Dirty Life

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Disclaimer: don't own, oh no, don't make no money from Inuyasha or the
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chapter 22


It was getting late, too late. Sesshoumaru glanced out the window. "The
kid should have been back by now." Worried, he grabbed his leather trench coat
and keys then left the hotel room.


Kagome, sitting beside Sango at one of the small tables, watched
the dancing couples before slowly switching her gaze to the emerging
stars above. It was all so wonderful: the jubilant mood,
the colorful lanterns, the little twinkling lights in the surrounding
bushes and trees, and all the delicious smells of food.

She felt a nudge on her arm. Kagome looked at Sango who was leaning close with
a grin. "Did you see that guy who just walked passed?"

Kagome glanced around. "Who?"

Sango rolled her eyes. "You missed him. He was way cute! He had long black
hair and hazel blue eyes." She then scrunched her nose up. "But he was holding
hands with some woman. I didn't see her face but I sure saw the black dress she
was about to pop out of."

Kagome shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well, maybe I'll see him later." She
glanced over at the food stands. "I'm hungry. I think I'm going to get
something to eat. Want to come?"

"Nah. I'll stay here."

Kagome stood up from the table and smoothed out the lines of her dress before
heading toward the food stand. Along the way, she noticed that some tables
were set out buffet style with all sorts of finger foods and punch.
She stopped by one of the tables and looked at all the food, trying to let her
stomach decide what she wanted.


Inuyasha, very bored, stood by Kikyo who was making merry conversation with
some rich lawyer she knew. Every time the woman giggled he secretly grimaced.
Hell, she was practically throwing herself at the guy, and he hoped
the guy would take her offer. If Kikyo decided to get with the rich lawyer then
he would be free, maybe for the rest of the weekend. From the way the guy
smiled and glanced at her chest his hope may not be in vain.

To his surprise though, Kikyo turned and whispered in his ear. "Get lost for the
night. Be back at my place by ten in the morning."

That was all he needed to hear. Without looking back, he walked off, leaving
her to giggle and flirt with the rich guy.

At first, Inuyasha wandered through the crowd of people, not really knowing
what to do. He was uncomfortable around all this commotion so finding a way
out of this festival was at the fore front of his mind. He stopped next to the
dance floor. But what then? Where could he go for the night? If he went
back to Naraku's, his boss would put him to work. There were several places
in the city he could crash, dark places where some of the homeless knew him
and would let him share a space.

While thinking on the situation, his stomach rumbled. He hadn't eaten in a
day or so. Kikyo hadn't offered, not seeming to care. Inuyasha stuck his
hand in his pocket and fingered the spending money. When they walked in,
he spotted a few food stands and some buffet tables.

Smirking, Inuyasha began making his way to the free meal.


Through the throng of people Inuyasha caught site of the white tablecloths.
He gently eased around until finally stopping next to a table covered with
drinks and finger foods. Inuyasha snatched some sort of small meat wrapped in
bread and popped it in his mouth. While chewing, he picked up a plastic cup
and filled it with punch. As he drank, Inuyasha began walking along the
row of tables, picking and tasting, not noticing where he was going or who
might be in front of him. His tunnel vision set on a very tasty plate of
fried chicken. At that moment, he bumped into someone. Hearing a feminine
"oh" he backed up. "Sorry...."

Inuyasha blinked at pretty brown eyes that immediately recognized him.

For a second, both of them stared, stunned, before Kagome smiled. "Inuyasha?
I...." Her smile fell as she looked to the side, out into the crowd. "Are you with..?"

Inuyasha swallowed the crumbs in his mouth. "I came with Kikyo but she
dumped me for some rich guy."

Kagome slowly nodded with a soft "Oh."

Her smile returned as she locked gazes with him again. "So...you're free

The softness in her eyes made his stomach flutter.
"Uh...Yeah...until morning...then...I
gotta go back to...."

Kagome glanced out at the dancing couples. "Want to dance?"

Did he just hear her right? His throat constricted but he managed to
nod with a squeak. "Yes."

