Dirty Life

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Chapter 16: The first truth


Sesshoumaru whirled around then crouched by the bed, eyeing the kid
with stern seriousness. Had he just heard right?
Did this boy just say: Inuyasha? "What did you just say?"
The young male's eye's were closed but his brow crinkled at the question,
telling him that the kid did hear him. "Talk to me."

The kid did not speak again and his young features fell lax in sleep.
Sesshoumaru clenched his jaw, glaring. He was about to forcibly wake the
young male up when Rin squatted down next to him, her expression one of
panic and worry. "Please, we have to get out of here. Naraku might be watching."
She pointed to the corners of the ceiling.

Sesshoumaru looked up and saw
nothing but stains and cracked plaster. Was this girl paranoid? Even if she was,
her frantic behavior suggested she believed what she said.

She lightly took his sleeve and gently pulled, trying to coax him up.
"Please. We have to go."

Sesshoumaru reluctantly stood then hurried out the door, following the
sneaking female all the way back to her room.

He closed the door behind him. Rin turned on the room's brighter light then
quickly walked to a small table near the far corner of the room which had a
computer monitor on it. She stood by the table and motioned for him to come
over. While walking over, he saw Rin turn on the monitor. It flashed on as
he stopped next to chair in front of it. An image appeared.
Sesshoumaru squinted and then his eyes widened. It was the kid, just where
he had left him on the bed in the dirty room. So...the girl was telling the
truth. "I...see."

The girl slumped in the chair, her worried brown eyes stuck to the monitor.
"I hope he's all right."

There were many questions running through his head and Sesshoumaru was going
to find the answers. "He is your brother?"

Not looking at him, she nodded a bit, her voice just above a whisper.
"Yeah. His name is Miroku."

For a moment, he stared at the girl, for the first time noticing how
young she really seemed. "How old is he?"

She didn't really seem to be paying attention to and replied offhandedly.
"He's going to be sixteen in July."

Sixteen? What would a sixteen year old boy be doing living in those kind
of conditions.....here...? Suddenly, Sesshoumaru began to get a bad feeling.
"How old are you?"

This time she did notice his question and looked up, her eyes betraying her
fear. "I...." She turned her head and looked away. "I'm old
enough to be here."

She was lying.

Sesshoumaru knelt down beside the chair, determined. "Look at me."

She slowly turned her head. Her brown eyes were now cold and her expression blank.
She was trying to hide the truth from him. This made him realize he might not
get any information about herself out of her but, he might get other answers
that would lead to the entire picture of what was going on here. Rin
was Miroku's brother. Miroku's brother must know Inuyasha. Therefore,
Rin might know about Inuyasha.

He calmed himself then half smiled. In the hope of gaining her trust, he
nodded and spoke honestly from his heart. "I want to help you, and Miroku. Will
you please tell me the truth? Please. There are some things I need to know.
I am searching for someone that I...left behind several years ago. He is
the only family I have left." He swallowed but did not drop
eye contact, even placing a light touch on her hand with his fingertips.
"I think he may work here. Will you please help me find him?"


Rin, for all that she had known growing up, for all that she had learned about
not trusting anyone but Miroku, now, as she looked at the man kneeling beside
her, she felt a tugging on her insides, telling her that she could trust this
man. There was something in his eyes that told her...he was a good guy.
She returned his half smile, lowering her defenses, her answer somewhat shaky.

He stood and held out his hand. Rin looked at it for a moment before sliding
her fingers into his warm palm. He led her to the couch and they both sat
down. Leaning back, he gazed at her with expectant hope. "Is this okay? I
mean, to sit here with me?"

She nodded her head. "It's okay."

Sitting here by him, relaxed, with nothing expected of her made Rin pause.
She secretly noticed him for the first time: the long black hair, deep blue
hazel eyes, slim but toned body, the incredible smell... He smelled so good.



He leaned forward some, closing some of the space between them in comfortable
warmth. "Do you know a young man named Inuyasha?"


Rin dropped eye contact. Should she tell this man
about Miroku's friend? Everything he did, the way he acted, told her that
he was a good person. Even his eyes...told her. She let out a long breath
and nodded. "I do know someone by that name."

"What does he look like?"

Suddenly, she glanced up and realized. This guy resembled Inuyasha alot.
They could be brothers. She spoke quietly. "He has long black hair..."
Rin reached out and smoothed a lock of his hair. "....just like yours.
He is a little taller than me but not as tall as you. His eyes...." Rin
locked to the blue in his eyes. "....are the same color as yours."

Both of them gazed in the silence until Sesshoumaru blinked away, a red tint
splashing across his face. He cleared his throat. "Ahem...Well..."
He then nodded. "It sounds like him."


Sesshoumaru asserted himself before resuming their conversation, becoming
very serious. "Does Inuyasha work here?"

The girl's eyes went wide for a second and she nodded. "Uh...yes."

