Dirty Life

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Disclaimer- I don't own Inuyasha or any characters therein. Therefore, I make
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chapter 20


Sesshoumaru, sitting on the hotel room sofa, closed his eyes in weariness.
The kid was now standing at the window, staring out at the late afternoon
sun. Rubbing his forehead, Sesshoumaru sighed. "Why don't you get some rest and
think about what I said. You can use my bed for awhile. I'm going out for a
drink. If you get hungry, just order room service. They'll send you anything
you want." With that said, Sesshoumaru stood and left the room.


Miroku, frowning, stood there for several moments, his gaze wandering from the
sky to the trees, then to the street below, his thoughts heavily resting on
the one person he loved.

"Rin, what am I going to do? I promised momma I would take care of you."

He shook his head once and turned away from the window. With a very tired
ache in his body, he headed for the bed. While easing onto the fresh softness
of the velure comforter, he halfheartedly humphed to himself. "Some guardian
angel I turned out to be." He grabbed a large pillow and tucked it under his
cheek and chin, hugging it to his chest. The room blurred some and he blinked
it back. "What am I going to do, sis? I wish mom was still alive. I wish
we were all at home, safe and warm. I wish I could hear her voice again...
..she loved reading those story books to you........"

Miroku closed his eyes and let the world fade away. "I wish...."


Inuyasha wanted to look back. Every fiber in his body wanted to look back at
the girl standing on the back lawn. Yet, he didn't. Walking into the living
room, he swallowed hard and blinked the burning from his eyes. It had been
a long time since he last did something as stupid as cried. It did no
good, made nothing better, and usually got him into a heap of trouble for
looking like a sniveling kid. Irritated and depressed, he completely ignored
Kikyo, dropped his bag on the floor, then heavily plopped down on the sofa.

Kikyo gruffed with irritation. "What were you two talking about?"

Inuyasha glanced at young woman. "Nothing."

Her brown eyes narrowed. "You're lying again."

Crossing his arms in front of his chest, Inuyasha leaned back and looked away.
"I don't know her. I just saw her once in a coffee shop and she saw me. She
left her number for me but I haven't called her."

Kikyo sat on the sofa by him and leaned close, pressing her ample chest to his
shoulder and breathing on his ear. "That, I do believe. Actually, I know
Kagome very well. If Kagome really knew about you, really knew about
your...profession, her high and mighty self would never even think of
touching someone like you. Miss perfect has her perfect little home,
perfect little family, perfect life, and perfect....little...boyfriend."

His heart sank.

She tittered a short laugh in his ear. "Oh, you didn't know Kagome had a
boyfriend, did you? Such a shame. I bet you thought Kagome would actually
be interested in you, didn't you?" She laughed again and stood up.
"Like Kagome would ever consider fucking a whore."

Inuyasha, even though his insides ached, glared at her. "Oh, like you do?"

At first, Kikyo's brown eyes darkened, then, all too soon, she smirked
arrogantly. "I can have any man I want, Inuyasha. It just so happens I
wanted you and all I had to do was lose some pocket change to get you.
Easy, convenient, and very enjoyable. Speaking of enjoyment..."
She pointed to the staircase. "Go upstairs, get naked, and get cozy on
my bed. I want to get my money's worth."

Highly pissed, Inuyasha stood then walked passed the shrew to the staircase.
Grumbling, he stepped up the stairs, entered Kikyo's room, the began to
undress. While doing so, his throat tightened.
After pulling his holey sock off, the last of his clothes, he crawled over
the soft comforter and lay on his stomach.

For a long moment, he laid there, thankful Kikyo had not followed him. He
knew the witch would be up soon. By the way she was acting, it was a sure bet they
wouldn't be cuddling. Hell no. The bitch probably wanted to do more of that
bondage shit again. All because Kagome.....


Her name left his lips in a hidden whisper.

He sighed to himself.
Kagome was Kikyo's cousin. It would only be a matter of time before
Kagome found out what he was...and
what kind of clients fucked him.

Inuyasha frowned while picking at a loose thread on the black satin sheet.
She was so pretty and nice....and she had the sweetest voice. She said....

He paused in his picking. Kagome said she went back to the coffee shop....


That very thought made his stomach turn. "No good. I'm not good enough
for her."

She didn't deserve to get involved with street trash. She was too nice,
too pretty, too...sweet.

