Dirty Life

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Hi all, time I finished this story in the next few chaps.
It's been awhile since I read reviews but one question stayed with me
so I will answer it. (what did Rin mean when she said: "what will we do"
to Inuyasha when she referred to being in the viewing room.) Rin is still
somewhat innocent. What she wanted to know was if they would be doing any
sort of special performance such as bondage or role play.
Rin knows they are going to do the deed she just didn't know if they had
to do anything special. She felt foolish for asking.

Chapter 28


Rin snuck up the stairs, quietly, step by step, until she reached the third
floor. Quickly, she padded down the dingy hallway, her right shoulder
inches from the wall and eyes set on Miroku's
door. Just as she was about to get to Inuyasha's door, an arm shot
out in front of her, stopping Rin in her tracks, blocking the way.

"Now, what's a pretty thing like you doing on the third floor?"

Rin turned to see boyish features and a sly grin. Blue eyes held hers.
"I came to see Miroku."

The young man raised a brow. "Ohhh really? Now why would one of Naraku's
girls want to see a piece of shit like that?" He reached out and lightly
touched her arm, grinning as he slid the touch up to her shoulder.
"If you want to fool around. You can come see me in my room."

Rin glared at him. "Get out of my way."

"And what if I don't?" Still smirking, he leaned forward. "I could give
you a better ride."

Rin didn't know what to do. This guy was coming on way too strong. How
could she get past him to see Miroku?

Inuyasha appeared at his doorway and growled.
"Why don't you go fuck your own girlfriend, Bankotsu, or is he busy with
someone else at the moment? I think I saw him following Jake around
awhile ago. Maybe Jakutso's been getting some extra protection. You think?"

Bankotsu glared at Inuyasha, his eyes narrowing.
He whirled around and began walking down the hall. "Fuck you."

Inuyasha watched him walk away. "I don't think so."
He then turned to her. "Miroku's okay. You don't have to go see him."

Rin frowned. "I want to see him."

He started down the hall. "Come on then."


Rin followed Inuyasha into the room. Seeing Miroku on the bed, she quickly
went to him. He was asleep but Rin could see the bruises. Someone really
beat him up badly this time. "What happened?" She turned to Inuyasha. "Why?"

Inuyasha frowned at Miroku. "Someone found him in the park and beat him up.
Guess they wanted money."

Rin had a suspicion Inuyasha wasn't telling her everything. By the way
Miroku looked it seemed someone went alot farther than just wanting money.
And if they didn't want just money, they either wanted the pleasure of beating
him up or the pleasure of....


Rin stared at him, her expression darkening before she turned back
to Miroku. Carefully, she eased to sit by him on the bed and
for several moments sat there, whispering to him and lightly touching
his temples and cheeks with her fingertips. Occasionally, Rin would

Inuyasha turned from the sight. Rin's whispered tone and actions made
him hurt inside. It was a feeling he had held back ever since
he had come to Sesshoumaru's room at the hotel and found Miroku that way.
Miroku was his best friend and deep down, he had been terrified his best
friend was going to die.

"You need to get back, Rin. Naraku isn't going to like it if he finds you

Rin stood, looked at Miroku for a moment then walked out the door.

Taking one last glance at his best friend, Inuyasha left, making sure
Rin made it to the end of the hallway to the stairs before going back
into his room.

He glanced at the clock. It was twelve. Only three more hours. Inuyasha
grabbed his duffel bag and began stuffing clothes in it. After doing this,
he would make sure Miroku was packed too. Today, they were both leaving this
shit hole.


Naraku rubbed his chin while sitting at his desk. He wanted that jewel.
Indeed, it was certainly worth more to him than those male whores, and, it was
worth more than his newly acquired girl. But...he still wanted a bit more.

Technically, he still employed all three. The one thing he wanted to see and
especially record, was Rin and her brother. He wanted to see them screw. It
would be a great addition to his video collection and the fact that Miroku
was severely injured made the idea of it so much more entertaining: A sister,
so horny that she would fuck just about anybody, taking advantage of her
bed bound brother. It would be darkly erotic to say the least. Something he
would love to have for his own personal viewing pleasure.

It was what he wanted to begin with but the deal would have been broken if he
made Miroku work with all three in the viewing room.

Naraku smiled to himself. There was always a way to get what he wanted.


