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chapter 12: seeing you again

Miroku stood close to the curb while Shippo stood a little farther behind, half
hidden by the side of a building. It had been an average Tuesday morning,
a few of his regulars showed up, happy he was working here today. On the
plus side he had gotten a couple of tips aside from the usual fare.

Even though Shippo was young, he was learning fast and asking several
questions. Miroku gave him advice on being aware of the prospective customer.
Sometimes cops went under cover and pretended to be a customer and you had
to know what you were dealing with. He also told Shippo to be aware of
bruisers. He was too young for that.

Now, as he waited, leaning against a light pole, he gazed at the beautiful
green trees a block down the street. Their branches were swaying in the wind.
It felt nice to watch the peaceful dance of leaves. Maybe he could go there for
a few minutes after him and Shippo were through here. They only had to work
till seven, three hours away. At seven, Jake would take Shippo back and he
didn't have to be back at Naraku's till ten. That would give him a couple of
hours with Rin. He could take her out to eat and maybe get her some clothes at
one of the department stores.

Lost in thought, he was suddenly brought back when something bumped into his

"Ooops! I am so sorry!"

Miroku turned to see dark bangs, a pony tail and pink lips. The girl looked up
and he froze, immediately recognizing her. She was the girl from the Keade's
coffee shop. "Uh.."

She smiled at him. "I am so sorry for bumping into you like that." Looking
at his shoulder, her smile fell some. "Did I hurt you?"

Slowly, he shook his head. "Uh...no."

Her smile returned, only this time it completely met her eyes. "Hi, my name's

He stared at her for a second before mentally busting out of his frozen
state. "Uh. Hi. My name's Miroku."

A reddish tint flashed across her cheeks. She glanced down at her shoes shyly
before raising her bright brown eyes to him once more. The girl glanced
down the street. "I was going to the park. It's my first time since I just
moved here."

Miroku was in slight shock. Here, in front of him, was the beautiful girl
from the coffee shop, wearing a pretty peach summer dress and talking to him.
For some reason he was unable to think clearly so words did not come easy.

She laughed softly and nodded. Miroku saw movement behind her. A boy close to
Shippo's age came running up. Sango turned and glanced at him. "Kohaku, did you
get my purse out of the car?"

The boy, grinning, huffed up to her side and held out a small black purse.
"Sure did, sis."

The girl looked at him. "This is my little brother: Kohaku. Kohaku this is

Miroku gave the boy a nod. "Hello."

The boy raised a hand. "Hi."

She wrapped an arm around Kohaku's shoulders. "Well, we have to get going."

Miroku, without thinking, locked onto her sweet brown gaze, making her blush
harder and look away.

Her soft laugh lightened the air again. "Well, maybe I will see you again

Dazed, he only nodded.

She began walking across the street, glancing at him with a constant smile and
waving once. "Bye!"

Miroku brought his hand up, waving slowly while watching her leave. As they
walked through the park's entrance, the girl ruffled her brother's hair. Right
before she disappeared from view, his line of sight traveled down to her
swaying curvy behind.

After waking from his idiocy, he smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand.
"Stupid, stupid, stupid. Can you not even speak, idiot?"

He heard a snickering behind him and rolled his eyes.


Inuyasha walked into the viewing room, immediately noticing that the
furniture had been rearranged. Now the table with the cuffs at the four corners
was close to the mirror.

He stared at the table. A second later a woman entered the room. She was
very pretty: short, cheek length black hair with straight bangs that was tied
up with a red ribbon, ruby red lips, and a beautiful, well endowed figure.
She pointed at the table. "Strip to your underwear and get on the table."

Great. Just great. it was a bondage request.

With a hidden grimace, Inuyasha did as told and began to undress.

As he lay on the table, the girl went about the task of securing the soft
leather restraints around his wrists and ankles. She went about her work
quietly with a neutral expression, her movements very professional and very cold.
"Your partner will be here shortly." She said flatly.

Without saying anything else, she left.

Inuyasha glanced at his wrists. He was nervous. This wasn't his first time
at bondage but this was his first time doing it in the viewing room.
Experimentally, he pulled at the leather restraints around his wrists and
ankles, finding them tight and binding. These were definitely not the pretend kind.
He glanced at the cubby room door. Naraku said someone would be his partner
tonight. Not wanting to dwell on it, he closed his eyes, trying to
ignore the fact that he felt extremely exposed while lying almost naked on the
large table. At least the surface was padded.


Kikyo sat down in the cushiony, theater style chair. She got comfortable and
looked around. The curtain was still closed and the semi dark room was quiet.
Smiling to herself, she sighed happily. It wouldn't be long now.


