Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Inuyasha hated training day. He had dreaded this day ever since Sesshoumaru started letting him go out of the castle with his walking stick. Inuyasha felt like such an idiot walking around with this long stick, but apparently it was not just anything Sesshoumaru had given him. It was an elegant white staff that at the top had a glowing crystal that would stop him if he were to go too far or have something block his path. It was like one of those Seeing Eye dogs that Kagome talked about.

Now that Kagome was fully integrated as a demon and her blood was now true demon power she sounded like a small girl. Her voice and mannerisms had changed. Inuyasha still loved her, but found that she was indeed a baby as Sesshoumaru stated. Kagome and Rin were about the same age in the demon world and Inuyasha suddenly felt old. Sesshoumaru told him to shut up since he was 700 and Inuyasha had not even reached his 500th year yet. He was still a young pup and Sesshoumaru stated that Inuyasha would want to mate the girl once she became of age. Kagome's scent would change and she would be more like she had been before. They even removed all the dirt blocking the well at Kagome's tantrum to visit her family again on the other side. Sesshoumaru spoiled Kagome about as badly as he had spoiled Rin with the two brothers sporting the smell of flowers picked from the royal gardens by the two wild girls.

"Sesshoumaru I am here. So where are you, I can't smell you."

Inuyasha stated as he counted the footsteps to where Sesshoumaru told him to be following the directions exactly. Sesshoumaru slid behind his brother walking around him silently keeping his scent away from his beautiful mate. Inuyasha looked stunning today. His hair was combed to the point it was like pure silver silk and the cerulean blue silk robes looked very good on him. It was a nice change from the usual red he wore. Still Inuyasha had to have a piece of the fire rat kimono in his pocket. It was for comfort and after much arguing Sesshoumaru given up on Inuyasha's obsession with it. If it made Inuyasha feel safe then he would have some of it. It was an easy trade to get Inuyasha to wear boots on his feet. The white boots matched his own black ones from the mainland and the splendid armor Inuyasha wore was much like their Father's had been. Sesshoumaru had to admit that Inuyasha was looking more and more like Father every day.

It had been a few months since everyone moved in and Inuyasha much to his frustration was a full demon again. Still he had some of his hanyou side that would not leave him and Sesshoumaru almost looked forward to the human nights now. Inuyasha was so loving and even tenderer in his embraces on those nights. On the human nights though Inuyasha looked like his beautiful Mother. The young human boy was so damn sexy and such a pup in comparison to this young demon face.

Sesshoumaru had planned this day to be extra special. This was the day before his human time and Sesshoumaru knew Inuyasha's powers would be at their weakest. It was a good day to train and see if Inuyasha was ready to go out further into the forests. So far Inuyasha was limited to only the gardens and the castle grounds. Today he had actually made it into part of the forest that was graced with his name. It was a good start, but it was a concern that Inuyasha did not catch his scent yet.

As Sesshoumaru came closer Inuyasha then grinned and grabbed his mate hugging him tight to his body.


Inuyasha stated feeling rather proud of himself. Sesshoumaru smiled down at Inuyasha tweaking his nose then kissed his forehead.

"You did well Inuyasha, but I walked around you five times before you caught my scent. I do not think you can go into the forest alone yet, but together we can go further I think. Do you want to do more or are you still unsure?"

Inuyasha felt antsy. He wanted to run, but there was still so much darkness and Sesshoumaru's aura was blurry. It was getting hard to sense his mate and that did frighten him a bit.

"With you I think I can go further. It is getting harder for me to sense you. My human time is coming earlier it seems."

Sesshoumaru did not know how to break the news to his brother, but his human time was to be two days instead of one. It was to make up for all the days he was demon so today being the longest day of the year this was not unusual. For Inuyasha blunt was best.

"Your human night is going to last two days little one each month. You did not want to lose your human blood so this is the price. Today is the longest day of the year so your inner clock is off. That is all."

Inuyasha nodded feeling a bit sad.

"I don't like the human nights. I feel vulnerable and weak. Being blind only makes it seem worse."

Sesshoumaru looked down at Inuyasha as all that childish light was fading. It was as though Inuyasha's spirit was still broken.

