Dirty Life

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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha


The blarring of the alarm clock shook Inuyasha from his dream. He opened his
eyes drowsily. Yes, it had been a dream and that girl he had seen was in it.
Unfortunately, as in most dreams, he could not remember what it was about.
For some odd reason, he recalled...dancing.

Shaking his head, Inuyasha slammed his palm down on the clock before the
buzzer gave him a headache.

He sat up in bed and looked around sleepily, his line of sight falling on the
window. Drops of water slid down the dirty planed glass. A flash of lightning
lit up the dim morning.

Inuyasha grimaced while staring gloomily. It was raining..on a Sunday. He had
to work outside on Sundays, usually downtown on the strip. Considering the weather,
customers would be slim to none.

After getting up, Inuyasha hurriedly put on some clothes and left for Miroku's
room. As he slowly walked down the hall, he tried to get his courage up.
His friend had not spoken to him after what happened yesterday and he wouldn't
blame Miroku if he never talked to him again. He also wouldn't blame him if
he hated his guts.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he stepped into Miroku's doorway.
His friend was lying on the bed, starring at the wall. Inuyasha cleared his
throat. Miroku did not even look at him.

Letting out a shaky sigh, Inuyasha tried to speak without sounding too nervous.
"Are you all right?"

The blue in Miroku's gaze fell halfway to the floor, softening some.

Nodding slowly, Inuyasha looked away. "You might want to put on a coat or
something. It's wet out. I don't know where we're going to be working at
today but we'll probably be on the strip." Then Inuyasha mentally punched
himself. Miroku had been without his coat the day before, probably for a good
reason. Not waiting for Miroku's answer, Inuyasha ran back down the hall
to his room, knelt by his bed, pulled out his old rain slicker then returned.

He walked up to his friend who was now sitting up. "Here. It won't keep you
very warm but it will keep you from getting too wet."

Miroku looked at the slicker for a moment before accepting it. "Thanks."

"Hello boys."

At the deep voice, Miroku turned his head away with a slight flinch. Inuyasha
turned to see Jake's huge form overfilling the doorway. "Yeah?"

Jake sneered haughtily at them both. "You boys are going to work on the strip today
until five. After five, I will pick you up. Inuyasha, you got an appointment with
Kagura at six. Make sure you don't miss it. Miroku, you have an appointment
with a very important client. Make sure you are ready when he gets here at six

Inuyasha gave a nod. "We understand."

The large man smirked, turned to leave, then paused in the doorway.
"I will be waiting in the back parking lot for you two. Don't make
me wait long."

With that last statement, Jake left.


Inuyasha gripped his coat tight, molding it snug to his body. While
leaning against the hard brick, he glanced up at the metal overhang shielding
him and Miroku from the rain. Thankfully, they were working in front of the
old train station at the near end of the strip. He glanced down
the street, trying to see if others like himself were working this particular
section today besides him and Miroku. Through the light drizzle of rain, all
he could see was an empty sidewalk from here to the other end. No one
else was out on a day like this.

He turned his head and peeped into the open doorway
of the delapidated building behind him. Not too far inside, he could see a
circle of people standing around a barrel of fire. All of them were
warming and rubbing their hands together. All wore dirty rags with many
holes. Some were men. A few were older women. This place was the only
refuge for the homeless people now. All other places in the city had been
rooted out by the authorities. Since no one important came around this street much
anymore, no one cared who inhabited the abandoned building.

Sighing, Inuyasha went back to staring at the street and the rain.
At least Naraku accounted for the weather. If it rained, he did not
enforce a quota, mainly because customers were scarce to none on days like

Inuyasha looked over at Miroku who was also leaning
against the brick, chin to chest, head covered with the slicker's hood.
He had not said much to him today, merely yeah or no whenever he asked a
question. Frowning, Inuyasha started to look away when movement caught
his eye. Someone was walking toward them. The small dark form became
more visable as it came closer. Their face was hidden by the large hood
of a brown coat. A very big brown coat. Actually, Inuyasha recognized that
coat. He stood up, stepping away from the wall. "Miroku."

At his call, Miroku looked at him then followed his line of sight.
When his friend saw the person walking toward them, he straightened as

The small person did not look up, but continued to walk closer.
Whoever it was almost passed them when Miroku spoke to the stranger.