Her warm hand took his and began pulling. While letting the pretty girl in
the pastel blue dress pull him to the wooden dance circle, he suddenly realized
he couldn't dance. When she stopped and dropped his hand, Inuyasha, nervously
informed her of that fault. "I...can't dance."

Kagome only smiled the sweetest smile. "It's a slow song. All you have to
do is..." She took both his hands and placed them respectfully on the sides
of her waist then lightly reached up and set both of her
palms on his shoulders. "...move with me."

This had to be a dream. It was all Inuyasha could think as the girl led
him on the dance floor. This had to be a dream, one where it was just him
and Kagome, dancing. Her soft smile and incredible smell compelled him to
lean closer. She seemed to notice and did the same, her cheek very close
to his chest and her brown hair just under his nose. Closing his eyes,
Inuyasha breathed in deeply the smell of creamy strawberries.


Sango absently tapped her foot. Kagome had been gone for several minutes.
Wondering about her friend, she got up and began searching the crowd.
Upon chance, Sango glanced over the dance floor and caught a glint of
Kagome's pastel blue dress, one she had let Kagome borrow.

Sango took a step forward then stopped, seeing who Kagome was dancing with.
Her mouth gaped open. It was the cute guy she had seen earlier. Sango
smiled and shook her head. The two were very close and both looked as if they
were in a dream. Sango was not going to interrupt Kagome's happiness so she
sighed and began walking around the dance floor and through the crowd.

She wandered for some time, taking in the sights and music. There was
a wonderful feel to the atmosphere since everyone was happy, dancing,
and mingling. All her life, Sango had been content to watch others be happy.
She had never really been interested in dating or having a boyfriend. Sure,
she giggled with her best friend over cute guys and good looking men but
frankly, it all seemed so childish to her. That may be the reason
she didn't pursue boys outright. It was something she had never told anyone,
not even Kagome. Somehow, all this time, she felt as if she had been
waiting for something...or someone...different.

Shrugging off the way too deep contemplations, Sango meandered to the far
edge of the crowd. A flash of red caught her eye. Sango noticed a long
red plastic strip stretched across two wooden polls. The red strip blocked
off a pathway. Curious, Sango peered down the concrete walkway. It was lighted
up with those strands of lights and a few of the lanterns, giving enough
light to see. Wondering, Sango walked around the wooden poll, stopped,
glanced back at the dancing crowd, then started down the pathway.
Knowing the park was closed in by a seven foot brick wall and there were plenty
of security guards around, Sango went further. Why she was sight-seeing this
way into the park was a mystery, but...she just had this feeling.

And Sango always listened to her feelings.


After finally finding a parking place, Sesshoumaru parked his car.
Stepping out of his car, he looked at the well lit festival going on near
the front entrance of the park. Seeing all the people, Sesshoumaru relaxed
some. Maybe the kid was having some fun and mixing it up with the crowd or
getting something to eat. Still concerned though, Sesshoumaru started
toward the front entrance. He wanted to find the boy and get back to the


It was getting darker as she walked and Sango was beginning to feel
anxious. The farther she went, the fewer the lanterns and lights until
finally, there was nothing but tall street lights far above.

Sango stopped and rubbed her bare arms before draping her dark blue
shawl further over her shoulders, hugging it closer. As she stood, staring
around at the shadowy bushes, little chill bumps rose up on her legs and
arms. Up ahead, she spotted a bench and a small building of some kind.
Thinking it might be a bathroom, Sango took a few steps toward it then
stopped again. No. If it was a bathroom, it would be lighted up on the


Miroku, lying on his right side, slipped from unconsciousness, first feeling the horrible pain in his side, then
slowly opening his eyes to a blurry darkness. Beneath him the damp grass chilled
his bare skin. For a long time, he lay quiet, listening and wondering if the
two men were gone. Not sensing anyone, he tried to move but received a
painful punishment for doing so. Miroku groaned. His entire body hurt but his
side felt as if someone had stabbed a knife in it. Head swimming from the feeling,
Miroku struggled against it and reached down to his ankles. He couldn't help
to let out several hard gasps as he reached for his underwear and jeans.
It took every ounce of strength, but he managed to pull them both up yet
was unable to button the jeans.