"Inuyasha you are not weak as a human so stop whimpering. Did I not tell you that Miroku is going to train you in his arts? There are things he can do with no sight and even Sango is here to help. I have not trained blind beings such as yourself since there were others to do such things, but I have fought against many who were blinder then you are. They were quite the adversaries and using other senses they became even more powerful then before. Your hearing, sense of smell, touch, and taste are heightened because they have to be. That is why love making for you is even more intense and in some ways I do envy you this. Without my arm I could not hold a person completely, don my armor without it taking much longer then necessary, and many other things I took for granted. Still I overcame and so shall you. You must use your senses even as a human. You have them and I will not listen to excuses Inuyasha. If you want to live a full life you must overcome your fears."

Inuyasha smiled and held Sesshoumaru's arm tightly as they walked through the forest. Sesshoumaru stayed at a slow pace so that Inuyasha could get a feeling for the place. Inuyasha counted the steps in his head recalling memories as they walked along. Soon they had stopped and Inuyasha smelled something very nice. Cherry blossoms.

"We are in the cherry tree field. I know this place."

Sesshoumaru smiled as he looked down at the beautiful young human running his clawed fingers over that silky black hair. Sesshoumaru's ears looked human, his markings were faded as though they were not there, and his hair was jet black. Still he kept his claws, his powers, and his fangs. It seemed he had more power on these nights and he was able to wield tessaiga. It would be the two nights the sword accepted him as its master. Inuyasha was upset about this at first, but then realized one of them would have to be the protector of their family on these nights if he could not be. Still Sesshoumaru found the weapon to be less appealing now that it did accept him. The tensaiga he had underestimated. Now that he knew the weapons full powers it was a shame he had disregarded it as easily as Inuyasha had tessaiga when he first wielded it.

"Yes this is the place you met Kikyo and this is where I buried her. No one including Kaede knows of this. They still visit her grave in the village, but I did this for you. I know you still miss her and regret much. I don't understand it, but I accept it."

Inuyasha was pulled to a stone marker and he placed his hand upon it. It was brail. Sesshoumaru had it written in the language of the blind. Inuyasha had been studying very hard with Kagome and Rin's help. Jaken had been on his back about things too and soon he found the squawking toad was not all he was cracked up to be. Jaken was indeed a good retainer to Sesshoumaru, loyal, and with Rin's help the kappa had become kind. It was strange. Still Inuyasha could not complain.

"Those who walk this path know that this woman who is within this tomb was a powerful priestess who with great love sacrificed all to save many. Lady Kikyo is now at peace and is healing souls in the netherworlds. May all who come here find peace."

Inuyasha felt tears fall down his cheeks. It was beautiful and this was a gesture that he would not have expected from Sesshoumaru. It was something he could not express enough thanks for in words.

"I don't have the tell you how I feel about this. I love you Sesshoumaru and I am glad you are my mate. You give me too much."

Sesshoumaru waited knowing Inuyasha would be overly emotional. As a human he could not help it and Sesshoumaru still having enough demon blood in his body with all the power coursing through him could only remain silent. Sesshoumaru waited for Inuyasha to pull himself together as he offered his arm to his mate.

"Inuyasha this place is now sacred. I have placed a spell here. If any evil were to enter they will be destroyed. I have only one last gift for you and then we must return."

Inuyasha allowed Sesshoumaru to lead him to what felt like an open space. He could feel the wind blowing on his hair and smelled the scent of so many familiar things. It felt almost like he was home, but they were not at the castle. Then he felt a bit cold as he felt the rocky walls of a cave.

"This is where Kouga is buried. His people have left this to him and they reside on the other side. I have a question for you. Do you want this man to return to life? Tensaiga has been pulsing like mad at me and it is getting rather annoying. I cannot insure he will want this so I am asking you. I can ignore my sword for a time, but soon I will revive him and then take his life if you do not want him to come back."

Inuyasha's brow furrowed. Kouga had not raped him, it was Naraku. Kouga was his friend and he took his life feeling as though he were dishonored for his actions. It was not his fault and should not have done such a thing. Kagome had moved on so why couldn't Kouga do the same? Ayame found another mate as the pack had to do so, but it did not mean there were not others out there for the wolf Prince. Kouga had not lived a full demon life and it was not right Naraku also won by causing shame in an honorable creature like Kouga.

"I want him to live. I want him to hear what you told Kagome so he will want to. He is not my rival. He is my friend. Even if he were my rival, he deserves to fight me fair for Kagome when she is of age. Do it."

