Dirty Life

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Kouga stared at the young man next to him who was drinking from the mug of
beer. This guy was that kid's brother. Could he live with his conscious
if he never said anything? For a long moment he kept staring, thinking,
wondering if he should say something. Finally, he shook his head and sighed.
He was a good guy at heart, really he was. If he didn't speak now, Sesshoumaru
might not ever find his brother and it would haunt him for the rest of his
life, especially since he knew what kind of life the kid had.

Kouga downed the last of his beer then set the bottle on the bar. "I have
heard that name."

Sesshoumaru set a firm gaze on him. "What did you say?"

Clearing his throat, Kouga repeated. "I have heard that name: Inuyasha. I have
seen a young man who said his name was Inuyasha.
You two resemble each other. He might be your brother."

The young man stared at him in almost disbelief. "Where did you see this person?"

Kouga didn't really want Sesshoumaru to know how he knew Inuyasha. He decided
to dance around the circumstances of their activities together.
"I met Inuyasha in a place called The Lotus Flower. It is an place where
men can go to...get a female date."

Sesshoumaru's eyes darkened. "Inuyasha was there?"

Kouga gave a nod, really wishing he could down another beer. "Yeah, He works

"How do I find this...Lotus Flower?"

Shaking his head, Kouga sighed. "It is in the lower part of the
buisnessmen's district. The place is run by a man called Naraku. He caters
to the extremely rich. Only the rich and influential are members of
his exclusive club. If your not a member or a friend of a member, you don't
get in."

Sesshoumaru leaned forward. "Are you a member?"

Again, Kouga shook his head. "Not me, man. I am not that rich. When I went
before, I was a guest of a member."

With a single nod, Sesshoumaru frowned. "I appreciate the information."

Sesshoumaru made a move to get up when Kouga stopped him. "What are you going to do

The young man stared at him. "I am going to this Lotus Flower."

"You won't be able to get in." Kouga stated.

Sesshoumaru's expression was one of stone hard determination. "I must try."

Kouga let out an exasperated breath. "Naraku has many friends in very high
places. If you cause a scene, the cops will come and you won't
see the light of day for a very long time."

Sesshoumaru leaned back in his chair, his eyes a dark, stony blue.
"What do you suggest I do?"

Not knowing why he was doing this, Kouga offered his help. "My cousin is
a member. You can go with him as a guest."

Black brows raised a tad in surprise. "You would do this...for me?"

Kouga, scolding his own conscious, motioned for Souten to bring him another
beer. "Yeah."


Grabbing the beer, Kouga unscrewed the top. "I have my reasons."


Inuyasha woke to the sound of a dove cooing outside his stained window.
He groaned, sat up, and sighed.

After a few moments of waking, he got a shower, dressed and headed to
Miroku's room.


Inuyasha lightly rapped on Miroku's door. Hearing no response, he slowly opened it
and peeked in. Miroku was on his bed sleeping. Inuyasha walked over to the
bed and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Hey, buddy, wake up."

It was then Inuyasha noticed the bruises on Miroku's face.
"Miroku, wake up, please."

"He will be out for awhile."

Inuyasha turned to see Jake in the doorway. "What happened to him?"

Jake smirked. "He had a run-in with some bad dudes. I picked him
up at the river street bridge after a late night call was made to Naraku.
The staff doctor checked him out though. He's got a few bruised ribs but
nothin's broken. The doc gave him a strong sedative to sleep off the worst of

Inuyasha swallowed hard. What about Rin? Was she with Miroku when he got beat up?
He needed to know and the only way he could find out was to go to Rin's hotel
room and see if she was still there. "What am I going to be doing today, Jake?"

The big oaf let out a brutish laugh. "It seems you've got the entire day and
night with Kagura. In the morning you will be picked up by your Sugar Momma."

"What? I thought she was going to pick me up Friday. Why is she picking me
up a day early?"

Jake shrugged his large shoulders. "Beats me, boy. All I know is that she paid
extra and she is going to pick you up Thursday morning."

Inuyasha gave a nod in understanding, took one last look at Miroku, then
headed for Kagura's room.