Inuyasha opened his eyes. The light was on above the cubby room door.
His mouth watered with anxiety. He discretely swallowed and waited.
A moment later, the cubby room door opened. His eyes widened at seeing
a smiling Jakutso stroll into the room. The male was wearing a shiny blue silk robe
that was tied at the waist, and his long black hair was down, framing his
almost delicate feminine features. Instantly, his body tensed and he
began to strain at the bindings holding him. No oh no. He was not going to
do this with him. He hated Jakutso. The homosexual pervert was
constantly trying to get into his pants. Every time he had the misfortune to
be in the same presence as the persistent male, he became sick to his
stomach and this time was no exception. Suddenly, nothing mattered. He didn't
care if the woman on the other side of the mirror left unsatisfied. He
didn't care if Naraku's goons beat him to a bloody pulp.

He growled. "Stay away from me."

Jakutso stopped a few feet away and placed a hand on his chest, his features
cringing in mock hurt. "Oh, you cause such pain to my beating heart, Inuyasha."

Again, he gruffed. "I mean it, you bastard. Don't come near me." He began to
struggle harder, jerking at the restraints.

With a returning wicked smile, Jakutso leisurely strolled closer, a greedy
glint in his lust ridden eyes as they roamed over him.
The blatantly observant invasion of his body made his stomach churn.
He narrowed his eyes. "Get away from me."

Jakutso stopped at the side of the table and held up a long black silky piece
of fabric. "That pretty mouth of yours is too colorful, sweetie. It is such a
shame to do this because I so wanted to kiss those luscious lips but it seems I will
have to use this to keep you quiet."

"I don't want you touching me, you son of a bitch! Get the picture?! Back off!"

Jakutso shook his head, his lustful smile never faltering. "Oh, no, beef cake.
I have waited far too long for this. You're mine now." Moving to the head of the
table, Jakutso leaned over him, bringing the long black piece of fabric stretched out
between both hands closer to his face.

In vain, Inuyasha pulled, jerked and struggled, frantically hoping he could
break the bindings holding him down. "Don't...!..mmmmmmph." The silky fabric
was forced into his mouth, cutting off his protest. He did make it difficult
for Jakutso though: thrashing his head back and forth while the bastard
tried to tie it. After a minute of heated struggling, the gag was securely in
place. He glared at the looming male who was smiling in excited glee. Right
this minute, if he was able to get free, he would go for the perverted
homo's throat. As his entire body burned in rage, his heart thundered in his

Trembling in his anger, he watched the perverted bastard as Jakutso walked
around the table, the pure lust in his eyes roaming over him in slow, lingering

Jakutso stopped at his feet, intently studying his toes, lightly touching them
with his forefinger. Inuyasha could feel his anger start to fade as realization
set in. He could not stop Jakutso from touching him. His heart began to
beat harder at the knowledge as his eyes widened in alarm.
That tip of forefinger gradually began to make its way up the top of his
foot and to his calf. Snaking his other hand up, Jakutso brought his other
fingertip to his other calf. Making circles on both his calves, Jakutso let
out a whispered groan and looked up, his eyes smoldering with want. "I am
going to touch every single inch of you, baby. "

Inuyasha could feel the nausea starting to stab his gut.

Those warm, invading palms rubbed his lower legs for a few moments before
going further, skidding over his knee caps and swirling over his thighs,
kneading them in slow, agonizing circles.

Inuyasha grunted under the gag in his mouth as the nausea continued to flame.
It was getting to the point where he wanted to vomit but knew that if he
did, he would choke on it because of the gag in his mouth. As it was,
he swallowed, trying to keep the bile down, the feel of silk rough against
his tongue, making his mouth dry and his eyes water.

His garbled protests went unheeded by the encroaching male. Those hands
went farther up his thighs and Inuyasha's eyes widened even more, and he
shook his head, barking against the fabric in his mouth. He jerked his
hips to the side, not wanting that touch anywhere near his private area.
The very thought of those hands on his sex was enough to send him into
hysterics. He moved his hips again, trying to avoid the massaging
touches that were so steadily moving closer to his underwear.

Thankfully though, the sickening caresses skipped over his underwear and
landed on his stomach. He was about to sigh a breath of relief until he
noticed that Jakutso was bending down, those rosey painted lips inching
ever so closer to his body. A loud, muffled yelp escaped him when long
tendrils of black hair whispered along his side. An even louder bark
wrenched from his throat when soft, warm lips pecked a kiss just above his

The soft, close-lipped kiss lingered on his skin, the very feel of it burning
a hole in his gut. He didn't want this happening to him!

Inuyasha bucked his hips upward, raising his back up as well, pushing against the
Jakutso's face, trying so hard to get the bastard's lips away from his skin.

The pervert was unphased by this and simply grabbed his sides with both hands,
holding him still. Those lips continued their assault, this time parting,
allowing a warm wet tongue to explore his mid drift.

He wanted to scream. He needed to puke. His entire body pleaded to curl up
and disappear. Chest heaving from the exertion of traumatic distress, Inuyasha's
every nerve centered on the invading tongue, feeling where it was going,
taking note of where the wet trails led. It was as if he were focusing
on where every inch of this violation was going. One thought hid in the
back of his mind: a thought so frightening he consciously didn't want to
bring it to the surface but knew that he was helpless to stop it from slinking
into the light.

