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Chapter 9: Firsts


Inuyasha lay gazing up at the male standing by the bed. This was
one of Naraku's special rooms, that meant this was one of Naraku's
special clients: guests who were given top treatment, anything and
everything they desired.

Inuyasha assessed the male quickly. He wore expensive casual clothes and
a gold watch. The only thing that did not quite tie in with the clean cut
appearance was the hair. It was jet black and long enough to be put up in
a high ponytail; not necessarily a rich person's style of choice. The man's
sky blue eyes traveled over him slowly, exposing more than a hint of want
but...there was also a reluctance. Maybe the guy was green: his first time with
a male and dipping into a newly acquired fetish. If that was the case then he
may need a bit of coaxing to get him started.

Giving the man his best seductive look, he sat up then leaned to the side, causing
the robe to slide, partially revealing his shoulder. Inuyasha
tilted his head, letting his long hair fall to tickle his chest and hide
the bare skin he had just so innocently exposed.

With a slight pout, he gazed at the male intently.

Those sky blue eyes watched every single move he made, giving Inuyasha
the impression that the male was interested.

Unfortunately, that reluctance became wary hesitation as the man backed up a
step. "You're just a kid." He turned to leave.

'Shit!' Inuyasha stood up. "Wait."

The man paused halfway to the door. "What is it, kid?"

Inuyasha was at a loss. He had never come across someone who was so reluctant
to fuck him. If it was just a nobody that came to his room, he wouldn't even
bother stopping the guy but this man was a special client. If this man left
this room unsatisfied it would be his ass, literally. Since trying to seduce
the dark haired male wasn't working, he had no other alternative but to...beg.

He took one step forward, imploring, hoping the guy wouldn't leave. "Please...
don't go."

The man quirked a brow. "Why not, kid?"

"I...uh..." Ashamed he had to resort to such degrading measures, he averted
his eyes to the floor. "...Please stay...I need you to stay. Please?"


Kouga stared at the young man. The boy was begging him to stay and...

It was definitely something he was not used to. He was ready to leave but something
in the way the kid stood there left him feeling bad...maybe it was pity. He
didn't know. Shaking the feeling, Kouga, once again, turned to go, his hand reaching
out to the door knob. He froze at the boy's desperate plea.

"Please?! I'll do anything you want. Anything. Please?"

Kouga paused and turned. The boy was standing there, looking upset enough to
cry. He walked over to the young man, stopping only a couple of feet away.
For a moment, he battled with himself. Finally, he came to a decision.
"Okay, I will stay...on one condition."

The boy let out a breath, seemingly one of relief. "What is it?"

"I want to know two things. The first: Are you gay?"

With a sigh, the boy shook his head slowly and looked down. "I...don't think
I am."

"The second: Give me your name."


Inuyasha paused, baffled. None of them asked him for his name. None of
them cared. In his puzzlement, he hesitated.

The man frowned at him and turned to go.

Inuyasha paniced. "Wait! It's Inuyasha. My name: it's Inuyasha. Okay?"

Thankfully, he stopped and turned to face him again. "I will stay."

The fear that had been building drained away. Inuyasha could have thanked
heaven itself.

He eased up to the older male, knowing he had some
serious enticing to do. Reaching out, he smoothed his fingertips over the
leather jacket and slid it off the man's shoulders and down his arms. Next,
he unbuttoned the dark brown dress shirt. After each button, he would make
sure his fingers brushed the warm skin underneath. As he was doing this, the
dark haired male stepped out of his leather shoes. While sliding the shirt
down, exposing bare tanned skin, he leaned forward, casually breathing on
his collar bone and shoulder. The rich aroma of fine cologne filled his
senses as he glanced to see the male's chest rising and falling with deeper
breaths. After removing the shirt, he slid his fingers to the waistband of
the khaki dress pants, wisping a touch until he found the belt, unbuckled,
unbuttoned, and unzipped.

Those deep breaths hitched once as he slowly began pushing the khaki's to
the black cotton socked feet. After the man removed the pants, he remained
kneeling before the dark haired male.


Kouga could feel himself getting turned on again. He had never been undressed
by someone before. He was beginning to wonder what other firsts were coming
his way.

