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Inuyasha, through slightly blurred vision, watched Naraku and the young
woman talk casually with each other. They were smiling and joking while blatantly
ignoring him. He stared at the young woman for a long moment, trying to
figure out if his first impression had been correct. She certainly looked
like the girl he had seen in the coffee shop, but...the longer Inuyasha stared,
he realized subtle differences: the way she held herself, the shiny silkiness
of her hair, the mannerism is which she spoke: high and confident
with an air of refined grace befitting a woman of higher status. All of these
little things he noticed told him this was not the same woman.

The shock began to fade and embarrassment set in; more so because of his stupidity
in mistaking this woman for the girl of his dreams than his current state of
undress and prone position. He grimaced, closed his eyes, and turned his head,
silently hoping they would leave. A minute later, thankfully, he heard
them chatting their way into the cubby room door before it was closed.

Inuyasha relaxed with a whispered whine. He was tired, so tired, and to his
dismay, his skin crawled with the memory of Jakutso's touches. What he wouldn't
give to just go to his room and hide. With another heavy sigh, Inuyasha's mood sunk
even lower. No. He would not be able to do that. The rest of the evening he
was going to be with Kagura.

Something warm and soft settled over him.
He opened his eyes to see the young woman attendant from before.
She was quietly moving around the table, untying the leather restraints; first
his feet, then his wrists. She worked silently, intent only on
her task. When she was finished, she left without a word.

Groaning, Inuyasha pushed the dark gray blanket back and eased off the table.
His feet touched carpet and his legs wobbled some under his weight.
He gripped the side of the table and steadied himself. After a moment,
he grabbed his clothes from the floor, dressed, then headed for Kagura's


Miroku lightly rapped on the hotel room door. When it opened, he was
relieved to see Rin's smile.

He gave her a hug. "Are you hungry?"

Rin nodded. "Yes. Very."

Taking her hand in his, he pulled her out while shutting the door. With a
wink, he grinned. "How does the all-you-can-eat buffet at the steak house

The brown in her eyes lit up with the dawning street lights. "My stomach
says that sounds wonderful."


Hiten watched the couple leave as he sat in his car. Smirking, he picked up
his cell phone. It was time to get busy.


Miroku, smiling, reached over and wiped the streak of chocolate sauce from
Rin's cheek. "You sure are pigging out tonight."

Rin stuck her tongue out before scooping up another spoonful of ice cream.
"Hey, I haven't eaten all day. Give me a break."

Sighing, Miroku rolled his eyes. "Sometimes you can be such a baby."

Grabbing another roll, Rin smothered it in honey butter. "I am not. I'm
almost fourteen." She took a big bite. "Girls mafure fafer than boys.
I'm pratifically an adulf." She swallowed the bite and looked down at his
plate. "Are you going to eat that chicken?"

Miroku pushed his plate across the table with a half smirk. "Inuyasha is right.
You are going to get fat if you continue to eat that way."

For a second, Rin paused with a raised brow and a 'are you kidding' look.
"So what? It's not like I'm planning on ever having a boyfriend because I'm

There was a slight edge in her tone he didn't like. "Awe come on, sis. Someday
you are going to meet some guy and get all googly eyed over him."

She frowned and looked away. "I don't like boys. They're all creeps."

That edge in her voice just got rougher. Deep down, he had been afraid of this.
His sister was damaged...and in a way that might never be fixed. He wanted
to talk to her, get her to open up and start healing...but...not right
now...maybe in a few days. With a half-smile, he picked up a whip cream
covered grape and threw it at her, plopping a good sized dollop of white
sticky goo on her cheek.

Rin looked at him, gaping in surprised irritation. "UH! You little..."

He politely stuck his tongue out in smug fashion. "I resemble that remark."

Already prepared to retaliate with a dressing covered baby tomato, Rin paused,
grinned and began to snigger. She dropped the small red tomato, scooped up
a dab of cream from her pie with her finger, leaned over, then smudged the
white stickiness on his nose. With a satisfied grin, she fell back against her
chair. "Even."


Waiting in his car which was hidden from the street lights by the shadow of
a tall brick building, Hiten watched the couple in the window of the
restaurant. He glanced at his watch, noting it was nine o'clock. The place
would be closing in thirty minutes. With predatory observation, he scoped
out the area. A few cars were in the parking lot, probably belonging to the
remnants of waitresses and cooks in the restaurant. His intended prey were
the last customers of the evening. Soon, they would come out, and when they

"Hey Hiten."