It was Wednesday morning and Kagome felt like crying she was so happy.
Finally! Finally! She had finished with all her tests! The teachers had
let her finish early and now she was in her bedroom, packing up for a long
spring break with Sango.

Grabbing her purse from under the bed, Kagome began sorting through it; making
sure she had her car keys and enough money to go on. After packing her
clothes and make-up bag, she was ready to go.


Kagome stuffed the last of her luggage into the trunk of her small Honda.
With a heavy breath, she turned and waved to her mother and brother who
were standing in the doorway of the house. "Bye Momma! Bye Souta!
I will be back in a week!"

Her Momma smiled and waved. "Bye Kagome! be careful."


After several miles, Kagome's mind began to wander as she tapped on the
steering wheel to the music from the radio. She smiled, thinking of the
boy from the coffee shop. Right then, she made up her mind to go to that
coffee shop right before she drove to Sango's.


Kagome did not know what she had expected when she entered the empty coffee shop.
She walked up to the counter, sat down, and sighed while resting her chin on
her palms. He wasn't here. Actually, no one was here...except the waitress.

The red-haired young woman walked up with a polite smile. "Hello. Need a

Kagome shook her head, noticing the name tag. "Nah, Ayame, just give me a small coke."

The young woman walked over to the coke machine and began filling a glass with ice.

Kagome, thinking, decided to take a chance. "Excuse me."

Ayame brought the glass of coke and a straw then placed them in front
of her. "Yes?"

Kagome felt a little odd asking, but... she really needed to know. "Do you
remember the last time I was in here? I asked to use your phone."

The young waitress stared at her for a moment before her green eyes widened in
realization. "Oh, yes, I remember you."

Kagome smiled, silently relieved. "Umm...the boys...that were in here that
night, the ones sitting in the last booth, ummm, do you know them?"

Ayame nodded once. "Yeah, I know them. They come in here
every once in awhile after their shifts are over."

"Oh, where do they work?" Kagome inquired.

The young waitress gave her a strange look. "Ummm...why do you ask? Are you
looking for...company?"

Kagome did not know what Ayame meant by company. "Well, I just wanted to
talk to the cute one with long hair. Will he be in here again sometime?"

Ayame still looked at her strangely but slowly nodded. "It's hard to say.
Sometimes I don't see them for a month at a time. Sometimes once a week.
It all depends on where their boss puts them."

Kagome bit her bottom lip. "Uh...I know this might be a bit much to ask but...
could you give the cute one with long hair my number when you see him again?"

Ayame's smile returned. "Sure, hon."

Kagome fished in her purse for a piece of paper and a pen. After writing her
cell phone and home phone number on it, she handed the piece of paper to
Ayame. "Thank you so much."

The young waitress accepted it then tacked it on a small cork board
behind her. "No problem. I will give it to him when I see him."

Kagome started to stand up to leave then paused.
"Ummm, Ayame."

The waitress turned to her. "Yes, hon?"

For some reason, heat was pooling in her cheeks. "Do...do you know his name?"

Ayame tapped her chin with her forefinger. "The one I think you are
talking about is named...Inuyasha. His friend's name is Miroku."

The name echoed in her head like a long lost memory. Inuyasha. Inuyasha.
The boys name was...Inuyasha. "Thank you, Ayame."

Kagome left the coffee shop, got in her car, then headed to Sango's. Deep
down inside, she hoped she would see the cute boy again before the
week was over. As she drove, the lightest whisper left her lips. "Inuyasha."


Inuyasha sat on the floor by the small table, arms around his legs,
forehead resting on his knees, naked.

The wonderful aroma of chicken and vegetables tingled his nose and made
his mouth water.

Kagura, dressed in her red silk robe, sat at the table, quietly eating her
late lunch.

Something hard kicked his side and he grunted but did not look up. She was
trying to humiliate him again and he wasn't about to give in...completely.
"Get up, Inuyasha. I got a kink in my shoulder. Take care of it."

Frowning, Inuyasha stood, set his jaw, walked behind Kagura, then started
rubbing her shoulders. The woman groaned between bites. "That's it.
Right there, baby."

He hated when she called him that.

