Dirty Life

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Inuyasha trailed behind the beautiful woman in the red dress, glancing at her
bottom, wondering how the silky fabric could accentuate the curves so well
without being too tight.

She led him down two flights of stairs to the first floor hallway. As he
followed Kagura down the isle, he noticed the extravagant decorum: plush carpet,
floral wall paper, antique chairs placed by every white door. Do not disturb
signs hung from some of the bright brass door knobs. They came to the last
door of the hallway. Kagura entered and he followed.

His jaw nearly dropped as he looked around. The large room was fit for a
princess. A queen sized canopy bed covered by shiny black sheets and a dark red
comforter stood in the middle of the room. To his left was a doorway which
seemed to lead to a bathroom to his right was a walk in closet. He glanced down
at the plush burgandy carpet. A few water droplets fell from his damp hair to
plop little dark spots in front of his worn tennis shoes.

A hard femine "Ahem." made him look up to see a somewhat peturbed Kagura
standing there with one hand on her hip.

She pointed to room on the left. "Go in there."

Somewhat anxious by her tone, he merely stared at the doorway.


Frowning, Inuyasha walked into the bright room. Indeed it was a bathroom. A very
large bathroom. By the sink was a vanity desk with a mirror and chair.
Farther in, there was a large round pink bathtub.

Kagura's walked passed him, grabbed a white towel from the cabinet on the
wall, set it on a stand by the tub, then turned on the faucet, filling the
pink bathtub with rising bubbles. She then turned to him and folded her
arms across her chest. "Take off your clothes."

Inuyasha glanced down at his damp clothes, heat pooling in his face. He had never
been naked in front of a woman before. Hell, only a very few of his regular
johns had ever seen him completely unclothed. He swallowed
heavily and looked up at the beautiful vixen. "Can I have some privacy?"

Letting out an irritated humph, she rolled her eyes before fixing her
almost bored gaze on him once again. "No, I have got to see what I will be
working with. If you don't meet my standards, no woman would want to go
near you. Now strip so I can see if your body meets my approval."

Trying to quell his nervousness, Inuyasha bent down, took off his shoes and
socks then unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off. Next, he pulled his
shirt over his head, dropping it on the pile of clothes by his feet.
His cheeks were burning hotly by the time he removed his underwear.
Standing there nude, he swallowed heavily again, his eyes fixed on the
pink and white tile.

Kagura stepped closer.

He followed her rising fingertip to his collar bone. There it touched then
descended, a light almost tickling line down the center of his chest over
his abs and stopping just above his awakening member. He stared at himself,
hoping he did not become fully aroused in front of her scutiny. What if
he was not big enough by her standards? What if she laughed at him? How
much more humiliation would he have to endure if she did not approve of his

She dropped her hand.

The semi-harsh tone in her voice had fallen to be replaced by softer, more
breathy words. "I do believe you meet my standards, kid. Now get in the
tub and clean up. After you dry off, come back into the bedroom."
She walked out of the room and shut the door.

Letting out the breath he had been holding, Inuyasha stepped into the hot
bubbling water and turned off the faucet. Slowly, he lowered himself into
the heated warmth. His entire body loosened in unaccustomed relaxation. Closing
his eyes, he sighed. He could barely remember the last time he had had a bath.
He had been young, around six or seven. He faintly recalled his mother smiling
down at him, the softness of her voice and the loving quietness of her light
blue hazel eyes was all his memory would allow.

Pulling away from the past, he washed his hair with some floral scented shampoo
then lathered himself with a bar of soap. After rinsing off, he stood, grabbed
the towel, then stepped out of the wonderful hot water.

He dried off completely and wrapped the white towel around his waist before
stepping out of the bathroom.

His toes squished on soft plush carpet as he entered the bedroom. Stopping
just in front of the bathroom door, he saw Kagura lying on the bed reading
a magazine now dressed in a shiny, red, silk robe. His eyes unconsciously
traveled over her shoulder, down the dip of her small waist and catching on
the dark open shadow between her thighs.

Kagura dropped her magazine on the floor by the bed. "Come here."

He obeyed her order and walked to the bed.

She let out a sigh. "There are some things you need to know about women before
we begin. Pleasing a female client is different than pleasing a male john."
She put a disgusted emphasis on the word 'john'. "In your line of work, most
males simply take what they need or make simple demands that you follow through

Inuyasha nodded, knowing she spoke the truth.

She gave a nod back. "Females, on the other hand, most of them, do not demand,
take, or tell you what they want or need. This is where you will need to learn
how to read a woman's emotions and mood. Since the woman you will have to
please paid for you, you may not have to do much guessing. She may just tell
you when, where, and what to do and touch. If not, that is where I come in.
I am going to show you what most women like and show you how to do it."

