Dirty Life

BY : Rasberries
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In the waking, Miroku felt a dull ache within his entire body, but it
throbbed more on his side than anywhere else. Letting out a light groan,
he opened his eyes to a dim room and white ceiling, a somewhat familiar white

He tried to move but gained a jolt of pain in his side for his trouble.
The jolt brought back the terrible memory of how he had received such
an injury. Fighting the water from surfacing in his vision, Miroku
sighed while the sinking feeling in his gut threatened to drown him. The
world had not been kind to him in the last few days, and he wondered how
much worse it was going to get.

Blinking back the sting in his eyes, Miroku gathered his thoughts: He was in
Sesshoumaru's room. It was nighttime. And...something warm was pressed against
his right side, someone...warm.

Rightly confused, Miroku turned his head, feeling a breath slide across his
cheek as he did so. He blinked once, squinted, blinked again, then his
eyes widened. There, lying next to him, so close that her nose almost touched
his, was...that girl, that girl he had seen outside the park, the girl he
had seen in Kaede's coffee shop, the girl he had....

"Sango?" Miroku whispered her name without thinking. Instantly, he regretted
saying it, fearing she would wake, fearing she would look at him, and he would
see the truth in her eyes: that she knew what happened to him, she knew what
he was, she knew he was beneath her and every other decent person that
walked the face of the earth.

Miroku turned his head away, feeling helpless: unable to move, unable to get
away, unable to run. Never in his life had he wanted to escape something this
badly. He would rather die than see that disgust in her eyes.

Weak with a heavy heart, Miroku whimpered. Life just wasn't fair.

At that moment, her warm hand slid up his arm then settled on his chest. She
groaned lightly then mumbled in her sleep.

Face burning from shame, Miroku whispered. "Sesshoumaru." He hoped the guy
would hear and help him out. Listening, he heard no reply.

"Miroku?" The voice was light, sweet, and deep with sleep. It tickled his ear,
making him shudder with rising fear.

"Miroku, you awake?" Again, Sango's voice hearkened, this time stronger with

He tried to clear his throat of scratchiness. "Yeah?" It was a horrible reply, cracked
and pitifully weak, and he wished it wasn't so. He wished his voice was
stronger. He wished...he...was stronger.

Sheets rustled as the bed shifted while the girl next to him sat up some.

"How do you feel?" Her tone was genuine. She really sounded like she cared.
He swallowed the filmy taste in his mouth. Should he turn his head and look?
Should he turn and see what was in her brown eyes? Her hand still warmed his
chest, and deep down, he wanted that comfort to remain. It felt good. She felt
good. Taking courage, Miroku turned his head. The room was dim
but he could see her face, her brow creased with worry, her pink lips tightly
pressed together, and her eyes....her eyes...shining; reflecting the small
amount of light somewhere in the room. That reflection was warmer than the
small hand on his chest.

He couldn't speak so he just stared.


He gave a slow nod and made his mouth work. "Yeah."

Then she smiled. "Are you okay?" Her eyes widened as if realizing something and
her pink bottom lip dropped. "I mean, Uh,
I know you're not okay but, uh... Do you feel better?"

Miroku returned her smile with a small weak one of his own. His entire body
hurt like hell but he couldn't bring himself to tell her. "A little better."

She seemed relieved.

He looked around. "Is Sesshoumaru here?"

Sango nodded and slid off the bed, eyeing the digital clock as she did so.
Turning, she whispered into the room. "Sesshoumaru?"

A minute later, Sesshoumaru eased up to the side of the bed and switched on the
bedside lamp. Miroku watched a sleepy eyed Sesshoumaru pick up a bottle of pills.

Sesshoumaru yawned while unscrewing the cap and taking two pills out.
"You have to take two of these. They are for pain and

Miroku accepted the pills, eyeing them while trying to sit up
as Sesshoumaru went for a glass of water.

Sango chastened. "You shouldn't move on your own yet."

Sesshoumaru returned with the glass of water then helped him to sit up some
so he could take the medication.

After getting his fill of water, Miroku eased to his back once more. In the moving,
his entire body knotted with pain. He gasped then whimpered before finally
settling in. Sango, all this time, looked at him with the deepest worry.

