Dirty Life

BY : Rasberries
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The concrete was hot and hard against his bare feet as he ran, his heart racing and
chest heaving with aching breaths. He pumped his legs, straining to gain speed
and hopefully an escape from the men chasing him.

Two blocks down he could hear them. "Fucking little shit! No where to hide from
us you little bastard! YOU'RE DEAD!"

Inuyasha ducked into a small alley then scrambled to hide behind a dumpster.
He grabbed a large piece of cardboard and covered himself with it. While trying
to slow his breathing, he went very still.

He waited, his fear rising as he heard their running steps come closer and
closer. 'please don't find me. please don't find me'. Inuyasha knew what they
would do to him if they did find him: They would kill him.

The footfalls stopped not too far from him, probably just outside the alley
where he was hiding. Between heavy breaths, they began talking to each
other. They sounded pissed, really pissed. "Fucker disappeared on us! Like a
shit eating rat!"

The other guy let out a gruffed growl. "Fucking bastard! Bone told us to
get his ass and we lost him!"

"What we gonna do now, Ray? Bone won't like us messing up like this. He's
gonna rip us a new one if we come back empty handed."

While listening to the two men talking, Inuyasha trembled.
He didn't know it was the Black Dragon's turf when he and Miroku went
scrounging for a meal behind the Best Buffet restaurant. If he had known, he
would have avoided that section of the city altogether. The gang had a
serious grudge against both of them for accidentally screwing up one
of their drug deals. He hoped Miroku was okay. They had spit
up during the chase in hopes that at least one of them would get away.

Inuyasha heard a cell phone ringing then one of the men answering it. "Yeah?
You got 'em? Where? Good. Beat the shit out of the fucker but don't kill
him. Me and Roach are still looking for the other one. I'll call back when we
get him. Later."

Heart thudding, Inuyasha suddenly felt a heavy weight sinking in his stomach.
They had Miroku: his best friend. They were going to....

At that moment, the darkness of the cardboard was gone. "Found you Fucker!"
Instantly, he scrambled through the mess of boxes and papers, nearly
blind by the sudden light and fear. Hands reached for him, trying to get
a hold. Almost out of their reach, he dashed for the street only to see stars
as a horrible pain crackled at the back of his head.


Blurry, everything was blurry. Slowly, his vision focused.
From what he could tell, he was lying on the ground, head throbbing
and body aching.

Voices. He could hear them. Men talking quietly, conversing
in a business-like manner.

"I want them both."

"Yeah, Mr. Aracne. Okay. But ya see..."

"You will be compensated. All debt you owe me will be waved plus a bonus."

"Ah...okay, Mr. Aracne."

A shadowed figure blocked his line of sight. Two very black eyes studied him
darkly. The ominous shadow's voice smoothed out a terrifying truth.
"You are now mine."


Inuyasha jerked out of sleep. Disoriented, he opened his eyes wide before
slowly focusing. He was in a car...

"Inuyasha?" A warm hand touched his. "Are you okay?"

Swallowing down the nightmare, he remembered and relaxed. Kagome. He
was in Kagome's car and she was right here next to him.

Glancing sheepishly at Kagome, he slightly smiled. Only, she didn't return the
smile. Instead, her brow furrowed with concern. "You fell asleep. You were...

Inuyasha knew exactly what he had been doing in his sleep:
whimpering like a kicked dog. "Yeah...I know."

He cleared his throat and looked around. They were in a vacant parking lot,
one lot over from the back of the Lotus Flower. "What time is it?"

"Ten till two." Kagome whispered.

He looked at Kagome. She was staring at the back of the Lotus Flower.

"Is that where you live? That big fancy building?" She spoke softly, almost
as if asking herself the question.

Inuyasha sighed. "It's not that fancy on the third floor."

It got quiet in the car, a solid wall of silence between them.
Ever since they left the coffee shop, a gray cloud hovered, pulling him
deeper in despair. One clear question, above all else, haunted him.
"Will... Will I see you again?"

He dared not look at her for the fear. She knew what he did. She knew what
kind of person he was. Never in a million years would he blame her if she
said no. He wasn't the kind of person you had as a friend or...anything else
...either. Sitting there, waiting in the seconds that seemed like hours, he
could feel his courage slipping, every fiber of his being wanting to open that
door and run so he did not have to hear her reply. Waiting, he closed his


In his own darkness, he whispered. "What?"

"Yes...and if you open your eyes, you can see me now." Her words were soft
enough to lift that weight hovering over him.

