Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Lying in the soft blankets with her mate Mirage stretched in her dog demon form. Sesshoumaru was already up although he was not dressed. It was still dark out and fairly early in the morning. The moon was shining over him as the silk robe billowed in the breeze as he opened the doors opening the portal to the greenhouse. It gave the image their room was on the edge of the wild forest.

Sesshoumaru was wearing some kind of silk pajama bottoms, but everything could be seen through them. Mirage had not ever seen such a beautiful man in her life. Turning back into her humanoid form Eileen pulled on her robe and searched for something to draw with. Sesshoumaru did not move and seemed to be in deep thought.

Mirage went over to the desk opening the drawer and pulling out a blank scroll. Then there were some writing instruments, but they were so old. She had no clue how to use them. So instead she found a thin stick and realized there was a fireplace in the room she had not noticed before. It was in the corner of the room close to the door and there was still charcoal on inside of it.

Hoping that she would not ruin the robe she carefully poked the stick into the black soot after wetting the end just a bit. Then Mirage proceeded with some difficulty to draw her mate. It was not as good as with a pencil with a decent eraser, but for some reason the image just seemed to work with her for once. There was no need to erase anything. It was rather simple.

The image was just the floor Sesshoumaru was standing on with his bare feet, himself with his robes flowing with hints indicating the bare skin under the silk pants. Then the pants formed with some difficulty to make them look like pants rather than just lines. The face and hair were first as always. Then there were the doors to the greenhouse even if it was a portal. The image had to still stand. Satisfied Mirage only hoped the picture would not roll up as the scroll wanted to. Finding a few heavy stones in the drawers that must be paperweights she placed them on the corners of the scroll hoping it would dry and no one would disturb it.

Wandering over to the wash basin Mirage washed the soot off her fingers after dipping a towel in there not wanting to dirty the water. She felt bad since she got some soot on her robes pouting wishing she had been just a bit more careful. When she looked up Sesshoumaru had moved from the window already and was standing next to her.

"I saw it. Your drawing. It is too good. You should draw other things besides me."

Mirage smiled softly.

"I wanted to draw you since you are art itself. I like to. I could not ever draw you how my eyes see you. Standing there in the breeze I felt like I was watching a real dream man who looked like an Angel in some ways to me. At least in my mind as if your robe was like your wings. Your hair flowing in the breeze you looked ethereal."

Sesshoumaru lifted his mate to the bed.

"You have a gift I wish I had. I am no great artist, but I admire them. I love art and to me this is what you are. You are a work of art in my eyes."

Mirage smiled softly touching his chest and face.

"You are an artist though Sesshoumaru. You painted a beautiful world for me. You are also a poet in your words of love to me. Your soft spoken warm voice touches a part of me that no man can ever enter within. It is locked deep within my soul and I treasure it. Your eyes hold a mystery deep within that I someday wish to unlock and like the gold that shines they are more of a treasure to me than any monetary thing in this world."

Sesshoumaru's lips descended upon Mirage's as this time it was a slow languid passion that burned in them both. A slow exploration and gentle touches were made as the kisses seemed to linger just that little bit longer. There was no urgency, just a warm feeling of being loved and loving each other through the senses. Each touch, taste, smell, and sound was kept as a memory to keep for all eternity.

Mirage felt his tongue tease her lips as she opened them to accept him. Sesshoumaru's tongue was delicious and Mirage drowns in his touches. The flavor of his mouth was the air she breathed and his body was her shelter from the storm the brewed ready to burst forth in the longing they both felt for one another.

Sesshoumaru's long silver hair cascaded like a curtain over them both and Mirage accepted the waterfall of silver as her sanctuary. This was her mate, her man, her protector, her lover, best friend, and soul. Together they were connected in ways that no one could possibly understand. Mirage closed her eyes and breathed him in. Sesshoumaru was all she could think of and all she wished to ever think of right at that moment as well as for the rest of her life. As much as Mirage loved her son and would love their children this was the man who would be at her side for the rest of her life. Sesshoumaru had become her world and in turn she was his.

Lips came together and pulled apart as slowly her robe was slid open with Sesshoumaru the glorious sensual being that seemed impossibly real was worshiping her body. Mirage gave him every sign and sound to let him know Sesshoumaru everything he was doing was perfect. This time she would let Sesshoumaru do as he pleased and was warned not to lift a finger to help. His growl was enough to let her know to just enjoy this moment. This was his gift and he had so many Mirage felt greedy in taking it all from him. Still for this moment she would be selfish if that was his desire. She would take all he had to offer and give Sesshoumaru every part of herself in return. There was nothing she would ever deny him.

"I love you Mirage."

Sesshoumaru whispered and Mirage touched Sesshoumaru's face softly running her clawed fingers over his markings.

"I love you too Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru slid down his pants entering Mirage slowly savoring her warmth and welcoming wet cavern that fit him so perfectly. Sliding in and out at a slow steady pace Mirage moaned at the small changes in his movements as Sesshoumaru rolled his hips kissing her as things started to move a little faster causing Mirage to lift up meeting his strokes as her muscles were convulsing exploding around him.

Mirage's claws dragged down his arms leaving small rivers of blood that quickly healed. Mirage moaned out his name as Sesshoumaru gently bit into her mating point then slowly punctured deeper into that source of blood that called to him. Drinking her essence Mirage wrapped her legs around him to pull Sesshoumaru inside of her deeper as her eyes started to glow. This time it was not red, it was a light that she could not keep inside. Mirage was emitting a bright glowing light of warmth and love.