While massaging Kagura's shoulders, Inuyasha let the irritation go, slumping
with a sigh. No, he had to learn to please her without getting pissed.
Hell, the woman getting him for the weekend might be a lwhole lot meaner.
He would have to learn to take it and like it. His stomach growled loudly
and he swallowed. It had been nearly three days since he ate last and it took
everything he had not to look at the food on the table. He set a hard gaze
forward, over Kagura's head.

"My my, It sounds like you're hungry." Kagura teased in a sweet tone.

Inuyasha said nothing, only continued with the task of massaging her shoulders.


He stopped and dropped his hands.

"Come and kneel beside me."

Inuyasha, slipped his gaze to the floor and moved to her side.
His knees hit the plush carpet as he knelt by the sitting woman.

A warm buttered roll was placed under his nose. Inuyasha looked at it. His
stomach rolled and his mouth watered.

"Do you want it?"

Inuyasha remained silent. Very humiliated to be naked and hungry before his

Kagura let out an aggravated breath. "Humph, It seems you are quit stubborn
when it comes to your pride, Inuyasha. If you don't learn to submit to the
command of your buyer, it will get hard on you. Naraku doesn't like for me
to fail in my job. If you fail in yours, he will let Jake use you as his
new punching bag."

Inuyasha nodded. "Yes, I want it. I haven't eaten in a couple of

Kagura leaned down and purred in his ear. "Good boy. Sit down across
from me and you can share my lunch. I won't eat it all anyway."

Giving in, Inuyasha stood then sat in the chair across from Kagura. An empty
plate was already in place. He looked at the food and began picking things out.

Glancing up, he saw Kagura gazing at him with a half-smile. Indignant,
he gruffed under his breath. "What are you looking at?"

Her smile fell a little. "Nothing, Inuyasha. Nothing."


Breathing hard, Inuyasha slipped into Kagura's warm wetness. She was underneath him,
small hands tangled in his hair, growling his name in need. Again, he had
to please her without giving into his own frustration. He had to please her,
give her what she demanded without...

They tumbled on the bed, separating then turning until she was on her hands
and knees and he was at her backside. Seizing her hips, he thrust as hard
as he could into her. "Bitch!" Leaning over some, he reached up, fisted a handful of
soft black hair, then yanked her head back far enough so he could snarl in her
ear. "Like that, you fucking slut?" She whimpered and he shoved her forward.
"Shut up, damn bitch." He grabbed her hips once more and began to pound
into her again and again. Inuyasha panted. "You like me to ride your ass,
don't you whore?"

Kagura moaned and he could tell she was getting close for her body was
shaking. Knowing what she wanted him to do, Inuyasha reached down and picked
up a small leather strap from the rumpled covers. Leaning back, he slapped
the strap on her thigh and back end. She gasped and he growled back. "Filthy
bitch." He hit her again and again, alternating the slaps with his thrusts.
"Take it, slut! Take it!"

Her entire body shuddered and he could feel her insides squeezing him.
"Cum bitch! Do it now!"

At his command, she did just that. Her inner walls gripped him tighter than
they ever had as she let out a scream that echoed off the walls. The small
form under him remained rigid for several moments as the scream fell
into a long, lowered moan. When Kagura finally descended from her orgasm,
Inuyasha pulled himself out and leaned back on his heels, breathing hard with closed
eyes. At the moment, he really wanted a release, but knew Kagura decided
his fate. Inuyasha was almost ready to beg even though he was supposed to be the
dominant one tonight. Taking in long breaths, he tried to calm
his thumping heart and heated blood. Maybe it would go down. Maybe.

Kagura laid there for several minutes, panting with contented sighs. "I...I
knew you could do it, kid."

Inuyasha lay down on the bed and placed one hand on his over strained length.
"Yeah, whatever." He groaned under his breath at the aching hardness in his palm.
Another night of pain....

A warm touch gently moved his hand aside. Surprised, Inuyasha opened his
eyes to see Kagura watching him with a sly smile.

Her voice was low and breathy. "I think...you deserve...a treat."

His eyes widened when she lowered...

