Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Rin was running around in circles then in circles around Jaken. Rin had so much energy for such a small creature. Sesshoumaru could remember when she was not so energetic and did not talk so much. He really enjoyed watching her play happily. If she was going to be scraped and bruised it should only be from childish play not by evil adult hands.

The tall handsome demon Lord sat against the tree watching his pack not joining them or getting up to leave knowing they would follow him if he did. His small pack was well trained. Sesshoumaru did not have to say a word. They knew who their Alpha was and so he would just walk away with the small group following him. They could not keep up with him all the time so he had to keep at a fairly slow pace, but that was fine.

Sesshoumaru was not in a hurry today and unless there was a reason he had no desire to ever rush. As an immortal he had more time then anyone would need. There was no new smell in the air, no new sounds, and all was peaceful except Inuyasha's loud voice as he was yelling at that human Kagome about her having to leave through the well. It was always the same.

It was morning and Sesshoumaru had not slept as usual. Sesshoumaru was always watching over his pack as Ah-Un shook its heads at him disapproving of the young demon Lord's constant stubborn ways since it had been the dragon's night to do the watch. Ah-Un just did not understand Sesshoumaru who could not sleep much if at all. His mind was always too busy with so many thoughts.

"Lord Sesshoumaru!"

Rin squealed as the small child ran up to him with a handful of flowers with Jaken squawking behind her telling her to leave Sesshoumaru be as usual.

Jaken was amusing as a retainer. The kappa did not ever get his Lord's thoughts right and was always messing up by saying the wrong things to people. Still Sesshoumaru kept the demon around. There was no point in correcting Jaken in front of others. That could be done later when he had the kappa alone and it was always a brief one time punishment. The kappa would remember not to do it again.

'Jaken is loyal and he is worthy of being a part of my pack even if he is annoying.'

Sesshoumaru reminded himself since there were days that voice would grate on his nerves and plus it was fun to throw rocks at the kappa. Only when Jaken allowed Rin to come into danger would Sesshoumaru hit Jaken's head to remind him not to do such a thing again.

Jaken had a very simple job. He was for now just supposed to watch Rin and every once in a while deliver messages for him. Ah-Un was of course much more dependable when it came to caring for Rin. The pack animal was powerful as a dragon and protected the child as if she were its pup rather then the pup of the demon Lord. Sometimes Sesshoumaru had to remind the beast that he was Rin’s caretaker when Ah-Un would throw a fit about Rin not sleeping with it. Sesshoumaru some nights wanted to hold his tiny ward as she fell asleep after they discussed the many constellations in the night sky. Holding the tiny human made Sesshoumaru think of being a Father and it was a pleasant thought to have his own child without having to be mated to anyone to see the joys of such things. Even this innocent human girl could be taught the things he desired his pups to know and would be part of his legacy passing on the story of their adventures to her pups when that time came.

Like any adult raising a child, Sesshoumaru did not want Rin to grow up too fast. The thought of her being human did not cross his mind very often since in his mind she was so much like the demon pups that ran all over his castle. They were a pack and even Jaken would forget Rin being a human sometimes. It wasn’t until Rin had asked that question of Sesshoumaru forgetting her after she died that both Jaken and Sesshoumaru seemed to dwell on what the hell to do to change that situation. Now it seemed every day Sesshoumaru would watch Rin dreading the thought that this child like all other humans would die before him. It felt wrong. The reminder of Rin being a human that would certainly die before him became the nightmare he was just not ready to face yet. Still, there was no solution they had found.

Jaken and Ah-Un would sometimes test Lord Sesshoumaru’s temper. They had to start helping Sesshoumaru out with Rin so that he was not always going out of his way all the time to make sure she was not in danger. Sesshoumaru as pack leader could not do everything. Having to protect them lately was a full time job and keeping up with a small girl could wear on him at times. Sesshoumaru did not know human children had so much energy and Rin like Inuyasha’s Kagome seemed to be a walking target for his enemies.

“Lord Sesshoumaru!”

Sesshoumaru’s thoughts were disrupted as Rin came running over to him with that cute toothy grin that made him stop the whole world to see what his Rin wanted to show him today. Rin bowed politely as Sesshoumaru taught her and looked up at Sesshoumaru with those big brown eyes that melted his heart. The child had him wrapped around her little finger and if she knew the power she had over him then Sesshoumaru was sure Rin would be the death of him. Silly little human made him happy and he would destroy anyone who tried to take his happiness away now that he knew this feeling.

"Yes Rin."

Sesshoumaru stated softly although he did not let his facial features budge from the normal serious appearance he always wore. Jaken would pass out cold if Sesshoumaru smiled or laughed. Sesshoumaru almost wanted to do just that to see Jaken's reaction.

"Lord Sesshoumaru I picked these for you. They are different then the last ones so can you tell me what they are or are we going to go soon?"

Rin looked at Sesshoumaru with those pleading eyes that stated she wanted to stay in this field of flowers for one more day. Sesshoumaru knew those eyes were begging him with that puppy dog look that made him bend every damn time. Indeed this child was going to be the death of him.

Sesshoumaru could hear Rin's stomach growl. Then took the flowers from her setting them down next to his side knowing Rin would come back for them later after her breakfast. Sesshoumaru knew this scenario by heart. It was nothing new.

"No Rin we are not leaving yet. We will stay here one more night and then we can discuss these flowers if you wish. Now go with Jaken to get your human food and when you return we shall start your lessons."

Jaken bowed low to his Lord although he grumbled as he was forced to take Rin with the burden beast to go get food for the child. Jaken had come to love Rin as a pup of the pack, but humans ate so often and such weird things.

Lady Kagome said children had to have a schedule and at least eat three meals of certain things per day. Sesshoumaru of course pretended that he was not listening to this advice when Jaken inquired on his behalf, but followed these rules which indeed made things run much smoother when it came to caring for his ward. Rin also looked healthier, was sick less often, and had a much healthier look to her then most human children. She also did smell better then other humans.

The cleaning rituals Kagome used made that human’s scent tolerable. She seemed to have passed those habits onto Inuyasha’s pack and Sesshoumaru had to admit even his little brother, Inuyasha, looked healthier since Kagome had made him change some of his worst habits.

One of his little brother’s worst habits was that Inuyasha used to hate baths and now Sesshoumaru found he sometimes enjoyed being near Inuyasha since he kept himself so clean.

Inuyasha's fire rat kimono showed the repairs the pup had done by Kagome’s Mother who must have fixed the thing many times. Inuyasha had a supply of the material hidden somewhere around this area. Sesshoumaru did not search it out, but would sometimes wait on purpose in this area for his brother knowing Inuyasha was bound to show up here at some point.

It amused the demon Lord that Inuyasha smelled so much better that some days his scent was almost pleasurable and these cleansing rituals made his hair really shine. Inuyasha was very beautiful when he took care of himself, Sesshoumaru just refused to ever tell him this. After all, the pup was still only a half demon and still had much to learn about respect. Why tell Inuyasha something that the boy would either fight him over or he would think was a cruel joke? It was the truth, but unless Sesshoumaru knocked Inuyasha over the head the pup would not listen to anything.

Sesshoumaru had always been one to keep clean trying to instill this in his little brother when he was younger. Now that Sesshoumaru had seen the difference in Inuyasha’s pack members he tried to create these same habits in his own pack. Jaken was still the only one who did not keep himself as clean as he should, but he was getting much better at this since Rin’s arrival into their pack. Jaken could not grumble too much, Rin was easy to care for most of the time and spoiled by them both.

No matter how clean they became though they all still smelled of Rin’s flowers. There was no getting away from it. Sesshoumaru almost laughed at the thought that Rin was marking them all as hers with her obsession with picking daisies, lillies, weeds, wildflowers, and sunflowers. Sesshoumaru knew that he stunk of them even after he bathed. Rin loved other flowers, but her favorites were the big yellow weeds that she compared to the sunshine.

Sesshoumaru watched the burden beast take off with his pack. He then relaxed trying to use the quiet for meditating only to find that he could not concentrate. His own stomach was growling.

Getting up from the rock Sesshoumaru stood looking deep into the woods. As usual before his hunt, Sesshoumaru allowed his demonic power to run free from his mind sending it out to seek the desired prey.

There were a few deer, but they looked rather thin. Then a large elk appeared. That would do nicely. It would satisfy his hunger for the thrill of feasting on fresh blood and raw meat. If there was anything left over he could then perhaps stomach a few of Rin's attempts at cooking for him. There was no way he would survive if he ate as she did. Humans were strange, but Rin was no ordinary human. She was unique in the fact she was the first to accept the powerful demon Lord without prejudice and show him no fear. The child was an enigma.

Rushing into the forest Sesshoumaru felt so alive and free. Kagura must feel like this in her wind now that she was dead.