Hiten threw a bored response without taking his eyes off the laughing couple.
"What is it, Juro?"

"When are we going to get 'em?"

With a resigned frown, Hiten made a slight gesture toward the restaurant.
"When they leave, we'll follow them. They'll have to walk through
Leafway Park to get back to the hotel. We'll take them there."

Juro said nothing else, but Hiten could here him whispering to his ever-so-
silent brother, Kager. Those two were somewhat strange but Naraku had assigned
them to aid him in this job, mainly for their speed and strength. Juro
was the fastest while Kager always backed his brother up with muscle. He would
handle the girl while they took care of the guy. A small smirk followed his
frown at the thought. She was cute and petite. He could already feel her
small, soft frame struggling in his arms.


Inuyasha sighed while walking back to his room. For the last six hours he had
been with Kagura. His loins throbbed with every step he took. She had made him
please her for those six long hours: telling him where and how to touch her
over and over again, making him caress every inch of her skin until she
came time after time, never once letting him ease his own frustration as he
watched her naked form groan and writhe in pleasured bliss. After the first
two hours he had begun to ache. By the end of the session, he was in pain.
Never in his entire life had he ever experienced something this painful.
It was so bad, he was afraid to even touch it.

Entering his room, he slowly walked to the bed, carefully eased onto the
mattress, set his alarm, then laid down with a hard grimace.

Lying there, he closed his eyes. Surprisingly, he thought of the woman
he had seen this morning, the one who looked so much like that girl.
She was beautiful. And she did make arrangements to have him
for the entire weekend: Friday to Monday: two days away. He would go home with her...
They would...be together... That woman did look so much like...that girl...
He briefly eredered...what it would be like...just to pretend...when he was
with her

Yawning, Inuyasha pushed that tainted thought out of his mind. Right now,
he just wanted to rest. While trying to ignore the painful throb of his strained
frustration, he hoped sleep would be merciful and take it all away.


Rin smiled as they walked out of the restaurant.

Miroku glanced her way. "What are you smiling about?"

She shook her head with a teasing tone. "Nothing."

As they walked, his warm arm wrapped around her shoulders, and his low whisper tickled
close to her ear, making her smile widen. She laughed quietly at his joke
before giving him a good natured thump on his chest.


The tinkle of night crickets greeted them both as they approached Leafway

Rin, holding Miroku's warm hand, walked ahead and pulled him through the
rose covered arch-way.

The night air was cool and the sidewalk firm under her tennis shoes.
Here, in the middle of the park, the lights were dimmed. She looked up
to see the multitude of stars speckled in the soft blackness.

For some reason, being here, with Miroku, and having a full belly, warmed
her insides. She was happy.

Rin looked down from the sky to gaze at Miroku. He was merely walking along,
seemingly lost in thought. "Hey."

He glanced at her and smiled. "What?"


His brows furrowed with a tilt of his head. "For what?"

"For being my brother."

At first, a seriousness darkened his eyes before they lightened. "You're wel..."

In mid sentence, Miroku fell forward. Rin, surprised, started to reach for him
only to be stopped by two powerful arms grabbing her from behind.

She screamed while struggling in the crushing hold and trying to keep an eye
on Miroku. Through the jerking movement, she saw her brother. He was on his
hands and knees, attempting to stand.

Suddenly, two large dark forms fell on him. She could hear hard thuds and
Miroku's grunts and cries. They were beating him. "Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Please! Stop!"

Those arms picked her up and held tight, making it impossible to move.
A very irritated male voice barked. "Stop fighting and we'll let him live!"

Rin, terrified, nodded her head. "I will. Just please. Quit hurting him!"

That same male voice gave the other two a command. "That's enough. Tie him
up, carry him to the car and put him in the trunk."

Rin wanted to look around and search the darkness to see if Miroku was okay,
but something soft was placed over her nose and mouth. In her fear, she took
in a deep breath then everything went black.


Sesshoumaru walked down the dark street. In the last two days, he had talked
to over a hundred people, mostly street vendors and shop owners, asking them
if they knew his brother, showing them the only picture he had: one of Inuyasha
when he was five years old.

Now, he was carefully patrolling the night life: hookers, bums, drunks, anyone
who would talk to him. He would ask them if they knew his brother. Unfortunately not one of them would give him anything to go on. A few looked as if they might
know something but then they eyed him with suspicion and shook their heads.

