Dirty Life

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Diclaimer=see first chap


He was on his last bite but Miroku was still chowing down, mainly because
his friend had ordered a good bit more than him.

While sipping some water, he stole glances at the black-haired girl sitting at the
counter. She had not looked back at them once since Miroku had opened his
big mouth and scared her away. If the idiot had just kept quiet, she would still
be near enough for him to smell her perfume.

Ayame came to their table. "You boys want any dessert?"

Miroku swallowed his bite and looked up. "What you got, Ayame?"

She smiled. "I got some apple pie, vanilla ice cream in the freezer and
a fresh cherry pie that was baked today. Oh, and a few chocolate chip

"I'll have some of the cherry pie with a scoop of ice cream." Miroku said.

Inuyasha shook his head. "No thanks, Ayame. I'm full."

Ayame left them.

Miroku ate his last french fry coated with ketchup while Inuyasha openly gazed at the
pretty girl. She must be new in town and she seemed about his age. By her
state of dress, she also must have money or at least her parents had money.
'Must be nice.' he thought with some disdain. His parents had been dead for
near seven years now and his brother had taken off long before that.

Just as Ayame set the plate of cherry pie and ice cream in front of Miroku,
the bell on the coffee shop door jingled again. In walked another girl who
greeted the pretty one with a big hug. This new girl was kinda pretty
too. She sported a long black ponytail, the tip of which nearly touched the belt loop
of the tight, black jeans she wore. Her jacket was also black, black leather.
The outfit gave her a biker-chick look.

Inuyasha bit his bottom lip, hoping they were not about to leave. He could have
grinned when both girls sat down on the bar stools by the counter. They began
to laugh and carry on like long lost girl-friends.

Miroku glanced at him then turned to look at the commotion. His friends jaw
dropped in mid chew, much like his had done only few moments earlier.
Pink tinted Miroku's cheeks. He then turned back around and continued eating
the cherry pie.

Leaning over some, Inuyasha whispered, "That new girl is kinda pretty too.
Don't you think?"

His friend nodded without looking up from his plate. "Yeah, she is."

He was going to goad Miroku more but thought against it. The girl might only
be here for a few minutes more and he wanted to memorize every emotion that
flashed across her face. So far, he had seen worry, waiting, nervousness,
caution, the nice smile she gave to them once, the big smile she had given to
her friend and now she was laughing quietly. Her brown eyes sparkled when she
laughed. It was very...pretty. Thankfully, the new girl had sat down with
her back to them, leaving the other one to turn while talking so that
she was sort of facing them and he could see.

To his surprise, the girl began to glance at him occasionally while
chatting to the new girl. Maybe...she liked him...or at least...was attracted
to him.


Kagome greeted Sango as her friend hugged her. "Gosh Sango. It's been three
months!" They parted, both girls laughing.

"Sure has, Kagome!"

Sango moved to sit by the bar. Kagome, forgetting her nervousness in light of
her old friend's arrival, sat down next to her. So, tell me, how have you been
doing? How's the new school? Got a boyfriend yet? How's Kohaku?"

Waving both hands, Sango grinned. "Woa. Slow down!" She then leaned against the
counter. "High school is great. Kohaku is fine. He's starting little league football.
And no, I do not have a boyfriend yet."

At this, Kagome gave Sango a playful pout. "What no boyfriend? Sango! You moved
to a high school with nearly five thousand students! I know there's got to be some
cute guys there. So..." Kagome leaned forward some, lowering her voice. "...
give me the scoop. Have you been on any dates?"

Sango rolled her eyes. "I've barely had time to begin settling in. I haven't
had a chance to even look!"

Kagome raised a brow, smirking.

Sango returned the smirk with a sigh. "Okay. Okay. Maybe..I have looked...a little bit."

She caught herself before she squealed. Kagome knew she was acting younger
than her age but it had been so long and her and Sango had been best buds since
kindergarden. "I knew it! There must be some cute ones for you to look."

Her friend's jaw dropped as she smiled. "What? I am not that...picky."

"The heck you aren't." Kagome retorted. "You turned your nose up at every
guy in school."

"Well, maybe...but there wasn't much to choose from." Sango admitted.

Kagome giggled. "You so got that right. I think I dated the cutest guy in
the entire school."

Sango humphed. "I don't think Hojo was that good looking."


While chatting with Sango, Kagome would glance at the boy in the booth.
He had been watching her for some time, she knew. It sort of made her
uneasy. Yet, there seemed something different about him. He did not
say anything to her when she talked to both boys awhile ago but he
had whispered to his friend when she had gotten up and moved back to the
bar. Normally, Kagome did not speak to strangers but she had been nervous
and the boys had appeared innocent enough and close to her age.

But this boy, the one with the long black hair and hazel purplish eyes,
gazed at her almost...softly. She didn't think she was imagining it but...
somewhere...deep inside those strangely colored eyes....there was...longing.
Somehow, that...longing...stuck with her.

Shaking the feeling, Kagome decided they needed to get going.

"We need to go, Sango."

Her friend stood up. "You're right. It's getting late. Way too late. Glad
this is friday night and no school tomorrow."

Kagome stood up too and began to follow Sango out the door. "You said it!"