Sesshoumaru felt a wonderful sense of peace even though he felt a bit sorry for the woman every time he felt the wind on his face. Kagura had been a demon like him and had been the only female to catch his eye. She was also an enigma. There was no time for mourning those who were only known briefly in ones life. Kagura found peace and died honorably. Kagura had defied her tormentor and had helped in bringing about his downfall. No demon could ask for a better death although she had not ever been a real creature anyway.

Kagura was made of Naraku’s flesh. She could not have been Lord Sesshoumaru’s mate since she could not have ever bared his heirs considering the fact she had no real life in her. The woman had charms that made his male body desire her, but that was all that had been there. Sesshoumaru had felt a sense of pity, the understanding of loneliness, and some attraction for Kagura.

Sesshoumaru could not give her false hopes that there would be more then this and he had warned her to stop angering Naraku so that she would not have to die. Sesshoumaru wondered perhaps if tensaiga would allow him to help her become whole so that they could at least throw caution to the wind to fulfill the sexual desires they both harbored. Kagura would have been a worthwhile concubine and he would have treated her well giving her a good life. It would not have been enough for such a creature. Kagura eventually would have resented him for this.

Lord Sesshoumaru understood Kagura’s difficult position, accepted it, and did not blame her for the things that low life hanyou forced her to do. Still like all creatures Kagura had a choice and had chosen to go to her death defying him. Even with her heart in tact Sesshoumaru knew that mating her was like mating the wind. It was too unpredictable and not something one could hold onto. The wind had to be free to be happy.

It amused Sesshoumaru what he would have done for Kagura if she would have just admitted that she was desperate for him to help her. If Kagura would have just stated her true feelings for him he might have been much more willing to assist her, but then if Kagura would have acted in such a manner she not have intrigued him so much. Sesshoumaru would have been the hero for Kagura, but would not ever admit it. It was below him to ever admit to willingly put his life on the line for a woman who was further below him in status then even a human. She was created from his enemy who was a monster that had no honor.

Naraku is a dead burnt human thief once known as Onigumo with no title and not one ounce of royal blood in his veins. He was a human thief and criminal of the worst kind. Sesshoumaru had to admit Naraku was clever, but the cowardice he had shown made Naraku a waste of time. At first Naraku had been interesting and even for one who would never achieve high status his crafty nature made Naraku’s evil attractive to Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru found he was drawn to the creature wanting an interesting foe to battle. Naraku was a fool and after a while his games became annoying. They were no longer entertaining and that was a very bad thing for Naraku if he had wished to live longer.

Soon Sesshoumaru started to change and ignored the thoughts of the past. It was time for the hunt and he could feel his body changing as his demon returned to him.

Taking down the elk was not difficult. Sesshoumaru hunting in his elfin humanoid form was a change of pace for the demon Lord since normally he turned into the giant white demon dog. The shifting of muscles and bones did not appeal to him today. So instead he remained in the form he was most used to as he sunk his powerful fangs into the creature then broke its neck with his only arm using his long tail his family called a mokomoko to wrap like an anaconda around the struggling creature.

It was a swift kill, but a good chase. The beast did not give in easily and Sesshoumaru had almost lost the animal as they had raced through the trees. The meat was so tender and his demon Inu wanted to change into his dog form to feast. Sesshoumaru did not want to draw that power as he growled at his demon to behave.

Dragging the carcass of his kill into a nearby cave Sesshoumaru removed his clothing and armor. It would keep his royal attire from being ruined by blood as he was soon to be soaked in it. This was how he always started his feast knowing it was going to be a mess as he used his claws like knives to cut out the best parts of the beast. The liver and heart were devoured first. Sesshoumaru took time feasting on the protein rich flesh and had been pleased this time he would be able to save the pelt of the animal with little damage to it.

His demon dog form when he allowed his demon to be in control did not always do this. It would at times swallow more then one animal whole crunching on a few bones that he would spit out leaving enough for later to create small enough pieces to pick any excess flesh, bone, or other unsavory thing stuck in his teeth.

As a demon dog he would spend hours chewing on the largest bones to keep his razor sharp teeth clean, but in this form he enjoyed walking chewing on carved sliver of bone as his Father had done. Rin had once inquired to these small pieces of bone in his kimono pocket, but insisted she use that device Kagome brought her called a toothbrush since his bone slivers were so very sharp he was afraid she might cut up her mouth.

Kagome gave them all one of these toothbrush things, but Sesshoumaru did not much care for the paste that came with it. It was horrific. It tasted nothing like the fresh mint he would chew on or the licorice roots that he enjoyed so much.

Rin seemed to like the strange mint paste Kagome gave her so when she ran out Jaken was sent to get more with a bag of small jewels that Kagome refused to take. It was annoying. Sesshoumaru finally took them himself and forced the girl to take them. He refused to owe anyone especially a human anything. Kagome considered them gifts, but Sesshoumaru did not believe that one just gives something to someone without expecting something back.

Kagome no longer refused the jewels he sent, but Sesshoumaru wondered if she was using them to pay for these things. Sesshoumaru would have liked to go through that well to see what she was doing with the jewels because it would piss him off if she was doing something stupid like giving them to someone else instead of keeping them. The jewels should be something Kagome could use to be able to get anything from that strange place she lived in that his pack may need.

Rin liked the pocky candy and rice candy Kagome brought. It made her more energetic though so Sesshoumaru did not want much of that although on occasion he would eat one of the pocky treats. Still it was not the same as sinking his fangs into his prey and the power he felt with his blood pumping like it was right now after the kill. Nothing compared to this feeling.

Sesshoumaru was starting to really enjoy the meat and blood as he was devouring a set of ribs that he had ripped out of the elk. Then he suddenly stopped in his feast swallowing the meat and looking around the cave. Sesshoumaru smelled something and growled. Inuyasha was near, in fact he was close. Way too damn close for comfort and Sesshoumaru was not happy about it.

"So you’re hiding in here too.....huh. I wasn't expecting to have you show up in here Sesshoumaru. You smell good and you smell of the hunt. It has been a long time since I have smelled such a thing."

Sesshoumaru heard the boy whisper in the back of the darkened cave as those pretty golden eyes could be seen in the darkness with the scent of blood except this time it was Inuyasha's he smelled. It was not just the kill or his own pumping any longer. The smell of wounded half demon blood was filling the air. How could he have missed it?

"What are you doing here half breed?"

Sesshoumaru ground out at Inuyasha not sure if he should cover himself up since he was naked feeling vulnerable with the young one who he had fought so often or kill Inuyasha for witnessing him like this in the first place. How come he did not smell him? Then Sesshoumaru realized when he was in hunting mode his brain was only on the prey he was going to kill and nothing else mattered. That was why he did not want to care for anyone. If he forgot himself he might kill those he loved to obtain his goal.

"Well not what you are doing apparently."

Inuyasha wheezed out with a soft bitter laugh. Sesshoumaru used the back of his clawed hand to wipe off his mouth. No one ever saw him feast not even his own Mother. Inuyasha was invading, but something told Sesshoumaru's beast that Inuyasha was not a threat. In fact from the sound of his voice he was not doing well at all. The sound of the wheezing voice bugged Sesshoumaru, but it still was not his problem except Inuyasha was his to kill. No one else had the right to touch him so who dared? Did they not smell Sesshoumaru's claim on the pup?

"Inuyasha why are you here?"

Sesshoumaru said softly this time hinting to Inuyasha to tell him the story of why he was in this cave of all places in such a state.

"Do you really care?"

Inuyasha stated softly sounding like he was crying. Sesshoumaru hated feeling pity for the hanyou. Still he felt it and he felt cheated as if the hate he worked on all these years was slipping away from him.

"No Inuyasha. I do not care. I have asked you a question however and it is your duty to answer me even if I do not care about you."

Inuyasha almost started laughing. Sesshoumaru was always like this. Say one thing to mean something completely different. Sesshoumaru gave a shit, but he was too proud to admit it.

"Kagome is in love with Hojo so she left me for good. She shot this arrow into me and so like Kikyo I was betrayed again. So laugh your ass off like I know you want to. Do the ‘I told you so’ line that I know you are dying to say to me right this second. I really don't give a shit anymore. Naraku is dead, Sango and Miroku are gone raising Shippo as their own. I am once again alone as usual. Typical isn't it? You have a pack and I am once again the lowly lonely hanyou with no home."

Sesshoumaru wanted to smack the hell out of Inuyasha then kill Kagome. This pissed him off to no end. This meant Sesshoumaru had to do something he did not want to.

"Shut up Inuyasha. I hoped Kagome would take you, but apparently now once again I am responsible for you as usual. You have had a home you were just foolish and would not come back. That was your doing not mine so place the blame on yourself."

