Dirty Life

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Chapter 30: Coming to terms

Sesshoumaru entered Miroku's Room with Inuyasha right behind him.
Rin was sitting next to Miroku who was awake and sitting up as well, the
hospital bed positioned for support. Rin was holding his hand.

"Feeling better?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"Yeah." Miroku answered with a tired smile.

Rin flushed as she looked down between her and Miroku.

Sesshoumaru sat down in a chair close to the bed.
"There are some things we need to discuss."

Inuyasha walked to the bed, standing quietly next to Rin and Miroku and
giving him his full attention. "What about?"

Rin still didn't look at him, but seemed to be paying attention too.

Miroku, pale and bruised, set weary and worried eyes on him. "Yes, Mr. Takahashi?"

"I now have sole custody of Rin and you, Miroku. You two will be staying with
me until you are legal adults. After that, you can leave whenever you decide."

Miroku blinked once in noticeable shock. "When you said it before, I thought.."

Sesshoumaru raised his hand, cutting Miroku off. "I'm not finished."
Lowering his hand, he continued. "I live in Crescent Moon.
My house has four bedrooms so each of you will
have a room. I know this will be a big change for all of you, but I hope
you will accept what I am offering: A chance at a better life."

"Did you say, Crescent Moon?" Inuyasha asked, his voice almost dipping into
a whisper.

Not missing his bother's immediate interest, Sesshoumaru nodded. "Yes. It's
a small town, about ten to fifteen thousand people. A good bit smaller than
this city. It will be a big adjustment for you kids but I think you will
get used to it."

"You really want us to live with you?" Miroku asked, his tone rising in belief.

Sesshoumaru sighed tiredly but smiled. "Yes, Miroku, I want you and your sister
to live with me and Inuyasha. I know I mentioned it before but now
I am asking officially. Would you like that? Would you like to live with us?"

Miroku looked at Rin before slowly nodding. "Yes. I would like that. Rin?"

Rin, hair hiding part of her profile, just nodded a little.

Inuyasha was lost in thought.

"The doctor will release you today at noon, Miroku. He has informed me that you have
a broken rib and that you will have to take it easy for six weeks. That means
rest in a bed and very little walking around. I think Rin can help take care of

At that moment a knock sounded at the door.


Inuyasha, still stunned by what Sesshoumaru had said, looked up to see
Kagome and Sango enter the room.

Kagome smiled at him before giving everyone else a polite half smile.

Sango hesitated, looking at Miroku and Rin. "Are you alright?"

Miroku coughed and shifted some with a wince. "Uh...Sango. Yeah, I'm okay."

Sango went to the bed, glancing over him worriedly.

Reaching over, Miroku took her hand. "Sango. This is Rin. She's my sister."

Sango smiled at Rin. "Hi."

Rin glanced up and returned Sango's smile. "Hi."

Inuyasha was about to bust. He wanted to talk to Kagome alone so he walked around
the bed, took Kagome's hand then began leading her out the room. "Be back later."



Inuyasha paused in the hallway. He had been heading for someplace quiet where
they could talk. He turned to Kagome. "Yeah?"

She moved closer, so close he could smell the sweetness of vanilla in her
hair. He wanted to step back but didn't. Being so close to her like this made
his insides shake. Her deep brown eyes gazed up at him. "Inuyasha....are you
okay? The way you sounded on the phone..."


"Yeah, you sounded... Uh... I don't know... kinda sad."

He began pulling on her hand again. "Come on. I want to talk. Alone."


The chapel room was dim and almost soundless by the carpeted walls.
"I found this place a few hours ago."
Kagome followed Inuyasha to a small brown couch. They both sat down and
she noticed how soft it was. It was a place of peace and Kagome felt
herself relax. She smiled gently. "What did you want to talk about?"

Inuyasha fidgeted. There was definitely something on his mind. He let out
a rough sigh before answering. "Kagome. Sesshoumaru said he lives in
Crescent Moon."

Kagome's jaw dropped a tad. "Huh?"

"I'm going to be living in Crescent Moon. With my brother. I'll be living in
the same town as you." Then he smiled some and shook his head, almost as if
he didn't believe it himself. "I...We can see each other..."
Then he paused and looked at her with apprehension. "Is that okay? I mean. You
don't have to... We don't have to see each other. If you don't want to, that is."

