Dirty Life

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Kouga sat in the booth at his favorite bar and grill restuarant, avidly looking
over the menu the waitress had given him. He put down the plastic coated paper
and looked at his cousin. "I have to go home soon, Ginta. Tina is coming to my
place at five. We're going to go over our wedding plans tonight."

His cousin glanced at the waitress bending over near the bar. "Uh huh...sure."

Kouga waved his hand. "Ginta? Hello?"

Ginta turned to him. "Huh? What? Oh, sorry about that. Got a little

Kouga raised a brow. "Uh huh. I think you need a girlfriend, cousin."

Ginta shook his head. "Had one. Didn't work out. I like to party and hang out with my friends.
Girlfriends weigh you down too much. I like my freedom."

Kouga picked up the drink list, looking it over. "To each his own."
Just as he was about to ask Ginta about their other cousin, his cell phone
beeped. He set the drink list down and answered.


"Hey Kouga."

"Tina? Hey there sweetheart, how's my woman doing? Can't wait to see you

"Well, uh, about that..."

There was a strange tone in his fiance's voice. "Are you feeling okay, baby?"

"Yes, Kouga. I am feeling okay. Umm. There are some things I need to talk
to you about."

"Sure, we can talk when you come to my apartment tonight, while we go over
our wedding plans."

"No, Kouga, this needs to be said now. I...can't do this."

Kouga could hear the underlining meaning in her statement but he needed to
be sure. "Can't do...what?"

She sighed heavily into the phone. "I can't marry you."

A knot welled up in his stomach. "Are you...dumping me...on the phone?"

"I'm sorry Kouga, but...it's just not working out between us. I need space."

The knot in his stomach was becoming an ache. "Are you seeing
someone else? Is that it? Who is it, Tina. I think I have a right to know
who it is that is taking my fiance away from me. You owe me the truth."

Her tone took on an irritated edge. "Don't speak to me about rights you
overbearing asshole. I am so tired of hearing about your rights!
What about my rights? My right to go somewhere without being bombarded by
hundreds of questions. My right to do what I want to do without having to
check in with you first. My right to just have a damn drink with my friends
without you hinting that I went clubbing for a guy. You are so damn
controlling. You want the truth, dipshit? I'll give you the truth. I am
seeing someone else. Someone who loves me for me. Someone who listens and
doesn't try to control every aspect of my life."

Kouga could feel everything slipping away from him and he
wanted, no, needed to know... "Who, Tina?"

The line went silent for a moment before she answered. "Charlie."

"What?!! Your workout instructor? The one with a brain the size of a peanut?!"

"Watch what you say, you ass. Charlie is smart and funny and..."

"Have you been sleeping with him?" he asked, interrupting.

She began to yell in exasperation. "Yes! I have. And you want to know something
else? I will tell you something else! Since you are so interested in wanting
to know everything! Charlie has something that you don't!"

"And what would that be?" Kouga asked in a flat solemn tone.

She laughed harshly. "He's got a bigger dick! A much bigger dick!
And now that you know everything! I guess we really don't have anything
else to talk about. So this is goodbye."

The line went silent.

Kouga sat there, staring at the table's surface, locked in place, the phone
still at his ear. What the hell just happened?

He lowered the phone and looked up to see Ginta eyeing him with
worry. "You okay?"

He shook his head. "Tina...she...ended our engagement. She dumped me..."

Ginta leaned closer. "Hey, buddy, you don't look so good."

"I don't feel so good, cousin." Kouga affirmed. "I feel frustrated...and lost."


After they ate, Kouga ordered some extra beers. He didn't have to be
anywhere important tonight so what the hell.

As he sat drinking his sixth beer of the evening, his cousin sipped on a
glass of water.

Ginta pushed his glass to the side and crossed his arms on the table.
"I think you need some pampering and a little relaxation, cousin, and
I know just the place."

Kouga, feeling a light buzz, eyed his cousin solemnly. "Yeah? And where
is this...place?"

"The Lotus Flower."

Kouga nearly choked on his beer. "Naraku's place? I can't get in there.
You have to be a millionaire to afford one of his high priced call girls.
On top of that, you have to be a member of his 'club' or at least know
the guy really well. He doesn't let anyone of low status into his
exclusive group. I am pretty well off but hell, I am not filthy rich."

Ginta grinned, pulled out his wallet, fished in it for a second, then produced
a card and handed it to him.

Kouga forced his eyes to focus. He blinked several times.
"This...is a membership card...How did you get one?"