Rin sat in the chair, her eyes set on the monitor. Miroku had not woken
up yet but he was moving around from time to time. It made her feel better
that he seemed to be rousing from sleep. By the time they would leave, he
might be awake for the drive to their new home.

The door opened and Rin turned to see Naraku entering her room. He hadn't
even knocked.

He walked to the chair she was sitting in and stopped, his smile dark and
his eyes amused as he glanced her over with a concealed leer. "It seems
Miroku won't be joining you at three. He has had a little accident."

Rin slowly nodded her head once. "Okay."

His grin began to take on a wicked edge as he leaned down, turned off
the monitor then took her hand, gently pulling her up. "Since I will not
be able to have my part of the bargain fulfilled in the viewing room,
I want it given to me now."

At that moment, a large man, carrying a video camera and tripod, came in and
began setting them up.

This was making her nervous. "Uh...what part?"

His finger lifted her chin and her attention to his black gaze.

"I want you to play with him, Rin, and I want you to enjoy it."

A fearful ache began pulling in her chest and stomach. "....Uh..who?"

"He will be here shortly."

Rin stood there as Naraku held her hand, watching the large man adjusting the
camera to focus on her bed. Every second made her worry rise.

Then, two men entered. Between them was some sort of stretcher with someone
lying on it. It was Miroku. Rin began backing up but Naraku held her hand
tighter. "Don't." She heard him nearly growl.

Like a reluctant child, she let Naraku lead her to the bed where the two men had
placed her brother. He was groaning and whimpering. Naraku reached over and
pushed the blanket aside. Rin cringed at the sight. He had bruises all over
his chest and stomach along with several small cuts and scratches but what was
worse was his side. It was black from his arm pit to the band of his
white underwear. Rin shook her head. "I..I can't. He's hurt. It'll kill him."

Naraku grabbed her arm and pulled her to the edge of the bed. His voice was
deep in her ear. "Not if you're gentle with him." Then his tone took on
a harsh edge. "If you don't screw him, I will have Bankotsu do it. He likes
to dish out as much pain as possible and you can sit and watch Bankotsu fuck
your boyfriend till he screams."

Rin wasn't about to let them hurt her brother like that. Pushing aside that
sick feeling, she nodded. "Okay. I'll do it."

Naraku let go of her arm. "I will be watching in another room while the
camera records."

She waited till they were gone and the door was closed. Leaning down, she
rubbed Miroku's forehead, pushing his damp bangs aside while caressing
the skin. With slight movement, he turned to her touch and groaned a whisper.

Rin lightly bit her bottom lip. He was out of it, probably because of the pain pills
they had given him. At least he wouldn't know it was her. She glanced at
his injured side. It would be hard but she could avoid touching it.

She leaned down and kissed the dampness of his forehead. His nose lifted up
toward the contact and he breathed the name again. Rin wanted to speak, to
whisper comforting words, words that might help him into the mood, but she
knew if he heard her voice it would break the illusion she was someone else.

Rin kissed his nose then his cheek. Miroku again turned his head, following
the brush of contact, reaching for the warmth of her lips. His movements were
sluggish and his eyes remained closed.

Taking a deep breath, Rin straightened, reached under her satin nightie then
slipped off her panties. With carefulness, she eased onto the bed and over
Miroku, the softness of her inner thighs against his skin, her hips hovering
above his, their noses only inches apart.

Rin closed her eyes...and the distance.

His lips were soft with a warmth that met her own, joining them together,
haunting them to a forbidden place where only lovers go. The kiss returned
was weak but wanting, sharing near breathless whispers that ached with
need. A hint of wetness fell unheeded then lost. For him, she would
give. For him, she would love.


Naraku grinned at the scene before him. It wasn't quite what he wanted
but it would do. The girl had some skill but definitely not top quality
talent. Sizing up her abilities, he realized trading her off was the best
decision he had made.


Rin covered them both with a sheet. At the moment, she didn't care if anybody
came barging in. All she wanted to do was lay here with him.

Sadly, she gazed at Miroku's profile. His breathing was calming now. Not once had
he opened his eyes, but he had been semi coherent through it all. Now, as Rin
watched him, he was coming down from the height she had taken him too.
All through her touches, he hadn't moved much, but he had whimpered that
name, and when he came, he had whispered it in her ear.

Rin reached over and touched his cheek.

Miroku turned his head, his nose touching her fingertip as she drew her hand
back. His eyes opened halfway but their hazy blue was dull, almost unseeing
in a foggy daze.