Kagome took his hand. "I think it's wonderful, Inuyasha. Yes, I want to see you.
It'll be so much fun. I can show you around and you can meet my friends."

Inuyasha drew back his hand and looked away. "Your friends."

"What's the matter?" Kagome asked with concern.

He stared at the floor for several moments with a serious frown. "I don't think
your friends will like me, Kagome. Not many people like me. If you hadn't
noticed, I'm not the kind of guy a girl would want to introduce to her friends.
I'm street trash." He gave her a hard look. "Do you really want to tell them
about me?"

For a minute, Kagome was floored by the sudden bitterness. Inuyasha was angry
but she slowly began to realize..... He was right. "I'm not going to tell them
about that, Inuyasha. I would never do that to you. You're going to be
starting over and I think my friends will like the person you are because....
I like the person you are."

Even in the dim light, Kagome noticed him blush as he looked at the floor again.

He cleared his throat and took her hand in his.


The room was empty except for them two. Rin had left in search of
lunch with Sesshoumaru. Now, it was just him and Sango.

Miroku didn't like looking in her eyes. For some reason he felt too
ashamed at the moment. So, he offered tid bits of conversation.
"Inuyasha's brother has claimed me and Rin. We're going to go live with
him in Crescent Moon. We're leaving today."

"Crescent Moon? I used to live there." Sango said.

Miroku looked up. "Huh? Really?"

"Really. We just moved to the big city not too long ago. My Dad got a better
job and..." She trailed off.

Miroku could sense what she was thinking. "We won't be seeing each other

It was quiet for awhile until Sango interrupted the silence. "We can write."

"You really want to do that?" Miroku finally looked at her face, not believing
she would suggest they carry on this...well whatever they seemed to have.
"You want me to write?"

"Or call." Sango offered. "I do have a phone."

He still couldn't believe. After everything this girl had seen him go through,
she still wanted to....


Did they have some sort of relationship? Were they kind of seeing each other?
He wanted to have some kind of concrete definition to this.

She smiled softly at him. "Yeah?"

"Are we... What are we?" Miroku asked, needing to know.

She blinked then looked away with a little shrug of her shoulders. "Uh...
well...I don't know... Friends? Maybe?" She said the last part as
if asking him instead of clearly defining their situation.

Sango fiddled with the blanket then looked at the bandage around his
chest. With delicate movement, she reached out and lightly touched it.
"Does it hurt?"

Miroku sucked in a breath. It was the first time she had touched him.
Really...touched him. "Not much." He managed to mumble.

Her fingertip traced the white bandage as she gazed at it, lost in
thought. Finally, she spoke in a low whisper. "I want to ask you something."

Crap, here it came. Miroku didn't think it was going to happen this soon,
but he hoped the pain medication would help it if is gut decided to
take a dive. He steadied himself. "What?"

"Kagome told me about Inuyasha being a, uh, prostitute." She paused and
looked up.

Miroku broke eye contact, and waited.

"Tell me." Her voice was still a whisper. "Do you do what he does?
Are you a prostitute too?"

His insides turned over and he wondered for a split second if he was going
to hurl. This was one conversation he did not want to have with the most
beautiful female he had ever known. Couldn't this dream have lasted a little
longer? He sighed and closed his eyes. "Yeah."


Miroku shrugged once. "Just happened that way." His gut was aching. This was
his worst nightmare. Suddenly, he wished she would just leave him to his
misery. Leave. Just leave. Please.

She spoke again. "Is that something you want to do?"

He didn't answer because he was now trying to deal with an unexpected
anger welling up in his chest. Hell, No! Of course he didn't want to do it!
He wanted to scream it at her, and scream it to anyone else that decided to ask
him such a stupid question. What the hell was wrong with everyone? If they
didn't want to beat the shit out of him, they wanted to humiliate the shit
out of him. Fuck them all and fuck......

Everything went still. He went still.

There was a warm hand on his.


If was as if someone else was asking the question. "Is that something you
want to do?" Immediately, she kicked herself. She had been too nosey, asking
such personal questions, questions that probably embarrassed the crap out of
him. What the hell was wrong with her? Why did she need to know so badly?
Now, she watched Miroku: eyes still closed, jaw tight, fist clenched and
slightly shaking.

She didn't know what he was feeling but it didn't look good, and she had been
the one to open her big mouth.