Something warm and wet touched his tip. Immediately, Inuyasha closed his
eyes and let out a long groan. It felt all too good. That warmth engulfed
nearly half of him and he gasped when it started to suck. "Kagura...."
On impulse, he reached down and tanged his fingers in the soft strands of
hair, slightly pushing, wanting her to...

Never had anyone ever done this to him. "It...oh...soooo goood. Don't stop."

He could feel her moan vibrating into his skin as her mouth moved up and
down. Inuyasha let his whisper out. "Don't stop.... Suck harder.... Uh!"
Inuyasha rose to his orgasm, jerking and cumming in her mouth.

He came down, sinking in the feeling. It just didn't seem right.
Kagura kissed her way up his stomach and chest before snuggling at his
side. Frowning, Inuyasha glanced at the digital clock on the night-stand.
The red numbers stared back, telling him it was two a.m. in the morning.
Inuyasha wondered if they were through since it
was so late. All day and evening he had thought of Rin, hoping she was okay.
If he could get out of here now, he could sneak out and go to the hotel and see if she
was okay. First though, he would see if Miroku was awake and talk to him.
Inuyasha whispered to the naked female who was
cuddled up at his side. "Are we done now?"

Kagura sighed and moved away to the other side of her bed. "Go. We're
finished. I have taught you what I could in the time we had. Naraku wants
you ready by eight a.m. sharp. She should be here by then."

Inuyasha slid off the bed, remembering the woman from yesterday morning as
he grabbed his clothes and put them on. What would she be like? What would
she want him to do? Well...maybe that was obvious.... Or was it?

Pushing the anxious thoughts away, he finished dressing and headed for the


Rin wiped her eyes and blinked out at the room. Sighing, she sat up and
looked around, noticing an alarm clock on the night stand that read
ten a.m. "Wonder if brother has woke up yet."

Rin slipped off the bed and gently walked across the room to the
table with the monitor. She turned it on to see the same scene as before:
Miroku in his bed, sleeping. Smiling a little, she sat down on the recliner.
"Hey, big bro. Bet ya can't hear me right now." Her smile fell some. "But I sure
wish you could." Rin leaned forward and put her elbows on the table. Something
tugged in her stomach as she lightly touched the screen with her finger. "I'm
okay, brother. I'm okay. I don't know if they will tell you or not but...please
somehow...know that I'm alright."

Her eyes were starting to sting again. Knowing that her tears would do no good,
Rin sniffed and let out even breaths to calm herself. Now...she had to make the
best of it. Again, she gazed at the room. It was something out of a fairy tale
almost. Being here....wouldn't be so bad, and working for Naraku....
would ensure that Miroku would never get beat up again. In a way, she was
keeping her brother safe. Only thing was...

Rin swallowed hard.

Only thing was...she would have to...have sex...with other men...men she didn't

Rin let out a choppy breath as she let one lone tear fall down her cheek.

No, it wouldn't be so bad.....


Kouga turned off his cell phone and placed it back in his pocket.
"Ginta won't be able to make it till Thursday morning. He's out of town until

Sesshoumaru nodded while leaning back on the bar chair. "Where will we
meet up?"

After taking the last swig of his bottle of beer, Kouga laid a ten on the
bar. "We'll meet at your apartment around one p.m. I'll bring Ginta.
Then you and him will go to The Lotus Flower."

"You're not coming?"

Kouga shook his head. "Ginta can only bring one guest at a time."

"Is your cousin rich?"

"Nah. He just helped Naraku out once and got free membership for a year."

Sesshoumaru placed a twenty on the bar. "I see."

Kouga was a little wary for his new friend. "Are you going to ask Naraku
about your brother?"

Sesshoumaru shook his head. "No. I intend on looking around and asking some
of the help first. If I can't get an answer out of them, I will...ask some
of the girls if they know him."

Kouga glanced at the door. "Need a ride to the hotel?"

Sesshoumaru looked at him for long moment then spoke. "If you are offering, I
need a ride to my car. It is about six blocks from here."

While slipping off the bar chair, Kouga gave a nod. "You got it, buddy. Ready
to go?"



