Dirty Life

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Inuyasha strolled into the warm coffee shop, Miroku followed in behind him.
The place was empty except for the young waitress behind the counter.
She looked up from her crossword puzzle and gave them a small smile.
Inuyasha smiled a little in return. "Hey, Ayame."

Finding a booth, he slid across the seat. Miroku slid into the seat across
from him.

Ayame walked up to their table and smiled. "Okay boys. You got money to eat or
do you just want a complementary cup of coffee and shelter from the cold?"

Inuyasha looked at the pretty waitress. "We want to order something to eat."

The girl handed them two menus. "I'll be back with some water in a minute and
take your order."

Inuyasha glanced at the menu. "I think I'm gonna get the double cheeseburger
and fries with a coke. What you gonna get?"

He looked up to find Miroku studying the menu. His friends brows furrowed
for a moment in contemplation before he glanced up. "How much can I get Inuyasha?
It's your money. I don't want to mooch off you."

"Hey, Miroku. You can get as much as you want. Heck, I got enough money to fill
us both up. You ain't moochin off me. We're buddies. Buddies share. Get what
you want."

With a light shrug, Miroku looked over the menu one more time.

The waitress came back, placing a glass of water before each of them.
"Have you two decided what you wanted yet?"

Inuyasha and Miroku gave Ayame their order.

She winked at him. "It will be out few few."

Sighing, Inuyasha watched the waitress walk back to the counter bar,
his eyes falling on the delicate sway of her full bottom. "Miroku?"


He turned to look at his friend. "Have you ever...?"

His friend eyed him in puzzlement. "Have I ever...what?"

Placing his right hand up to hide his face, he leaned forward and whispered

"Have you ever been with a...girl?"

Miroku let out a long sigh and leaned back. "Only in my dreams. I came close
once. A woman wanted to pay me for my services but she caught sight of
Bankotsu and dropped me like a hot potato. He was the lucky shit that night."

Inuyasha leaned back as well, frowning at the table. "I don't dream but I do
think about it sometimes. I catch myself looking at Naraku's working girls
sometimes. Some of them sure are pretty."

Miroku gave him a serious frown. "If Naraku ever caught you with one of his
girls he would let Jake rip you a new one. We're not allowed to touch
his pampered whores."

Inuyasha nodded, agreeing. "Yeah, they are pampered. And they make a Hell of alot
more than we do. They're more like high priced call girls."

Miroku folded his arms on the table. "Ain't no point in really thinking about it,
though. What girl or woman is going to want a....?"

"A whore." Inuyasha finished for him. He looked down at the marble-like
swirls of the table. He felt that tug in his gut again. The one he always
had to make go away. Inuyasha locked it back into the far reaches of his mind.
He could not let that feeling take over. It would smother him.

The smell of cheese burgers and fries made his mouth water. He looked up just
as Ayame was bending down with their plates. For a moment, he glanced at her
low cut neck line and hint of breasts. Heat rose up in his cheeks as he
switched his attention to his dinner. "Thanks Ayame."

"Your welcome, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha and Miroku dug into their food.


Kagome bit into the fingernails of her left hand while driving. The streets all looked the same. Why? Oh, why didn't she tell Sango to meet her somewhere in

Her best friend Sango had moved to a new town and had given her the address of
her parents new place. Kagome had told her she would come see her tonight only
to get lost in the back streets of the city.

She tried her cell phone but got only static. "Stupid service. Can't get
a clear signal anywhere."

As she drove around the dark streets, she glanced at the pay phones. All of them
looked dark and foreboding. No way was she going to stop at one of those.
Kagome decided to find an open restaurant of some kind. A bright place of
business would have a phone. Now if she could only find one this late.

Kagome spied bright lights as she approached what seemed to be a small
coffee shop. Smiling at her resourcefullness, Kagome parked the car and
went in.

The first thing she noticed was the wondeful smell of coffee. Fresh coffee.
A young woman was behind the counter. She glanced up. "Hello."

Kagome smiled while approaching the counter bar. "Can you help me? I'm lost and I
need to call a friend of mine in this area and my cell phone is useless."