Inuyasha suddenly felt a jolt as in one swift movement Sesshoumaru was in front of him touching the arrow that had been painfully purifying his little brother to death causing it to disintegrate.

"Now Inuyasha where is the jewel of four souls and our Father's fang tessaiga?"

Inuyasha tapped the sword at his side and then pulled the jewel out of his pocket. The searing pain finally getting the better of him, Inuyasha then passed out as Sesshoumaru smirked that at least Inuyasha was smart enough to not allow the woman child to steal these items.

Dragging the carcass of the elk over to his little brother so Inuyasha could finish it Sesshoumaru sighed in frustration. Getting up he dusted himself off and went to the river to bathe. He could not go far though considering Inuyasha was in no condition to move anywhere, the blasted jewel would bring demons all over causing all sorts of problems, and then he had to figure out what to do with Inuyasha now that he had him here.


Kagome jumped up and down in the bottom of the well crying. She had shot Inuyasha with her arrow. It was as though her body was not her own and she lied telling Inuyasha she was going to mate Hojo so he would stay away from her. Kagome did not want to hurt him or anyone. She could not even touch the sacred jewel. Inuyasha had been the one to purify it. It was just a good thing she removed the subjugation beads or Kagome was afraid she might have done worse things to her beloved. What the hell was wrong with her? Ever since they defeated Naraku the young miko had felt like something was wrong and that nothing in her life would ever be right again.


Sesshoumaru walked over to the springs where the water was indeed warm and welcoming. Washing off every ounce of blood caked on his perfect skin he noticed that his arm was starting to regenerate at a much faster pace since healing Inuyasha. Still it was a blemish and Sesshoumaru hated it.

Every day he cursed Inuyasha for giving him this and he had every reason to kill the boy. Inuyasha should have been left to suffer in that cave and die. Still something deep within said that it was wrong and the fact Inuyasha was his kill there was no one else worthy of taking the hanyou's life.

The tall demon Lord walked over to the waterfall letting the water rush over him as it cleaned the smell of death from his body. It felt damn good and soon he would have to dress to head back to the camp after he figured out what to do with Inuyasha.


Inuyasha woke up alone and tired. There was the smell of his brother then the smell of fresh meat. Inuyasha felt in the darkness next to him there was the body of the elk that he heard Sesshoumaru feasting upon earlier. Then Inuyasha feeling that the beast was put next to him realized Sesshoumaru had left the rest of his kill for him to feast upon. Sesshoumaru would not have bothered setting his meal in front of Inuyasha if he did not want to share it.

"Sesshoumaru I don't understand you. One minute you want to kill me and the next you are helping me. You do hate me I know, but for reasons I cannot fix. I can't help being born, tessaiga denies you, and I can't bring Father back. I cannot control these things so why do you hate me so much for them? I will never understand you."

Inuyasha whispered out wondering if this meat was maybe poisoned. It would not surprise Inuyasha since Sesshoumaru had threatened such things before. Still it did not smell of such a thing and Inuyasha figured if he was going to die he would rather do so on a full stomach of this delicious fresh meat. The elk had been young and there was nothing more delicious then elk meat from an animal in its prime like this one had been.

"Well waste not want not I always say."

Inuyasha started devouring the beast and savored each bite pretending it was his last. He always had been like this since he was always being hunted. Inuyasha had not ever known a life where people were truly kind enough to care for an orphaned hanyou pup. Instead he had been beaten and shoved away after being called all sorts of horrible names. Sesshoumaru had not done that until much later after their fight. Inuyasha regretted that decision and Sesshoumaru was one to hold a grudge forever.

Inuyasha did not notice his brother enter the cave soak and wet from his bath. Sesshoumaru looked in horror at Inuyasha who was devouring the elk like this was his last meal. The pup was tearing at the muscle and grasping the thing with both hands without looking up just tearing at the thing like a wild animal. There was the sound of tearing flesh and the swift gulping of meat as Inuyasha was practically choking down without chewing up the food he had been given.

"I see that your manners still have not improved Inuyasha. You need to chew your food not swallow it whole. No wonder you are always hungry. You savor nothing."

Sesshoumaru stated blandly not wanting to watch his brother eat any longer. Inuyasha lifted his head up suddenly since he had not heard Sesshoumaru enter. Inuyasha looked in the direction of the more powerful demon unable to see him. Inuyasha then in his frustration shoved the kill towards Sesshoumaru then sat back sulking. Sesshoumaru turned to look at Inuyasha who was looking away from him almost in tears. Then Inuyasha attempted to get up to leave only to fall back down against the wall.

"Damn it all!"

Inuyasha cursed looking rather pathetic in his attempts to try to escape his situation.

"Stop it Inuyasha. You are going to injure yourself further. Eat. Inuyasha, you never worried about my opinions of you before so don't let them bother you now."

Sesshoumaru stated firmly. Then Inuyasha glared at Sesshoumaru, but Sesshoumaru could see the boy was not really looking at him. It was as though there was this voided look as though he were looking for the sound of his voice to avoid him. What the fuck was wrong with Inuyasha?

"What do you care? You pompous snobby jerk! I don't want your pity I can take care of myself. I have been doing it for years!"

Sesshoumaru ignored Inuyasha's tantrum and pulled his little brother off the ground with ease leading him outside. The pup stunk and needed a bath and there was no way Inuyasha could just go wander off on his own in his condition. When Sesshoumaru brought Inuyasha into the light he could see the extent of the damage. Not even he had done that much to Inuyasha in their worst fights.

"Inuyasha you are both broken and blinded. How did you manage to get yourself this far little brother?"

Sesshoumaru stated in shock as both Inuyasha's eyes had been purified with scratches from a sacred arrow. His arm was rendered almost useless, Inuyasha's leg was broken in three different locations, and there was still blood oozing from his wound in his chest.

"Yeah I know I am broken and blind. I crawled until I found this place since this is where I used to live when you threw me out of the castle. I remembered this place by smell. Of course tonight is my human night so it isn't going to get any better since my wounds will not heal and I will start really feeling all of this crap.'
"Why are you helping me instead of killing me? Am I not enough of an embarrassment to you? Must I really humiliate myself some more? I am crippled and blind. That makes me even less worthy of being your brother."

Sesshoumaru in fury at that comment with one claw shredded Inuyasha's fire rat kimono as he held the pup up with his mokomoko. His tail was useful sometimes.

"Do not speak to me of handicaps Inuyasha or did you forget my sacrifice on your behalf?"

Inuyasha laughed then coughed out some blood as Sesshoumaru slowly made his way to the springs with the now naked hanyou boy.

"How was that for my benefit? You almost killed me and you tried to kill Kagome. You would not have lost it if you would not have kept attacking me and you were soft on me on purpose. I have no clue of why.'
"Something is wrong with my human woman and Kagome isn't telling me what is up. Now that I have sat with this stupid jewel talking to me I know why Kagome went crazy on me. She is possessed. She isn't going to be with that Hojo guy. Kagome is trying to protect me by running away."

Sesshoumaru huffed.

"She has always been possessed Inuyasha and I don't know why you associate with her. Part of that human miko's soul belongs to Kikyo so that part wants to kill you. You should have let me kill her the first time. I was trying to help you because you are a soft hearted moron. You think you would have learned by now how most human mikos really are since last time you involved yourself with a human you were pinned to a tree or did you forget that little brother?'
"Mikos and priests are taught from birth to hate us. Sango your female demon slaying friend was more of an ally then the other two humans. Sango at least knew who was evil and who was not. Father had a pact with those people and my vengeance was on her behalf so I took Kohaku. Not that it mattered. Naraku killed him anyway. The boy ran off trying to protect Rin after I ordered him not to and got himself killed. My Mother brought him back to life with the Meidô-Seki stone I currently possess.’
“Your human lot listens to me about as well as Jaken does. Rin I have some control over, but she still endangers her life for no good reason. I am not in control of your pack. You have no control over anything so I gave up on the lives of your pack a long time ago."

Inuyasha winced in pain as Sesshoumaru helped lower him into the water.

"Still you could have given me the benefit of the doubt Sesshoumaru. I am not a complete moron. I can take care of my pack; I don't order them around though. They chose to follow me, I did not make them. Kagome is the only one I forced and that was because I did not have a choice. We are connected. Kagome is still Kagome in there. I just don't know how to set her free from this thing without getting beat up again. I have to help her. I vowed to do so."

Sesshoumaru once again made a noise of disgust.

"Yes and last time you made a vow you made one to go to hell with that dead clay woman. No, Inuyasha, you are not going to do this. You cannot see and may never see again. My arm will grow back; your eyes will not ever recover from being purified."

Inuyasha moaned in his deep depression and sorrow.

