Dirty Life

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Sesshoumaru woke to the bright sunlight filtering in through the cream colored drapes covering his bedroom window. He stretched then sat up blinking back the blurriness of sleep. It had been a quiet night. After they had arrived late yesterday afternoon, all three of the teenagers had fell out in their chosen rooms. He too, being worn out and weary from the past several days, had went to his own bedroom and crashed.

After getting a hot shower, he dressed in casual attire: A long sleeve button up silk blue shirt and blue jeans.

With a hot cup of coffee on his mind, he opened his bedroom door and began heading down the hallway where the other three bedrooms followed. The first bedroom Inuyasha had picked out for himself: the one close to his. Noticing that the door was ajar, he glanced in to see it empty. Somewhat concerned, he walked down the hall to Rin’s room, also finding her door open and the room vacant. Now getting worried, he walked a little further down the hall to Miroku’s room. The door was slightly open. Sesshoumaru paused, his fingers inches away from the handle. With a quiet deep breath, he pushed a little, peeking in, to find all three teenagers asleep together on the queen size bed: Miroku in the middle, Rin on the right and Inuyasha fast asleep on the left. Rin’s arm was draped around Miroku’s waist while Inuyasha had his back to both.

Sesshoumaru stood there for a long moment, taking in the scene. He knew all three teens were close. Something like this would be considered highly inappropriate in most circumstances but he knew their history. They all felt safe together…and comforted. And even though his house was a secure place, it was probably way too early for them to feel completely at home. He sighed, turned away, then headed for the stairs, intent on the kitchen and the coffee pot.



Half an hour later, Sesshoumaru stood in the kitchen, sipping the steaming hot liquid and waking fully, thinking of what needed to be done to accommodate the three of them. Getting them settled was the first hurdle, more food in the cabinets and fridge was next. They all needed more clothes he suspected: better ones. They also needed a mode of transportation and schooling….

At that thought he groaned. He did not know what level of education any of them were. They would have to be tested then either home schooled or placed in the local public school system. A bus did come by the house every week day around seven in the morning. He would give them a choice of course, but considering their past, joining a peer pressured high school may not be a very good idea for any of them. One thing he did not want was for any of the three to fall into depression. Being around other teens, the truth could come out and rumors would spread like wildfire, leaving all three socially miserable for the rest of their lives. No. For the moment home school sounded like the best thing.

His inward musings were cut short by a very groggy young girl who shuffled into the kitchen, wearing one of his old robes over one of his t-shirts and string tied grey sweat pants; all way too big for her small frame. She did not seem to notice him as she headed for the fridge and opened it. Lowering his cup he cleared his throat loud enough for her to hear. “Good morning.”

She started, finally seeing him and froze. Pink tinted her cheeks before she went back to searching. Pulling out a container of orange juice, she grunted a reply. “Good morning.”

Smiling, he opened up the cabinet by the fridge and took out a glass then set it by the carton. “Here you go.”

For a second she stared at the glass before her sleepy brown eyes focused better and she glanced at him with a small smile. “Thanks.”

“There’s frozen waffles in the freezer and cereal in the cabinet. I think a shopping trip for food, clothes and necessities should be on the agenda today. Will you be up for it?”

While pouring the juice she gave a small shrug of her shoulders. “Sure. I guess. Got to get a shower first.” After returning the juice to the fridge, she shuffled to the Island in the middle of the kitchen and sat on one of the stools. While drinking the juice she stared out in front of her, eyes still dazed with sleep. Sesshoumaru tilted his head a bit and smiled a little at the young girl, his thoughts hazing in retrospect. She was so beautiful. But. To all accounts, he was now her foster father. He could, in no good conscience, look at her in a manner unbefitting of that role. For now. She was his daughter. It would be hard to treat her as such for he knew not how to go about it since he had never had children. But he was going to try anyway. The first thing was to take care of all her basic needs. Nurturing was another matter though. Platonic touches would be difficult for he knew how she felt about him. Even going in for a hug would probably make her cheeks flame red. She really needed someone female to talk to and get close to. Maybe Inuyasha’s new friend Kagome could be of help in such a matter.

His wonderings were cut short by his younger brother who also, bleary eyed, walked into the kitchen, glanced at them both before spotting the coffee pot. With a knowing smirk, Sesshoumaru opened the cabinet and took down a coffee mug and handed it to Inuyasha. “Need this?”

With a yawning sigh, Inuyasha took the mug. “Yeah.”

“Is Miroku awake yet?” Sesshoumaru asked.

Inuyasha, pouring coffee shook his head once. “Nope. He’s sound asleep.”

“He should stay resting for now. He still has a lot of healing to do. Do you want to take him something to eat and drink?” Sesshoumaru asked his brother.

Rin perked up. “I will. I’ll toast some of those waffles and get him some juice.”

Sesshoumaru nodded. “Okay. Tell him he should stay in bed while we go out today. Do you want to go out, Inuyasha? We need groceries and you and Rin probably need necessities.”

Inuyasha sat down next to Rin. “Yeah. I guess. I can get Miroku some stuff too.”

