Dirty Life

BY : Rasberries
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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha, nor make money from this story.

Disclaimer: Nope, don't own Inuyasha and I don't make any money off this story.
Though...the thought of owning the cute dog eared hanyou is a true fantasy.


Chaper 5

Inuyasha leaned over his friend who was groaning quietly under his breath.
He didn't want to hurt Miroku in any way. In order to do this, he knew
he had to get his friend aroused. The more Miroku wanted it, the less
painful it would be. He did not know anything about fucking a male, but he
knew what he liked and he knew what hurt and what felt good. With that in
mind, he began.

Crawling over, Inuyasha parted Miroku's legs then positioned his knees
between his friends thighs.

Inuyasha reached out and began gently rubbing the softness of Miroku's member.
Miroku moaned quietly and the softness hardened some. When he palmed the growing
erection, he heard his friend suck in a breath. He looked up to see dark blue
eyes clearing, trying to focus.

Miroku blinked once. He spoke, raspy and deep with drowsiness.
"Inu..yasha. What are....you..do..doing?" He then groaned,
shutting his eyes tight. "I...can't move...my arms."

Abandoning his task for the moment, Inuyasha crawled over Miroku until his
nose was close to his friends ear. Wetting his lips, he whispered. "Miroku..."


Inuyasha tried to sound soothing.
"Naraku cuffed you. Listen to me. You must keep your eyes closed and relax.
I am going to...touch you. Just...let me...give you...this...please."

The warmth of Miroku's cheek slid across his as the boy beneath him nodded,
a silent simple reply.

Repositioning himself, Inuyasha began touching Miroku again, fondling until
his friend had a semi-soft erection. Palming it, he lowered his nose, breathing
warm air along the length before sliding his tongue over the soft skin.
At this, Miroku gasped. Taking most of it in his mouth, he sucked lightly.
While doing this, Inuyasha began to please himself, bringing about his own
hard erection. Soon, heavy breathing replaced the light gasps as Miroku's
arousal hardened even more. "Uh...Inuyasha.."

After he was sure Miroku was aroused enough, Inuyasha discretely coated his
right hand with lubricant. He then hooked both arms under
his friends knees, lifting Miroku's thighs and buttocks up off the floor some.
Swallowing, he slid the lubricant over himself.

He had never done this before but he had it done to him several times a day.
Inuyasha knew what hurt most. He was going to avoid as much pain as he could
by preparing Miroku as best he could.

Inuyasha began to push one finger in slowly. At first, he enountered a tight
resistance but as he slid his well oiled finger in and out, it loosened.
At two fingers, Miroku flinched. Taking his time, Inuyasha soon got the muscles
around that tight hole to pulse and expand.

When he removed his fingers, Miroku moaned. Moving up, Inuyasha lifted Miroku's
buttocks a little more while draping the boys knees over his upper arms.
He then positioned his tip against Miroku's back entrance. Holding it there,
he again caressed Miroku's semi-soft arousal.

Inuyasha pushed forward some, his tip entered the tightness. Miroku flinched
and he paused. With an ever-so-slow humping motion, Inuyasha began to
push in and out, each time, going deeper, sometimes pausing, allowing Miroku
time to adjust.

Finally, the tightness relaxed, allowing Inuyasha to bury himself all the
way in. Miroku groaned loudly.

Inuyasha gasped at the feeling. He had never been inside someone before.
He found himself overwhelmed by the warmth and tightness, wanting very
much to pull out and push back in with force. Instead, he pulled back slowly
before pushing back in at the same pace. He continued the light thrusts
until he heard Miroku groan out words under his breath. The mumble became
more defined, urging him to go faster.

Taking Miroku's words as permission, Inuyasha began thrusting harder and harder,
grunting each time he slid forcibly into the warm tightness. It felt incredibly
good. So good that he found himself harden and wanting to release. Yet, for
several minutes, Inuyasha continued, until he felt those tight muscles pulse
around him. It was too much and he gave in, pushing deeply in one last time,
letting out a gasp as he came, his entire body shaking with the feeling.

