Dirty Life

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Chapter 21


Miroku finished up the last of his breakfast then stood without looking
at Sesshoumaru. "I'm going out."

"Where are you going?" Sesshoumaru's question held a good bit of concern.

Already heading for the door, Miroku shrugged. "I need some air. Probably
the park. It's just a few blocks from here. I'll be back later."

The door shut behind him, the sound of it echoed in his head. Giving a hard
sigh, Miroku began walking down the carpeted hallway. The only thing on his
mind was finding someplace to be alone and think.


While sitting down, Kagome placed her bag on the floor next to her chair.
Sango sat down next to her. "My legs are tingling. I think I walked off
that ice cream I ate awhile ago."

Kagome glanced around the food court. "Are you hungry again? We can get an
early lunch."

Sango shrugged. "I'll think on it. So what did you buy in that jewelry shop?"

Smiling, Kagome rested her cheek in her palm. "It's a secret."

Her friend raised a brow with an all-knowing look. "Ooohhh I see. You got
a gift for someone. Didn't you. Someone...special?"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "You know me way too well."

Sango giggled then leaned in close. "It wasn't a promise ring was it?"

Kagome play slapped her friend on the arm. "Sango! You know I didn't get
something like that! Besides, A guy has to give that to the girl."

Sango leaned back with a smile. "I don't remember there being any rule that
says a girl can't give a guy a promise ring. I think if a girl wants a guy
and they are in a relationship it's okay if she does promise herself to him
with a ring."

"You are the bold one, Sango. Not me. I'm just a bit shy when it comes to
something like that. Call me an old-fashioned romantic."

Sango sighed. "Yep, you do love those romance movies." Then her eyes lit up.
" Say, I just had a
great idea."


"I saw a flyer on the mall's bulletin board. There's going to be a dance
at the park this evening. It said come as you are or dress up. The city is
doing some sort of charity and awareness thing for homeless children.
Want to go?"

Kagome thought for a moment. It would be nice to go but she didn't want
to dance with some guy she didn't know. Only one boy had been on her mind
since yesterday. Maybe it would be okay to just see what was going on.
"Okay. What are we going to wear?"

Sango's excitement bubbled. "Let's dress up some but not too much."

Grabbing her bags, Kagome stood with a laughing smile.
"Well get up girl and let's go through
your closet."

Sango stood and began walking with her toward the mall's huge glass doors.
"I can't wait."


Miroku slowly walked along the sidewalk. Every step he took seemed to drag
on forever as he frowned at the grassy cracks while walking.
His insides felt numb and cold in spite of the sun making the
spring day like a summer one. All his life he had tried to protect Rin.
All his life he had tried to keep her from the more dangerous of life's
harms, many of which he had to endure himself. He knew only too well what
people did to other people. They were mean and cruel and wanted to use you.
They wanted to fuck you any way they could, hurt you any way they could.
Rin, if she stayed where she was at, would not be hurt physically because
Naraku treated his girls like royalty and made sure no male hurt them in that way.
But even though Rin said she chose to stay and work for Naraku, he just knew
she would get hurt...emotionally. Rin was too tender hearted and innocent.
Being a paid call girl would eat away all that innocence and make her hard
and cold.

He wasn't about to let that happen. He loved her too much. According to
Sesshoumaru, all he would have to do is... He swallowed hard. ....touch her
for two hours, touch her....

Miroku stopped and shut his eyes, waiting for that sick feeling
in his stomach to pass. After several moments, it ebbed away and he opened
his eyes to see the entrance of the park at the end of the street. The tall
trees with their new bright green leaves swaying in the wind called to him.
Needing to find a place of seclusion among that wind blown haven of greenery,
Miroku began breathing in the scent of fresh cut grass as he walked toward
the park's back entrance.


Not too far away, in a car parked by a local cleaners, two dark eyes caught
sight of him walking into the park. "Well, well, lookie here."


Inuyasha, standing in the foyer next to the door, absently straightened the
brown pants he was wearing then began to fidget with the soft leather jacket
and white under shirt. At least the new threads were soft. Bored, he leaned
his shoulder against the door, patiently waiting on Kikyo to get ready.

Turning some, he glanced out the slender side window next to the door.
Why Kikyo was taking him to this "dance" he didn't know. Hell, he thought
he was only here to fuck her but obviously, he had to date her as well.
He didn't know which situation bothered him most: the fucking, or the dating.
By the beginnings of this date, maybe the fucking was worse.

Shrugging it off, he turned his thoughts back to Kagome. They had a date
Sunday at Kaede's coffee shop. His heart thumped. He could sit by her
and talk to her. That would be great. He would learn all about where she
lives and what she does and get to know her better.

Inuyasha knew deep down a physical relationship was out of the question but
he hoped for something else. Something better. Something...nice.

"What are you doing?"