"Never see again?"

Sesshoumaru wanted to comfort his little brother, hug him to tell him things would be ok for some reason. His demon side wanted to kill the bitch that did this, but the rational part of his mind stated it was not the human child's fault so she was innocent. Sesshoumaru did not kill innocents without good cause.

"Inuyasha we can see if anyone will be able to help. Your life is mine to take remember? I can't have you damaged. It would be a worse shame on our family then you being pinned to that damn tree for me to shun you now and so I am responsible for you. I have always been so and now I cannot kill you ever. You are just too dim witted to realize this fact. I could have killed you numerous times, but I have not."

Inuyasha sobbed as Sesshoumaru washed him. Sesshoumaru had never seen Inuyasha act this way even as a human. Something was still broken in his brother. What the hell did the miko do to him? The beads he wore had been destroyed so that was no longer a burden for him to bear. No more sit commands although Sesshoumaru would miss them. He loved watching his little brother be flung to the ground by an invisible force to keep him in line since the hanyou had no tact or manners. It was a good training tool. Still it would have been removed eventually. Inuyasha was not a pet for that human girl. Inuyasha was his brother and a Prince in the Inu Empire. It was time for Inuyasha to come home where he belonged.

"You are going home with me Inuyasha. That girl cannot be with you anymore. We will take her back to where she came from after we remove the spell if that is possible. I can't have you around humans any longer. They have influenced you too much and caused our Inu tribe more pain then necessary."

Inuyasha was too upset to listen. To never see again seemed so wrong. How could he ever defend his life or take care of others? Inuyasha felt like he was better off dead then to have his vision taken from him forever.

Sesshoumaru finished washing Inuyasha's long silver hair and then after grooming it which usually calmed the pup down it just seemed to make things worse. Inuyasha was shuddering in sorrow. When Sesshoumaru turned Inuyasha around to wash Inuyasha's face that he thought was the most beautiful of all faces he had known even if he would not ever tell Inuyasha this fact, he was in shock. Rivers of bloody tears were falling from those golden eyes.

"Inuyasha why are you crying blood tears!"

Sesshoumaru roared. There was only one cause of such a thing and it was the most despicable act known.

"I can't............"

Inuyasha whimpered out.

"What did that girl do to you? Who did she have force you to.........."

Inuyasha panicked.

"Kagome did not do that. She did not! It was Kouga.........I was in heat and I................"

Sesshoumaru growled a warning of silence. He searched Inuyasha's mind for all the details he needed to seek vengeance for this insult.

"You lied to him about being Kagome's mate so he in anger did that to you. You were a virgin and no one had the right to touch you. He is going to die Inuyasha. I will not let him live."

Inuyasha knew this and that was why he did not want to tell anyone.

"Sesshoumaru.........they are possessed by Naraku. They have no control......."

Sesshoumaru looked down at Inuyasha realizing it was true, but Inuyasha himself was not possessed so what was this?

"It was revenge for killing him. Naraku did this because we were taking the jewel from him. Kikyo is possessing Kagome and Kouga is possessed by Naraku. Kouga is dead; he killed himself after the act. He could not live with it. Naraku also raped Kagome. I blasted what was left of him after your attack on his heart. Somehow he escaped even though we all thought you destroyed him for good. Instead he pushed what was left of him into Kouga. Kouga tried to fight only to fall upon us both tying me up after being wounded by Naraku's tentacles to the point I could not lift my sword. That was the only reason I was captured. Kagome did not have a chance. I have to find her. The child she carries is his and........"

Sesshoumaru finished Inuyasha's sentence as a sinking feeling came knowing what he must do. Knowing Inuyasha would most likely not forgive him ever for it. It was just a good thing Inuyasha would not be there to see it.

"Kikyo's......... So he thinks he will win. I do not think so. I will repair this. He did not bite you. I can smell you are still unmated. This is good."

Inuyasha huffed at that one.

"Why is that good? You will not let me mate who I want to and if I were mated to Kouga I would be dead so at that point I doubt I would care. You will stick me with some snob that I will hate."

Sesshoumaru almost laughed at this because it was sort of true.

"Inuyasha I already have chosen your mate and yes it is someone you hate. It has always been this way and it is time for you to understand your place in our family."

Inuyasha moaned in sorrow. Was it not bad enough he was blind and broken? Did Sesshoumaru really have to be this sadistic?

Then he felt soft warm lips kissing his neck as Sesshoumaru's clawed fingers washed his thighs gently almost sensually.

"Sesshoumaru what are you doing?"

Inuyasha stated softly in a frightened voice. Sesshoumaru smirked.

"I am seducing my mate. Of course we must have a female, but did you really think I would let anyone else have you? Even after being raped you have always been mine little brother. My kill, my family, my brother, your virginity was mine as well, and now my little hanyou I shall make you my mate. You are blind and only I can protect you. Only I can give what you cannot get from anyone else. Peace."

Sesshoumaru whispered as he traced Inuyasha's taunt muscular body with his clawed fingers so softly that Inuyasha was not sure what to think or do. He was both turned on and terrified. Kouga had hurt him badly and Inuyasha was not sure he wanted this.

"Don't worry little brother. I don't plan on taking you now and I know you are afraid. You have been hurt too much and do not have any reason to trust me. I have given you none. I cannot have you in heat wandering about. In your human form you will be very vulnerable so we need to take care of this.'
"Even though you are still too young for me to take you as I would like to I do plan on marking you. I want to give you no more human nights, no more living in fear, and you will be made a whole demon. So now little one I have the jewel in my hand. Make it disappear for good. Do not make selfish wishes. Give your friends and yourself peace. Only you can purify it. It was not ever Kagome's job and you are not tainted. You are still a virgin in my eyes and anyone who thinks otherwise including your innocent young self is a fool."

Inuyasha felt Sesshoumaru's hand holding the pink jewel. He could not see it, but he could feel it. It asked him if he wanted his sight back. Inuyasha told the jewel that was a selfish wish. It seemed to glow brighter and there was a feeling of peace in his response. Inuyasha did not care anymore. He wanted death, but Sesshoumaru was right. This had to be something for others so that the jewel would not be corrupted. Then it would disappear forever. A twisted idea formed and Inuyasha spoke out loud. If he was stuck mated to his jerk of a brother the least he could do was be hypocritical like Sesshoumaru. Say one thing, do another.

The jewel laughed at the innocence of its new master knowing Inuyasha was the perfect protector for it and the perfect source of power it needed to live in peace. It would have humor and happiness. If Inuyasha did well for it perhaps someday it would grant Inuyasha's many wishes that he would refuse to say out loud and show him that loving himself is not selfish. Still it takes some darkness to see light and some evil to know what good is. Both these brothers needed the four souls to guide them on this path they were leading.

"I wish Kouga were alive free of Naraku's spirit and I want Kagome to be free of Naraku too. I want them both to be happy even if it is without me in their life. Let Kagome be able to go home whenever she wants to. I don't want to hold anyone back anymore. I want everyone to be free again to find peace."

Wishing the thing he actually had wished was the hardest wish Inuyasha had ever made in his life. Deep within his Inu screamed to ask it to make him a full demon like he always wanted. However it was the human part of him, his Mother's kind spirit that came forward to help Inuyasha do the right thing. Inuyasha felt something leave him and he felt empty except for this mass amount of power that radiated off of him.

"Good little brother. It is gone now."

Sesshoumaru stated with a smile as he looked at his full demon little brother or at least the boy looked like he was going to change into a full demon. The jewel helped Inuyasha with the small trick on his elder brother. Sesshoumaru did not deserve to mate such a creature yet. The man had to earn the right to touch Inuyasha again. So if he bit Inuyasha now he would be purified. It would serve the arrogant demon Lord right. Inuyasha was still a baby hanyou and no one had the right to touch the puppy again until Inuyasha was ready for such adult things.

Inuyasha was always damn beautiful even as a half demon and Sesshoumaru almost missed the human side of Inuyasha. Then he felt his arm become complete as two arms wrapped around Inuyasha’s body. Inuyasha felt something deep within. Sesshoumaru felt it too and frowned. Inuyasha stated one thing and he had done another as usual.

"The jewel did not go away."

Inuyasha stated in frustration trying not to smirk a bit and then he realized the burden of this situation. It would reject Sesshoumaru and maybe that was good. In some ways it was not though and the two of them being mated might have brought his brother back to support him. Now what was Sesshoumaru going to do? Keep ripping him apart, call him more names, and make him feel worse now that he was a keeper of the jewel? Inuyasha was born a powerful priest in many ways since Inuyasha's own human Mother, Izayoi, had been taught the healing arts as most royals so that if they had to heal themselves. It would not have been a major problem for Inuyasha to have this ability, except the worst part was he was now what Sesshoumaru would call born to hate the demon including the one in himself?