At once, the person stopped, the dark hood turned to face Miroku.
A light feminine voice floated out from under the hood. "Miroku?"

Miroku stepped closer. "What are you doing here?"

Small hands rose up and pulled the hood back.

Inuyasha blinked. It was a girl. A very young girl. "Uh...Miroku...who is this?"

Miroku looked at him. "This is Rin...my sister." Miroku set a serious gaze
back to the girl standing in front of him. "Answer me, Rin."

Her large brown eyes darted to him once before falling to the ground between
her and Miroku. "I....ran away."

"What?! Why?" Miroku reached out, lightly grasping the girl's arms. "Look at me."

Slowly, she looked up.

"Why did you run away? You had a good home, food, clothes. The street is
no place for someone as young as you. Those people were nice. You are going
back. When my shift is over, I am walking you back."

Inuyasha felt his heart thump. If Miroku walked her back....would he have
time to get back for that appointment Jake had mentioned?

The girl's long brown hair fell over the lowered hood as she shook her head
back and forth, tears welling up and falling down her cheeks. "NO! I won't go
back there! No! I don't want to go back." She began to sob. "Please, don't
make me go."

Hard confusion mixed with frustration fell to concern as Miroku looked
down at his sister. "What's going on, sis? Those people were good to you...
Weren't they?"

At his question, the girl began to cry harder then reached out and wrapped
her arms around his waist, holding him tight while resting her head on his

Miroku's blue eyes softened as he held her close. His entire body seem to
fall lax with a hidden despair. Inuyasha almost didn't catch his friend's
whisper. "Hey...hey...that's enough of that...Shhh. You keep cryin like
that and you're gonna get my clothes wet."

The girl sniffled a small laugh. "Silly, you're already wet."

Leaning back, Miroku gripped her chin, making her look him in the eye.
"I won't make you go back if you don't want to...but we will have to find
you a place to stay. Go into the station but stay close to me, close to the
door but out of sight. When my shift is over, then we can figure out something.

Rubbing her nose with the back of her hand, she gave a nod. "Okay."

She glanced at him once with a small smile before pulling her hood back on
and walking into the old train station.

Inuyasha looked at Miroku. "You never told me you got a sister."

Miroku glanced back into the doorway, probably making sure his sister couldn't
hear. "Yeah, she is about two years younger than me."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

His friend shrugged. "No point in it. She's been in foster care for awhile.
She was lucky enough to be a girl. People will foster a
girl before taking in a boy. But...she's been switched around a lot. At least
ten different homes. Most of them were decent sorta nice people. Some weren't.
She didn't dare tell the social workers about the bad ones. She didn't think
they would believe her. But I thought...these last ones...were nicer. They
didn't have much money, but they had a warm home and fed Rin good enough."

"Is that why you gave her your coat?"

Miroku nodded while gazing into the rain. "Someone at school stole hers so
I gave her mine. She wouldn't tell me who did it."

"What are you going to do? Where are you going to take her?" Inuyasha asked.

Leaning back against the brick wall, Miroku shook his head. "I don't know. I will
have to figure out something. I might can hide her in my bathroom until I find
some place for her to stay. There's got to be a deserted house I can keep her
in somewhere."

Inuyasha knew it was crazy to hide Rin at Naraku's place. Even if it was in
the bathroom. Someone was bound to find out. But he could see Miroku's dilemma.
He wanted to keep his sister safe.

The sound of a car engine along with the flash of headlights caught his attention.
A dark red, older model car pulled up. The driver's side window slid down and a large
hand gestured to them. Inuyasha slowly walked to the car and leaned close.
A middle aged man sporting a few gray strands in his mass of black hair frowned
at him. The hard glare of suppressed rage nearly made Inuyasha back up.
He decided to play it innocent. "Is there something you need, sir?"

"Yeah, I'm looking for a girl almost five feet tall. She has brown hair and
brown eyes and is wearing a large brown coat with a hood. Have you seen
anyone like that?"

Inuyasha shook his head. "No sir, I ain't seen no girl's around. But hey,
if you're looking for a good time...." Inuyasha leaned closer, almost purring.
"...I can show you one. For a price."