Underneath him, Miroku was still breathing heavy with light moans. While
coming down from his orgasm, Inuyasha palmed Miroku's erection one more time
and squeezed as he stroked. A moment later, he felt it stiffen. With a loud
groan, Miroku came, the liquid oozed out, slick between his fingers.

As he panted, Inuyasha slipped out and lowered his body, resting his forehead on
the sweaty chest beneath him.

Calming his breathing, he glanced at the light above the door. It went off.
Inuyasha relaxed, thankful it was over.

He raised up to see Miroku's flushed features. His eyes were still closed.
Inuyasha did not want him to open them just yet. Pulling away, he
grabbed the ends of the blanket and covered his friend.


His lashes slowly slid open but his dark blue eyes held a degraded distance
as he stared at the mirror silently. Slightly worried, he put a hand on
his friend's shoulder. "Miroku?"

He gave no sign of acknowledgement, only blinked slowly, his expression
lax of emotion.

Not knowing what else to do, Inuyasha stood and dressed. By the time
he pulled his shirt over his head, Naraku opened the door and strolled in.

His boss was smiling. "Inuyasha, your performance has earned you a special
job. Someone was highly enthralled with how you pleased your partner. She has
offered to pay well for you to be her escort next Saturday."

For a moment, Inuyasha let this news sink in. A female? Wanted him? Then he
peered down at his quiet friend. Miroku's silence was starting to worry him.

Naraku's smooth voice continued. "You will need to learn how to please a woman.
Considering the fact that you have never fucked a female before, I will send Kagura to
your room every night for the next six days. She will teach you the basics of
pleasuring a woman."

Inuyasha looked up at Naraku in disbelief. Did Naraku just say that he would
send Kagura to his room...to learn how to...please a woman?

His boss dropped a small key on the floor before turning to leave. "You
can uncuff your friend now. That is...if you want to. By the way he let
you fuck him, it seemed he rather enjoyed being...submissive."
Naraku shut the door, leaving him and Miroku alone.

For a minute, he stared at the door, his insides churning with guilt. He
then bent down and picked up the key.

Without looking directly at Miroku, he knelt by his friend, moved the blanket back,
then pushed his bare body to rest on his right side. For a moment, he fumbled with
the key and cuff until he was finally able to unlock them. After removing the
metal cuffs, Inuyasha covered Miroku with the blanket once again. Sitting there, he
let out a long shuddering breath while swallowing hard, somewhat glad that Miroku was
faced away from him. "I'm...sorry."


After getting Miroku's shaky body to stand, he helped him to his room.
The whole time, his friend did not utter one word, never looking directly
at him.

It was now late. Inuyasha lay in his bed staring up at the gray stains
on the ceiling. He closed his eyes, thinking of the girl he had seen the
night before. Tonight, he would go on his first date with her in his
dreams. They would meet at Kaede's coffee shop and sit across from each other
in a booth. She would smile and talk about what happened in school that day and
how her friends acted. While laughing and joking she would tell
him everything she liked and disliked: what foods were here favorites, what
kind of movies she wanted to go see, what kind of pet she had...if she had
a pet. And after they ate, he would walk her home. Halfway there, she would
slip her warm hand into his and smile.


Authors Note: One reviewer asked if this is going to be slash. I don't know
quite what that is, but I think it means a male to male relationship. To
answer that question I would have to say no. This will not be a Mir/Inu of
any kind. I just tried to show what they do is more a less a job to them.
Even though I dislike homosexuality and believe it to be morally wrong, I
write about it here in terms of a realistic problem concerning prostitution
and two boys who are trapped in that situation.

About the lemon. I know nothing about male to male sex but I try my
best. I only tried to show how Inuyasha dealt with the problem of having
to do this to his friend.

This will be a Mir/San Inu/Kag fiction. Those are my pairings. If I use
Sesshomaru he will not be a girlie guy and I may pair him with Rin. Yes,
she will come along soon.

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