"Yes I know. It is a part of you. You are now very powerful little brother. You are my equal except now you are purified completely."

Sesshoumaru stated flatly as Inuyasha felt his body heal. Still he could not see. Inuyasha felt the jewel start to calm down. He was not a damn priest. He was something more and all would be explained.

"Sesshoumaru I don't think I want this. I fucked up. I wished to give you back all I took from you. I can't bring back the dead with this jewel nor can I change fates of others. So it told me what I could do. I feel sick, I don't want this burden."

Inuyasha stated brokenly. Sesshoumaru did not understand why Inuyasha did this. So does this mean he can touch tessaiga too? No.....that sword was not his. It had not ever been his so he could not claim that.

"It is not up to you or me anymore. You are the jewel Inuyasha. You are also no longer a full demon. You are a hanyou still with the full power of a demon. I thought maybe your human soul would merge with the jewel."

Inuyasha struggled to get out of Sesshoumaru's arms as he felt rejected in that statement. First Sesshoumaru was being all nice to him and now he was being a jerk again.

"Stop struggling Inuyasha. You are always assuming the wrong things. You are powerful or did you not hear that? No matter what you become you are mine no matter what. So we find out where this takes us. Human or hanyou you are my mate. I just cannot bite you until your purifying powers decide I am allowed. Still I claim you so you are mine. If any try to take you from me they will die."

Sesshoumaru stated as he looked at the naked shivering boy that he chose as his mate. His Inu wanted this so it was no longer an option. It was nothing new. Demons had mated their siblings for years and the more powerful one was the better. No one could compare to Inuyasha's power now. With the two of them together no one could defeat them. It was a good match no matter how one looked at it. It was just a matter of finding a worthy female for each of them. Then this would be complete.

"Why would you want a half human? You hate humans."

Inuyasha stated angrily as his hand slapped hard against the water. Sesshoumaru became frustrated and picked up Inuyasha in his arms. Now that Inuyasha was bathed and clean he was truly beautiful. Not that Sesshoumaru had ignored that fact. He just never wanted to admit it to the hard headed pup although at that moment it was on the tip of his tongue to soothe the heavenly creature in his arms.

"Did you forget I have Rin?"

Inuyasha pouted feeling like a baby being carried around, but it was so dark and not being able to see made him afraid. He did not want to admit to such a fear so he clung to his anger while also snuggling closer to the body that was familiar to him. His brother's scent was like a warm blanket surrounding him and Inuyasha felt safe even if he knew Sesshoumaru himself was not.

"No. I don't know why you keep her. Is she your pet? Were you really that bored?"

Sesshoumaru was not sure if he wanted to strangle his brother, drop the pup on his ass, kiss him, or laugh. Inuyasha was so simple minded sometimes and such a puppy. Looking at the pup for the first time Sesshoumaru realized he had missed out on so many years with the baby hanyou. Inuyasha was still so young and was trying so hard to be a man. Still innocent stupid questions like this reminded Sesshoumaru of Inuyasha's true age.

"She is not my pet. Rin tried to be kind to this old demon when I was injured you brat. She has no one else so I am trying to raise her. It helps me understand humans, Father's obsession with them, and yours. It helps me understand you better too. You do act like a spoiled little girl some days."

Inuyasha growled trying to get out of Sesshoumaru's grip at that barb.

"I am not a woman you jerk! You are the beautiful one in the family and everyone falls head over heals for you. I have had a whole two women in my whole life think I was worth anything so stop teasing me!"

Sesshoumaru held Inuyasha tightly as he teleported them to the castle. He could get their things from the cave later. Rin could not see either of them in such a state. It would be indecent.

"Inuyasha we shall dress you as you once were dressed before I had to throw you out and you will learn to use your other senses so that you will not feel afraid in the dark."

Inuyasha cuddles closer to Sesshoumaru and holds him tightly as they fly in the wind feeling cold.

"You throwing me out had been the worst day of my life ya know. I never understood what I did wrong. For years everything seemed like it was ok. You even seemed to like my company. Then you called me a worthless half demon and told me never to come back until I was worthy of you. You said until I proved I could be as good as a full demon then I was not worth your time."

Sesshoumaru nodded with his brow furrowed.

"I did not know what else to do. Father was cruel like that to me when he threw me out my first time that I had to use my training on the world. He told me I was not worthy to be his son and I was not ever to come back until I became worthy.'
"You know I did not just throw you out of my castle to be an asshole. I did this because I had been taught this was the way to do things.'
"My Mother was worried about you. It made me laugh since I thought she hated you and I was slapped for that. Mother told me I should be ashamed of myself and perhaps I needed to be thrown out again until I learned some manners. So I left not looking back. I was sick of that place and their fucking rules. I did not talk to my Mother for many years and when I did she said my manners have not improved.'
"I had the same shit happen to me and had to live longer then you have on my own learning to survive. You were well trained, but I regret my time was limited with the sword training. You knew how to use your body to defend your life. I tried to train you later if you recall and you called me a cold bastard. I do get tired of the name calling Inuyasha. It does get old no matter who is doing it."

Inuyasha leaned into Sesshoumaru who was not going his usual teleport speed. It would not be wise and with Inuyasha still healing from his wounds it could cause more damage. Teleport speed was so fast. They were high enough that there would be no one noticing their nude state and Inuyasha was wrapped in his mokomoko keeping the shivering pup warm.

"I am not that bad with the sword Sesshoumaru and now that I understand why you acted the way you did I don't think you are a jerk anymore ok? I did not know and you did not explain things."

Sesshoumaru huffed rolling his eyes.

"You do not ever listen to anyone Inuyasha. I did explain, but you were still pouting because I took your pet wolf away. You rescued the thing and I could not let you keep it more then a week since it was coming on your time to have to train in the world.'
"Mother reminded me of the situation so I made you give it to your best friend Paulo that hanyou that was sent to us from that Kingdom of white wolf demons that did not know how to handle a hanyou. We took him in and he became like a little brother to you. It was for the best, but you still whimpered for days about it not hearing one word I tried to tell you.'
"As far as your tessaiga goes you still fling the thing around like an idiot. I will teach you how to wield your sword properly. I am also going to teach you other weapons, test your powers, and when we are done since you will be human sometimes I need to show you how to protect yourself during those times like I have to do with Rin. You are both going to be the death of me."

This time Inuyasha huffed.

"You could have let me keep Lobo. My wolf pup would have been very helpful to me when I had to run from those damn demons. I was almost killed in the first two days by a group of bandits. Where were you then?'
"It is a stupid law. I mean you have your light whip and a billion other defenses. I had mainly my claws, a sword you threw at me that was stolen by those same bandits, and I did not even find out about my Mother's death until a month later. No one told me shit. Mother cried when I had to leave and the only solace I got was you finally told me so I could pick the place to bury her. Then it was back to being on my own with no one giving a shit."

Sesshoumaru nodded. The circumstances had been most unfortunate.

"Inuyasha I wanted to bring you home then. I had to fight tooth and nail to get the right to tell you about your Mother. Things like that did not normally happen during your training times and this was not something I could control. I told you that Mother follows the old rules. Did I not hold you for a moment then before I left you? You pulled away and I did not blame you. You had every right to be angry with me."

Inuyasha nodded as more tears came as he recalled that day.

"I still miss her so much Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru nodded and nuzzled the top of Inuyasha's head.

"I was not kind about her either. I should not have tricked you with that UnMother. I should not have been testing you with such a thing. I was not happy Jaken came up with that trick, but I was so mad at you.'
"You got yourself killed by Kikyo and then never told me yourself that you lived. Here I mourned you and you wounded me by allowing yourself to love an enemy of our kind. I tried to forgive you. The demon in me would not allow it and my pride. I am cruel little brother and have been for many things I cannot fix.'
"You think I hate you because you were born and Father died. I hate many things, but I cannot hate you for that. Not any longer. I cannot hate you for things you cannot change. I cannot believe I have been so angry and foolish for so long. One would think I was the child in my behavior. Well that is done now."

Inuyasha felt Sesshoumaru start to descend knowing that they were approaching the castle. This was the place for Inuyasha where so many bad and good memories were still haunting his mind.

"Inuyasha we are almost home. It has changed since you have been gone. Mother's death and my departure for so many years have changed so many things. From a distance I have been preparing much for all of us. I expected Kagome would take you and then someday when she was dead since humans live such short lives we would take your children here.'
"I figured if you came to me sooner perhaps you would invite your pack so I recalled Sango had liked white lilies. I saw her crying for Kohaku in a field of them. I made these gardens for her since I knew Kohaku and he had been a good friend to my Rin. He was under a spell and later when I cared for him I found respect for the child. Kohaku had to grow up fast for such a young boy just as you have under circumstances that were most difficult to overcome. There is much here I will describe to you and so you will use those memories of once was to find your way again. Inuyasha do you see the colors in your mind? Can you picture what I am telling you?"