All day long, Rin had been pampered like a prized pet poodle. Servants had
brought meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. One woman came in around eleven o'clock
and measured her for clothes. Later on, a very feminine acting male came in
and done her hair in a nice stylish cut, one that complimented the shape of
her face and made her look older than she was. That evening,
the woman who had measured her brought five dresses and three pants suits along
with seven pairs of shoes, each to go with a different outfit.

At the moment, Rin was sitting on the recliner, dressed in a silky pink evening
gown, staring at the monitor. It was late, about two a.m.. All day she had
checked up on Miroku and each time found him the same: sleeping. He hadn't
even moved around in his bed. It was beginning to worry her.

Biting her lower lip, she glanced at the door. Miroku's room had to be
in this place somewhere, probably upstairs. All she would have to do is find
a stairwell and go looking. Maybe everyone else was in bed now and no one would
see her.

Taking courage, Rin sucked in a good sized breath and walked to the door.
She opened it and peeked out, finding a dimly lit but beautifully furnished
hallway. Ever so gently, she closed the door behind her and looked from
one end of the hallway to the other. Every door was closed and it was very
quiet. With slow, cautious steps, she started her search.


Inuyasha quietly slid out the door of Kagura's room, one clear goal on his
mind: talking to Miroku and finding Rin. He walked several paces down the
hallway toward the staircase then paused when he heard someone whisper his name.
He turned to see someone approaching. By her state of dress, it appeared to be
one of Naraku's women. He grimaced, not caring to let someone stop him
at the moment. Inuyasha turned back around to continue but stopped again at the
whispered voice that was all too familiar. As shock started to set in, he turned
again to see the petite female closer. In the dim light, he recognized the
girl as she finally stepped up to him.

The girl smiled brightly, said his name
again, then launched herself forward, giving him a warm hug.
"Inuyasha! I'm so glad I found you!"

She leaned back, worry clear on her face. "Please, take me to Miroku. Please.
I want to see how he is."

Inuyasha, for the moment, stood staring at the girl who he knew but now looked
so different. Her hair had been cut a certain way that made her look older
and she was wearing a slinky pink night gown that showed off her small
young figure in an all-too-sexy fashion. "What...what are you doing here?"
It was a good question, but a very scary notion was already forming in
the back of his mind. He only hoped his suspicions were wrong.

Rin paused, the worry slipping to surprise as if she was caught off guard.

Inuyasha gripped her upper arms firmly. His tone serious. "What are you doing,
Rin? Dressed like that, here, where all of Naraku's girls live?"

Rin stared at him, her eyes wide. "Uh...I... I'm... working...for Naraku."

Everything crashed in that one instant. Inuyasha felt like the world was
falling in on him. He spoke louder than he intended, an unfamiliar anger
welling up. "What?!" Inuyasha shook his head. "No, Rin. Uh, uh. No way am I
going to let you do this."

He grabbed her hand and began pulling her to the stairwell. "We're going
to see Miroku, tell him that you're all right, then take you back to the
hotel. You're not working for Naraku." He paused a second in mid pull and
glared at her worried expression. "Naraku...he didn't make you...? He didn't
make you...sleep with a guy yet...did he?"

Rin shook her head. "No...but..."

With a firm nod, he began pulling her along again until he was stopped short by
her frightened loud whisper.

"Inuyasha, no!"

Inuyasha, ready to snarl back, turned, only to see something that made him stop
in his tracks: Rin's tears. They were falling freely down her cheeks. She shook
her head. "I...I want to stay here." Her big brown eyes fell to the floor.
"Naraku...he takes care of me. I...I want to stay here. If you make me leave...
I will just come back."

This was insane. "Miroku won't like this, Rin. He won't let you stay here."

Rin looked up with clear determination. "He can't make me leave either. Naraku
takes care of me now. No one else can do it like he does, not even Miroku. Here
I have food and clothes and lots of stuff."

Inuyasha couldn't believe what he was hearing. He glared at her. "So, you are
going to be one of Naraku's prized whores, huh? Is that it? Just so you can
live like a rich bitch?"

Rin glared back but her glare fell away to the side. "I'm not leaving. Believe
what you want."

Inuyasha, angry but very tired, dropped her hand. "Fine. I'm going to my
room. Miroku's room is just down from mine. Follow me if you want."