She sat up, eyeing him closely. "Of course, for any of your training to be
effective, you must be able to do one thing."

"What is that?"

"You must be physically attracted to a female." She scooted closer to him,
raising a brow in curiosity. "Do you...like...girls?"

Inuyasha gave a slow nod. "Yes."

"Good, take off your towel."

Averting his eyes, he let the towel fall; the soft terry cloth crumpled on his

The older woman slid off the bed to stand before him. From the corner of his
eye, he saw the red robe swish over white skin.

"Look at me."

Slowly, Inuyasha switched his averted gaze back to Kagura. Beginning with her
ruby red toenails, he took in the milky white skin from her ankles, to her well
toned calves, long firm thighs and up to.....He froze, staring at the bare v-shaped
juncture which pooched out slightly.

A somewhat familiar tug stirred in his loins.

Tearing his gaze away from that particular area, he continued over the flatness
of her belly, dip of her navel, up until he got to the perfect roundness
of her breasts. Her nippels were pinkish brown, round, and center set.

Feeling his skin tighten even more, he glanced down to see that he had become


Inuyasha looked up to see brownish red eyes studying him.

"Most women, when having sex, liked to be touched slowly, softly, gently.
Some women, when wanting to be fucked, like being grabbed, nipped, and
roughly handled. You will learn how to do both. But for right now,
we will go over the basics."

Kagura pointed to that bare v-shaped juncture of her thighs. "This is where
you put..." She pointed to his hardened length. "...that. Understand?"

Inuyasha felt somewhat ashamed by Kagura's 'speaking to a child's' tone
of voice. He was not stupid. He did know some things. Mentally shaking
the embarrassment, he simply nodded.

Kagura lowered her finger. "Now, I want you to touch me there."

Inuyasha hesitated.

With an impatient breath, she grabbed his right hand. "We are going to be at
this forever." She brought his hand to the warmth of her small raised mound,
gently manuevering his fingers between the soft folds.

Her breathing increased along with the sultry deepness of her voice.
"Women have many places on their body that stimulate them. That small bud
of skin under your forefinger is one of them. Actually, one of the most
important. It is called a clitoris. when having sex with a woman, touching,
rubbing, or...licking a female's clit will drive her to cum that much faster."

Inuyasha moved his finger, gently rubbing the tiny nub of skin. It hardened
some at his touch. He found that he liked how it felt to cause such a reaction.
He began rubbing circles around it, touching it lightly, before rubbing circles
again. This action made Kagura's breathing catch and that tiny bit of skin
harden even more. Inuyasha knew there was an entrance within those folds.
Experimentally, he dipped his finger lower, finding a warm wetness.
Pushing his finger farther, he found that which he had sought and plunged his
index finger deep into her slick passage. He pulled it out, circled her
clit a few times before slipping it back in again, noticing how those
full feminine hips bucked slightly into his palm. Without thinking, he began
stroking himself, trying to ease the hard throbbing in his erection.
For a moment, he wondered if she would be as tight as Miroku had been.
By the slickness, he knew that it would not be difficult to slide in.
But he knew Kagura was simply teaching him. He doubted very seriously that
she would let him....have sex with her. Taking that realization into concideration,
he concentrated on merely pleasing himself while doing what she told him
to do.

When kagura backed away from him, his finger slipped out. Still stroking himself,
he watched her slide onto the bed with a feline's grace. Her chest heaved with
deep breaths, her nipples had hardened and her face was flustered. She reached
under her pillow and pulled out a small square package. Inuyasha knew what it
was as he accepted it, tore it open, then rolled it over his straining erection.
He had never worn a condom before but he had put them on many of his johns. After
securing the funny feeling latex, he stepped closer to the bed.

Long milky white thighs parted, giving him his first view of a female's
secret place, the place where most men dream of, the place where most men
would pay almost any price to touch. If at all possible, he felt himself
stiffen even more. Crawling on the soft comforter, he moved to hover over the
heated woman, his nose inches from the heaving chest beneath him. He licked
his lips directly above one brownish pink nipple.

He felt Kagura's fingers in his hair as she breathed out. "Go on, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha, feeling his hard length lightly touch her soft mound, bent down
and licked the pink nipple. She gasped, urging him on, pushing his head
closer to that which she wanted so badly to be touched.

Again, he licked, this time sucking a little. He repeated licking and sucking,
taking his time, reveling in the moans of pleasure escaping from the writhing
female beneath him, realizing her needful groans were driving him, making him
want to push himself into her, making him ache for release.

Then the words came that he had not anticipated but had unconsciously been
listening for. "I want you inside me."

Raising up, Inuyasha positioned then pushed his overly stressed length into
that warm, slick entrance, surprised to find that he was stretching her as
he buried himself to the hilt.