Sango put her hand on his and waited.
Miroku stopped shaking then opened his eyes and stared at her with a
blank frown. Trying to lighten the mood, Sango smiled but
knew it must have looked fake because she felt so bad for him.

For a long time he just stared, his blue gaze slowly roaming her
face. What was he thinking? Did he hate her? Did he want her to leave?
She didn't want to leave.

"No." He said finally, his voice flat and laced with bitterness.

Still feeling like an idiot, Sango bit her bottom lip. "I'm sorry. I should
never have asked.....

"It's okay." He said, interrupting while looking away, his hand leaving hers.

"No. It's not." Sango protested.

Miroku, frowning, stared silently at the wall.

She continued. "I shouldn't have asked that. I don't know why I did.
I just wanted to...I just needed to....know. It was stupid of me.
Do you want me to leave?"

He didn't say anything and Sango began to think she had severely
screwed up.

"I'm sorry, Miroku. I guess I messed up. I'm not going to say that
what you do...or used to do, doesn't bother me. Thinking of it...makes me
sick inside. Not you. You don't make me sick. I mean... thinking of
you...doing it." Sango sighed harshly and buried her face in her hands.
"I'm such an idiot. Okay...Lets try this again." She lowered her hands
but didn't look at him directly. "I like you. Allot. I don't want anything like
this to happen to you anymore. When I think of what happened to you, I cry.
I don't want another person to touch you like that again. I don't want
you to be hurt again. I don't want anyone to..hurt.. you.. again..touch..
you..like that..again." Sango went blank, knowing she'd almost
been to the point of babbling.


Sango looked up to see Miroku watching her intently, his blue eyes soft
and misted over with trapped tears.

Miroku slid his hand over hers. "It's okay."

This time, she knew, he meant it.


Rin felt awkward, but her stomach growled loud enough to drown out
the uneasiness. They stepped into the buffet restaurant and all Rin could
think of was food: the smell of rolls, steak, noodles, sauces, chicken, and desserts.
It was music to her senses. Strange, she hadn't realized how much she missed
food at the Morrisons until she got into a place like this.

Sesshoumaru asked where she would like to sit. Rin ignored him and went
straight to the buffet and started loading a plate with Macaroni and cheese,
fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It all looked too good.

Getting her plate full, she went over to a booth, sat down, and began
digging in.


Sesshoumaru watched Rin go to the food bar after completely ignoring him
again. On the ride to the restaurant, she had done it again and again. Not once
did she speak to him or even acknowledge he had spoken to her.
It made him feel bad but, he couldn't force the girl to speak to him.
He knew she felt embarrassed by what had gone on in that damn viewing room,
and all he wanted to do was smooth things over, make her feel not so
embarrassed or.....

Rin sat down at a booth so he fixed himself a plate and sat down across from
her. She didn't look up, just kept on eating. He ate a few bites while watching
her eat. "Are you okay?" It was the only thing he could think of to ask.

The girl paused in mid chew then continued on as if not even hearing him.

"Will you never speak to me again?" Sesshoumaru asked sincerely.

Still, she ignored him.

"Rin, I want to talk to you. This is frustrating. Please. Can we talk about
what happened? You are going to be staying with me after all. I think we
need to get this behind us."

Face flushing red, she stopped eating and stared at her plate.

Sesshoumaru let out a sigh. "I'm not trying to embarrass
you. I just want you to talk to me again. We can't go on like this
forever." He leaned forward and whispered. "What happened in that viewing
room is in the past and that is where it is going to stay. I don't think
any different of you now than when I first met you. Actually, when I first
saw you...well, lets just say I couldn't believe how beautiful you were.
So, really, to tell the truth, I was....flattered by your....your verbal
expression." He so wanted to smack his forehead. Yeah, idiot, say it like that.
You sounded soooo sincere.

Rin looked up from her plate. Her face was flushed, and her eyes were
misty. She stared at him for a moment before swallowing and clearing her
throat. "I'm sorry about that. I didn't mean to do that."

"Rin, you do not need to be sorry. We can leave all of it behind us and start again.
You and I can start again. As of this moment, the past if forgotten and you can
have something better. I promise."

She studied him before giving a small smile. "Okay."

Sesshoumaru was somewhat satisfied by Rin's agreement. At least she
was trying to make an effort to heal this awkwardness between them. He could
still see hesitation in her behavior though. It would take time.


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