Inuyasha sighed with a heavy heart. He should put the woman out of his mind and
stop thinking of her. Stop kidding himself; thinking he might have a chance,
letting his dreams run free. Hell, he didn't even deserve to dream of her.
But...he couldn't help himself. He liked her.

"Ohhhh Inuyasha."

Kikyo's starved coo made him want to gag. Clearing his thoughts, Inuyasha
turned over to see Kikyo standing there in a bright red teddy, left hand
poised on her left hip and the other hand held what appeared to be a leash
and a collar. Great. Just great.


Kagome must have sighed a thousand times in the last few hours. At the moment,
she was sitting in a swing in Sango's back yard waiting on her friend to
get home. She rocked with the breeze while watching the birds flit from
the large hedge bushes on the far side of the yard that served to fence it
in. Ever since leaving Kikyo's house, her mind had been set on one thing:
Inuyasha: the boy with the long black hair and hazel eyes.


Even in her current fog of sadness and confusion, it felt good to hear his
name. It surprised her for she still didn't know him, but there was just
something about him...something that wouldn't go away. It was certainly a
strange feeling, but it was also...a good one. This she knew. In the last
hour she had mulled over his current occupation; how the very thought of it
made her shudder with a sick feeling, something close to disgust. The
boy was a....prostitute. That meant he slept with women for money. That was his
job. On the downside, she knew nothing about the big city or how such
people lived. By his state of dress, he did not appear well off; meaning the boy
must work for someone else. And...from the look in his eyes, she knew, she
just knew...he wasn't happy. What should she do? How could she carry on a
relationship with someone like that?

Kagome's breath caught in realization. Relationship?? Was she actually
considering...having one with him?

Yes...she was.

She liked him and she wanted to get to know him better.

Making up her mind, Kagome smiled a little to herself. "I'll wait on your call,


Inuyasha grumbled as he walked down the stairs. It was late afternoon
and he had spent the last few hours playing doggie with the freaky female
who was currently taking another shower. While unbuckling the leather
collar from his neck, he entered the living room. Standing by the sofa, he
tossed the leash and collar across the room. "Bitch."

His shoulders slumped and he sighed heavily. No. He was the bitch. Shaking his
head in self disgust, Inuyasha grabbed his bag and took out some clothes.
After getting dressed, he stood for a moment, listening to the shower upstairs.
One very beautiful girl entered his mind, and he remembered her request.
She wanted him to call.

Inuyasha looked at the phone on the desk. Down deep, it pulled at him. He really
didn't have to...be a boyfriend or anything...

It wouldn't hurt to just...talk to her.

Finding the courage, he walked to the phone and picked it up with a shaky
grasp. Already knowing the number by heart, he dialed it and put it to
his ear as fast as he could. It rang once, then again, and he could feel his
heart beating hard.

The third ring came and he was starting to lose his nerve. Just as he was
about to hang up, a sweet voice answered. "Hello?"

Inuyasha froze, unable to speak.

Her voice came again. "Hello? Is someone there?"

"Hi." His reply was quick and nervous and he wanted to slap himself for
sounding that way.


He licked his lips and swallowed. "Uh...yeah..it's me."

There was a moment of silence before Kagome spoke again.
"Are you still at Kikyo's?"

The question made him wince. "Yeah."

There was another moment of silence.

"I'm glad you called."

He smiled a little at her tone. She really sounded like she was glad he
called. It made his insides flutter. "I..." He really didn't know what to
say yet he really wanted to talk to her. "I...have to stay here this
weekend but... Ummm. I might leave Sunday night. Would you like to..
meet somewhere Sunday night?" Inuyasha held the phone tight, his palm sweating
against the receiver.

"I would like that, Inuyasha. Where do you want to meet?"

Inuyasha racked his brain. Where could he meet the girl of his
dreams without being noticed? In some parts of the city, the bad parts,
johns knew him. If he wanted to be with Kagome without the
chance of being approached, it would have to be somewhere inconspicuous,
somewhere johns didn't show up. "How about Kaede's coffee shop?"

"Okay. What time?"

This Inuyasha didn't know. If Kikyo let him go in the afternoon, then he
could meet her that night sometime. Eight o'clock sounded like a safe
bet. He just prayed it would work. "Eight o'clock?"

"I'll be there. And if you're not there I will wait awhile for you."

His chest filled with excitement. She would wait for him.
"I'll see you then, Kagome. Bye."