His hard breathing hurt. Every time he breathed in, it felt as if his chest
would bust, and every time he breathed out, it seemed as if that breath was his

Giving up, he turned to lay on his back and let the tears fall. No one was
around so no one could see him. If he died here, he could die in peace. This
way, Rin would not have to be with him, only Inuyasha, his best friend, and
then both would go to live with Inuyasha's brother. "Rin..."

A dark, darker than the star ridden branches above, occasionally blacked out
his vision. It came and went as he came and went. Miroku knew he was
passing in and out. It was definitely not a good sign. So, the times when
he knew he was there, Miroku thought of Rin.


Sango knew she should get back. With a light shrug, she turned from the
dim shadows to walk back only to hear something that stopped her cold.
It sounded like a voice.

Of course the park was filled with people, some of which might be
taking a quickie behind the bushes, or strolling around like she was.
Still, she waited.

Then, Sango heard it again.

It came from behind the small building and it sounded like a small animal.
Thinking it may be a lost kitten or puppy, Sango carefully edged closer,
listening and looking around the bushes. She was a sucker for kittens.
"Here kitty, kitty."

The rustle of grass led her closer until she stopped near the sound.
Her eyes grew wide. That was a voice! It croaked out, raspy and very

Now very worried, Sango moved aside the bushes, and looked down. A gasp
ripped from her throat. Someone was lying on the ground. It was almost
too dark to see but she could make out a shirtless form lying next to
a large tree. For a second, she froze, not knowing what to do. The person
might have been mugged or something and might need a doctor. She
turned to leave to find help then stopped, her mind whirling.

Sango turned back, stepped closer, then knelt down. "Are you alright?"

The person groaned then Sango realized it was a guy by the deepness of the


The name came out again, raspy with such pain. Sango bit her bottom lip,
not knowing what to do or say. Beside him, she lowered to her
knees. "Did someone hurt you?"

The boy began to cry. He lifted his hand to her. "Don't leave me...please.
Rin. Stay..."

Seeing his pain made her chest hurt. He probably needed a doctor. "I...have to go.
I'm going to go get someone to help, an ambulance or doctor."

"Nooo...don't go."

His hand found her arm. Through soft, crying gasps, he begged her.
"No... Rin...don't leave. No doctors. No...hospitals. Please."

Sango didn't know what to do. "But..."

He turned over, gasping, laying his head on her thighs. His wet hair
dampened her dress and on impulse, Sango placed her hand on his head.
Indeed, his hair was wet, maybe with sweat, maybe with something else.
She could barely see in the dark but her nose did pick up some
strange smells. "What is your name?" She wanted to
help him but he didn't seem to want help so she tried to reach him.
Obviously, he was delirious because he kept calling her Rin.

The young man's hand found her left arm and rubbed it some. "Rin...you know...
your big bro....it's me....Miroku..."

Sango's eyes widened. Miroku??? The cute guy she had spoke to the other day
before she went into the park???

Her breath caught in her lungs. "Miroku?"

He twisted some and buried his nose in her lap with a whimper.
"It hurts Rin. Don't leave me."

Sango ran her fingers though his damp hair. "I...won't leave. I'll stay with
you." She swallowed hard to help the lump in her stomach. In the last
few days she had thought about him so much and now...

Sango slipped her
shawl from her shoulders then draped it over his chest and back.
For a long time she rubbed his arms and listened to the gasps as he cried.
Who did this to him? And why? Why would someone hurt him like this?
Shutting out the questions, Sango pulled him as close as she could and
sat down completely, sitting her behind flat on the damp grass, allowing him
to lay his head in her lap comfortably.

She winced when he gasped and groaned at the movement. "Sorry. Don't worry.
I'm here."

"Rinnnn..." His voice fell silent and his breathing slowed. Sango
sighed and bowed her head, knowing he had passed out. "I won't leave you. I


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