Smirking, Ginta stuffed his wallet back into his back pocket. "I helped
Naraku attain a very special wine celler by talking the owner into selling it.
The wine was very old, very expensive and very hard to come by. I even got
the owner to lower his price. As payment, Naraku gave me a years membership.
I can go there anytime I want....and I can bring a friend."

For a moment, Kouga sat staring at his cousin. He had never...paid to date or
have sex with a woman before. "Hey, what if I just want to..you know...have
a little dinner...or just...you know....fool around some...just relax..."

"Anything you want, buddy. Naraku's got it."

Making up his mind, Kouga nodded. "Let's go. I think I'll let you drive this


In front of the elegant building, Ginta gave the valet the car keys.

Kouga followed Ginta into the place. His cousin showed his card to the man
at the front desk and gave him their names. The man wrote their names in
a book and told them they could go in.

Passing through another set of doors, Kouga looked around. The place was
luxurious: beautiful art work, ferns, antique furniture, lounging areas,
a large bar, and...women. There were so many. Some were talking to other
finely dressed males and some were sitting on sofas, talking with other
beautiful girls, sipping drinks or nibbling on chocolates.

The atmosphere was mellow, an elegance of quiet conversations and low laughter.
Ginta moved to the bar and he followed. Both of them sat down, scoping out
the place.

Kouga glanced around. "This place is quite busy for a Sunday evening."

Ginta nodded while getting the bartenders attention. "This place is always
hopping. I have been coming here for the last two months and haven't seen
it empty once."

Kouga looked at all the free females in the room, trying to decide which one
he might strike up a conversation with. They were all beautiful, more beautiful
than any women he had ever seen. Yet, every one that he observed left him
feeling bitter. For some reason, right now, the thought of women made his
stomach turn. Maybe coming here was a mistake. Hell, he just got
dumped by his fiance. At this moment, he hated women. He was frustrated,

Those last words his ex-fiance had spat out rang in his head over and over.
He sighed heavily while crossing his arms on the bar. Now he knew why she
never had an orgasm. He hadn't been big enough for her. That's why
he had lost her. Thats why she picked Mr. Arnold Swartzenager over him.
The guy had muscles and a bigger....

Kouga rubbed his temple. He never could keep a girlfriend and now he knew

Ginta ribbed him. "Hey, cuz, what's the matter, don't see any babes that
catch your eye?"

Shaking his head, Kouga sighed again. "Not really...I don't know, maybe I just
don't need to be around any girls tonight. Maybe I just need to go home and
rot in my own frustrated misery."

"Hey, Kouga, that's no way to be. Come on buddy, don't let that woman get you
down. Don't let one woman burn you on females for life."

Kouga was about to get up and leave when a smooth deep voice come up
behind them. "Hello, Gentlemen."

Ginta turned and smiled, holding out his hand which the other tall dark male
accepted and shook. "Mr Naraku. How are you this evening?"

Naraku gave them both a curtious smile. "I am fine, Mr Ginta. I see you have
brought a friend."

Ginta nodded, gesturing to him. "Yes, this is my cousin, Kouga. He is a
consultant at Bridge corporation."

With a solitary nod, Naraku held out his hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Kouga."
Kouga shook the man's hand, finding it soft but firm. "Likewise, Mr. Naraku.
I must commend you on your wonderful establishment. It is so...elegant."

"Thank you, Mr Kouga." Naraku's long black hair fell to one side as he paused,
tilting his head a tad, eyeing him with cool reservation. "I couldn't help but overhear
your conversation, Mr. Kouga. I think I may be able find you a nice distraction
from your woes."

That one word made Kouga take notice. Distraction. Yes, that was something
he terribly needed at the moment. "I will take you up on that offer, Mr.
Naraku. Show me this...distraction."


Kouga glanced at his watch as Naraku led him to an elevator and up to the
second floor. It was near six fifteen. While they walked down a carpeted hallway,
Naraku spoke. "On this floor are bedrooms for some of my special guests along
with another room that I think you might find quite interesting."

Naraku led him through a door and into a semi-dark room with several movie
theater style chairs. A large curtain covered the entire wall the chairs
were facing. Kouga had a good idea what this room was. It was a place for
voyeristic pleasures. That curtain probably opened up to incredibly
erotic scenes. Even though he had never done anything like this before, he was
curious as to what Naraku had in store.

