Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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The family was piled into a limo after they had left the Airport. Before leaving Sesshoumaru knew it would not do to be wandering around in bath robes so he had Mirage wear some of his things that had been stashed on the plane and he was dressed as immaculate as before.

Sesshoumaru was dressed up in a dark silver business suit with a royal blue shirt that was of simple cotton and polyester. His dark silver tie matched his trousers and blazer. It was as laid back as Sesshoumaru could get when he went from pure silk or satin to anything like cotton. He did not tell his mates or family that back at his home in America on occasion he would dress sometimes in a collared golf shirt with a pair of tan slacks since they would throw a fit since Sesshoumaru insisted that they all dress so fine when they got together. It would cause problems and Sesshoumaru felt that if he allowed his pack to dress down they would all end up looking like a bunch of wild punks and criminals. Demons had to be kept under a tight leash or more chaos would erupt then what was already happening now.

As far as clothing went, Sesshoumaru had tried lots of materials to find what he liked best. Cotton was soft, but his skin was overly sensitive and anything rough like wool would cause irritation. No one wanted to deal with that since Sesshoumaru would be a temperamental monster when he was not happy so his family if only out of fear did everything possible to make him happy with the exception of Inuyasha who went out of his way to piss Sesshoumaru off some days. It would have been too strange for everyone if Inuyasha did not do such things and he was the only one of them with enough power to take anything Sesshoumaru could dish out.

Sesshoumaru ran his fingers over his long hair pushing some stray black strands behind his ear. The once silver hair was now black as night making his eyes even more fierce as he did not completely let his demon go silent. Every time they entered any area of little to no light all that could be seen was those red demonic eyes in the darkness that pondered so many things. Sesshoumaru debated on pulling back the strands of hair that flowed about him like soft waves of silk and changed his mind since he was rather used to having it flowing around him. The markings were gone, but not forgotten. The illusion was complete as always.

Using the cosplay convention for Bobby’s appearance plus the large black wings that had not disappeared into his body yet and Mirage’s current attire seemed to work for this crowd of people since there were so many people dressed up for this thing that was so popular in Japan. This nonsense had also made its way to America and was becoming even worse there as far as people dressing up like their favorite Anime characters. It was both amusing and embarrassing.

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes at the ones who tried to dress up like him. It was as though his fine armor and clothing was no longer a family heirloom just for him to enjoy anymore. Father would have a fit if he saw how these people disregarded demons as nothing more than cartoon figures. No one believed in demons any more or feared them like they used to. Humans, hanyous, and even some demons were completely ignorant to the true world they lived in. Still, he got over it and moved forward trying to get his family away from the crowds of people.

Mirage told him he looked too sexy in these business cloths, but would someday like to see his original ensemble that he had encased in glass at his castle that was hidden deep within the mountains of Japan. His castle held many collectables since he was like his Father a collector of many things labeling and recording them all as his home was more like a giant museum then a home any more. In this modern time Sesshoumaru preferred to live in the various mansions, vacation homes, and some of the hotels he owned all over the world.

Sesshoumaru had to smirk since Mirage did not fit into his clothing well at all since it was too big and too long since he was so tall. Still she looked cute sitting in a pair of his boxer shorts and one of his dress shirts. The long black dress socks looked even cuter and funnier on her feet as she pulled them up with them sitting just below her knees. It had been really funny to watch Mirage come out of the plane then run sliding across the tiled floor of the waiting room waving hi to them all as she slid by only to do it again having poor Kouga laughing so hard he thought he was going to never get up off that floor.

Mirage made Sesshoumaru roll his eyes, but he could not help smirking as she slid up to him gliding her feet on the floor batting her eyelashes at him. The line she gave him when she said ‘take me I am yours’ did make him laugh a bit as he nuzzled her cheek softly with a big smile on his face. Mirage then wrapped her arms around him with the biggest smile she could muster making him kiss the hell out of that adorable silly woman.

Mirage felt out of place though since everyone was dressed up so nicely. Rin was bringing some things from America to her since Rin could teleport to where she wanted to go. The girl absolutely refused to fly in a plane and Sesshoumaru was tired of arguing with her. Keeping his arm tightly around Mirage he whispered for her to stop fidgeting. She was as bad as Inuyasha had been at sitting still and she was staring out the window adjusting to her new demonic eyes.