The woman gave a friendly smile and leaned down, reaching behind the counter.
She brought out a cordless phone. "We don't normally let customers use the
phone but you seem like someone in distress."

Kagome picked up the phone and began dialing. "Thank you so much."

The line on the other end rang several times before someone picked up.
It was Sango. "Hello?"

"Sango, I got lost. Can you come find me?"

Her best friend laughed some in relief. "I thought something like that had
happened. I'll come and show you the way to my house. Where are you?"

"I am at a place called Kaede's Coffee shop. Do you know where it is?"

"Yep, thankfully, I do. That place is only a few blocks from my house. Hey
girl, you almost made it."

A little heat hinted into Kagome's cheeks. "Uh heh heh, yeah...but...could
you hurry Sango? I'm kinda nervous here by myself."

"Sure thing, Kagome, I am out the door now."


Inuyasha looked up from his food when the bell jingled at the coffee shop
door. In mid chew, his mouth gapped open. A girl walked in. A very...pretty...
girl. She had long black hair that bounced and big brown eyes that reflected the
bright florescent light. The jeans she wore were not too tight but form fitting.
Her light jacket seemed to engulf her small frame completely.

She was...beautiful.

A playful slap from Miroku shook him to his senses. His friend chuckled
lightly. "Close your mouth, Inuyasha or you're going to catch flies."
Miroku then glanced back at the counter, grinning.

Inuyasha glared at his friend but then began to chew his food more slowly.
There was something about this girl he liked...alot. So he remained content
to just watch and see what she was going to do.

Ayame let her use the phone. She talked on it for a few minutes then hung up.

Inuyasha hoped the girl would order something and sit in the booth next to them. It was
wishful thinking, he knew, but he could still...wish.

His wish was granted when the girl turned and caught his eye. They both
froze in that one moment, staring. She was the one to cut the eye
contact first. She smiled some and walked to the booth that was next to theirs.
She sat down, her back to Miroku's back. Inuyasha caught himself again and
began to finish off his food. Every once in awhile, he would glance up
and look at the silky black hair, wishing he had sit there instead of

Miroku raised a brow while stuffing a french fry in his mouth.

He knew what Miroku was thinking. The jerk was going to embarrass him.
Inuyasha was about to open his mouth when Miroku turned and said
something to the pretty girl. "Hey."

She turned so her legs were in the isle and looked back some. "Hi."

Inuyasha felt his mouth go dry. What was wrong with him?

Again, he saw her glance at him but then looked at Miroku. "Do you two
live around here?"

Miroku nodded. "Sort of. Me and Inuyasha here...We work around town."

Her brows furrowed. "Work? You two don't look old enough to work."

At this Miroku cleared his throat. "Uh, well, you see, we...dropped out of
school and we work to pay for our rent and stuff."

Her brown eyes began to study them cautiously. "Oh...Okay. Please. Excuse me."

His heart sunk when she got up and went back to sit at the bar.

He punched Miroku's arm, whispering harshly. "Damnit Miroku. Why did you have
to tell her that? Why did you have to say anything? Now she must think
we are some kind of hobo freaks or something like that."

Miroku rolled his eyes. "What does it matter, Inuyasha? I just said hi. I
can't help it if her instincts told her we're not on the upper end of the
food chain." His whispered words fell into a mumble as he continued to finish
his meal. "that we're...gutter trash."

Inuyasha wanted to smack him again but knew Miroku was right. People like
him didn't get breaks. People like him didn't get warm homes or...dates...

People like him were dirt...And nobody wanted something dirty.














I think this chapter answers some questions about Inu being gay.
No he is not. He is just trapped in this life. Has been for a long time.

Babsie: shocking yes, but some great fics start out that way.
Inu is not gay. He is messed up..some. Maybe there is an angel
there to help him.

PlayinSad: will continue

Yasmin: Yep, but kinda realistic

Hollychan: I believed it to be realistic when I read "The only way I know by
loveswhore" But my story will have a different plot from hers.

Ivy: Request for the stoic lord of the westerlands accepted. will do.

No one knows. Ty.

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