Inuyasha kept himself from sighing with bored irritation as he turned to see
Kikyo standing there fiddling with her purse and keys. She had on a short
evening dress that was way to tight on the top. Her large breasts were practically
bulging out and he wondered if the neck line fell any lower would her nipples show.
The woman did have large round brown ones. Not caring to think about it anymore,
he glanced up to see Kikyo smiling. "Like what you see?"

Inuyasha wanted to shake his head but didn't. "Uh, yeah." It was a lie
but what the heck if it saved him an evening of her mouth and attitude.
He opened the door for her. "Ready?"

Her smile grew as she bounced passed him out the door.

Shutting the locked door, Inuyasha turned to see the limo waiting on them.
After opening the car door for Kikyo, Inuyasha followed and sat down on
the leather seat beside Kikyo.

Kikyo, smiling with a seductive gleam, pushed a button on the panel. The
black glass rose up, closing off the back seat from the driver's seat.
"Now, we can get busy." Her fingers glided to the hem of her black
dress. With slowness, she raised it up until he could see all of her long
thighs and black panties. "You got ten minutes. Make it worth it."

Inuyasha slid to his knees and leaned forward. Gripping her hips, he pulled
her to him. She moaned softly and closed her eyes, her fingers playing in his
hair. Already, he could smell her heat and see a spot of wetness on the
black material. Gliding his hands up, he unsnapped the crotch. The moment he
did, she bucked up to him, showing him how wet her pink folds were. Not taking any more
time, he buried his nose and mouth and began licking up and down those folds,
flicking her clit as he did so with the tip of his tongue.

Kikyo writhed and moaned on the seat. "Oh, Inu, make me...." Her words were
cut off by a louder moan when he began sucking on her hard nub. The closer
she came, the deeper he would sink his tongue into her. When he slid two
fingers in, she bucked on them. He slid another finger in while sucking and
began pushing all three in and out. Her slick juices coated his hand and palm
while she bucked and groaned. As her breath quickened, her inner walls squeezed
his fingers and she let out soft scream and arched her back.

While her breathing calmed, he backed away, feeling heat in his face.
As he got situated back on the car seat, Kikyo, panting, slowly fixed her
panties and dress. "Good boy."


It was a little passed midday when Miroku found that hidden spot.
It was deep in the park next to the gardener's shed, a smaller building
built out of concrete blocks. He walked to the bench a few feet by
the building and sat down. Breathing deeply, he leaned back on the bench
and gazed up at the blue sky and white clouds. Swaying trees framed the
picture and he felt himself unwind. Shifting some on the bench, he winced
at the pain in his side. The walk to the park had taken it's toll of course
but this beauty was all worth it. At least he was healing. Even though
the walk had made him tired, the exersize made him feel better.

Without another thought, Miroku laid down on the bench, his gaze still on
the blue sky and white puffs above. Lying there, he sighed. Wind rustled the
leaves of the bushes and trees nearby. The clouds drifted by as he drifted
away with them, closing his eyes to a calm darkness.


Inuyasha stepped out of the car then helped Kikyo out. Kikyo called to the
driver to be back at ten before grabbing his hand and walking to the park's
front entrance.

It was near evening, and he could see lights and people everywhere. Some
were dressed in tuxes. Some were dressed in evening wear. And some were
dressed in simple nicer clothes. It was a strange mish mash but everyone
was smiling and many were mingling and dancing. His heart began to pound.
He had never been to anything like this before. Sure he had seen things
like this from a distance, standing on the street corners, but never had
he been to one. All too quickly, his face heated up to a burning degree.
He didn't belong here at all. Not among all these upper class people.

Kikyo pulled him forward while whispering almost harshly. "Don't drag along!
You better look good tonight and be good or I swear I'll make you wear that
collar again along with the saddle and horse bit."

Inuyasha silently groaned.


Kagome and Sango pulled up in the park's public parking lot and got
out of Kagome's car.

From their vantage point, they could see the excitement bustling amidst
the colorful lights. A string of lighted lanterns encircled a large dance
area and hundreds of cloth covered tables were everywhere, a small candle
lit on each one.

Both girls walked up to the park entrance as the sun began to set.


Miroku opened his eyes and found that it was getting late. He looked up
to see that the sun was now hidden by the trees and the sky was a darker
blue. "I need to get back." He began to move but paused with a wince at the
stiffness in his body and the slight ache in his side. Taking a moment, he
breathed in and out while moving delicately until the ache ebbed some. In the
distance, somewhere in the park, he heard other people and music. "Must
be some sort of festival."

Sitting up, he groaned and leaned against the back of the bench. Just as
he was about to stand, he froze, hearing footsteps closing in.
Miroku glanced in the direction of those steps to see a tall, rather large
man approaching. They guy was dressed in black slacks and a black jacket.
As the male got closer, Miroku recognized the face in the
late afternoon light. It was the same guy that paid to rough him up the other
day. Even though every fiber in his body told him to run,
he sat very still. The man stopped by the bench. "You working tonight, boy?"