Breathing hard, he leaned down, burying his nose in the dip of her neck,
closing his eyes.

Her hands glided along his back all the way to squeeze his behind. He found
this highly erotic, that she...wanted him to...

Inuyasha pulled out then slid back in, each time filling her, trying to get
deeper with each harder thrust. Even with the condom on, he could feel her
walls tighten around him. A moment later, her entire body went rigid as she
let out a quivering gasp. Her reaction was enough to push him over the edge.
He came as well, shuddering with the release. In that very instant, a vision
flashed within his mind. One of the very pretty girl he had seen at Kaede's.
His breath hitched as he shook with the thought, wondering why his mind chose
to picture her beautiful face now at a time like this. Her image was meant to
be his alone in the privacy of his room, at night, when no one was around and
he could...feel something he knew he would never have. Her sweet image did
not belong here. It did not belong with him when he was...working.

Panting hard, he slid out and rolled over to lie next to the female he had
just pleased. Kagura seemed to rest for a moment before slipping off the bed
and sliding her robe back on. "Go..get dressed...leave. Next lesson, tomorrow
at six."

Inuyasha did as ordered: He slid off the bed, went to the bathroom,
flushed the condom, dressed, then left, not glancing at Kagura again.
As he walked down the hallway and up the stairs, he felt a horrible emptiness
around his heart. He had disgraced her image. Her beauty was not meant to
be with him...at that time. It did not belong in the gutter part of his
dirty life.


Miroku sat on his bed, waiting. At six thirty sharp, a curt knock startled
him. Cursing his nervousness, he walked to the door and opened it to find
a very tall, well muscular man with short, dark brown hair wearing very
expensive casual clothes. His features were slightly rugged with a scruffy
five o'clock shadow.

He smiled a little to hide his apprehension. The man was big enough to rip
him apart. Backing up, Miroku gestured with his hand. "What is your pleasure

The man smirked while entering and closing the door. "My pleasure?"
He paused, eyeing him up and down with a preditory gleam. "My good
friend Naraku mentioned how well you take to the rough stuff."

Miroku's apprehension was slowly turning to fear.

Reaching one large hand behind his back, the man pulled out a pair of hand
cuffs from his back pocket. "He also said, if I paid the right price, I could
pretty much do as I pleased with you."

Miroku knew what that meant; the guy had paid to beat and take him with force.
He inwardly flinched. No. Not now. Not where Rin could hear. Maybe...just maybe,
he could keep from making too much noise. He knew it might be wishful thinking,
but he hoped the guy wouldn't hurt him bad enough to make him cry out.

He wanted so badly to glance at the bathroom door, to see it securely shut would
help ease his mind. But he dared not draw attention to it and kept a careful
eye on the threatening male.

The only way to make this easier was to not struggle. Clients who paid to inflict
pain liked it when you fought back. It enticed them to go further and hit harder.
The more you struggled, the more they would hurt you.

Miroku became very still, closed his eyes and bowed his head, hands hanging
listlessly at his sides, waiting for the first strike. Whenever it might happen
to fall, he would be ready.

The jingle of metal along with heavy footfalls approached. A strong, powerful
hand gripped his throat as a deep growling breath heated his face.
"Open those eyes, boy."

Miroku opened his eyes but stared blankly out at nothing, shutting some of
his mind away, hiding it from the pain he knew was coming.


Rin heard the knock as she sat on the dirty floor by the bathroom door,
back against the wall. Biting her lower lip, she listened. Soon, she
heard another voice, a rougher, deeper one than her brothers. She could only
catch bits and pieces of the conversation, but what she did hear made her heart
thump hard in her chest. Suddenly, she heard loud bumps and hard grunts.
Then she heard very bad sounds, sounds of pain, sounds that hurt her for
somehow she knew what they were.

Placing both hands on her ears, Rin closed her eyes shut, pushing the welled
up tears out to slide down her cheeks. She could no longer bear to listen.

A long while later, the bathroom door opened. Seeing the light, Rin uncurled
her body from the floor and looked up to see her brother hunched over
in the doorway, his expresion hidden by the dark bangs hanging over his eyes.
Rin stood up and put an arm around him. His chin fell to her shoulder, resting
there. He cracked out a rasp. "I'm sorry...sis. I...didn't mean for
you to hear...that...forgive me."

Rin swallowed her sob, crying would only make him feel worse.
"I want to go to bed now. Can we?"

He nodded against her shoulder. "Sure."

She helped Miroku to the bed. He climbed in and scooted over, giving her room.
Rin turned off the light and laid down next to him, snuggling close, nuzzling
her nose to his firm chest, feeling safer than she had in a very long while.
"You are warm, big brother."

His arms wrapped around her tightly.







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