

Sesshoumaru sat in the comfortable chair. "Mr. Aracne."

Naraku waved a hand. "Please, call me: Naraku."

Clearing his throat, Sesshoumaru gave a nod. "Mr. Naraku. I wanted to speak
with you about a business deal."

A black brow raised in question. "Please, continue."

Falling into his best professional mode, Sesshoumaru leaned back and smiled.
"I spent the night with one of your girl's, and I found her to be very

"I am pleased you were well entertained, Mr. Takahashi."

Sesshoumaru held an eye lock with Naraku. "I have also been informed that
you have males in your employment."

Naraku did not even flinch. "Yes. That is correct. Do you wish to visit one?"

Not letting the sudden lump in his stomach bother him, Sesshoumaru shook his
head. "No, but I am interested in two of your male workers."

Naraku's brow raised in query. "Oh, which two and what type of interest do
you have?"

Now came the big deal. Sesshoumaru knew he had to word this right. "The
two males that I am interested in are Miroku and Inuyasha. I want
to start a business much like yours. Currently, I have no employees. I want
to purchase the young woman and the two young men from you."

Unbelievable humor was all Sesshoumaru saw in Naraku's cold, hard features.
"You want to buy these employees from me?"

"That is correct, Mr. Naraku."

Naraku humphed a laugh. "Assuming I would even consider such a deal, my
employees are very valuable to me, especially Rin. She is my newest jewel
and I do not want to part with something so precious. I don't think
you could afford to buy my diamonds, Sesshoumaru."

Now he had to play his ace in the hole. "What about a trade?"

Naraku's eyes darkened even more. "Go on."

Sesshoumaru pretended to sigh. "I thought money would be enough but it seems
I must offer something more valuable."

Naraku was now paying quiet, close attention.

"Mr. Naraku, have you ever heard of the Jewel of Four Souls?"

Sesshoumaru did not miss the flash of surprise in Naraku's black depths.
"I have heard of it."

With a small smile, Sesshoumaru continued. "It came into my possession
a year ago. Since I deal in antiques, I happened across it by accident. It
was nestled amongst the shards of a priceless ming vase which was broken
in a shipment from china. I was intending to use it for my
retirement but I can part with it for such a find as this. I want
those two young men and that young girl, Mr. Naraku. I want to trade
the Jewel for those three."

For a long moment, Naraku watched him with the darkest, unwavering gaze, his
black eyes boring through him, silently searching. Finally, he tilted his
head to the side and smiled an eerie smile. "Interesting. Very interesting.
I will make the deal with you on one condition."

"And that condition is?"

"I like my toys, Mr. Sesshoumaru. I like to watch them play with each other.
Even though I enjoy my playthings extremely, you possess an item that
I would trade for my toys."

He smiled with a greedy gleam. "However, I would like to see my toys in action one
more time before I sell them, and I am sure you also want to watch the goods
before you buy. I have a room for viewing entertainment, Mr.
Sesshoumaru. In it, my employees pleasure each other in full view of a
one way mirror. Sit in that room with me and watch for two full hours, watch
the three you want so badly play, and I will trade those three with you for the
Jewel of Four souls on my honor as a businessman."

Sesshoumaru, mouth very dry, betrayed not one flinch of what he was feeling.
Naraku was trying to figure him out, understand his reasons behind the
proposition. The sadistic prick suspected something. In order not to lose,
Sesshoumaru knew he had to play along, and it made his gut squirm to do so.
"That sounds like a good deal to me, Naraku. I can't tell you how pleased
I am with your decision. I am looking forward to watching my future employees
in action."

Naraku smiled in gentlemen-like fashion. "The viewing shall be set for
Monday evening at three oclock. Be here around two and we can share a drink
before the show starts."

Sesshoumaru nodded then paused. "Naraku, I do have one concern. I do not want
the girl to work with anyone else other than those two before the trade."

With a slight shake of his head, Naraku half smiled. "It is not an unreasonable
request. In the spirit of our agreement, I will honor it. Rin will remain
untouched until you can see her in the viewing room."

Inwardly, Sesshoumaru felt some relief. At least he had been able to save Rin from
other clients before he could get her. Only thing was:..his insides twisted
at the thought. To gain their freedom, they would, all three, have to....

Sesshoumaru stood and held out his hand. "Wonderful
doing business with you, Naraku."

Naraku gave him a firm, brief shake. "Likewise."







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