It was so quiet in the limo except for Mirage and Bobby who could not sit still for a second as their excitement at coming to such a new place even had his heart pounding faster. Sesshoumaru’s little American mate was very animated making him crazy with want as those shorts kept riding up a bit showing him teases of that gorgeous ass he wanted so much to sink his teeth into.

Sesshoumaru did not want to hunt yet. If his mate and new son would not settle down his demon would insist upon killing something. Either that or he would take Mirage in front of them all fucking her like an animal again and that would not be acceptable. He refused to debase himself for any reason.

The trip from the Airport was almost like watching Rin as a child again as Mirage had gone from pushing every button on the limo to find out what it did with Bobby's help to pointing out things they passed. Sesshoumaru watched her eyes and read her mind seeing though her things she desired. Things that would help him get to know her better and make her happy. Mirage longed to touch the fine kimono's that to her seemed like pretty outfits to play dress up in. It was amusing. The few humans, demons, and hanyous they had come across before getting into the limo had one hell of a time trying to keep their hands from touching that golden hair that Mirage was graced with. Then looking at her sapphire eyes smiling as her childish curiosity made the people around them keep whispering angel as they passed the little pack moved on towards the waiting stretch black limousine.

It was interesting how she could make a person smile without even looking at them. Mirage was so enthralled with his true homeland and referred all her questions to him with this desire for understanding. Sesshoumaru wanted more than anything to help her, but at the same time had this urge to make her learn it all as slowly as possible since that way he could keep her this innocent perfect creature.

A woman had dropped some papers and Mirage rushed over to help her pick them up as he with the others looked in shock. They would never bend so low as to help a human like she did without thinking twice about it and in doing this Mirage had gained some approving nods from people who witnessed her kindness as she smiled at Sesshoumaru who smiled softly back.

Then they once again moved forward with Mirage taking Sesshoumaru’s arm smiling happily as they walked to the limo. He heard a few pitying comments from passing demons about her attire and that a Lady with a rich man like him should not have to wear such clothing. Sesshoumaru growled low at them to shut up and shook his head at his silly little mate who never seemed to notice such things.

"Hey Bobby there is Anime town! We have to go there sometime."
Mirage stated suddenly pulling out of his embrace and kneeling on the seat pointing out the window like a child. Miroku and Sango could not help snickering a bit whispering that Sesshoumaru just adopted a new child rather than a mate. Sesshoumaru growled at that, but smirked none the less. It was so cute and he was having fun learning all about what his mate liked so he could lavish her with all she desired. Bobby looked out the window then sat down on the floor pouting whacking his wings.

"Are these stupid things ever going to disappear so I can look normal?"

Sango smiled and touched the wings as Bobby sat by her feet. She really liked them.

"Bobby I told you it takes some time for your new powers to adjust and they will go into you as soon as your blood is at peace."

Sesshoumaru stated as Bobby finally got up to look out the window with his Mom.

"Wow this place is so great. I just don't understand any Japanese so I am going to have to fix that. I am so glad I have translators or I would be totally lost here. Hey I bet that they have the Navy shipyards around here and other cool stuff for you my History buff. We have got to check them out Bobby. This definitely calls for a shopping spree and sightseeing tour before we leave this place. It is just way too cool."

Bobby nodded as he laid his head on his hands while sitting with his Mom looking out the window. Miroku was staring at Mirage's long legs, but soon had to turn away before Sesshoumaru got up from his seat to knock him flat.

Sesshoumaru ran his clawed fingers gently over his mate's leg and Mirage smiled as she looked down at him for a moment glad that he was being so cool about her wild behavior without telling her to sit down. He was not judging her and he was allowing her to explore this new place with excitement. Her late husband would have eventually teased her embarrassing her if she was bouncing around like a kid. Sesshoumaru seemed to want this and accept it.

"You are so lucky to have been born here. Everyone always said that they loved Japan when they were stationed here. Now I see why. I love this place, but America is still home and my family is there. Maybe someday you can visit them Sesshoumaru. I would really like that. How many days are we staying here?"