He did not want that wet tongue on him...down there.

Inuyasha closed his eyes and whimpered, wishing he could escape this

He suddenly felt a sucking wet pull on his nipple and whimpered again.
Teeth grazed the sensitive spot right before Jakutso bit him there.
Inuyasha yelped under the gag. As if apologizing for the act, the warm
wet tongue licked several times over his now throbbing nipple.

His other one was not to be missed and Jakutso soon licked his way to that
one, repeating the previous lick and bite session.

Almost beyond salvation now, Inuyasha felt every touch of skin tingle, the
sensation causing the sickness to sink into every part of him.

Because of the pounding in his ears, he almost missed the swish of cloth
as Jakutso removed his robe. The next thing he sensed was the body heat over
and above him, climbing to the table then hovering, warm breath tracing
his stomach, chest, then neck. He turned his head to the side, a useless gesture
yet the only thing in his power to do.

Fervent lips found the skin just below his ear, there the wet mouth played for
a moment before licking, sucking, and nipping down his neck, brushing his
collar bone, a peck on his chin, then finding the other side of his throat.
All the while Jakutso kissed and nipped, eager hands smoothed up and down his
sides and over his chest.

Jakutso moaned a whisper close to his ear. "Oh, Inuyasha, I knew you would
feel this good. I want to taste every inch of you."

The heat of something hard and long started lightly grinding against his
hips and very soft member. He entire body jerked, going rigid as he bit hard
into the now wet cloth between his teeth.

"Ooooo like that?"

Inuyasha kept his eyes closed. He did not want to see Jakutso's face,
heated with lust, kissing his body; quite sure the sight would haunt him forever.
Letting out another muffled whimper, Inuyasha went limp, his mind seeking
some sort of escape, one thought repeating over and over: This is not happening:
This is not happening.
Unfortunately, he could not ignore the pulling
on his underwear.

Jakutso let out an aggravated breath. "These need to come off."

His eyes flew open to see a very naked Jakutso crawling off him and standing.
The feminine male then bent down, seemed to fish around under the table, then
straightened, holding up a long pair of scissors. He grinned. "Now we can have
some fun.

Inuyasha turned his head and clenched his eyes shut. His underwear was pulled and
stretched. He heard the scissors scrunch and felt the tugging of his
underwear as it was cut loose from his hips. Suddenly, he was cold down there
and very...exposed.

He tried to plead but his words were only muffled by the wet silk cloth in
his mouth.

Inuyasha swallowed the lump in his throat. Even though he was lying down, the
world was moving back and forth in dizzy revolutions. His fears, only minutes
ago, were now becoming reality. Wettness fell from from the corner of his
closed eye lids, itching down his skin, dripping to the table's padding.
Somewhere in his distress, he realized he was crying.

"Such a shame your not enjoying this, sweetie, but don't worry....."

There came a soft grating. His legs were bent back as if the table was
pushed in at the end. He feet were now flat on the cushioned surface and his
knees were up in the air.

"....I will make you cum before we are through."

A warm hand began fondling his very unaroused member as the tip of something
soft but hard rubbed at his back entrance.

Nasty bitterness filled his mouth and he weakly shook his head. His mind was
falling. He was drowning in tears.

That hardness began pushing but then stopped and the fondling hand paused.

Jakutso growled. "Damnit."

Then a smile edged into his voice. "It doesn't matter. We can still finish."

The assault continued but suddenly ceased again when he heard a door open.
"That will be all, Jakutso." Naraku's pleased tone smoothed out. "You can go

Jakutso let out an irritated gruff of a growl. The hand slid away from his
soft sex and then the feel of the tip was gone from his back end.

Even though he felt very humiliated being naked, open, and exposed, Inuyasha
could have verbally thanked Naraku at that moment if he didn't have the gag in his

Jakutso's movements, he sensed, were hurried and the pervert was grumbling
under his breath about not getting to play. The was a swish of cloth and
Jakutso's footsteps heading for the door.

Inuyasha had yet to open his eyes, the humiliation too great for him at the
moment. He would wait until the girl came in and released him from the

Naraku's deep, inquisitive tone made him start. "Were you satisfied with
our boy's performance, Miss Kikyo?"

Inuyasha's heart nearly stopped before beginning a painful pounding in his

A woman's voice, mixed with delight and tainted with desire, responded.
"Oh, yes, Mr. Naraku. I was very pleased."

Fighting every fiber in his body and mind that screamed not to look, Inuyasha opened his eyes.
He blinked a few times, clearing the wetness until the blurry sheen faded.
Outlines formed: the tall, dark form of Naraku next to a
young woman. Suddenly, everything detailed and he blinked hard once again.
His heart did stop that time and he couldn't breathe. Pain shot through
his chest, a horrid...crushing...pain.

It was her.
















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