Naraku gestured for him to sit down. "I will leave you now. If you enjoy the
show and wish for company afterwards, I have a room already set up just in
case you decide on that distraction to help your...frustration."
The man handed him a key with a blue tag. "There is a door on this floor
with a large blue tag hanging on the knob. In it you will find that which
you desire."

With that, he turned and left.

Now Kouga was very curious by all of this.

Relaxing, he sat back in the chair and waited. He didn't have long to
wait before the curtain opened, and he was met by a large two way mirror.
On the other side were....two naked males. Feeling very disgusted, Kouga
leaned forward, getting ready to stand and leave but then...he hesitated.
Something in the way they were touching each other made him....want to watch.

There were two males, both with long black hair. They were not kissing but
simply touching each other, not necessarily in an erotic way, just in a
mutual way. Soon, those touches did become erotic. Their hands glided over
each other's skin, playing with each other's hair, skimming over private
parts that were rising in excitement.

The more Kouga watched, the more he found himself fascinated by the scene.
It got to the point where one male had knelt in front of the other, taking
his partner's hard member and...

The standing male growled in pleasure, almost to his release when the other
stopped and turned on hands and knees, bearing his back end.

Something stirred in his pants and, not noticing, Kouga leaned forward,
watching closely. The standing male knelt down behind the other, gripped
his partners hips, then positioned himself before plunging into the other
almost forcibly. The one on hands and knees let out a loud grunt of pain.
Soon those groans of pain became words, begging the one that was banging into
him from behind to go faster. Both males came suddenly, both shaking and
breathing hard. The curtain drew back.

Never in his entire life had he seen anything like that. He swallowed and
glanced down, finding that he had been affected by what he had just witnessed
and was now sporting a very hard boner.

He looked at the blue tagged key in his hand.


Inuyasha, tired from the day in the rain and from Kagura's special
session, wanted nothing more than to go to his room, get in his bed,
and sleep. Thinking of the girl was out of the question. He did not
deserve to think of her sweet face again tonight after exposing her image
while working.

But deep down he knew he wasn't going to get out of it that easy.
Just as he reached the third flight of stairs, Jake's gruff voice and heavy footfalls
coming up the stairs from behind made
him stop in his tracks. "Boy, you got a client coming for a visit in
room 23 on the second floor. Naraku wants you in there now. Put on the
clothes that are ready for you in the room."

Sighing, Inuyasha turned and opened the door to the second floor.


Inuyasha entered room 23 and shut the door. On the queen size bed he found
a pair of blue silk boxers and a long dark blue robe. After quickly changing, he hid his other clothes under the bed then laid down to wait.
Lying there, his stomach growled. He grimaced at the emptiness in his gut.
He hadn't eaten since friday night and his stomach was beginning to
protest. Hell, he couldn't entertain someone like this.

Getting up, he went to the bathroom and drank some water, hoping it would
ease his noisy insides. After taking a leak, he went back to the room and
and laid down. Without knowing, he went to sleep.


Kouga found the room with the blue tag on the knob, the one that matched the
color of the key ring in his hand.

Taking in one long breath, he let it out slowly then turned the knob.

He entered the room and shut the door. Kouga stepped forward, his eyes on the
person lying on the bed. He was about to say something when he noticed how
still the male was. Stopping at the end of the large bed, Kouga observed the
sleeping male closely. His long black hair was splayed underneath him and over
the beige pillows. The blue robe he wore was open, exposing most of his
chest along with his dark blue, silk boxers and one of his well toned legs.

Kouga walked around the bed, his gaze going to the young man's face.
He looked young, probably no older than sixteen at the most. No. He
couldn't do this. Not to a kid. But before he left, he paused to stare at
the boys features. He was good looking, for a man. Not rugged but innocent..
Just as he was about to end his curiosity quest and turn to go back, the
boys eyes opened, staring at him. That purple hazel gaze blinked a few
times as the boy woke, focusing on him.

When the haze in his purplish depths cleared the boys eyes widened and he
slowly sat up. "Sorry, must have fallen asleep." He then leaned back and opened
the robe further. The young male's voice eased into a sultry undertone. "Is there
something you need?" That dark hazel gaze held on to his. "What's
your pleasure?"

Those words and that look was almost enough to change Kouga's mind. His body was already
heated by the erotic scenes he had witnessed earlier and this...distraction teased at his
burning urges. He suddenly found himself...wanting to touch the young expectant male lying before
him, touch him in a very intimate way and his rising erection was proof of it.





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