Dirty Life

BY : Rasberries
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Inuyasha jerked his head up. He had heard something...bump, maybe in another
room close by. Actually, it sounded like it had come from down the hallway,
from Miroku's room. Wondering what was going on, he got up, stepped to the
door, then looked down the hallway to Miroku's room. The door was shut. A moment
later, he could have sworn he heard a yelp. Concerned, he
began to ease toward his friends room. As he got closer, he could hear
Naraku's voice. "When you are finished, take him to the viewing room."

Inuyasha froze. The viewing room? Why would he put Miroku in there when he
was supposed to go there later? And why would Naraku say 'take him there'?
Why couldn't Miroku go there himself?

The knob on Miroku's door began to twist. Inyasha hurried back to his room,
stopping just behind the door, out of sight, listening. Naraku's footsteps
drew near, he walked to his window, trying to seem oblivious.


Inuyasha turned to see Naraku in the doorway.

"You have two hours hours before the first viewing. Get some sleep until
I come to get you."

He nodded to Naraku and laid down.

Even though he was tired, he could not help but worry about Miroku.
He wanted to get up and go down the hall but Naraku might be watching.
Sighing away the worry, he closed his eyes.


Naraku's voice woke him from the darkness of sleep. "Inuyasha!"

Instantly, he jolted up, got off the bed, then stood. Blinking away the fuzziness of sleep,
he slowly walked out of the room, following Naraku.

They walked down the hall toward the set of stairs that led
to the second and first floors. They descended the stairs to the
second floor.

The first floor was for Naraku's pampered girls, extravagant bedrooms,
dinning area, lounge rooms, dance floor, and bar. The second floor, the one
he was walking down now, was made up of the large viewing room, a strip tease
room, and average size bedrooms for visiting guests.

Both first and second floors were lavish, unlike the third where he stayed.
The third floor was where Naraku kept his male workers.

Naraku opened the door to the cubby room. It was a small hidden room where
the performers waited until it was time to enter the viewing room. Inuyasha
took a long, deep breath as he shut the door behind him. Silently, he waited
for Naraku to tell him what this job entailed.

He was surprised when Naraku opened the door to the viewing room and walked in.
His smooth, deep voice called him. "Come on."

Inuyasha followed Naraku into the room. It was the same as the last time he
had been here, nothing different. Naraku turned and looked at him.
"Your partner will be here soon."

Partner? Suddenly, he felt ill. They were going to watch him...take it from
someone else.

A second later, the cubby room door opened. Inuyasha looked to see Big
Jake stroll in with something big wrapped up in a dark blanket drapped over
his right shoulder.

The big oaf stopped before Naraku then slid the bundle off his shoulder and
to the floor. Inuyasha stared at it in confusion.

He looked up to see Naraku smirking darkly. "This..." Naraku pointed to the bundle.
"...is your partner."

Again, Inuyasha looked down at the bundle, his confusion rising and along with
it a horrible feeling of unease.

Naraku snapped his fingers. Jake bent down and pulled back the dark gray blanket
to reveal Miroku's face.

Inuyasha felt the bottom drop out of his stomach. "What...what did you...do to him?"

"He is being reprimanded for doing me a disservice. He has been lightly sedated.
I want you to take him, play with him, fuck him, and make him reach his pleasure.
Do all of this in good view of the mirror. Make it last at least thirty minutes.
You will start when the light above the door comes on."

Slowly, Inuyasha shook his head. "No. I will not. You can beat the shit out of
me if you want. I don't care. But I am not...going...to...do this."

Naraku growled. "Either you do this or your friend here will suffer. Jake is fond
of breaking bones. It would be such a shame if your friend couldn't walk for

Swallowing his nausea, Inuyasha relented. "Fine, I'll do it."

Naraku and Jake left the room. Inuyasha knelt beside Miroku and pulled the
blanket back some more, exposing the bareness of his friend's chest, hinting
that his friend was already naked underneath the blanket. He also noticed
that both of Miroku's arms were behind his back. More than likely, he had been
cuffed. Looking up to Miroku's half-lidded eyes, he saw that the blue gaze was
partially focused. Inuyasha was not sure if Miroku was completely here or not.
As if answering his wondering, Miroku blinked and let out a whispered
moan while moving his head slightly.

Frowning, Inuyasha whispered under his breath. "Forgive me, Miroku, for what
I'm about to do."


While keeping an eye on the light fixture above the door, Inuyasha searched the
room. He opened a drawer in a night table close to the bed, thankfully
finding what he would need. Grabbing the small tube, he closed the drawer
and went to sit beside Miroku once again.

The light above the door came on, he swallowed heavily and began.
Inuyasha stood and slowly removed his clothes. He then knelt down
again and pushed back the entire blanket from Miroku's naked body.
Inuyasha looked him over good. At least they hadn't beaten him up.
All he could see was a bruise on his stomach.

Inuyasha glanced at Miroku's face. His eyes were partially open but his gaze was
dazed as if he was in another world.

How he was going to go about doing this, Inuyasha did not entirely know. He
had pleased many men with blow jobs but he had never...fucked one. And now...
he was about to fuck his best friend.











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