He watched the way the young man moved: sure and steady and experienced; lightly
touching and teasing. When he stepped out of his pants, he felt extremely exposed.
The boy kneeling in front of him seemed to read his thoughts and did not
attempt to remove his underwear. Instead, he reached out and lightly grasped his hips.

Kouga stared, transfixed, as the young male pulled him forward and leaned in.
His breath caught when the warmth of breath heated his crotch through the
cotton underwear.

His excitement, which had died a few moments earlier, now returned with renewed
force. No one had ever...ever..done that before, not even his fiance. That
mouth was so close with only the cottony fabric preventing contact. Slightly
shaking with anticipation, he pushed his underwear down, letting the cool
air caress his sensitive semi erect member.

His knees weakened when warm lips touched him softly. The kneeling boy raised
a hand and firmly took hold, stroking. Before he dropped to the floor from the
feeling, he pulled away and went to the bed.

The boy followed silently, discarding his long blue silk robe in the process.
He lay on the cushiony comforter on his back. The young man crawled to and over
him, turning so that his nose hovered over his now very stiff erection. Long
black hair whispered over his thighs and part of his stomach as warm breath
lowered, touching him in his most private area. Kouga could only guess what
the young man was doing until he felt those lips on him once again. Something
very wet and very warm began sucking on his tip. Kouga groaned, closed his eyes
and reached out to the long dark locks, finding the silky strands incredibly
soft as he tangled his fingers and began hinting with nearly non-exis


He was beyond thinking at the point when the warm wetness covered nearly all
of his straining length. Instinctively, he bucked his hips, pushing himself
into that delicious sucking warmth. When a firm hand began stroking him he
nearly exploded. He couldn't help the gasps and was about to come when that
wonderful pleasure slipped away.

Kouga opened his eyes to see the young man getting something out of a
drawer by the bed. It looked like a small tube.

Sitting up some, Kouga watched with curiosity. The boy removed his blue
silk boxers and he found himself looking at the young man's privates, noting
that, even though soft, that there was some difference in size. For some
reason he was disappointed to see that the boy was not excited.

After squirting some of the lubricant on his hand, he leaned over and rubbed
the slick substance all over his twitching, overly strained arousal.

The young man set the tube on the night stand, turned, then motioned for him to
sit up on his knees by lightly pulling on his shoulder. He complied with the
silent request as the young male crawled in front of him and bared his

Kouga reached out and smoothed a hand over the boy's backside before grabbing
the narrow hips and pulling them closer to him. Positioning his tip at the
pink back entrance, he noticed the young male's entire body go rigid, waiting.
Recalling how much pain the other had suffered in the viewing room, Kouga
hesitated. He did not want to cause that much pain, even if the result, later
on, was different. He did not know much about this kind of thing, but his
conscience could not live with deliberately hurting someone during...sex.
Taking extra care, he slowly eased forward, his tip slipping over and around
before he finally pushed himself partially in. The male below him let out
a quiet gasp. Kouga bent over, hunching, bit by bit, moving deeper in, pausing
at every flinch of pain, waiting inbetween gasps for the extemely tight hole to
relax and loosen. By the time he was all the way in, Kouga was panting and
sweating. It was so tight. He had never been inside something this tight. It
felt good. No. More than good. He wanted to start pounding, relieve his
tormenting urges, but Kouga refrained. Instead, he caressed his palm over a
solid hip, along a slim waist then under a tight stomach before reaching
for his partner's soft member. The body beneath him shuddered and groaned as he
played and fondled.

Soon, he was stroking the young male's solid hard
erection. While pumping the boy's arousal, Kouga pulled out and slowly pushed
back in. This earned a louder groan as the young male's legs trembled.
Wanting to go faster, he did just that. His humping became quick, deep thrusts.
He wanted so much for the male beneath him to come. When he felt the
hardness in his palm stiffen then pulse with release as slick cum slipjped through
his fingertips, Kouga pulled back and slammed back into the tightness one
last time, burying himself all the way in, as deep as he could, cumming harder
than he had ever before, his grunts of pleasure mixing with the boy's
moans of release.

The body beneath him shook, trembling. Kouga, panting, pulled out, then leaned
back, watching as the young man, breathing hard, fell on his side. After
a moment of resting the boy turned and gave him a small smile that did not
reach his purple hazel eyes. "If you want, you can get cleaned up in the
shower, unless..." He sat up some and blinked once. "...we are not quite
finished yet. The shower is also big enough for two."