Sesshoumaru nodded.

"I do not see the emissaries so I will have to pull the power from my Mother's stone and the jewel of four souls. I am going to hand you tessaiga. You must use your senses Inuyasha. I have a feeling I will be quite drained of power for a time so you will have to protect us in this cave for a while. It was always dark in here and you have been here before. In the darkness do you remember this place?"

Inuyasha groaned and smelled the wolf scents.

"Ya intimately. I know this place very well. I came here a few times as a human with Kouga and his pack watching over us. I felt like a weak imbecile, but he was fair with me. Kouga did not peruse Kagome on my human nights. He may have been an ass some days, but Kouga was always honorable. I can do this although tessaiga will not transform. Still I can warn you if there is a problem or hide us further into the secret caverns. Felt like I was blind back there anyway so this will not be any different then before."

Sesshoumaru smiled a bit since this was more like the Inuyasha he was used to. Finally there was some confidence in that voice.

"Very well then. I shall begin."

Sesshoumaru reached into the small sack he brought with them handing Inuyasha some food and then the tessaiga. Inuyasha no matter what form he was in was always hungry so bringing food was a necessity, not an option.

Opening his kimono top Sesshoumaru pulled out the medallion that had once been his Mother's holding it with both hands. His sword pulsed at the power joining it and then the jewel glowed. If Inuyasha could see there was a blinding light coming from his older brother. Sesshoumaru's hair flowed in a breeze of pure power that was beyond what any creature should be allowed to have. This moment alone proved Sesshoumaru as the most powerful creature in the known world. Calling back souls and creating flesh was considered impossible once someone had died. Sesshoumaru was doing a complete resurrection of a demon wolf. It was a power any creature would beg to have and at the same time would fear. Sesshoumaru was causing fear and awe for any who witnessed this light. Even humans bowed to the ground praying for their own souls hoping that this light was not another demon like Naraku to destroy them all.

Sesshoumaru had his eyes closed in concentration. Had he opened them he would have seen Kouga gaping at him in awe at his beauty and power. Sesshoumaru was so metallic that he looked like a pure jewel himself standing within the light of three great powers. A true trinity just as Inuyasha is in just being alive. Together they were the true power of light into the future. The jewel had chosen its children of light now that it found their purity that had lived as the souls of fallen Archangels that lived in both demons.

When the light faded it was Kouga who caught Sesshoumaru's falling body. Inuyasha not able to see had no clue of what just happened.

"Sesshoumaru are you going to get on with this shit or not? I mean how hard is it to bring back one mangy wimpy wolf?"

Kouga grinned as he heard Inuyasha's grumpy voice. Still Kouga had not forgotten what he had done and wanted a bit of revenge for these two jerks bringing him back. So trying to pretend to be Sesshoumaru Kouga gently set down the beautiful powerful demon Lord as carefully as he could then using a part of that long tail Kouga stepped behind Inuyasha using it to tickle the side of Inuyasha's face in the dark.

"I Sesshoumaru have come to kill you Inuyasha."

Inuyasha forgetting Kouga had been dead just ranted as he usually would.

"Whatever ya stupid wolf, like I wouldn't know my own brother........."

Inuyasha stopped then and touched Kouga's arm suddenly grabbing the wolf shocking the hell out of Kouga.

"Youíre alive! Where is Sesshoumaru! Why doesn't that asshole answer me?"

Inuyasha stated in a worried voice.

"Lego ya mutt! I laid him down after he brought me back without my permission. What the hell is your problem? I told you to let me die. Now I am even more shamed ya bastard! Thanks for nothin!"

Kouga stated as he let go. Then watched Inuyasha fumble around the darkness and crawl on the floor as if he were lost.

"You didn't kill him I hope Kouga! He better be ok!"

Inuyasha was really worried. He had no idea if Sesshoumaru was ok or not. Trying to use his senses as a human really sucked. They were no where near as good as when he was a demon and it was so damn dark.

"Inuyasha will you quit playing around your brother is lying two feet in front of you!"

Inuyasha turned to Kouga's voice and Kouga then came out of the darkness into the dim light looking at Inuyasha in shock.

"You are still blind Inuyasha and how come Sesshoumaru looks like a damn human?"

Inuyasha pulled Sesshoumaru onto his lap trying to feel for a heartbeat. Then smiled when he could sense Sesshoumaru was indeed breathing and alive.