He felt better. A smile pulled at his lips as he opened his eyes and looked
at the girl sitting next to him. She was looking at him intently. Even in the
dim light of the car, he could see those brown pools quiver.
With a small smile, she tilted her head just a touch to the side.
"Do you still have my number?"

Almost awed to shock, Inuyasha slowly nodded his head. "Yeah."

Kagome's smile grew but still held a bit of reluctance. She gazed at him
for a long moment. "I'll be waiting."

Whatever he saw in the warmth of her brown eyes made him want to lean closer
to her, whisper to her, maybe even...touch her.

Consciously shaking the feeling off, Inuyasha, now very nervous, opened the door.
He gave Kagome one definite nod. "I'll call."


Miroku sat up in the bed with a low groan. His side still hurt like hell
and certain parts of his body felt tingly numb.

Sesshoumaru came to the bedside.
"You need to get dressed. I told Naraku I would have you back by eight
in the morning." Sesshoumaru stated flatly.

Miroku glanced at the clock. It read six thirty. How was he going to make it
today? How was he going to...? Feeling quite lost, he frowned. "Okay."


Inuyasha, lying in his bed, heard footsteps in the hallway. He got up,
went to his door, then looked toward Miroku's room to see Sesshoumaru
helping a very pained Miroku. He quickly went to them to help. Taking Miroku's
free arm, he eased it over his shoulders to support his friend.
By the way Miroku was gasping while they moved him, Inuyasha knew his friend
was still in a good bit of pain. Soon, they got Miroku to the bed and gently
lowered him to lie down.

Sesshoumaru handed Inuyasha a bottle of pills. "Make sure he takes two every
four hours."

Inuyasha took the pills from his brother's hand. "Okay." He looked at Miroku to
see that his eyes were closed. He seemed to be going back to sleep.

Sesshoumaru set a concerned look back at Miroku.
"The trip from the hotel took all his strength.
I also gave him two pills five minutes before we got here. It's no wonder that
he's passing out. I need to go speak with Naraku now and inform him that I
have brought Miroku back." Sesshoumaru turned to him. "Are you okay?"

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders. "Guess so."

"It won't be long, Inuyasha. Just a few more hours and you can go home with me."
Sesshoumaru affirmed.

His brother's confidence was enough to give him hope. Maybe he was about to be
free after all.


Sesshoumaru greeted Naraku in his office, giving the man a firm handshake
before sitting in a very soft leather chair.

"Good morning, Mr. Sesshoumaru. I hope your weekend was enlightening."

"It was very enlightening, Mr. Naraku. But I have some bad news."

Naraku raised a brow. "Do tell."

"Ahem. Yes. The boy I had stay with me acquired some injuries while in my care.
I am afraid he is in bad shape."

A wickedly sly smile crept into Naraku's expression. "I see. I admire a man
who takes full advantage of his rented playmate. Were you satisfied with his

Sesshoumaru couldn't believe the gall of this man. Naraku actually thought he
had beat Miroku up. And, to top that off, the man seemed pleased with it.
"I do not speak of private matters in public. I am sure you understand."

Naraku's sadistic grin softened some. "Yes I do. A gentlemen never speaks of
bedroom activities. But do tell, does he meet the standards you hoped for?"

"Yes, he does."

"Good. I will have my staff doctor look him over to determine if he is fit
enough for this evening." Naraku informed.

Sesshoumaru did not show his worry and turned on his best business air.
"For the most part, I do not see the need
in watching him do anything since I have already tested his abilities and
stamina. Since Miroku is injured it would be best if he not be moved. I don't
want him to become permanently disabled or worse, die.
It would be a shame if we could not complete this deal for I want all
three in the trade. I realize you, being a frugal business man, can see
the advantage in this trade. The priceless jewel I am offering in trade
far exceeds the worth of what I am asking for."

Naraku tilted his head a touch, his eyes darkly amused. "Very well, Miroku
will not be joining the other two this evening. I, too, don't see the
importance of his participation since you have so thoroughly tested him. Your
wish is granted."

Sesshoumaru inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.


Rin sat on her bed, frowning. It was nearly nine and she had woke up hours
ago, not able to sleep for her nervousness. Today she would have to be with
Inuyasha and her own brother just to help them all be free of Naraku.
What was worse...she would have to do it...knowing that Sesshoumaru would
be watching.

Sesshoumaru. In what little time she had spent with him, all
these strange funny feelings ran rampant and it took a good bit of will
power to cover them up. He was so tall, and strong, and he smelled so
good. And the hair. It was long and soft, and on him, it was incredibly
masculine. But what got her the most, was his eyes: the strangest dark
hazel blue, just like Inuyasha's...only bluer. He was wonderful. And a hidden
part of her wanted...