Mirage asked as she felt tired laying her head against her crossed arms as she watched out the window trying hard not to fall asleep. There was so much to see and she did not want to miss any of it. Sesshoumaru watched his mate and then saw Bobby move back to sit in one of the seats on the side of the limo trying to get comfortable with his wings squashed against the cushions. Sesshoumaru then pulled Mirage onto his lap.

"You are so silly woman. You are not going to miss anything here I promise. After a while you may get bored looking at all of this since this is my homeland. We will most likely be living here for years going back and forth between Japan and America. It is what we as the Tashio family have done for centuries. Now go to sleep. We are only going to be here for two days this trip."

Mirage's eyes opened wide and he heard her small whine. It was even cuter with the full lipped pout she had in place.

"That is not enough time to go Anime hunting. Dang it."

Sesshoumaru smirked.

"You plan on buying more crazy Anime things that supposedly look like me with my name on it and that is really silly considering I am real right here. Still if you wish to shop for such nonsense we can perhaps go tomorrow. Now sleep woman and when we get to the hotel you will fit in perfectly since we will have clothing for you there.’
“I will tell my family you do not speak any Japanese too much around you so they will not be rude saying things you do not understand. You will learn my language and I will help you. I will show you that with your new demonic powers languages will be easy to learn and remember. It will even be easier for you to write in my native tongue once we are living here. I never stay in one place for too long so I hope you do not mind traveling often.’
“I will make sure if nothing else there is a translator when we go out so that if anyone dares to say something mean about you then I will know it.'
"Even though this is my family I am introducing you to, I don't want you to trust them. You must remember they are demons and you are still new to this. They can be quite crafty and trick you if you are not careful. You are still too naive to our ways. I don't think even mated I can leave you alone with anyone so you will be at my side the whole night."

Mirage was too tired to argue about the fact she felt she could take care of herself. After all she had been doing it for years. Still it felt nice to be held and loved. Cuddling into Sesshoumaru's arms Mirage gratefully fell into a deep slumber. Bobby too was out cold. Their new demonic blood was coursing like wildfire in their veins and had worn them out. Sesshoumaru looked at Sango and Miroku.

"Sango and Miroku do you think you can handle taking Bobby for a couple of days? I want to marry my woman and have a honeymoon for her like humans do. She played human for so long she does not recall anything else."

Sango smiled at the boy and Miroku nodded.

"No problem. He is a good kid. Mirage is quite strict with him, but that has been a good thing for the pup. Plus I think Kirara would have a fit if you took him away from her too soon. They are pretty good friends."

Sesshoumaru then looked at his mate who was so damn innocent. She was like a pure angel with this wonderful passion inside. It was wild and free. He had to harness some of this though. He had to keep things under control even if Mirage did not know he was actually doing it.

"Thank you. If either of you require anything you will inform me and it shall be done."

Miroku smirked and had thought about this until Sango punched him.

"You are not asking them to take us as their third mates. What is wrong with you letch? Isn't it bad enough that we both already have another mate each that you can't keep your groping hands off of monk?"

Sesshoumaru smiled and almost laughed as Miroku tried to look innocent.

"I in no way was going to do such a thing; I was going to ask to be Inuyasha and Kagome's second mates if we can do that spell."

Sesshoumaru turned to look at the monk with a growl and stated one word.


Miroku was going to ask why, but decided not to push it. Sesshoumaru did say anything that they wanted though.