Inuyasha gently set the phone on its base. It took several seconds to
calm his racing heart. Feeling better than he had in a long time, Inuyasha


Sesshoumaru opened his hotel room door to find Miroku sacked out on the
bed. The boy was curled up with a pillow. In that position, the kid looked
way too young. It made his chest constrict but he pushed the feeling away.
Now was not the time to get squeamish. He didn't want to go through with
Naraku's condition but it was the only way. The man was well connected and
well protected. Naraku was a business man first and foremost. To set the
three of them free, it had to be done.

He walked to the hotel room sofa, sat down, grabbed the remote from the
coffee table, then turned on the TV.


Noises woke Miroku from the dark silence of sleep.
Opening his eyes, he sat up and looked around to see Sesshoumaru sitting
and watching Television. His groggy vision blinked at the news.

His stomach rumbled as he slowly slid to sit on the side of the bed.

Sesshoumaru turned his head some. "You awake?"

Miroku, holding his stomach, nodded. "Yeah."

"Want something to eat? It's around dinner time."


Sesshoumaru grabbed the phone that was on the coffee table. "What do you want?
They have everything."

Miroku sighed. "They got pizza?"


Sango walked out the back door when she couldn't find Kagome in the house.
She found her friend in the back yard swing. "Hey Kagome."

Kagome looked up. "Wondered when you would be getting home."

Sitting on the swing beside Kagome, Sango huffed. "I had to wait on Kohaku.
He's trying out for the band."

Kagome smiled. "Cool."

"So, what do you want to do tomorrow?" Sango asked.

Sighing, Kagome relaxed against the back of the wooden swing. "How about we go

Sango laughed. "We can go to the mall uptown."

Kagome, still smiling, gazed at he sky. "Sounds like a plan."

Sango did not miss the strange twinkle in Kagome's eyes. "Okay, girl, spit it

Glancing at her once, Kagome's shook her head. "What are you talking about?"

Sango grinned. "You got that look."

Kagome turned to her. "What look?"

"That dreamy look. Now spit it out. I know something's got you all dreamy
eyed." Sango merrily giggled.

Kagome's smile was way too calm and knowing. "I just..." Her friend sighed and
started gazing at the afternoon clouds again. "...I just...met someone, someone

"Ohhhhh, so that's it. Who, Kagome. Who is it?"

"Someone I met in Kaede's coffee shop."

"Is he cute?" Sango was on the edge of her seat but Kagome was still staring
dreamily out at the clouds.

Kagome's voice softened. "Yeah."

Impatient, Sango leaned closer. "What's he like? What's he look like? Do
you have a date? How old is he?"

Rolling her eyes, Kagome turned to her once more. "Gah! so many questions!
Okay. He's got long black hair, about six inches taller than me and a cute
face. Yes..we have a date and...I don't really know how old he is, but he
looks about my age."

Sango, excited, let out a girlish shriek. "Wow! When can I meet him?"

At first, Kagome's brow furrowed in thoughtful confusion. "I...maybe sometime
later...don't know when."

Sango deflated and whined. "Uh Kaaagooommmeee."

Kagome laughed. "You'll just have to wait."

Even though she had a feeling Kagome wasn't telling her everything,
Sango let it go. "Okay, okay. I'll let it slide this time." She pointed a
finger at her. "But you better not let me wait too long. Promise?"

Kagome nodded. "Promise."


Sesshoumaru, sitting at the table, watched the boy who
was sitting cross-legged on the bed.
Miroku, eyes downcast to his plate, was slowly chewing on his food.
The kid seemed calm but darkly solemn. "What are you going to do?"

Miroku, not looking up, swallowed. "Huh?"

"Have you considered the deal I made with Naraku and Naraku's condition?"

Several seconds passed with Miroku still staring down at his half-eaten
pizza. Finally, the boy replied. "I..." The kid's shoulders slumped as he
heavily sighed, his breath coming out somewhat choppy. "I...have thought
about it."


The boy looked up from his plate. His eyes held a lost emptiness. "I have
no other choice." Miroku turned away, set his plate on the beside stand, then
laid down.

Sesshoumaru had not expected him to give in so soon. The kid had been near
grief stricken when he told him about the deal. Shaking his head,
Sesshoumaru pushed his plate away. For some reason he had lost his appetite
as well.


Rin lay down on her bed, grabbed a pillow and hugged it tight.
"Miroku?" Somehow she thought he might be able to hear. "Brother?"
Her chest ached. It ached while she felt a part of herself slipping
away. "If it means you can leave this place....and no longer have to..."
Another hot tear fell for the hundredth time that day. "...I must...do this.
I'm sorry."










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