Inuyasha nodded trying to keep himself from crying again. It was so vivid. Sesshoumaru's soft words and descriptions touched his soul. It opened a window of memories that seemed like long lost dreams. Such beauty and at the same time such pain.

"I see it in my memories. I smell them."

Sesshoumaru smiled a little. This was good. He had not dealt with a blind person and hoped that this would work. Sesshoumaru realized he too would need training on how to help Inuyasha lead a fairly normal life.

Slowly decending from their flight, Sesshoumaru lowered them both into his chambers. After they landed Sesshoumaru could not help himself. Inuyasha's full lips begged for kisses. He may not be able to do more, but Sesshoumaru desired something more then just solitude with no affection. No one could give him the affection he craved since he was attracted to so few and had always been attracted to Inuyasha. Such innocence and such perfection was only once in a lifetime. Inuyasha was once in a lifetime and Sesshoumaru was not about to let him slip away. Purification or not Sesshoumaru felt his heart was full only when he was close to this beautiful creature.

" are so beautiful to me........"

Sesshoumaru whispered as he kissed Inuyasha gently on those lips. Inuyasha was shocked at first then timidly kissed Sesshoumaru back finding the sensation pleasant. It was so damn weird at the same time though. He was kissing his damn brother. The same twisted cruel full demon elder brother that threatened to kill him and the same one who had stated for so long that he hated him.

This was the man he looked up to more then any other and at the same time made Inuyasha feel like he was scum under such a perfect being's boots. Sesshoumaru at first glance was the most beautiful being Inuyasha had ever known even with his cold and cruel nature. Inuyasha felt Sesshoumaru pull away hesitantly, but Inuyasha grasped him again desperate for any show of affection even if it was from the one who he though hated him. Inuyasha wanted this love and he felt himself glowing in the power of the jewel as it smiled at this act of love.

At first Sesshoumaru was surprised he was not burnt with the purifying light Inuyasha was giving off almost pushing away until he felt the power of his little brother's forgiving loving heart. To have such love was such a gift. Sesshoumaru wished deep down he could give Inuyasha the same, but as a full demon emotions were shown in actions. Sesshoumaru could show them on occasion, but they were fleeting. All his heart and soul's thoughts were always in his eyes. Inuyasha could not see them, but if he could have he would have seen the deep love Sesshoumaru had for his little brother. Sesshoumaru held his tiny brother tightly nuzzling the boy as he caressed that soft skin.

The smell of the change filled the air. Soon silky ebony locks replaced the silver ones even though the power did not fade. Chocolate eyes with hints of gold caused Sesshoumaru to look deep into those orbs of such beauty it made him wish to weep. Inuyasha had the most beautiful eyes and they were eyes that tempted the demon in him just like his Mothers. Father had fallen in love with Izayoi for her beauty, but it was those eyes of hers that had the man wrapped around her little finger. It was the same with Mother who adored that beautiful woman.

Inuyasha had such big puppy eyes that could melt his heart at times and wrench it at the same time by destroying any good feelings he ever had. Inuyasha could be so cruel sometimes, but he was also so giving and loving. It was an odd combination of things that made up this innocent child like boy that Sesshoumaru adored.

How often had he yelled his hate only to leave feeling like shit because he hurt the pup who touched his soul more times then any other could?

"Sesshoumaru you are funny. You think I am beautiful next to you. I am now a human. Lower then dirt. How can you still say such things?"

Sesshoumaru felt like a giant next to his tiny half brother who was so fragile. Such love was so innocent and Sesshoumaru hoped that would not ever fade.

"Do not ruin the moment little brother. You are indeed beautiful. Even as a human. You are almost too beautiful as a human. It makes the Inu side of you seem plain sometimes. I see your aura and you glow like the sunshine every day. Such golden rainbows flow from you that I sometimes become distracted by you.'
"In fighting you I fight myself. My own urges that would destroy your innocence that I cherish. I want these rainbows to stay so I can see them always. I wonder can you see auras. Because your eyesight itself is gone does not mean you cannot use other senses. What do you see and what do you feel? I am not human, I can never be. Only you can tell me how this feels.’
“Lay with me and tell me these things. We will do nothing other then I want to touch you. I want to feel you with me in my arms and know you are safe. You have almost gotten yourself killed so many times on your human nights and for a long time I could not interfere. I still watched over you. You knew I was there cursing me because I would not help you. Under the old laws I had no choice. Mother was still on the Inu throne. Her words were law. She is dead now since she was killed by our enemies.'
"I never thanked you and still you helped me avenge her death. It was the first time in her life she admitted to me that she did not despise your Mother Izayoi. I defended her against Father and Izayoi thinking Mother would want me to. I was wrong. Mother loved you. Izayoi was Mother's lover and Father just shared her with Mother. I did not know. Father fell in love with both women.'
"Instead of wandering onto other concubines as he could have done he remained faithful to them both. So I now see why Izayoi was saved by him and why he sacrificed all for both of you. I was a fool to deny you both. I was wrong to blame you. I still am wrong in that. You cannot help what you are and you were born as. I am no longer blind in my pride. Rin helped me with this and now you. So know brother that I am proud to stand by your side. You are strong, stronger then I am in some things. I may be a pure blooded demon, but I will never know what you do. I will not ever be human so I cannot feel those emotions that fly from you like the wind in bursts of color and I will only be able to live through you to know those things."

Inuyasha was confused.

"Your Mother was my Mother's lover?"

Sesshoumaru lifted Inuyasha over to the bed and lay with the beautiful human tucking them both in. Even if he could not bite Inuyasha he could hold him any time he wanted. It was time to start showing the jewel that he was worthy of this innocent boy. Sesshoumaru heard its proposal and was going to prove himself. It was the right way to court the pup anyway. Sesshoumaru was a by the book person even if there were a few things he was going to change. If it made no sense it was not logical and therefore not worth keeping as a law. Courting was important and things always should be done right in such things. It was a lifetime decision one did not make lightly.

"Yes she was."

Inuyasha pouted then shook his head ignoring the thoughts that might scar him for life. Just the idea of the two women being lovers was almost too much considering he saw them both in some ways as his Mothers. Sesshoumaru's Mother had been kind to him even if his older brother had not been. Sesshoumaru was not completely anal he just had no sense of humor and was so serious that Inuyasha always thought the guy had a stick up his ass. Now that he was getting to see another side of his brother and after so many fights there were other sides to Sesshoumaru he had not noticed before. The thing Inuyasha missed the most was that Sesshoumaru's golden eyes showed so much that the man was thinking. It helped to know in those eyes there were feelings and Inuyasha had really liked looking into them. Now he never would again.

"Ok enough about that. It is starting to gross me out. This is our Mothers you know. It would be like you walking in on them or Father. I can't imagine it. It was bad enough when you were forced into talking to me about how to make babies when I was a kid. I think you were trying to ruin me for life. I can't believe you told me that much about sex and you went into detail."

Inuyasha blushed and Sesshoumaru laughed. It was funny as hell to see the hanyou blush. It wasn't like Inuyasha never had sex.

"Inuyasha you had females before, it is just your male virginity that I will have the pleasure of taking. I will do things right for you so you know how good it feels. So why are you so shy? What is the big deal?"

Sesshoumaru stated running his fingers over Inuyasha's hip sensually causing Inuyasha to moan a bit since it felt good and was frightening at the same time.

"I have not been with anyone Sesshoumaru except for Kouga raping me. I was bragging like the rest of the guys did."

Sesshoumaru's eyes went wide, and then he rolled Inuyasha over as Inuyasha's face grew redder. Inuyasha's aura was glowing brighter with gold and red light.

"Inuyasha you are completely innocent? What a perfect creature you are. Do you think your jewel will allow me to show you some things? I will not ever show emotions as you do and will never have that aura rainbow you glow with when you are emotional so I want to see more if you will allow me to show you. Humans are beautiful in that. I may have no use for them because their lives are short, but it does not mean I hate them. You misinterpreted my hate all the time.'
"There are beings I hate, people I would consider eye sores only because they are ugly. Their auras are disgusting and they are true evil. Demons have the same thing. Your aura is like the sun. It calls to me. I as the moon always have been chasing after you to see what you will do next. I like watching you fight and I find you so beautiful sometimes I think I am the one who is ugly since I am so cold. I am cruel to you and others. I was brought up this way. I know no other way to be. You never did answer my question. Do you sense my aura? What does it look like since I cannot see my own if you can see it at all?"