Mirage cried out. She could not think clearly as the passion built. Biting into her mate's mating point Mirage sent some of this intense light into her mate causing his final release into her body. He felt something intense and warm. A power like no other and it filled him with this strange fulfillment. It was the most amazing connection and Sesshoumaru looked down at his mate as he cleaned off her wound. His wound had closed as though she never bit him. He could feel the power surging through his body. Nothing ever felt this good even to his demon. Mirage was panting softly and then tears formed on her cheeks. She had not ever loved anyone this much in her life and it felt almost like it was too much. Mirage had to let some of that power go or it was going to overwhelm her completely. That is when Sesshoumaru understood the power of his mate and the reason she had to send out all of this energy. It was overwhelming him for a moment then it was calm and Sesshoumaru felt this strong emotion for his mate that had been hidden deep within a part of his soul he did not know existed.

"You do not ever cease to amaze me woman."

Sesshoumaru stated softly holding his mate in his arms. The tears she had were of happiness and deep feelings of love for this man. It was a feeling of being home. It was the knowledge that no matter where they were or how far apart they would be they would always have home in each other's hearts.


Kouga and Inuyasha let the girls have a night to themselves while they searched with the others for Naraku. The two men couldn’t believe that the bastard had returned. They searched for what seemed like forever before the two gave up the hunt for a time since every inch of the castle had been investigated and nothing except remnants of an old demon puppet had been found.

It was hard to leave the castle after a full week of pure bliss and the pampering of servants who took such great care of them all. Not all of the family could stay at the castle. The humans had lives to get back to and so far they had no luck in finding Naraku anywhere in the building. One of his followers or creations must have slipped the demon puppet into the castle. Still it did not explain the damn traps that had been set. Every hazard had been removed and rooms were now secured even more then before with no one allowed in the family to go anywhere by themselves.

Mirage’s family had to leave earlier in the week. No one could stay the full week long so some of her Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins were sent home early. Lee’s jet and a few other luxury private planes that the Tashio’s owned had taken those that could not stay home insuring their safety with guards accompanying the family to their destinations. Once they arrived to their homes mainly the humans were unaware of the numerous demon guardians that were watching over them during this dangerous time. The humans did not need to know about the danger and it was best not to cause panic since Sesshoumaru and his Father felt they could control the situation this way.

Inu No Tashio was at his wits end with this mess. There was no way they could go world hopping until he was certain this threat was removed. It was obvious this creature Naraku had slipped past them somehow or one of his minions slipped into the castle disguised as one of their family. However no one’s scent had changed so that seemed impossible.

Packing up the castle was not easy and since every damn place had been searched with no luck in finding anything more about Naraku’s strange appearance so there really was no point in remaining there. Sesshoumaru had shown his family all of the different areas and since they had to search them for any sign of a trap.

As they left their ancestral home everyone headed back to the Airport flying back to their American home and to start taking care of their family. Perhaps this was all just some sort of fluke, but Sesshoumaru still felt unsure. He became overcautious and no one was allowed to leave without his consent.

Inuyasha came into their bedroom removing his clothing. He looked sexy, but tired. He had been working really hard with the blind children and had been up all night grading papers. Sesshoumaru had him for a while and was happy to have his mate home. Kagome and Inuyasha agreed to stay with them in America for a change with the others slowly popping up later. Inuyasha took of his virtual glasses in frustration.

"These are not working as well as they used to Sesshoumaru. I feel almost better without them some days. Sure the world is black most of the time, but I am used to it."

Sesshoumaru frowned looking at his brother who looked really worn out like he was sick. Inuyasha tended to get sick on occasion still unlike him and when he was sick he was very temperamental in no mood to deal with anything.

"Inuyasha do you have a fever?"

Inuyasha growled.

"No. I am just fucking tired. I feel like I have not had sleep for days and I am sick of dealing with people feeling sorry for me. Just because I can't see doesn't mean I don't live a full life. I wear those damn glasses and I think it helps sometimes. However the last few days it is like my eyes are getting worse. I can't see auras as well. Everything is purple."

Sesshoumaru went over and forced Inuyasha to look at him. Inuyasha had poison in his eyes from Naraku’s puppet.

Grabbing the virtual glasses he crushed them as the poison seeped out not even affecting him. Then he took tensaiga laying it by his beloved.

"Inuyasha this should help."

Sesshoumaru stated kissing his lover and he removed their cloths to lay with him. Inuyasha was feverish and seemed unsure of himself. His eyes hurt like hell. He did not know what was going on and right now Sesshoumaru was not sure if he should say anything. It would only upset Inuyasha and this was fixable.

"Close your eyes Inuyasha and rest. We will work on something better for you. I think I have the chips almost perfected now."

Inuyasha smiled and then cuddled his brother. Inuyasha lay with man he loved more than any other being held even though tonight they would not make love. He was too fucking tired to anyway.

"Sesshoumaru I love you. I have really missed you over all this time."

Sesshoumaru smiled and touched Inuyasha's beautiful face.

"I love you too little brother. Now sleep."

Sesshoumaru stayed awake most of the night watching as Tensaiga pulsed softly and the miasma pulled out of Inuyasha's already sore eyes as the sword healed him. It was destroying the poison as it went along and Sesshoumaru hoped any other that might have been in those glasses. How could Naraku have lived after all of this and how the hell did he get into their castle?


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