Miroku knew Sesshoumaru had probably gone looking for him and that was why
he was back at the hotel, but why was Sango here? He looked up at the
young woman standing by his bed. "Why are you here?"

She frowned at him as if thinking to herself before answering. "I found you
at the park and tried to help. Sesshoumaru found us then... I came to the
hotel too."

Miroku noticed her dress. It was shiny and dark blue, but it was very wrinkled
with dark stains on the front. Glancing up, he took note that her
hair was not in a pony tail this time. It was hanging long and dark over her
shoulders, poofy and mussed from being slept on. She had been sleeping...
with him, next to him, worried about him. His face burned again and he
looked away. "Oh."

As he watched Sesshoumaru walk to the other side of the room, Sango's
concerned voice whispered. "Do you need anything, Miroku?"

Miroku sighed to himself. What was she really doing here? Why in the hell
was someone like her trying to help street trash like him? Was this some sort
of pity thing or was she just doing the charity thing: trying to ease her
conscience by helping dirt like him?


Miroku did not answer, just lay there feeling the throb in his muscles and

The bed dipped and he felt warmth on his right fore arm. "Miroku?"

Letting out a heavy breath, Miroku looked back at the girl sitting on this
bed. He wanted to tell her that he was alright and she didn't have to stay
but the words would not come. Deep down, he really wanted her to stay.
Those brown eyes did not hold the disgust he had feared so badly. No. Something
else filled her pretty brown gaze. She really cared... and deep down...deep
within himself, he gave in to it. "I...hurt."

Her bottom lip trembled as a shimmer misted in her brown eyes. "I'm sorry."

The caring in her voice was more than anyone, other than his sister, had ever
given him. It was far too much for him so he turned his gaze away. A second
later, Sango's warm body lay down beside him once again. He accepted that
warmth as the pain faded and sleep took him.


Inuyasha, feeling warm and quite comfortable, opened his eyes to Sesshoumaru's
voice. "Inuyasha, "It's nine. You better get up."

Inuyasha sighed while sitting up and becoming aware of who he had been sleeping
on. Blinking the heaviness from his eyes, he looked at Kagome. She was halfway
sitting up and lying on the edge of the sofa, she too, blinking from sleep.
Clearing his throat, he leaned back. "Sess, can you give me a ride?"

Sesshoumaru, heading for the bathroom, turned slightly in mid walk. "Yes."

Inuyasha nodded then leaned toward Kagome. Lightly rubbing her arm, he
whispered. "I have to go, Kagome. I got to be at Kikyo's at ten."

Kagome, rousing from sleep, stared at him with fuzzy brown eyes. "Right now?"

"It's morning." He halfway smiled.

Kagome's gaze cleared some with growing disappointment. "Oh...Okay. So uh,
what about tonight?"

"I'll be there, Kagome. Wait for me."

Kagome nodded. "Okay."


After Inuyasha left with Sesshoumaru, Kagome sighed heavily. Inuyasha
was going to Kikyo's...again. He was probably going to sleep with her

Kagome frowned deeply. Even though Kikyo paid for it, it still didn't make
her feel any better about the fact that Inuyasha was having sex with her cousin.
Did he enjoy doing it? Or was it just a job to him? Did he like....

Kagome shook her head of the images that were daring to cross her mind.
Instead, She recalled the way Kikyo had yelled at him...and the way Inuyasha
looked when he was sitting under the tree. No...

He didn't like it.

He didn't like Kikyo.


Inuyasha groaned at Kikyo's door before knocking. It was five till ten so the
bitch shouldn't have anything to complain about. She did say ten o'clock
in the morning.

"Hope Kagome's alright." He pondered while waiting.

A second later, something bumped against the door before it was jerked open.
Kikyo appeared, looking irritated and gripping her robe tightly closed,
part of which was slightly falling off her left shoulder, exposing creamy skin.
Her ill expression faded to a lighter one when she saw who it
was. "Inuyasha." She giggled his name in a way that made his insides queasy.
For the most part, she seemed drunk or high, whichever one. Or maybe she had
been screwed all night by the lawyer she met at the park social. There was
a black car sitting in the driveway. That meant the guy was still here.
A little bit of hope flashed. Maybe she didn't want him anymore, considering
her new boy fuck was still in the house.