Sighing, Rin followed Inuyasha up the stairs. She couldn't tell him the
real reason she had to stay. It was better this way. This way...she was the
one to blame. It was her decision, no matter what the real reason was.

Rin followed Inuyasha all the way to the third floor she had been on before.
Knowing where Miroku's room was, Rin walked passed Inuyasha who was entering
his room. He growled a good night before shutting the door.

Even though she was a little scared to be by herself at the moment, Rin went
to Miroku's door and went in.

Even at the late hour, the light was still on. Rin hurried over to
Miroku's bed and leaned over him. Noticing the bruises and cuts on his face,
she reached over and caressed his cheek. "Miroku. Hey, it's me. Rin. Are you
going to sleep all the time?"

As if he had heard her, Miroku groaned in his sleep and moved his head to
the side, into her caress.

Rin smiled. "Hey, sleepy-head. Wake up and see me. I don't have much time."

Miroku, slowly, and with a low, under-the-breath groan, turned his head back and
forth until his eyes opened.

Rin grinned, happy he was alright. "Hey big bro."

His eyes focused and found her, his voice, deep and whispery. "Rin?"

She laid on top of him, careful not to put too much weight on his body,
hugging him lightly. "Yep, it's me, in the flesh. Are you alright?"

His sighs sounded deep in his chest as she felt his hand on her head.
"What happened? I....got hit from behind. I was so worried they had hurt

Rin closed her eyes. "I'm okay. Those guys didn't hurt me." She could feel him
trying to sit up so she moved off him and sat on the floor on her knees by the
bed. Miroku sat up, one hand on the back of his head, clear relief in the
clearing fog of his blue eyes. He looked at her then at her clothes.
"uh...Rin..why are you dressed like that?"

Rin, knowing this was not going to go well, braced herself. "Naraku...helped you
and me. I...I'm staying here now, on the first floor."

Miroku's eyes widened instantly. "No...." He shook his head and
began to move off the bed, his arms and legs wobbly with the movement. "No...I won't let
you...stay here...Naraku...he...is not someone you need to get mixed up with."


He began rummaging around, trying to find his shoes. "I am going to take you
back to the hotel or to another place. You are not going to stay here."

Rin held firm. "I'm staying here."

Miroku paused in his search and stared at her. "What?"

"Naraku takes good care of me. He gives me good food, nice clothes, and
has people help me all day. I want to stay here...and work for him."

Miroku leaned toward her some. Hurt and anger clear on his face. "What the
hell are you talking about? Work for him???!!! Do you know what that means??!!"
He was shouting now, even in his weak state.

Rin could feel her tears welling up but knew she had to fight them...and her
brothers objections. "I...know what it means...and I want to do it. I like
my room, and all the stuff."

He found his shoes, put them on, then stood with some difficulty. "Get up, Rin.
We are leaving and you're not coming back."

Rin stood, setting her defiance once again with a firm frown, crossing her
arms across her chest. "No! I am staying here. If you make me leave, I will
come back. You can't tell me what to do. I want to work for Naraku and have
lots of things I never had before. He will take care of me right. Something
you can't do." Rin knew it hurt him to hear it. Hell, it hurt her to say these
things but she was going to keep Miroku safe...no matter what. If it meant
her brother would hate her or dislike the things she did then...so be it.

He stood there in shock, his eyes full of pain...for her. "Rin...you can't mean it.
Please...consider what you are doing...please. If you do this...he will own you.
You will be his...forever." Then he did something Rin had very little defence
against: He wrapped his arms around her and held her body firmly, warmly, softly,
his voice cracking with emotion.
"God, sis, don't do this. Please leave here. Don't do this. Don't stay here
and.... Please... Please..."

Rin shook her head and closed her eyes, forcing the tears back, making sure
Miroku couldn't see them. "I...I'm staying here." Swallowing hard, she
wrenched out of his hold and backed away. "I'm going back to my room now. I...
might see you later."


Rin did not look back as she opened the door. "You need some rest, brother...
and so do I."


Miroku, very weak, slumped to sit on his bed, the pain in his chest worse than
the pain in his body. He loudly whispered to his sister as she walked out the
door, imploring with what little strength he had. "Rin!....sis...."








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