The man grimaced in disgust. "Filthy piece of shit fag. I don't touch street
trash, whore."

Grinning, Inuyasha stepped back, waving at the man who angrily rolled up his
window and screeched off, then walked back to Miroku. "That man was asking about
Rin. I gave him some of my charm."

Miroku's tone was solemn. "He is Rin's foster father."

Shaking some of the water from his hair, Inuyasha humphed. "He didn't look
happy. He looked angry: mad enough to kill."

His friend visably swallowed. "Rin is scared. I am not going to take her
back to...that. I don't know what happened. Rin has known tough before.
If it is bad enough to scare her this much...then...the guy might be
really dangerous."

Inuyasha gave a nod before settling against the wall again. "Yeah."


When their shift was over, Jake came by in his cadillac. "You boys

Inuyasha blatantly stepped into a large puddle of mud, splashing the watery
brown muck on Jake's car, some of it slung onto the large man's pin stripe sleeve.

Jake glared at them both. "You two are not getting in my car soaking with
mud. Walk and enjoy it."

After Jake sped off, Inuyasha smirked at his friend. "Damn I enjoyed that."

Miroku smirked a little himself. "It was kinda funny."

Him and Miroku fetched Rin and left, walking quickly. They had about
twelve blocks to cover in the pouring rain.


Inuyasha and Miroku snuck up to the back door of Naraku's business.
Slowly, Inuyasha opened the kitchen door and peeked in. He did not see
Myoga anywhere. The room was empty. As quick as they could, they
hurried inside. Keeping the small girl between them, they took the back
stairs all the way to the third floor.


Miroku thanked the stars the hallway was empty. He pulled Rin into
his room and shut the door, wishing it had a lock.

Taking off the rain slicker, he turned to Rin who was pulling her coat off.
"You can stay in the bathroom for now. At night, I will let you sleep with
me in my bed but during the day, you will have to stay in the bathroom.
Don't come out of the bathroom unless I call you or come get you. Got it?"

Rin slowly nodded. "Okay."

He gave her a stern look. "I mean it, Rin. I have a client this evening. He
will be in this room with me. Whatever you hear, do not come out of that
bathroom. Promise me you won't."

Again, she nodded, her voice a little more meek. "I promise."

"Good, now, I have to get cleaned up. He will be here soon. Get in there."

She started for the bathroom, then turned back and wrapped her arms around
him again. "Thanks, brother. I love you."

Miroku hugged his sister back. "I love you too."


Inuyasha hurried into his room, glancing at the clock. "Damn, ten minutes
till six!" He was halfway to his bathroom when a sultry female voice
cooed, stopping him in his tracks.

"Oh, yes, ten minutes till six."

He turned to see Kagura standing in the doorway. Eyes of brownish scarlet studied
him intently. As her ruby red lips curled into a smirk, she tilted her head
to the side, letting her long black hair fall to cover her slightly exposed
cleavage. She moved one long leg forward, the slit up the side of her silky
red dress parted, revealing most of her long, milky white upper thigh.

Inuyasha gulped when she walked in, unconsciously backing up. For far too long
he had looked at her as an untouchable goddess, one he was forbidden even to
talk to. Now, as she came closer, he was somewhat frightened by this creature
who was one of Naraku's most beautiful and prized.

She stopped only a few feet away from him. First, she surveyed the room before
her hardening glare traveled from his shoes to his face. Her black brow raised
a tad as she shook her head once. "I am not touching your filthy ass in this
nasty room. Come with me. Now."

Kagura turned and left and he followed nervously.









Okay, got one lemon and Miroku's client coming up in the next chapter.
I decided to end this here and really think on that lemon so I can do
a good job on it or at least try to.


julie eat cow: yep, sad

kawaiikitsune: will try

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friend that much, he just has to deal with what happened.

mija: ty mija, made me laugh with the naraku comment. He hurt Miroku mainly
because he knew it would upset Inuyasha. thanks for the idea of Sess. I was
thinking of leaning in that direction. don't know yet.

Subaru: I have a friend that is too but I have never condoned it.

maria: nope, they won't end up together.

amifushigiyugi: he does deserve that, don't he.

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really is.

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