His hopes were dashed when she eyed him up and down with a very greedy gleam.

She tittered another laugh as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the
house. "My friend wants to meet you."

Inuyasha's mouth went dry as the ascended the staircase. "Your friend?"

She laughed while pulling him toward her bedroom. "Yes, silly, my friend.
The guy I met last night at the park thing. He told me last night he
would like to try you out."

Damn he felt like a used fuck toy. "What the He..." Inuyasha cut himself off.
He was still hers for the rest of the day. If she wanted a guy to play with him
then there was nothing he could do about it.

They entered the bedroom and Kikyo dropped his hand.
The man from last night was there, lying on the bed, asleep, and naked.
Inuyasha glanced the guy over. He had short black hair, well toned muscles that
he probably got a high priced gym, and a face that you would only see on a male
model. Without thinking, Inuyasha centered on his thick, ten inch dick that was
supporting a very large pee hard. Damn. The guy could rip him open if he
wanted to.

Kikyo jiggled her merry way to the side of the bed and giggled in the sleeping
guy's ear. "Hey lover, I brought you a present."

The guy opened his eyes sleepily, smiled at Kikyo, then looked over at him.
After giving him one groggy look up and down, he stood and stretched. "Cute kid."
The rich guy headed for the bathroom. "Get him ready. I got to go first."

Inuyasha, disgusted, began removing his clothes.

When he had finished undressing, Kikyo, who had been staring the whole time,
slinked around him, letting her robe fall open as she did so.
"Did you sleep outside last night or did you go back to Naraku's?"

Inuyasha didn't see as it was any of her business. "I walked around."

She chuckled as she stopped behind him and grabbed his behind, giving it a
squeeze. "All night?" She dropped her hand then felt her way up his sides to his
chest, rubbing circles.

The guy came back into the room, fully aroused and wanting. "Get on the bed."
Inuyasha did so, lying on his back and closing his eyes.

The first thing the guy did was play, fondling him like a long lost fuck
toy. Inuyasha cleared his mind and let himself become aroused. Before long,
he was hard enough.

"Inuyasha." Kikyo pulled him on top of her. He went easily and entered her
wetness. Her insides gripped him as he slowly pushed in and out.
Bracing, he waited for it. He knew the guy wanted to fuck him but he just didn't know

He answer was given when the guy grabbed his hips, pulled him out of Kikyo and
back against his very hard length. The guy seemed breathless before trying to
push his way in. Inuyasha groaned at the feeling. He was way too big but at least
he was slick enough to slide in. Part of the way in, Inuyasha was panting and
so was the guy behind him. Kikyo, grinning, spread her legs apart underneath
his nose.

At that moment, the guy must have gotten impatient and thrust himself all the
way in, giving out a loud groan of heightened pleasure. Inuyasha, not prepared for
such a large intrusion, let out a bark of pain. He was being stretched to the
limit. Taking matters into his own hands, Inuyasha began to pleasure himself.
Only that would take away some of the pain for the guy was starting to thrust in
and out of him in hard, deep jerks.


Focusing on Kikyo's wet center, he licked till she shuddered in pure delight.
Before too long, pain became pleasure. The guy fucked him
till he got off then slid out. Kikyo, having her second orgasm, came down slowly.

Still hard, Inuyasha stroked himself until the guy took over and played.
On his hands and knees, Inuyasha groaned as the male pumped, played, and

Inuyasha came, shuddering some, his cum dripping on the sheets as his
hands fisted in them.

Somewhat spent, he fell to the side onto a pillow.

"Hungry?" Kikyo sparkled at the other male.

"Yeah baby. Lets order something." The guy said as he got off the bed.

Inuyasha still lay there, tired.


Inuyasha opened his eyes to see Kikyo heading for the shower with the naked male.
"I'm going to get cleaned up. Stay on my bed."

Sighing to himself, Inuyasha turned his head then groaned into the pillow.









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