Just as Kagome began pushing on the heavy glass door, she glanced at the boy
one last time. He was openly gazing at her as she stepped through the doorway,
a hint of despondency in those hazel depths. For some reason, Kagome knew
she would never be able to forget those eyes or that feeling.


Inuyasha watched the beauty leave, taking in every detail in so he could
remember if he ever dreamed: the line of her face, the curve of her
hips, the slender legs, long silky black hair, and above all of this...
every emotion that glowed on her features. Yes. He would someday dream and
she would be the one he dreamed about.

Miroku, to his surprise, glanced back as the girls got up to leave, taking
one long last look at the biker-chick.

When the girls left in their cars, Inuyasha sighed, slumping down in the
seat. He was tired and it was late. "We need to get back. I know that Jake
said we had the night off but Naraku might get pissed if we don't come
back before sunrise."

Miroku licked his plate clean and set it down. "You're right. Let's get back."

Him and Miroku got up from their seats. Inuyasha went to the counter,
paid Ayame for the food, then walked out into the chilly night with his


Inuyasha and Miroku entered Naraku's place by the back entrance. The front
entrance was meant for customers. Naraku had informed all of his male
workers not to go through the front entrance. Only the well dressed
females were allowed in the front entrance and in the big, comfortable,
elegant front room. That's where Naraku's beautiful females stayed was the
front room. They lounged about on soft couches wearing nice clothes and
eating all sorts of treats. Men came in and paid a lot of money to just
date one of his beautiful girls. Even more if they wanted to bed one.

The hotel's cook gave them a wave as they entered the kitchen.
Inuyasha waved sleepily. "You're here early, Myoga. It must be around three

The fat, short man grinned. "Got a big dinner to prepare for
tomorrow. Naraku's got very important guests coming and he wants a dinner
fit for royalty. I got up very early to start my preperations."

Barely registering what Myoga was babbling about, Inuyasha followed Miroku
up the servents stairs which led up to the back floor where their
rooms were.

When they reached the unkept hallway, Miroku went to his small room and
Inuyasha went to his. Falling on the bed, he sighed and drifted off to sleep.
His last thought was of the pretty girl in the coffee shop.


Inuyasha woke up to the irritation of his six o'clock alarm. He slammed his palm
down on it, effectively cutting off the buzzing sound.

Rubbing his eyes, he laid back down. It was Saturday. One of his worst work
days. Naraku would send at least fifteen johns to him before his first break
at four oclock in the evening. Some of them wanted him for at least an hour.
Some of them only needed a few minutes. But, all in all, he usually entertained
at least thirty before the day was through. He just hoped none of them were
too rough. Naraku allowed beatings if the customer paid the hefty price. Only once
had a customer paid to rough him up along with...other things. It had taken him
nearly two days to recover after that one incident.

Groaning, Inuyasha got up and took another cold shower. They would start
coming to his door by seven.

After dressing, Inuyasha began straightening up his bed and room some.
He glanced at the clock in the process of smoothing out the
blanket on his bed. It read six forty five.

A knock at his open door made him stand and turn.

His boss filled the doorway, his dark form looming. "Change of plans, boy.
I have very important guests today and you will be working in
the viewing room."

Inuyasha nodded. "Okay."

Naraku turned some, his black gaze falling down the hallway. "I will have
a special job for you this time. A very special job."

His dark form left, walking down the hallway.

Inuyasha sat on his bed, thinking. The viewing room. He had only been there once.
He recalled it was decorated like a comfortable bedroom with a large
kingsize bed and couch. Only thing was, there was also a large table in that room
with arm and leg restraints as well as chains on the corner posts of the bed.
One entire wall of the room was a mirror. On the other
side of that mirror, people watched whoever it was in the room do things.
Sexual things.

The last time he had been there, all he had had to do was strip and pleasure
himself in the mirror. That was all.

What would Naraku want him to do this time?


Miroku gazed up at the offwhite ceiling, waiting, his first john should
come in a few minutes. It was nearly seven.

A rustle near the door made him look up. His eyes went wide when Jake strolled
in with Naraku following. Trying to quell his apprehension, Miroku stood up
from his bed and nodded to the two men.

Naraku shut his door and locked it. Now he was getting worried. "Uh heh, what's
up boss?"

His pimp did not reply, only gave a knowing glance at Jake.

Instantly, Jake grabbed him. Miroku struggled until a heavy fisted punch in
the gut pushed all the air out of his lungs, ending his attempt to break free.

He coughed harshly while in Jakes crushing hold. The man had both of his arms
pinned high up behind his back. Breathing hard, he looked up, his vision
slowly focusing from the pain.

Naraku was standing there, smirking. He spoke, his words, quietly dangerous.
"I have it on good authority, Miroku, that you and your friend have been
stealing money from me, keeping what the customers give you for yourself.
Is this correct?"

Miroku shook his head. "No. I didn't keep anything from you. I swear."

His boss chuckled darkly. "Mmmmm whether you admit your theivery or not makes no
difference. My informants are never wrong. And in light of this knowledge
you will be reprimanded accordingly. I run a business here, boy. I don't
take kindly to my workers stealing my profits."

Naraku looked at Jake. "Strip and cuff him."

Miroku tried to struggle again, only to have Jake nearly dislocate his
shoulder. He opened his mouth and yelped. Something hard hit his head
and he blacked out.















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