Rin finished her juice, got up and headed to the fridge then opened the freezer to take out the box of frozen waffles. “I’m gonna make me one too. Do you want one, Inuyasha?”

Inuyasha nodded. “Yeah. Toast me a couple. You got syrup, Sess?”

Sesshoumaru opened another cabinet by the stove and took out a brand new bottle then placed it on the counter in front of him. “Since we are now a family of four. I will make up a schedule of chores. Meals will have to be made a few times a week also. Do either of you know how to cook?”

Inuyasha shook his head with a half grin. “Nope.”

Rin removed a couple of plates from the cabinet shelf that was just above the drinking glasses, put two hot waffles on one and handed it to Inuyasha. “No. I can do simple stuff like toaster oven but not the hard stuff like spaghetti or baking.”

“Well I guess cooking lessons will also be in the future as well. I am certain we will be watching the cooking channel a good bit.” Sesshoumaru said before taking another sip of coffee.

“You got cable?” Inuyasha brightened while dousing the waffles with syrup.

“Yes. But only the basic package. I hardly watch television.”

Inuyasha stuffed a bite of waffle in his mouth. “Cool.”

Rin placed four hot waffles on another plate, grabbed the syrup, then poured it all over them. With a full glass of juice in the other hand, she headed out of the kitchen. “I got dibs on the first shower!”

Inuyasha glanced back at her retreating form. “Don’t use up all the hot water!” He shot back in a teasing tone.

Sesshoumaru shook his head, amused. They were already starting to act like siblings. It was a good thing.



Rin, balancing the plate and glass of juice with both hands, walked into Miroku’s room.

“Hey, bro. Wake up.”

Miroku groaned, yawned, then opened his eyes. “Rin?”

She placed the food on the night stand by his bed. “Yeah. I brought some waffles. I put four on one plate and brought two forks so we could share. How do you feel?” Sitting on the bed by him, Rin pulled back the cover, taking note of the large bandage still wrapped around his chest and shoulder.

He coughed and sat up some, his eyes half lidded with sleep. “I’m okay. Just still sore. The pain meds are doing a good job though.” Miroku glanced at the bathroom. “I got to go bad.” With slow movement and light gasps, he tried to get off the bed.

Rin hurried around the bed and gently helped him to stand, giving him support. “Me and Inuyasha are going out today with Sesshoumaru for groceries and stuff. Sesshoumaru said you needed to rest here.” She said while helping him to the bathroom door. “Do you want me to get you anything?”

Miroku paused with a wince at the bathroom door. “Nah. I’m good. I’ll probably pass out after eating. I don’t think I’ve ever slept so good as I did last night on that bed. I got some more healing to do too.”

Rin turned around to give him some privacy, keeping the bathroom door open while he leaned on the sink counter and used the toilet. “I slept good last night too.”


Miroku heard the softness in Rin’s voice while relieving himself. After adjusting himself back into the black sweat pants, he flushed and closed the lid then washed his hands. “I’m through.”

Rin helped him back to the bed. With careful movement, she lowered him to sit down. Smiling, she took the plate and began cutting up the waffles. He grinned and picked up one of the forks. “Thanks sis. You keep taking care of me like this and I’m gonna get strong enough to be your guardian angel again.”

She licked the stickiness from her lips then looked at him, a softness in her gaze and smile. “I love you, brother.”

He paused in his eating at the shine of light reflecting in his sister’s brown eyes. They had been through so much. And now they were both safe and together. It was like some kind of wonderful dream. He swallowed the bite and smiled back with contentment. “I love you too.” With a broader grin, he reached up and dabbed a bit of sticky syrup on her nose. “Don’t ever doubt it.”



Sesshoumaru let out a silent sigh as Inuyasha finished the last bite of waffle. He wanted to mention the home schooling but thought better of it. They probably all needed to get settled in first before that discussion. The school year started in the fall and talking about it could wait till mid summer. Now mode of transportation needed to be addressed. He couldn’t go chauffeuring them around all the time. Inuyasha’s birthday was coming up soon. He would be able to get a driver’s license at sixteen. “Inuyasha.”


“Ever driven a car before?”

Inuyasha glanced at him and shook his head. “Uh uh.”

Then you will need lessons and a driver’s hand book to study.

His younger brother looked at him in almost disbelief. “Learn to drive? Me?”

“Yes. Inuyasha. You will be turning sixteen soon. Old enough to get your license. You will also need a way to go. I know of a reputable dealer who will sell me a good used car.”

For a moment, Inuyasha, wide eyed, stared at him before giving a slow nod. “Okay.”

“Good. Now I’ve got to get my wallet and key’s. We need to get going soon. I’ll be waiting in the living room for you and Rin.” After washing out the mug and turning off the coffee pot, Sesshoumaru left the kitchen.




Inuyasha picked up his plate, stood, then walked to the sink. After washing it off, he set it in the basin then stared out the small window between the lacy curtains to the large well kept lawn of the backyard. For a long moment, he stared at the pure morning sunlight brightening the clean cut grass and green leaves of the trees at the far end of the yard. A calm feeling began to rise up inside, one that embraced his heart with a welcoming warmth. If anything he could call it happiness.

He smiled with a long sigh.

He was finally home.


The end.





















































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