He walked a few more blocks, into cleaner streets and uptown establishments.
Coming upon a taveresk type of joint, he entered the place. Weary, he barely
glanced around the quiet, dimly lit room before heading to the bar.
As he sat down, a waitress came. "What ya need, honey?"

Sesshoumaru, burying his face in his hands, grunted an order. "Beer."


Kouga, very tired from the twelve hour day at the firm, walked into the
bar and grill. It was late and he needed a drink, just something to calm
his nerves after the stressful day his bosses had put him through. He
walked over to the bar and sat down, somewhat noticing the guy next
to him who was slumped over with his head in his hands.

He motioned to the waitress he knew so well. "Hey, woman, get me a beer. Make
it a light."

She sauntered over and placed a tall mug in front of the guy before
planting both hands on her hips and giving him a raised brow. "Kouga, sugar,
you know I just love it when you call me 'woman'." She mock scolded in

Kouga grinned. He loved to josh the bar's sweetest maid. "You look lovely
tonight, Souten. If you weren't so young, I would ask you to marry me."

Souten shook her head and laughed with a humph while reaching under the
bar and bringing out a bottle of beer. "You're such a charmer, honey.
One of these days you are going to meet the woman of your dreams and she'll
be the one to charm the pants off you." She placed the bottle in front of
him and winked before seeing to another customer.

Kouga watched the young waitress walk off, his eyes falling to her short
mini skirt. He caught himself and sighed under his breath. "Damn it all."

For a moment he thought about drowning in his own misery over his short
comings then thought better of it. If he drowned himself in beer tonight,
he wouldn't be able to go to work tomorrow. Grabbing the bottle, he twisted
the cap off and took a swig. After a few more swallows, he set the bottle
on the bar to rest.

Movement caught his eye and he glanced at the guy next to him. He watched
the man set his beer mug down with a grimace and push the drink forward some.
Kouga studied him for a moment. The younger man wore a long black
trench coat, dark blue shirt, casual grey pants, and black walking loafers.
His face, even though young, looked tired and weary.

The guy reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.
Kouga noticed it was a picture. A dark sadness filled the man's hazel
blue eyes as he gazed at the photograph. It looked as if the guy had just
lost his best friend. Long black hair fell to hide the pain when the man
bowed his head.

Kouga was not the kind to talk to people he didn't know but for some reason,
this time, he wanted to. "Excuse me."

The man turned his head and glanced his way. "Yes?"

"Hey, buddy, you okay?"

Seeming to catch his current state of despair, the man straightened some with
a frown and looked forward. "It has been a long day."

Kouga nodded in agreement. "That it has, man. That it has."

For a long moment both were silent before Kouga decided to venture a
conversation once more. "Never seen you in this place before. New to town?"

The young man, who had been staring at the mirrored wall in front of them
that was lined with liqueur bottles, seemed to be startled out of thought at
the remark. His dark blue eyes fell then moved to him. As the guy fully faced him,
Kouga noticed something very familiar about the shape of the face and color
of the eyes. He had seen someone before that resembled this man.

"In a way, I am new. I used to live here several years ago. I returned a few
days ago."

"You planning on staying?" Kouga knew he had seen someone that looked like him
before. His brain raced with the feeling.

The man shook his head. "No. I am leaving this city in a week. I have to get
back to work."

Kouga, still racking his brain, held out his hand. "The name's Kouga."

The man set the photo face down on the bar and gave him a firm shake.

"Where you staying?"

"The Beverly Hotel."

That was one of the most expensive places in the city. Sesshoumaru, even though
he didn't look it, had money. "If it ain't too much of a secret, why
are you in town?"

At his question, the young man let out a long sigh and picked up the photo from the
table. "I am looking for my brother. I haven't seen him in many years."
Sesshoumaru did not show him the picture, only stared at it.

Suddenly, it hit Kouga like a brick wall. Sesshoumaru resembled....that kid. Kouga
swallowed hard at the memory of what he had done with the boy. It was not
something he wanted to think of much. Even though a part of him didn't
want to ask, the sadness in the young man's eyes pulled at his gut. What
would be the odds it was the same kid anyway? Kouga took a gulp of his beer
to chase away the dryness. "What's his name?"


Kouga nearly fell out of his chair.