"Look ya stupid wolf we are mated. See."

Inuyasha showed his neck with the mating mark.

"Nice. You also look better dog breath. Real fancy just like a real Prince."

Inuyasha growled and was surprised he could do so as a human. This just made Kouga laugh.

"I am a real Prince you moron, I always have been."

Kouga smiled and sat next to the brothers checking out all the changes in them.

"So why did you bring me back? I mean he should have used all of his powers to give you back your site. Why didn't he?"

Kouga could not help it. The powerful demon was down on the floor and he had to touch him while he could. Sesshoumaru was so damn beautiful and so untouchable. Only like this could he touch someone so fine without someone beating him up.

"Look I did not really want to, but it isn't like you did those things on purpose. So I forgive you ok Kouga? It was Naraku. He is an asshole even more so then my brother. My brother is a good asshole. There is a difference ya know. I still have not decided what kind of asshole you are."

Kouga started laughing. Same old Inuyasha although the blinded eyes really bugged him.

"You never change. I missed you too. I already know why you brought me back and that you forgive me you mushy soft hearted mutt. I mean I was watching you from the afterlife, I just did not think he would really do it. I really thought that your eyes could be healed. So this is permanent?"

Inuyasha snorted.

"Well duh......... Why do you always ask such stupid questions? My eyes are wounded because they are purified. Even the best healing spell can't unpurify something and you touching them won't change that since I know you are as impure as they come you idiot."

Kouga smiled. This was just them talking. Everyone thought they were fighting, but this was so normal that Kouga almost felt like he was home. He missed the mutt so much and that crazy pack of people. It was so empty in this cave. It made Kouga miss his pack very much.

"I can't go back to my pack or rule my caves anymore. Ayame is mated, Kagome is a baby demon, and that kid Sesshoumaru took care of is a baby Angel. It is like the whole world turned upside down while I was dead."

Inuyasha could feel Kouga's fingers slide over his own as he knew Kouga well enough to know that he had always wanted to touch Sesshoumaru like this.

"You know this is a privilege I am giving you and when he finds out about this I may get my ass kicked."

Kouga smiled.

"You will get over it. You are lucky you know. I was rejected so much I must be really ugly in comparison to you two."

Inuyasha snorted and laughed.

"You are so stupid sometimes Kouga. I may not be able to see, but when I could I remember you. Why the hell do you think I wanted to kick your ass so bad? You are beautiful and Kagome thought so. She just was crazy because she loves me. Still is crazy. As crazy as my mate is, he is beautiful and a good mate. I agree I am lucky when it comes to Sesshoumaru."

Kouga smiled as Inuyasha handed the wolf half the bread roll and meat that Sesshoumaru packed for him.

"Thanks mutt. I did miss you too Inuyasha and you are just as much of an idiot. I told you once if no one else mated you I would. Kagome may be beautiful, but she is so young. I knew that. Did you think she was the only reason I came to bug you guys? I mean I liked Sango bending over and all. Plus Miroku with those violet eyes. Miroku is such a wonderful pervert human. Well half human."

Kouga smirked as Inuyasha looked shocked.

"What are you talking about?"

Kouga smiled even bigger. Inuyasha did not know.

"I guess you could only smell yourself or you have a one track mind. Miroku is my cousin. Sango is part demon now too. Do you really think Mr. High and Mighty demon Lord here would let just anyone into his packs? I mean he watched you like a hawk and watched over your pack too. He is the Alpha of us all. I knew this."

Inuyasha sat back relaxing as his brother opened his eyes. Inuyasha had no clue Sesshoumaru was awake and Kouga was too wrapped up in their conversation to notice. It was kind of funny since Sesshoumaru had been aware the whole time and found this to be amusing. He wondered how long it would take for the two idiots to notice he was fully awake now. Still being petted by two gorgeous males who were running their fingers through his hair was not something he wanted to disrupt.

"I wonder why he never told me."

Kouga snorted.

"Why so you could kick his ass even more? I mean we are talking about my cousin here. I was the guy you wanted to beat the hell out of just for talking to Kagome."

Inuyasha smirked.

"Well not really. I liked to make you mad because you look your best when you are mad. Your eyes flash and your hair flies around. It looks better when it is all down though. I still can't believe you talked me into bathing with you and Miroku. I feel like a moron. Here you two were looking so good and me the human weakling stuck with you two pretending to protect me while you were busy groping each other. I was so embarrassed."