Even in the dullness, Rin could see his sadness, a sadness that matched her
own. She began to tremble. "I'm sorry."


Sesshoumaru walked into the Lotus Flower at 2:30. He wanted to go see Rin
but headed for the bar instead. Naraku met him halfway through the main
meeting room. "You have arrived early, Mr Takahashi."

"Yes, Mr. Aracne, I wanted time to get comfortable first."

Naraku smiled pleasantly and gestured to the bar. "Would you like a drink?"

"Yes, thank you." A drink would calm his nerves.


Sesshoumaru followed Naraku into a dark room filled with several rows of
high quality theater seats.

Naraku sat down in the middle of the second row.

Sesshoumaru sat down, leaving one seat between them. Purposely, he relaxed
the tension in his shoulders.


Inside the small cubby room, Inuyasha set both bags on the floor by the
bench and began to undress.

By the time he had tied his dark red robe, Rin, barefooted and wearing a
white silk robe, walked in holding what looked
to be a small bag of clothes. Eyes downcast, she set the bag down then
just stood there, silent, not lifting her brown gaze from the floor.

Inuyasha was worried. Was she nervous or scared? Then a thought hit him
like a brick wall. Was she still a virgin? 'Oh shit' What if she was?
She had asked him what they'd be doing after all. "Are you okay?"

She nodded once, solemn gaze still on the floor.

He cleared his throat. "Are you nervous?"

Rin shrugged her shoulders, a small gesture that told him she kinda was, but
he figured that wasn't the real problem.

It was quite for a moment but Inuyasha broke the silence. "Rin...are you a virgin?"

At this her face flushed a red brighter than his robe.

Inuyasha couldn't believe this.
He was going to be her first. He was going to take Rin's virginity in
front of his brother and boss. "Oh crap. Rin..."

"No..." Rin replied in a low voice.

Inuyasha paused. "You're not a virgin?"

Rin shook her head, still not looking up, but her cheeks were now splotching
red patches, and her eyes were misting over. "No...I'm not a virgin."
She slowly sat down on the bench next to the wall. Clasping her
hands in her lap, Rin bowed her head, hiding her face behind a curtain
of lustered brown. Hunched, she started to tremble. Then, she spoke in
broken gasps. "I...I..I'm sss...ss..sorry. So, so sorry."

Inuyasha, confused and worried, squatted down in front of her.

She didn't show any sign of hearing him. This was bad, very bad.
Rin was falling apart. If she didn't snap out of it, they were all screwed.

Inuyasha reached out, took her cheeks in his hands, then began smoothing her
hair back and her face up to meet his.
"Rin. Listen. You have to stop. We got to go out there now and give Naraku
what he wants to see. After that, we can go home with my brother.
It'll be alright. Me, you, and Miroku can get out of this place and
never come back. We'll have a real place to live. All three of us. A nice
place to live. Won't that be great?" He snatch a towel from the
bench and began wiping her face with it. Relieved she stopped crying,
Inuyasha smiled. "We'll get through it. I promise."

Rin, now seeming to be much calmer, wiped her eyes. "Okay."


The curtain pulled back to reveal a wall of mirrored glass, a two way mirror.
Within that semi-lighted room, there was a bed covered in pastel
pinks and blues close by a matching sofa: the type of
furniture you would see in any average bedroom. Inuyasha and
Rin, clad in shiny silk robes, sat on the bed facing each other.

Sesshoumaru, already tensing, couldn't keep his eyes off Rin: shiny pink
lips, flushed cheeks, and long brown hair hugging her shoulders and back.
Her eyes were downcast, looking at the covers between them both.
Inuyasha whispered something: the way his lips moved, it seemed like her
name. She looked up to meet Inuyasha's eyes.


Inuyasha almost lost his nerve at the look in Rin's eyes.
She really was just a girl, nothing like Kagura. She didn't want to do this
with him.

Feeling awkward, he leaned forward, cupped her left cheek in his hand, then
whispered in her ear. "Close your eyes. It'll help. Think of someone
else, someone you want to be with."


Rin felt stiff. Her body felt stiff. It didn't want to move. Even when she
looked into Inuyasha's eyes, she still couldn't move. When he leaned closer
she thought she would puke right there. Sesshoumaru was watching her. He
was sitting somewhere behind that mirror watching her. What was he
thinking? Was he disgusted? Did he think her sick?