Rin woke but did not open her eyes. The first thing she noticed was the
wonderful smells: clean sheets, fresh cut flowers, light perfume and...chocolate.
She opened her eyes. There was a dark green canopy above, and her body
was lying on something very warm and very soft. She sat up and looked
around. Her eyes widened at the luxury: beautiful, antique furniture: a
very comfortable love seat, Victorian chairs, and a dark cherry table.
The carpet was a plush, forest green and the drapes were long, deep green
and lined with lace. On the walls hung elegant pictures of Roman maidens
dancing with white veils and strings of flowers.

"Good evening, Or should I say...Good morning."

Rin, startled, turned her head in the direction of the deep voice to see a tall,
very handsome man with long black hair step out of the shadows.

Then Rin thought of Miroku. Not knowing who this man was or really caring, she
glanced about and saw the door. Without saying a word to the man, she jumped
out of the bed. The world spun and she fell on her hands and knees.

Two strong arms gently picked her up and helped her back to the bed. "Careful,
my dear, you might hurt yourself."

Rin could feel the sting of tears and she let them fall with a moan. "Miroku...
brother...please...I have to find him. Someone...hurt him."

Those strong arms eased her to lie down and Rin peered up through the blurriness to
see the handsome man hovering over her. "Shhh...It's okay, my dear. Miroku is
fine. He is in his room, sleeping."

Blinking to clear her vision, Rin gazed at the man, trying to figure out what
was going on. Did she just hear him right? "Miroku? He...he's okay?"

Dark eyes studied her with a calm smile. "Yes, my dear. He is fine. Do you wish
to see him?"

Rin, somewhat cautious, gave a slow nod. "Uhhh...yes sir...please."

Unexpectedly, those strong arms picked her up. Rin, a little scared, glanced
around as she was carried across the room. He placed her into a soft, recliner
chair in front of a small table. On top of the table there was a computer
monitor. He pushed a button and it blinked on. An image appeared: a room Rin
recognized. It was Miroku's room and...Miroku was on the bed. He seemed to
be asleep.

"You see, my dear, Miroku is fine. He is resting now."

Rin, wanting very much to go to him, looked at the man and pleaded. "Please.
Can I go see him?"

The man sighed and frowned. "I am sorry, my dear, but I cannot allow that. You
see..." He turned, walked to the window, and pushed the curtain back. Bright
morning light filtered through and softened his face. "....Miroku is my employee.
He is bound to me and I cannot allow distractions to interfere in his work."

Suddenly Rin realized just who this person was. This man was Miroku's boss:
Naraku. She gulped in rising fear. "Uh...Mr. Naraku, sir, can I leave now?"

Naraku turned, his frown slipping into a sly smile. "You are welcome to leave
anytime you wish, my dear."

Rin didn't like the way the man was smiling at her. Warily, she tried to stand.
Finding strength in her legs, she slowly began to walk to the door only to
freeze at the sharp, cold tone in Naraku's voice. "Though, if you leave, I cannot
guarantee that Miroku will live. Those injuries he suffered last night weakened him
considerably. If he were to have another client...say one like the night
before.... Well, let's just say...it would probably kill him."

Her blood froze at the thought. Tears were welling up in her eyes again.
"Wha...What will happen...if I stay?"

Naraku's deep voice, softer and kinder than a second ago, brushed up from
behind and close to her ear. "Stay. Work for me, and he will be safe. I promise."

Rin closed her eyes when she felt his arms close around her body once more.
His voice dripped, deep and dark, like sweet, black honey. "Work for me. Live
here, in this place. Be treated like the beautiful princess you are. You will
have the finest clothes, makeup, and perfumes. My servants will fix your hair,
wash your body, and bring you the finest meals and treats. You will want for
nothing. You will need for nothing. In return, I will keep Miroku from my
more...abusive clients. And...in addition...you can see him...every day...
on this monitor. You will see that he is safe."

Rin was not stupid. She knew what Naraku meant by working for him.
She trembled with the thought of what she would have to do. Her body would
no longer be her own. She would have to...please...other men.

As if reading her mind, Naraku whispered again. "My ladies are treated
like queens. No one will ever hurt you here. No one will ever strike you.
Every man I bring to you will make the sweetest love. This I promise also."

Unable to stop shaking, Rin bowed her head and leaned back, allowing Naraku
to embrace her warmly. "I will stay...and work for you." Her body gave out
and so did her knees. She slumped in defeat but was caught up by Naraku's
arms before she hit the floor. He carried her to the bed and laid her down.
Rin cried silently, balled up amongst the covers, not even noticing
when Naraku left and shut the door.






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