Her face heated up at the thought and a sudden gooey panicky sensation flooded
her stomach. Rin shook her head in building shame, her entire body heating with the
sick feeling. After watching her with Inuyasha and her brother
...Sesshoumaru would never
want her...

She knew they were at least seven years apart or more but...

Rin sighed. After seeing her screw his brother, and worse, her
own brother...Sesshoumaru would only see
her as the slut she was. Nothing else.

Her insides twisted and rolled with nausea. Miroku...how could she
touch him like that? How was she going to....?

Rin, letting out a choppy sigh, tried to hold back those horrible feelings.
They were going to crush her.

In a sudden rush, Rin began to get dizzy. She was going to screw it up. She
couldn't do it. She would choke. And when the time came...she wouldn't
be able to....

Needing to calm herself, Rin slipped off her bed, stood, and closed her eyes,
breathing slowly in and out. It was all going to crush her....

A knocking at the door brought Rin back, helping her to shelve her near
mental breakdown for the time being.

Weary, Rin walked to the door and opened it to find Inuyasha standing there.
When his eyes met hers, there was a torrid of hidden emotion in them. He
walked in, shutting the door behind him. Taking her hand, he walked to
the love seat and sat down, making her sit down with him. "There's something
I got to tell you. It's about Miroku."

Her heart began thumping in her chest. She had a feeling this wasn't good.
"What about him? Is he alright?"

Inuyasha paused, his gazed falling once before locking to her once again.
"He got beat up but he's going to be alright."

Everything ached now and she wanted to see Miroku really badly. "Where is
he? Is he here?"

Inuyasha leaned back on the love seat, his own weary gaze falling to the floor.
"He's in his room, asleep. The doctor gave him some pain pills."

"I want to go see him."

Shaking his head, Inuyasha sighed. "It wouldn't be a good idea right now. Naraku
has his doctor up there looking him over." Laying his head on the back of the
love seat, he closed his eyes while covering them with a forearm. "At least
there's good news."


"Sesshoumaru just told me Miroku won't be with us at three. It will be just you
and me."

The information lifted a great deal of that weight and Rin found the tension
in her shoulders relax some. Only... "So...just you and me..." That funny feeling
began rolling around in her stomach again. Inuyasha was sitting here next to her,
obviously not bothered by their close proximity or the thought of what they
would be doing together a few hours from now. "Are you nervous?" He didn't seem
to be.

Inuyasha, still covering his eyes, twitched an offhanded shrug. "Not really."

Of course he wasn't nervous. He had done this stuff before. He knew all about
it. He... "Inuyasha...I..."

Inuyasha slipped his forearm away then turned to look at her. In that moment,
he must have seen it in her eyes for his cheeks flushed. He knew she was
nervous and suddenly he realized what was bothering her. It became a solid
matter between the both of them. He cleared his throat. "You are."

Rin nodded slowly, trapped in his gaze by worry and some other feeling she could
not name, something close to wonder. In a few hours, they were going to be
lovers...while his brother watched. She let out a choppy, under breath sigh.
"I am."

Inuyasha looked away, cutting off their locked gaze, blatantly
avoiding her eyes, clearly becoming more nervous by the second.
"You shouldn't be. It's just work."

Just work. Is that how he did it? Is that how he coped with it? Just work?
"What will we do?" Instantly, Rin regretted the question. She sounded foolish,
inexperienced, and clueless. Yet...Rin knew she was all of these things.
Face burning, she frowned down at her clasped hands resting in her lap, her
gaze wandering into the shine of the silk, dark Fuchsia material of her
night gown. The gown was sexy, too sexy...too sexy for someone who wasn't.

"Don't worry about it." Inuyasha nearly whispered.

Rin looked up to see Inuyasha staring ahead. He seemed to be thinking
heavily. "Inuyasha...."

He turned, and those blue eyes locked to her. "I said don't worry. I'll get
us through it. When we get in there just...just follow my lead. Okay?"

She knew she was blushing horribly. He looked so much like Sesshoumaru.

Inuyasha broke their eye contact and stood. "Got to get back to my room
and get cleaned up. Had a rough weekend."

Rin didn't say anything else as he walked out and shut the door.
After a few moments of waiting silence, she closed her eyes, her cheeks
slowly cooling as her mood swayed with all the new information. Overwhelmed,
she laid down, hoping to clear some of the mess inside her head and the
feelings jumbled up in her heart.

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