Inuyasha whispered in her ear. His voice had a sound she had never heard him
use. It was deep, calming, and it made her insides thump. When she untangled
the words and understood what he meant, Rin nodded and closed her eyes.
Pretending had always been easy for her and she trusted Inuyasha.


Inuyasha kept his cupped hand on Rin's cheek and began kissing her ear.
At first, she went rigid, but the more he softly pecked, the more she
relaxed. He would bet she had never been treated this way before. Rin
didn't seem the type to have ever made out with a guy.

Without thinking, his right hand slipped to cup her neck as he kissed
down. His lips felt the heartbeat underneath so he tasted the skin where
her pulse thumped. Rin sank into him with a deep sigh.


At first, when Inuyasha made his move on Rin, Sesshoumaru gripped the
armrest till his hand hurt. It wasn't right. Even he could tell that
Rin didn't want to do that with Inuyasha. But when Rin nodded her head,
she seemed to smile. Then he heard the creaking of wood about to split
so he relaxed.

Inuyasha began kissing and touching Rin with slow, almost
delicate caresses.

Sesshoumaru, losing himself, forgot where he was and who he
was with. It was like a dream and he was entranced. The two lovers
began moving together, Rin purring long sighs as Inuyasha breathed kisses
across her skin, making it flush at every sensual touch. Crumples of
silky material slipped from them both, unveiling shoulders of milky white then
curves pinkened with heat. Soon, Inuyasha, robe slipping from his
shoulders and back, hovered above Rin's bare body. Her eyes were
closed and her cheeks were a rosey hue. She was breathing hard, lips
parted as her long brown hair pillowed beneath.

Over and over again, Inuyasha caressed, licked and tenderly kissed every part
of Rin's body, every part of her skin, except for those "special places".
He avoided them completely, only breathing over them from time to time.
Yet this only seemed to make Rin heat up more; her body arching up to
his every time he pulled away, her low moans becoming more and more audible
and Sesshoumaru found himself straining to hear every sound she made.

When Rin opened up completely, still, Inuyasha took his time, kissing softly,
starting at her ankle, to her knee, to her thigh, across her hip, nosing her
navel, skimming between her breasts, till his lips reached hers. There....
there...he kissed her....for the longest time, whispering within breaths.
Sesshoumaru leaned forward, listening, wanting very much to hear what he was
telling her. The words meshed together but he caught pieces: "Beautiful, want,
need you, please..., for so long..."

Rin's back arched. Inuyasha let out a groan as he buried his nose in the
hollow of her neck and shoulder. Their body's became one and Rin, eyes still
closed, sighed with pleasure, molding into the one who was giving her what
she had been aching for. With her legs wrapped around his waist, hands gripping
his back, and body clinging to his, Rin gasped when Inuyasha began his slow
torture. For to him, that was what Inuyasha was doing. It was gentle, fluid, and
extremely teasing; bringing Rin to the verge of pleasure then easing back, over and
over again. Finally, Inuyasha began a steady rhythm. Between sighing mews
Rin's voice grew louder from whispers to murmurs to near audible words.
Leaning forward, Sesshoumaru strained to hear. He wanted to hear.

On the edge of his seat, gripping the armrests, Sesshoumaru
heard her breathe a word. "Sessssssss........"

His mouth opened slightly when his bottom jaw dropped.


Inuyasha, still erect and inside Rin, relaxed. It had been tough but he had actually
done it. Two full hours. It hadn't been the most entertaining
sex in the world but it had been the best he could do while trying to
keep some semblance of dignity for the two of them. Getting a
handle on his breathing, Inuyasha lifted his head to see Rin, surprisingly
calm, with her eyes still closed.
He cleared his throat. "Rin."

She opened her eyes. First, Rin blinked at him, slightly dazed then sobered with
a groan. "Is that it?"

Inuyasha, trying to be careful, began to ease himself out of Rin's tightness.
"Uh, yeah."

He pulled out completely, grabbed his robe, then quickly put it on while
turning his back to give Rin some privacy.


Sesshoumaru blinked hard once from his stunned state to see the dark curtain
in front of him. He turned to see Naraku.
The man was sitting there, eyes staring darkly forward and frowning while
resting his chin on his knuckle and thumb. "Was it to your liking, Mr. Takahashi?"

"Yes, Mr. Aracne. It was."

Naraku turned to him. "Very well. Shall we finish this deal in my office?"

"That would be fine."

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