“Monk I can read your thoughts. I meant within reason and you know this. Inuyasha may be unmating Kouga soon and I may be unmating them both if things do not improve for us. I cannot tolerate any more fighting with my mates and have my female injured if things got out of hand. She is carrying my son and my heir. I will not have my legacy damaged by a bunch of wild males who cannot control themselves. This is no longer just a question of love since I love them both. I have to think about the future, my people, and of my future children. I am not willing to sacrifice anything, but as a ruler even I have to make hard decisions that I do not wish to make.’
“This is Inuyasha’s last chance with me and Kouga has already pushed limits he should not have. I can always mate them again later if I desire to, but it is past time for them to grow up. I will not have disobedience in my family any longer or deceit.’
“I am now limited to who I trust and therefore you both are lucky considering I have put the last faith I have in you both. You have served me loyally for years and have been interesting as well as honorable. I trust you both with my life since that boy and my Rin are very precious to me. Your protection of them is also protecting me and in that I am grateful so you will be receiving something because I want to show I am not completely thoughtless to others who have served me well.’
“This conversation is why I had you both come with me and forced Kouga to stay at the Airport to gather the rest of our family rather then travel with us. It was also quite difficult getting Inuyasha back on a plane again.’
“Kagome will not be coming with us and will remain in my private nurses’ care until we return to America. Kouga is flying out on the same jet we arrived on to bring Inuyasha here. It has been checked thoroughly and will be safe.’
“I can live without Kouga being my mate for a time if he cannot stop lying to me, but not without Inuyasha yet. I almost lost him and I cannot afford for such a thing to happen again. I also have to think about my Mirage and our children since being mated to more than one person makes me vulnerable to death. If my mates die then I die since we are fully mated. I am aware that if this happens then Mirage dies and my unborn child with her. I refuse to have this become a burden on my mind. I have enough burdens as it is.’
“Many years ago I would not have trusted a hanyou ever and I would have killed you both had it not been for my little brother. I have learned much about the value of humans, demons, and hanyous by knowing all of you. Do not turn me into a monster again. I do not wish to revert back to what I once had been.”

Sango saw Sesshoumaru look away sadly then he went back to the emotionless mask that had been what they were used to for years.

“I am tired. If you both find something other than foolish ideas on taking away my first mate and his female then I may be willing to listen to them later. If I were to consider you both mating Inuyasha and Kagome it would not be for doing your job. This is a reward for good work done not a decision that would mess up my life since Inuyasha is directly linked to me. I am not my Father or his Father before him. I am unsure I want six mates. That many mates is a great risk to one’s lifespan if one wishes to remain immortal.’
“I think we are close to the hotel. You and Miroku will go with Bobby. I wish to remain here with Mirage and drive around a bit so send Rin down with Mirage’s clothing so she can change here. Tell Inuyasha and Kouga I wish to speak to them alone when I return. Do not say a word of this I have told you or I will not give either of you any consideration concerning anything again. I will hunt you down and kill you both slowly with no mercy. Do not break my trust. If you break such a thing I will not forgive you or forget. That is all.”

Sesshoumaru stated and Miroku knew they had been dismissed. Sesshoumaru did not ever let them forget their true place in his pack was of course to be his messengers as well as his Generals. They were the body guards to his children so asking them to do their job should not require any compensation for the sacrifices he had made for them over these years. Still, Sesshoumaru felt he had grown soft and would not take back anything he offered since that would be dishonorable.

Miroku and Sango stepped out of the limo looking at each other knowing this was going to be difficult. Inuyasha and Kouga were their friends. Inuyasha deserved to know what his brother was proposing. Still they could not interfere.

Entering the beautiful expensive hotel with Miroku carrying a sleeping boy Sango checked them in. They were Mike and Stephanie Tashio here. Americans on a business trip and Bobby was in this illusion to be Jimmy Tashio their adopted son who just got done with a cosplay event. The people at the front counter were used to things like this.
Rin saw Aunt Sango and Uncle Miroku entering the hotel. She rushed to hug her Aunt and Uncle. Miroku and Sango had been like blood relatives so everyone treated them that way. Sesshoumaru had allowed it and eventually had just forced them to be family even if they did not want to be. Every decision made had been done with the pack together. This time was no different.

“Do you want to carry Bobby up to the room or do you want to escort Rin out to the limo to give Sesshoumaru these things?”

Sango asked Miroku who looked tired. Still he did not really want the women going back out since he still felt strongly that they were not completely out of danger here. Inuyasha and Kagome had been attacked. Even if Sango and Rin were strong it was his job to protect them even from Sesshoumaru if necessary.

“No, here take Bobby up to the room. I will take these things out to Sesshoumaru. I have something to ask him anyway.”