Feeling exhausted, Kouga shook his head, turned and slipped off the bed.
"I will take a shower. Wait here until I finish."


Inuyasha pulled on the blue silk boxers while listening to the wet pattering
of the shower. Standing by the bed, he despondently looked at the stain
on the comforter. Clients rarely mad him cum. They often liked to play and
fondle but never went for long enough to make him have an orgasm. Being
aroused helped the pain and being made to cum fixed the frustration from
being played with, but afterwards...he felt sick, degraded. He could stand
being used, but being made to enjoy it was another matter. That was why
he had felt so guilty about Miroku. He knew his efforts to arouse and
not cause his friend any pain had eventually, in the end, humiliated Miroku
deeply, hurting his friend on the inside far worse than he ever could
have on the outside.

He had been a coward. Forcibly raping Miroku would have been better for his
friend but would have ended their friendship with no hope of reconciliation.
Instead, he...in a way...gave Miroku...forced pleasure.

Either way, he had been screwed, along with his friend.

Sighing, Inuyasha lay back down on the bed to wait for what else the man
had in store for him. Knowing these room's rules, he may be pulling an

His stomach gurgled. Placing an arm across his abdomen, he closed his
eyes, trying not to think about food.


A hand on his shoulder along with a deep lowered call of his name startled
him from his dreamless doze. He opened his eyes to see the dark-haired male
sitting on the bed, fully dressed. His expression was neutral but a glint of
concern darkened the bright blue depths. "Hey, kid."

Rubbing his eyes, Inuyasha took in a deep yawning breath and sat up, somewhat
worried that he had fallen asleep again. If Naraku found out he had been goofing
off, it might not sit well with his boss.

He forced himself to fully wake, smiling seductively in case the man wanted a
full repeap of the evening's earlier activities or maybe something different,
more kinky.

Instead, he merely sat there, eyeing him tentatively for a moment before speaking.
"Why are you here?"

Inuyasha was taken aback by the question, knowing, by the tone of voice, that
the guy was not being suggestive but...serious. "I want to be."

"You were terrified that I wasn't going to fuck you. Why?"

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders. "Not really. Just wanted you to stay."

The man did not seem too satisfied with his answers but thankfully
let the topic go and pulled out his wallet. "I may return sometime..."
he said while taking some bills out of his leather wallet. "...I don't know
about tips in this place but here." He placed two one hundred dollar
bills on the bed at his side. "I will mention to your boss that I...enjoyed
...my distraction." The man stood, then left the room.

After the man had left, Inuyasha grabbed the money, knelt by the bed, retrieved
his shoes, then stuffed the hundreds deep into the one that contained what was left
of his money from the last tip he had hidden. He had a good idea what he
was going to do with most of the money this time. He was going to give it to someone
who needed it more than him.

Quickly, Inuyasha pulled off the silk boxers, dressed, then left the room.


As he entered the third floor, he glanced down the hallway, noting that Miroku's
door was closed and that his friend had probably turned in for the night.
He only hoped that his sister was safe in there with him.

Wearily, Inyasha entered his room, fixed his alarm, turned off the
light, then lay down on his bed, soon falling into a dreamless sleep.


Naraku switched off the monitor when the light in the boy's room was turned off
by the young girl. He smirked while turning in the large leather office chair.
"I do believe we have a freeloader in out midst, Jake."

Jake's bored gaze blinked once. "Yes, Boss. What do you want me to do about it?"

Rubbing his chin, Naraku's smirk fell. "For now, nothing. I want to see what
our boy does with his...girlfriend. Go to Inuyasha's room first in the morning
and give him their duties for the day. Tell them they are to work on the corner of
Tenth and Brigham. Give both boys a wide berth and don't go near them tomorrow
while they are...working. Before you leave tonight, tell Hiten I need to speak with
him about a special assignment."

Jake nodded before asking. "Why do you bother with them filthy fags, Boss?"

Naraku raised a brow at his inquisitive lackey. "Jake, when you were young
did you ever have a toy that you loved to play with over and over and

Shrugging, Jake frowned. "Yeah, Boss, guess so. Why?"

With a smug grin, Naraku leaned back in his chair. "Exactly."









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