Inuyasha blushed. He could sense many things. Even as a human he could feel and smell Sesshoumaru's arousal. It smelled wonderful. Then he could see the glow around his brother. Sesshoumaru's glow was indescribably bright silver. It was silver with golden light and there was darkness, but not one that was to be feared. It was darker silver with red light representing his demon. Then there were wings in his aura. Sesshoumaru looked like an Angel in his aura although when looking at him in person he looked like an Angel too. It was too bad Sesshoumaru was nothing of the sort. He would kill without a second thought and was quite proud of his demon self.

"Sesshoumaru don't beat me up for this, but this is what I see. I see silver light like a halo around this dark shape that glows red and deep silver. That I am assuming is your demon. Then the light above that is golden and silver looking like an Angel. You look like a solid Angel creature of silver mainly in that light thing you call an aura."

Sesshoumaru pouted a minute, but shrugged. At least it was not ugly even if it was not what he expected. It was good because evil beings auras were very disgusting and it would not do to have such an aura.

"I am glad. I did not want an ugly aura. I am not a good being and technically to most I am evil so I did think my aura might look like Naraku’s did. That was repulsive. His aura looks like black worms and it stinks of death."

Inuyasha smiled then fiddled with his hair with one hand nervously.

"Sesshoumaru I was hurt really bad by Kouga. Are you sure it does not hurt? I mean I don't blame him, but I am afraid."

Sesshoumaru touched his little brother's face gently.

"What does your heart say Inuyasha? What does the jewel tell you? I am not biting you Inuyasha. I am not going to mate you until you are good and ready. I just want to pleasure you. If you will allow me to, but if you are not ready I will do nothing. I am a grown man and I can take care of my needs. I am patient, but I too am coming into full rut with mating season at hand. I will not force you so if I must find another then I will do so until you are ready for me."

Inuyasha pouted. The selfish part of him did not want Sesshoumaru finding another. The other part of him was afraid, but the jewel seemed to know what he needed.

'Let your brother show you pleasure. He is asking nothing else and if he tries to do more then we will take care of it.'

"Ok Sesshoumaru. Just go slow ok?"

Inuyasha stated with big eyes looking even more innocent then before. Sesshoumaru gently kissed those lips and slowly with a gentle licking of that full bottom lip convinced Inuyasha to open his mouth. Inuyasha found Sesshoumaru's tongue entering gently probing and it tasted nice. Inuyasha gently explored Sesshoumaru's mouth too as he followed Sesshoumaru's lead.

Inuyasha felt those clawed fingers gently stroking his thighs running circles over them then they slid up his hips as Sesshoumaru knelt above him with that long silver hair cascading like a curtain over him. Soon the fingers just gently brushed past his cock dipping into his thighs but just gently stroking without actually touching anything except the sensitive skin of his legs. Inuyasha felt his body relax as the kisses deepened and then those lips left his as Inuyasha felt his brother's lips kiss his neck in soft butterfly kisses. There was no rushing, no tearing of flesh, only soft affectionate touches that made Inuyasha weep at the gentle worship of his body. Sesshoumaru looked up in concern at the tears.

"Are you ok Inuyasha? Do you need me to stop?"

Inuyasha panicked.

"No don't stop, I just did not expect anyone to ever touch me like this. It feels nice."

Sesshoumaru grunted and then slid his tongue down onto that neck and gently sucked on the mating point knowing instinctively that even though Inuyasha was human right now there was enough of his demon blood coursing through him to feel the pleasure of such an act. The mating point was one of the erogenous zones. Inuyasha's toes curled at this and he felt his cock become erect as he started rubbing it against Sesshoumaru's taunt chest as the tall demon had pulled Inuyasha onto his side as he continued his assault on that sensitive spot trying hard not to allow his demon to come out to fuck the poor kid before he was ready. Inuyasha was to be pleasured and if any of this passion the boy was showing was a sign of the way things would be for them as mates their mating would be incredible. There was something deep within Sesshoumaru that stated Inuyasha's passion was unlike any others and it would always be strong. Sesshoumaru knew he would not ever become bored with Inuyasha and that the pup would be willing to try many things.

Inuyasha whimpered feeling some kind of incredible pressure in his nether regions as precum slicked the tip of his engorged cock. The cock rubbing against his leg was Sesshoumaru's monster and it was huge. Inuyasha was too into the moment to care until Sesshoumaru stopped teasing that spot. Inuyasha then started to come to from that bliss wondering why Sesshoumaru stopped.

"I promised I would not mark you Inuyasha so be patient. I will do so once I have earned the right. It will be similar, but much better. At first it will hurt, but it is temporary since I have to infuse you with my blood and then you will bite me too. It will mark us as belonging to each other. Now it seems you have a problem that needs some attention. I want some time first though to play with the rest of your charms. You have so many little one."

Sesshoumaru practically purred as he took one of Inuyasha's firm nipples into his mouth as he nipped, licked, and sucked both those nipples as Inuyasha gasped running those blunt fingernails over Sesshoumaru's head to do more. As the demon Lord bit his chest softly Inuyasha jumped for a minute in pain only to have it replaced by that pleasuring tongue as it went lower and then the demon Lord's mouth engulfed his aching cock.

"Oh shit........."

Inuyasha cried out as he lifted his hips up only to have Sesshoumaru hold them down. Then releasing his mouth from Inuyasha he smirked at his little brother.

"You are so sensitive little brother. Are you sure you can handle more? If you keep this up I may not be able to stop myself from fucking you."

Inuyasha whimpered.

"Does it feel as good as that did or will it hurt like when........"

Sesshoumaru put a finger to Inuyasha's lips.

"Don't think of that situation my beautiful Inuyasha. This is all new. You are still fresh and innocent. You have not experienced pleasure so I am showing you. If you want me to fuck you I will. It is very pleasurable, but only when done right. At first it will hurt like I told you once when you were younger. But then you will beg for more."

Inuyasha pouted not sure if he should believe it.

"How do you know? Have you been............?”

Sesshoumaru kissed those questioning lips.

" are thinking too much. Just feel and yes I do know. I have been fucked before. In fact I will let you do that to me once we are mated, but only after we are mated. I do not play beta to anyone even if I enjoy being taken. I am always and will always be the Alpha."

Inuyasha nodded then felt Sesshoumaru take his cock in his mouth again. Inuyasha closed his eyes and had a hard time holding still as Sesshoumaru held those writhing hips down until Inuyasha's screams filled the room as he called out Sesshoumaru's name cumming hard into the elder demon's mouth.

Sesshoumaru moaned at the flavor. Nothing tasted this good ever in his life. Why had he denied himself for so long of this? How many times had he wanted to take Inuyasha during his first heat and then went to another? He had even fucked that beautiful wolf Prince Kouga until the wolf Prince could not walk strait.

Kouga had been shocked to be caught by the powerful demon Lord while bathing in a spring. Sesshoumaru did not recognize Kouga with his black hair cascading down his back in wet waves of pure ebony heaven then those amazing blue eyes gazed back in shock. Soon all his clothing was gone and before Kouga could run Sesshoumaru had seduced him.

Sesshoumaru had no resistance once the seduction was complete and Kouga had been panting begging for him. It was so damn perfect, but not even Kouga tasted this sweet and that pup had also been new to men. Taking his virginity had been the highlight of the day and Sesshoumaru took him until the season was over. Usually it was a female Sesshoumaru would take for the season, but this time his blood craved something else. Kouga had the privilege of fucking him a few times too so the wolf boy did not feel cheated. It was a rare privilege, but Kouga had been worth it.

"Inuyasha, do you want me to do more?"

Inuyasha was breathing hard and then rolled Sesshoumaru onto his back.

"I want to taste you before we go any further. I want to do all you do to me to you. So let me try. I can't see how beautiful you are except your aura so let me do what I can. I can feel, speak, touch, hear, and taste. Please Sesshoumaru no matter your pride do not hold anything back. Let me have something of you since right now I would give anything to see you."

Sesshoumaru complied without argument. His body wanted some attention and Inuyasha's explorations should be interesting.

"Do as you will to me. I will hold nothing back."

Inuyasha smiled and with shaky fingers closed his eyes tracing Sesshoumaru's face with his fingers trying to recall that beauty he had wished for his whole life. Sesshoumaru was so handsome he had to always remember how that man looked. Sesshoumaru felt those fingers over his face and allowed the boy to trace his features feeling something he never felt before. Sesshoumaru really did not realize how it would be not to be able to see things or to recall things like Inuyasha was doing. It was so intimate and Inuyasha was causing something to break in him. Sesshoumaru felt pain and sorrow for his brother. Some feeling he had not felt in years as something happened that never happened to demons. Tears came. Inuyasha stopped and touched those tears in shock.