Sango sighed and Rin looked unsure if that was such a great idea. Still they took the boy and started chatting happily as they headed up to the room. There was no point in dwelling on the monk getting beat up if he said something stupid. It was bound to happen at some point.

Sesshoumaru waited in the car becoming impatient. He called Rin so she would meet him right away with the things he needed for his mate so that they could have some time alone. He needed to really think before he faced the pack again. The door was opened and Sesshoumaru growled as Miroku hung the clothing on the hanger by the door.

“What are you doing monk? I told Rin to come here to do this not you.”

Miroku sighed. Sesshoumaru was so damn temperamental some days just like Inuyasha. It was not anything big he was going to ask it was more of a complaint he wished to make and hoped Sesshoumaru would have some pity on him. The fact that Sesshoumaru is a proud male canine should at least make the guy understand him and see the wrong of this whole situation.

“I know that, but it was actually safer to have the women in the building after what happened to Inuyasha and Kagome. I was thinking of their safety so if you don’t mind please quit snapping at me all the time. Sango does it enough.’
“I don’t want to ask for whatever reward you wanted to give to us only because I don’t think it is fair without talking to Sango about it. Still I don’t want to talk to her about it, but you know my current mating situation.’
“You are still my King so as your subject it is my duty to let you know if anything might change that could affect my servitude to you. Well, something has come up and I must bring this to your attention without the women present.”

Sesshoumaru looked at Miroku not sure if he wanted to hear this. Still it was his duty and so he nodded as Miroku closed the door of the limo sitting across from Sesshoumaru looking rather depressed. His eyes had been withdrawn for years now losing the beautiful spark that had once made this pervert so damn beautiful since so few people had violet eyes that held such charm that the monk once used to gain almost anything he desired. Miroku had once been a very beautiful man, he was still handsome. Sitting here though he looked old and tired as stress etched his face.

“You have been lacking in your rest Miroku and you have been unhappy for years. Is this why you have finally come forward? Why has it taken you so long? I have been waiting, but you have done nothing.”

Sesshoumaru stated firmly. Miroku nodded.

“I could not get a moment alone with you until now. Sango is not one to let me wander due to my past although I have changed. You have seen this and I do not stray. Still she nitpicks at me about my being a lecher.’
“I have looked at beautiful women, but I do not touch anyone except for Sango. Lacy and Paula are good second mates to us. What can I say other then Kouga makes beautiful children who grow up nicely. I would not have even thought about mating the kids, but they are both mature. I enjoy them. Still they avoid us lately and I know why.”

Sesshoumaru looked at the broken monk knowing exactly what and who his problem was. It was difficult for a man especially a canine to admit that he was indeed having problems being the man with his mate.

“You have no need to feel uncomfortable Miroku. We have all seen your situation, just say it and then I have to leave. I need some time of quiet or I will indeed kill someone.”

Miroku nodded feeling that Sesshoumaru’s demon was unhappy and anxious. It had not had a moment of peace and it had not had a chance to wind down after Sesshoumaru had been with his mate. It was a dangerous time to linger.

“I want to know one thing before I leave you. I wanted to know if there is any way we can remove the cat demon from Sango’s blood. I am sick and tired of being dominated by my bitch. We are all canines and she has some of that blood. I do not wish to be a canine mated to a cat female forever who I feel like I have to ask permission from to do anything I want to.’
“I am starting to hate Sango and I don’t want to feel like that. Sango is my mate and I am supposed to love her. Our mates won’t come back until she is no longer a cat demon. I miss them. The only reason they are coming here is because of your orders and because they had no choice. I want them to come here because they miss us and love us.’
“I want for once for Sango to let me chase her and I want to dominate her. The only way I can handle staying mated to that bitch that refuses to bear my children until she feels like it is if you can turn me into a cat that can bear the humiliation of this. I am only a man and it has been a thousand years of life for us. I want a child of my own that can say his Father is not a pathetic looser who is ordered around by his own woman.”

Sesshoumaru at this was at first shocked by the whole idea of killing the cat blood and then he started laughing. It was funny as hell. It was not the normal request he had from the monk and since Miroku just amused him after having such a weight on his shoulder he would at least try to help the kid out.