"Can you tell me what he does?" Of all the things that were running though
his mind at the moment, one fear shadowed them all and he hoped, hoped with
everything in him that that fear was not true.

Rin's face flushed a bright red and she looked away. "He uh...."
She trailed off, frowning to silence.

Sesshoumaru implored. "Please, Rin. I need to know."

The girl began to fidget, paying close attention to the folds of her
pink silk night gown, smoothing it over and over. "He uh...."
She swallowed then opened her mouth, her voice cracking in a whisper.
"He...works for Naraku. He has a room upstairs, down the hall from Miroku.

She was dancing around it, making his heart thump hard. "Rin..."

Closing her eyes, she let out a long, catching breath. "Inuyasha...
I mean..... He... Men.... they come to his room and...he...does them."

Sesshoumaru, at first, only stared, his insides getting heavier with each
second. That fear....was true. Suddenly he felt very sick. His mouth
watered and he grimaced at the foul feeling in his stomach. No... Not
his little brother. His little brother was...letting other men...touch him,
for money. For money. Living upstairs, in that ratty room, on that filthy
bed, his brother...on that filthy bed...with...other men.

He wanted to puke but swallowed instead. Heat spread in his body, making him
want to kill somebody. His brother was a...

"He doesn't like it."

Sesshoumaru looked at the girl sitting next to him, the urge to kill fading
some. "What....?"

She turned to him and he saw the shine in her brown eyes. "Miroku...he does it
too but he doesn't like it either. He has to work for Naraku. They both have
to work for Naraku."

It sounded insane to him. "That doesn't make sense. Why do they have to?"

Rin pulled her knees to her chin, scooted farther into the cushion then wrapped
her arms around her calves. "Naraku...helped them out one time. Now they owe him
big time. They belong to Naraku. Miroku tried to leave once. He came to tell me
that he was going to go far away and hide for awhile so Naraku wouldn't
find him. He said he would come back to see me when
Naraku stopped looking."

Her words became unsteady and filled with pain.
"But....Naraku's men found him. They took him away from me.
I didn't see him for a couple of months after that. He came back with this
horrible scar on his right palm where they had..."

She went quiet, closed her eyes and laid her head on her knees, her petite
frame slightly trembling. It made him hurt. So he did something about it.
Sesshoumaru moved over and gently embraced Rin's body. She cried quietly and
he wondered how much she loved her brother. She hurt so much for him. She
cared so much...for him. He was probably all she had left of her family...
just like him. All he had left was Inuyasha and he had done a horrible thing
in leaving him all alone with a foster family.

He whispered into her hair. "Rin, I will help you and your brother, I promise."


Inuyasha, breathing hard, strained against the leather around his wrist.
The wild woman was standing next to the bed, holding a whip. It was not
a play whip. Hell no. It was one of those damn real ones. Where she had
gotten such a weapon he didn't know, but it seemed she had bought it just
for him. Dressed in a black teddy, she stood there grinning in sheer delight
at his body which was now covered in small red whelts.

She raised the whip. It jangled for the fucking thing had tiny metal pieces
on the ends. He winced, instinctively pulling again, the pain in his wrist
becoming more and more noticeable. Inuyasha wanted to cuss her out but he
held his tongue. That damn thing hurt!

Yet, she smirked. "Have you been a bad boy?"

He growled but played along. "Yeah. So what about it?"

In an instant, she slashed across his thigh. It felt as if she had cut him
and he yelped. "Damn it, you bitch!" That earned him another so he clenched his
jaw, keeping his mouth shut.

He laid there panting hard, glaring at the female who really did know how to piss
him off. Suddenly, her expression changed to one of pity. "You poor baby."
She dropped the whip and began crawling over him. "Did I hurt you?"
This scared him more than the whip did. As her smiling expression hovered
over his hips, he stared, his anger falling to something else...

Kikyo licked her lips and then licked him, all the way up and all the way down,
several times before taking all of him in her mouth.

Inuyasha closed his eyes and groaned. It did feel good. It felt...really good.
In a matter of minutes, her teasing and sucking had him fully erect and she
took full advantage of it.


After their little fuck session, she pushed him out of her bedroom and told
him to sleep downstairs on the floor. All too happy to comply, Inuyasha, clothes in
hand, went downstairs to the living room and got dressed. Rubbing his
sore wrists, he sighed and sat down on the floor by the balcony doors.
Solemnly, he gazed up at the moon which was full and bright. As he sat there,
he calmed his body and heart, pushing the day from memory, clearing his
mind to a peaceful place where he could be all alone with the one person he
dreamed about. Her....

Her name....

"I know your name now."

Inuyasha pulled the piece of paper from his pocket and stared at it in the
moonlight, barely making out the hand written name. He smiled. She had touched
this paper. She had written her name on it, and her phone number. On impulse,
he brought the paper to his nose and breathed in deeply. It was a different
scent. It was nearly gone but he did smell it, a pretty scent: her scent.
"Kagome..." It left his lips in a whispered sigh. "Kagome..."











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