Kouga smiled at the memory and then frowned trying to figure out what to do now. Memories were all good, but they did not change the present or the future.

"Well I was Miroku's lover for a time, but it did not last. I mean he loves Sango so it was done, plus I had Ayame to think about. So now what? I mean the woman I wanted to mate is mated, the girl we both wanted is a baby demon, and you are now mated to the most powerful demon in the world. Why bring me back when I can't even rule anymore? What purpose do I have here?"

Sesshoumaru knew the interesting conversation was over with now. He was kind of bummed out. There were things he was learning about his mate he did not know.

"You will come with us and live at my home. Then I will figure out what to do with you wolf since you made tensaiga cause me all sorts of hell to bring you back here."

Kouga moved his hand from Sesshoumaru quickly hoping the demon would not chop it off. Sesshoumaru looked at the frightened wolf grasping his hand quickly.

"No one said you could stop. You already touched this Sesshoumaru without my permission. Unless I state otherwise you shall not move nor you Inuyasha so if you make my head hit this cold hard floor I will carry you like a bitch all the way home."

Sesshoumaru growled as Inuyasha tried to move only getting a painful clawed hand imbedded into his leg.

"Ouch! Damn it Sesshoumaru remember I am a fucking human for two days. Kind of fragile you asshole so watch the claws!"

Sesshoumaru smirked at this looking up at his mate.

"Please you whine like a baby Inuyasha. You have had worse then this and since Kouga has seen you naked do you want to take everything off so I can lick you better?"

Sesshoumaru purred with an evil lust filled look in those golden eyes that had not changed this time even with him looking human. Kouga had not ever seen this powerful demon being playful, but that smile made his heart skip a beat. Sesshoumaru is such a gorgeous man. It definitely was not fair that mutt face got to have this handsome glorious creature all to himself. Still Sesshoumaru stated he could keep touching him so Kouga was going to oblige. Inuyasha jumped as Sesshoumaru caressed his inner thigh with a soft suggestive touch.

"Sesshoumaru that is just for us not everyone you jerk!"

Sesshoumaru then moved grasping Kouga's hand giving it a soft kiss.

"I have missed you my wolf. Did you think that I had forgotten you or that you could just die on me without my permission?"

Inuyasha felt a rise of jealousy coming on.

"Why did you just call Kouga your wolf Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru smiled big this time.

"Oh Inuyasha I forgot to tell you. I had to do that spell we talked about before you and I mated. Kouga is my mate. By accident of course, but part of the reason I have been ill as of late is because he died on us. I had to fix this. I figured you deserved to decide as my true mate if we should keep him or not. Kouga and I did not plan it. He is only marked by me, he never bit me. So it is not a full mating. Still I thought we could use a playmate since it is going to take many years before your female is ready for you both since you two will share Kagome. You both fought over her so now you both can have her. Fair enough?"

Both Inuyasha and Kouga look at Sesshoumaru as he gets up off the ground. Inuyasha can't see, but he is fuming inside. Kouga is just embarrassed as hell.

"Inuyasha I..........."

Kouga tried to explain. Inuyasha's eyes go blood red as the human blood even for these nights is being won over by his demon since when he is pissed off it comes to the surface no matter what form he is in.

"I thought your demon blood is at rest Inuyasha."

Sesshoumaru stated in surprise. Inuyasha roars so loud Kouga and Sesshoumaru have to cover their ears. Then the boy starts to pace. Kouga starts laughing. He can't help it.

"Inuyasha you are going to explode aren't you? Come on just do it and get it over with. I mean that was interesting, but I think you can do better."

Sesshoumaru looked at Kouga like he was insane. Did the wolf want to die again?

"Sesshoumaru he ain't gonna kill me. If he was going to I would be dead a long time ago and when he roared I would have lost my head. Inuyasha is just throwing a hanyou tantrum. Our wolf hanyous do this all the time."

Inuyasha stopped and then pounced on Kouga knowing that smell and the cave well enough to know how to attack him without his eyesight. Then Inuyasha in his need for dominance pushed Kouga to the floor lying on top of him shocking the hell out of Sesshoumaru. It was still very dog demon for a human to be doing this shit.

"Kouga you piss me off so bad sometimes! Do we always have to share everything you jerk?"