Miroku weakly shook his head. "This is my night off."

The man glanced around, cutting his eyes this way and that, obviously seeing
if there was anyone else around. Suddenly Miroku realized how secluded this spot
was...and how dangerous it was to be there. Smiling in spite of his fear,
Miroku stood. "I've got to go get back before my boss sends someone looking for

The man, eyeing him darkly, stepped closer. "I thought you said this was your
night off?"

Miroku backed up some. "I...." He turned to run but collided with something,
or someone, else. Miroku fell to the ground but scuffled onto his feet quickly,
only, not quickly enough. An arm closed around his throat. Two more arms
grabbed his shoulders. In a rush of fear, Miroku yelled and struggled.
A second later, he was pushed, face first, into a brick wall. His mind faintly
recognizing it as the park's garden shed. Four very strong arms held him
smashed up against the wall, the cold concrete rough against his
cheek, the pain in his side making him too weak to fight back.
Breathing hard, Miroku tried to calm the fear that threatened to
overtake him. "Hey...uh...guys...what ya want...huh? I haven't...got any money."

The guy he knew from before laughed harshly. "We don't want money from you, boy. We
want something else."

Miroku whimpered when two of those hands began running up his shirt,
feeling of his sides and chest. One hand went to his crotch and squeezed.
Knowing he was in no shape to get away, Miroku stopped struggling. If he just
let them take what they wanted, maybe they wouldn't beat him up. In his current
condition, one good punch could kill him. He tried to make his voice steady.
"I can give you guys a freebie. No biggie."

He hoped the guy would ease up but he didn't, only crushed him harder against
the brick wall. "Shut up. We got plans."

The hand that had been playing with him unbuttoned his jeans. Large fingers
found their way into his underwear: one on his soft member and the other plunging
to poke at his anus.

"We got big plans."

The man that had been holding him to the wall and the one that had
been playing grabbed him and hauled him into the bushes behind the

The second he hit the ground, pain shot through his side, wrenching a
loud yelp from his throat.

"I said shut up!"

Rough hands pulled his jeans and underwear all the way to his ankles.

Miroku, too scared, tried to move the way they pushed and shoved him.
A moment later, he was bare chested and on his hands and knees. The
man who had paid to beat him up before, gripped his hips and pulled him
back, rubbing his bare behind against the big man's crotch. Miroku could
feel the man's bulge and heat. The other man grabbed his hair and pulled
him forward, making his nose brush against his straining length.

The darkness crept around as he heard a belt jingling and a zipper unzip.
He swallowed hard when his hips were thust back again. This time he felt
hot skin and a long length rub up and down between his buttocks.

The man in front of him did the same, exposing his arousal, holding it, then
rubbing the wet tip around his cheeks and lips.

Without warning, the man behind pushed himself forward, trying to enter him.
It was an awkward struggle and Miroku could feel his skin stretch against skin.
No lubrication meant much pain.
The man growled just above his back. "Damn you're tight."
A second later, after the guy had wet some of his back entrance with precum,
he pushed hard into him, stretching him in a blinding shock of pain.
Miroku clenched his jaw shut as his fingers dug into the grass. His eyes
burned with blistering tears.

The guy,
buried all the way to the hilt inside him, breathed a grunt. It must have
been a signal because the guy in front of him began bucking against his
mouth, gesturing that he should take it.

The other guy growled impatiently. "Take it. I want you to suck on it. If you
bite me I will kill you."

He opened his mouth and took the guy's length and began to lick and suck.
But the guy was too impatient. Fingers gripped his hair and held his head
still while the guy began to violently buck into his mouth and deep into his
throat, making him gag.

The man behind pulled back then thrust back in hard and heavy. He began fucking
him, taking long strokes before plunging back in, each stroke stretching him
in painful stabs. The thrusts became easier as a slickness coated his behind
and ran down his thigh. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Miroku knew he
had been ripped and was bleeding.

The guy in front, still bucking into his mouth, began getting stiffer, about to
cum. The guy in back pushed all the way into him then stopped, his large
dick throbbing inside.

Miroku's eyes shot wide when the guy behind grabbed his member and squeezed hard.
Way too hard. Again, tears fell and he wished they would just get this over with.
Thankfully, the guy came in his mouth with one last hard thrust and slipped from his
Then the one behind began fucking him again until he was finished and pulled out.
The smell of sweat, blood, and male cum assaulted his sense of smell as he
was shoved to his side.
Miroku, lying on the cool grass, breathing hard, dared not move. Maybe they would
just leave.

No such luck. Now dark, all Miroku could see was shadows moving around.
One shadow, the mean one that beat him up before, closed in. "Now we can have
some real fun."

At that moment, Miroku wished he was dead.




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