“Miroku you can’t kill cat blood. We can alter it and make the canine blood strong enough to keep the cat in her so minimal that it will be as though it was never there. Just because cat demon females used to rule over their men does not mean that still applies. You are a canine so act like one. You are so afraid of her leaving you that you let yourself become her slave.’
“Because you are supposed to be the Alpha of your mates they in turn see your weakness as their own. In my room there is a vial of my blood in my safe. You know the combination and how to avoid the traps. I trust you.’
“You will drink my blood and then go to her tonight. You will have Rin and Shippo care for Bobby so he does not get injured by the power of your canine. Make her bite you. After that the problem will be solved. Now get out of my site pretty Miroku before I change my mind and make you my third mate. I have missed the spark in your pretty eyes and since I trust you I have considered taking you. We shall see how tonight unfolds. There is much I must contemplate and you must go. Do not let Sango deter you. Be strong or you will continue to be what you see as a pathetic loser since you will be the only one to blame if you do not change your situation.”

Miroku smiled and wanted to hug Sesshoumaru. Still he knew better. Sesshoumaru was pleased to see those violet eyes light up again. Then there was a confident smirk on the boy’s lips making him beautiful again. Sesshoumaru sighed softly as Miroku left the limo to do as he was told. If Sesshoumaru did not have so many things going on in his head he may have just let the boy drink directly from him fucking that pervert into the floor as he made him his bitch.

Truth was, Miroku was an excellent bitch and unfortunately if he could not handle being a bitch to Sango then taking him as a third mate would never do.

Being an Alpha King of all demon kind Sesshoumaru wanted only one Queen to stand at his side. Her position would out rank all except for Sesshoumaru. It took a special very unique kind of demon to handle being dominated by a female even the strongest of them all. Mirage would bite Miroku and make him her slave if he were to take the lovely monk. Inuyasha was going to suffer that humiliation soon. Then if Kouga still deserved to be mated to him he might allow the pup that same privilege. That also depended on Mirage’s decision.

Sesshoumaru urged the driver to drive on as he ran his fingers over Mirage’s golden hair.

“What am I going to do with you my beloved silly little woman? You are still thinking like a human and you are too kind. I do not wish to corrupt you and I have no other option. You will kill with me and you will learn to enjoy it. I must take some of your precious innocence away and I do not like it one bit.”

Sesshoumaru growled at himself. He was such an ass to take a child like Princess who should be dancing in rainbows with flowers in her hair with gold and white Angel wings like doves have just being free like the wind. Sesshoumaru saw so many loves in his life in his Mirage. She was Kagura, Rin, Inuyasha, Kagome, and even the once child that he had been himself in this unique little being that made him so happy.

Fact being, Sesshoumaru really did not want to share her with anyone. He wanted to lock her away and not ever let the world steal her love away since he wanted it all for himself. He saw their child deep within her womb and felt such joy. The silence and the wonderful feeling of being a Father to his own powerful son of his own blood washed over him. Now he felt what Father must have. Mirage was not a full demon and in all reality he should have been hunting her to kill her. The angel in her blood was a pure purifying power that could kill one like him. Still there was this harmony in her tiny body of both dark and light. It was beautiful.

“You worry too much young pup. You should be just living enjoying your family, but instead you choose to be trapped with us in this car.”

The jewel taunted him. Sesshoumaru closed his eyes.

“I am tired so why do you torment me now? I do not wish to face them yet. I wish to just hate them for a little while longer. They do not deserve the gift I am about to give them. They don’t deserve to know my mate and my son.’
“My family complains about all I give them and then they betray me as well as defy me. All of them including the ones I love and trust I cannot stand right this second. Only Mirage and her son seem to calm me. Like Rin used to do before she became a wild bitch with my brother’s adopted son as her mate. I worked so damn hard to bring her up right and I feel as though I failed after agreeing to let her even go near Inuyasha’s foul mouthed pack.”

The four souls appeared this time sitting across from them. One was his Father, one was his Mother, one was Midoriko, and the last was Izayoi. Sesshoumaru was in shock, but then smirked realizing that this was typical of his life.

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