Kouga had tears in his eyes he was laughing so hard.

"I don't have your big sword Inuyasha! Big sword! Mutt face.....I have missed this shit so damn much. The afterlife is so damn boring without you."

Sesshoumaru looked at the two boys like they were insane. Inuyasha could not help it punching Kouga on the arm and got up trying hard not to laugh with his old friend.

"Inuyasha where is your 'big sword' anyway? You are so short you have to compensate for something ya know."

Inuyasha then smirked walking behind Sesshoumaru. He could smell everything including his mate's tail when his demon blood was so strong. Wrapping his arms around Sesshoumaru he shocked his mate by sliding his hand into the waist of his hakumas grasping the full length of Sesshoumaru as he whispered huskily into Sesshoumaru's ear licking the tip of that ear then nibbling getting a slight moan from his mate. Sesshoumaru leaned back against Inuyasha unable to control the fact he was enjoying this attention. Inuyasha was not ever this forward and right now he was being too sexy.

"I think I found it."

Kouga's mouth dropped as he watched that dark haired, red eyed, beautiful hanyou casually strip Sesshoumaru's armor off as he forced the powerful demon to his knees whimpering to the Alpha to allow him to please that body he loved so much. Inuyasha felt very protective over Sesshoumaru and very possessive right now. Still the human in his blood wanted to give the wolf a show he would not forget and maybe if he felt like being nice he might even let Kouga join in the fun.

"That indeed is a very big sword."

Sesshoumaruís eyes popped open as he felt his pants fall and could not recall when he lost his kimono top with his bare chest now exposed to his mate as well as to Kouga. It was not like him to lose control like this. It felt good, but it was also pissing him off. He was too weak to fight the two young men with the use of so much power, but he could still warn them of the consequences if they continued this game.

"This is not funny. You both will pay for this if you keep this shit up."

Sesshoumaru growled a warning. Then Sesshoumaru's eyes also changed to blood red. This only made Inuyasha even more turned on and Kouga looking at the black haired Sesshoumaru thought he was going to burst. There was such animal magnetism with such a dark beautiful beast that needed to be ravished. Sesshoumaru watched Kouga's eyes as the beautiful blue was now surrounded by a glowing red.

"Oh shit."

Sesshoumaru whimpered. This whole weak two day thing plus the use of so much power really was biting him in the ass. The two young men looked too damn good too. His demon was not listening to him since this was the emotional mess he got himself into when he mated Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru would suffer a similar human like existence at least in his passions, emotions, and desires. Everything was heightened to the point it was almost unbearable. He could not deny anything if he wanted to from two such beauties.

"Fine, but I am not going to be the only one naked here you two brats."

Kouga took that as an invitation and Inuyasha smirked. It was going to be one hell of a night in this cave.

Ok guys.......I am telling you now if you want to know more you are just going to have to be patient. Fact is they all have sex so there ya go. If you did not figure that out you were not reading this right or you need to get a dirty mind.
Yes Sesshoumaru gets it up the ass by both boys, but he likes that and likes it rough. They get it too and a bit rougher since no one dominates Mr. Hot stuff Sesshoumaru. I mean, please...the guy is a Lord, dresses better then anyone in the show, and is sexy as hell with that better then the whole world attitude. If that does not scream Alpha demon then I don't know what does.
If you don't know that these people are having sex or you don't understand why they are having sex then you are in the wrong place.
At this point I may skip some sex scenes because it gets redundant after a while. They rip off each other's cloths and get in on. I mean how many times can you make that exciting without actually being a part of the action? So we are moving on. There will be more sex scenes, but you can use those deviant imaginations of yours to think what the hell they had been doing in that cave. I mean the possibilities are endless.
I have more ideas I just thought up today so we are going to have some fun adding this crap. There is going to be a lot of description of the buildings, clothing, what people are doing, and all that junk. So imagine as we go along what things must look like to a bunch of demons in the past.
I wanted to bring Sango, Miroku, and the rest of the gang along for the ride so letís all play that they are half demons now since that is the only way any idget human could live as long as I want them to. Kids are all grown up and life is honkey not really, but we will just play things that way.
Ok now the story is moving on so have fun, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. We are going to skip a whole shitload of stuff since it would take at least a year or longer to keep dredging ourselves through the muck of the past. Now it is time to go into the future.

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