Inuyasha whispered and fell upon Sesshoumaru holding him tightly licking the tears away. Demons did not cry. They just did not. How was this possible? Then Sesshoumaru opened his eyes and looked at his hair. It was dark like Inuyasha's. He panicked rolling over leaving Inuyasha on the bed to rush to the mirror.

"I am human! What the fuck!"

Sesshoumaru roared out as he looked in the mirror. His hair was long and black. His skin was like Inuyasha's with a slightly golden tan hue and his eyes were like Inuyasha’s.

"I am not a hanyou."

Sesshoumaru growled out.

Inuyasha smirked a bit.

"You are right."

Sesshoumaru looked at Inuyasha accusingly.

"You just look human with some characteristics. It was the price for the arm. You are still a full demon. You wanted to know what it feels like to be human. So the jewel is making that happen. It is not my fault so don't blame me."

Sesshoumaru huffed and then went to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I don't like it. How can you stand this? I feel like there are a billion emotions trying to take over."

Inuyasha smiled he felt around for his brother fumbling for a moment until he felt that warm skin. Then Inuyasha wrapped his arms around Sesshoumaru.

"It is just for the one night I am human and I can help you get used to it. It is not forever Sesshoumaru. I wish I could see it. I can only see what you looked like as a demon so you can't have changed that much."

Sesshoumaru leaned back against Inuyasha.

"You made me cry. You made me feel pain for you. I want you to see things little brother. I want you to see me. I hate your miko for doing this even if she was under a spell. It is not fixable and I can't make it better. It is unacceptable."

Inuyasha nuzzled Sesshoumaru's shoulder then kissed his brother's soft neck.

"Don't hate her. Stop hating people Sesshoumaru. Does hate make you happy?"

Sesshoumaru pouted.

"No it does not."

Then the elder demon sighed in frustration.

"I have lost the mood. I can't focus right now."

Inuyasha smiled. He understood.

"It is ok. We can do such things again later. Can I feel something in your mouth?"

Sesshoumaru lay his body back down as Inuyasha followed him down keeping a hand on his face then felt Sesshoumaru's lips with his fingers then slowly lowered down to kiss him deeply letting his tongue feel for what he was looking for. Sesshoumaru moaned in want. Pulling up from the kiss Inuyasha pouted.

"No fair."

Sesshoumaru looked confused.

"What is not fair Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha crossed his arms and looked like his normal defiant self.

"You still have your fangs."

Sesshoumaru smirked at that then got up to check in the mirror. He still had his markings and his fangs. It was not too bad having long dark hair and dark eyes with gold flecks in them. In fact he almost liked this form except the silver hair was an Inu trademark that made them unlike any other demon in the world.

"No I still like my silver hair. I still think this is not too bad though. I think I can get used to this if I must."

Inuyasha almost started laughing, but then he thought about Kagome again.

"What are you going to do about Kagome? I can't save her can I?"

Inuyasha stated as Sesshoumaru looked back at Inuyasha as the pain set in at what he had to do to the young girl.

"No you cannot save her. She is already dying. I will do what I can, but I may have to destroy her first to save her. I can't have you there when this occurs."

Inuyasha nodded. It hurt though.

"I don't want her to die. I still love her Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru nodded. He knew this and it hurt him too. Still he had accepted this a long time ago. Inuyasha would get over his heartache. They could not take a human miko for a mate no matter what. The female would have to be someone who could bear them heirs to make up for the population loss of their people. So many Inu's had died and there were so few powerful females. Inuyasha spoke of the bone eaters well saying there were many smells of different creatures on the other side. Perhaps one could be found there.

"Inuyasha many things are going to change now that you are home. I am sick of the old rules. I am King and it is time for change. I make the rules now and new scrolls will decree new laws that we both agree upon. I am tired of ruling alone and I can use your advice although any stupid childish ideas I will not listen to. You know what I am talking about. We cannot save every damn human or half wit from themselves. We are not built to save the whole damn world.'
"I can change certain things though. For example, I will change some old family traditions I find distasteful. There will be no more throwing our offspring out of our home to fend for their own lives. It has not helped you at all. It will not help your children. Mine will live, but I am sick of cruel laws that make no sense at all. We can train our children, go out with them allow them to battle, but I am not going to lose them like I almost lost you. I want to see my children grow and train them before they leave me. I am so damn old now Inuyasha. I should have many children, but all I have are a few bastards who are now dead.’
“I can no longer count the amount of lovers I have had or how many children I had foolishly brought into this world without mating their mothers. I have killed my own lovers, my own children, and all because of laws that our ancestors put in place. I am not supposed to bear children outside of mating so now I must deal with that regret. You can thank the damn jewel for making me feel them. I now have to look at my past and I realize how cruel I have been."

Sesshoumaru came over to the bed again and held Inuyasha tightly. Inuyasha felt good against his bare skin and it had been so long since he had been in the arms of anyone. It felt so right to love like this and Sesshoumaru could not help staring at his brother who he felt such love for right now. Sesshoumaru did not want to hurt Inuyasha any more, but there was no getting around it. There were going to be times that he would or might. Sesshoumaru could not shelter the one he loved or it would be like living in a golden prison rather then having Inuyasha happy. Inuyasha being a free spirit with so much life in him was beautiful and this blindness was not something he should use to hold himself back from life. There was so much to do and so many things to live for.

"Inuyasha I am probably just being irrationally emotional, but fact is I love you. I want you to live. I want you to love me. The only way I know how to do these things is to teach you to be strong again. I might hurt you or your feelings. I can't be soft on you. If I was soft on myself when I lost my arm I would not have lived at all. You cannot let one handicap destroy your life. Together we will forge our way in this world and be stronger because we know what it is like to have hard times try to break us down. You will once again be as you were before except this time I will be here to stand at your side. I want you to be my mate not just because I need one, but because I want you. I have wanted you for a long time and I was wrong. These nights may be the only nights I ever say such things to you since now I have these stupid human emotions, but know even in my demon form that in every action I show you I love you.'
"My first goal is that I must show you how things should have been for you. The one thing that should have been your most precious memory and one of pure pleasure that Kouga in his inability to control himself denied you. I do not blame him, but he did the right thing by destroying his life. I cannot fix what he did to you. I am afraid you may reject me when that moment comes. What we have done is very small and then there is that one act I will perform that will cause some pain. I will need you to relax then. You must know this since I will not take another if you do not want me to, but then you must allow me to finish what I started. Then I will fully mate you. You and that jewel have to decide I am worthy of you so you will need to remember these words."

Inuyasha nodded cuddling closer to Sesshoumaru.

"I know you don't want to hear this, but Kagome should have taken her own life for her benefit as well, but I don't think she knows of the child she is carrying. I do not hate the human child, but I cannot allow her to live Inuyasha. I know you don't understand, but the girl is dead already if Kikyo has possessed her this much. I am begging you to stay here. You don't want to smell or hear what I must do. The good soul of Kagome's has been pushed out and corrupted. I will make it quick and painless. It must be done little one before she hurts others like your precious friends. Once the corrupt soul takes over it will go after the rest of your little pack and then after mine. I cannot allow that. More innocents will die and your Kagome will never forgive herself."

Inuyasha moaned in sorrow. It was too much to bear as a sound Sesshoumaru had not ever wished to hear in his life came from Inuyasha. A cry so deep in its sadness that it ripped at his heart as Inuyasha sobbed in his arms. Sesshoumaru knew Inuyasha in that had already forgiven him, but would Inuyasha be able to forgive himself? Sesshoumaru held Inuyasha rocking him gently.

"I promise I will stay Sesshoumaru. I won't follow you, but please do not come here with her blood on your hands. I beg you have her scent off of you when you return. I don't want to think about it. Then I have to tell her family."

Sesshoumaru looked confused.

"Why would you do that? I have tensaiga and we have talked already. Doesn't Father talk to you through your sword?"

Inuyasha looked up at Sesshoumaru in hope.

"You will bring her back?"

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes.

"Of course I will. I am not an ogre. I will remove the problem, and then bring her pure soul back so we can take her home."

Inuyasha smiled and then kissed Sesshoumaru for all he was worth missing Sesshoumaru's lips completely as he kissed Sesshoumaru's shoulder right below the mating point making Sesshoumaru moan.

"I love you Sesshoumaru! When morning comes after you return and I am a hanyou you get your desire. I am mating you right away!"

Sesshoumaru grinned at the childish imp who won his heart.

"Good now go to sleep imp. We have a full day tomorrow and unless you want me to take you right this second you better stop being so damn sexy."

Inuyasha then pouted.

"I am not........"

Sesshoumaru shut him up with a kiss then cuddled that body close trying to think of anything non sexual to try to sleep so he could behave with the delicious smelling pup in his arms. A promise was a promise and there would be no more messing around until after this was all finished.


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