Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Miroku and Mirage were acting like two very bad kids the whole way to the hospital to check on their family. It was like watching a long lost brother and sister see how much they could torment each other. Kagome was on the floor laughing so hard as Miroku looked like a white light bulb as did Mirage. They were full of these happiness lights zapping each other in this duel they had going on and then occasionally would zap someone randomly. Sesshoumaru could not control this situation at all.

"Miroku and Mirage you will cease this duel this instant."

Sesshoumaru growled out as he had this smile on his face that refused to fade. It was funny as hell, but they were starting to look like a bad night in Vegas with all the light filling the car. Even the limo driver was grinning and humming. Everyone was too damn happy.

“Fine, but we first have to get rid of this huge accumulation of endorphins. I think we overloaded babe."

Mirage stated trying to stop laughing as Sango, Kouga, and Kagome could not stop laughing. Even Sesshoumaru was trying hard to keep a straight face.

"Hey Miroku, look dude there is a bunch of people out there. Wanna play hit the stupid person? Open the roof of this thing baby!"

Sesshoumaru grasped Mirage as she went to open the roof.

"You are going to draw more attention to yourself and Miroku then necessary doing that. Just unroll the windows a little."

Miroku shrugged. Then they both bolted like two little kids fighting over the right side window since there was a big gathering of people at some club.

"I wanted to get the door man you idget! Damnit! Fine I am zapping that chic wearing too much make up and wearing the prom dress. She needs something to make her happy cause that whole thing she has going on is like so wrong....."

Mirage stated whacking Miroku's arm as he zapped the guy keeping people out of this fancy club. Then they were laughing again. Soon the rest of the pack including Sesshoumaru were having fun with this game making the limo driver stop so they could zap some of the strangest people they had seen in their lives. Sesshoumaru realized they had been away from Japan too long.

Then there was a cosplay event making Sesshoumaru groan at the people dressed up like him and Miroku smirked whispering something in Mirage's ear. Mirage started laughing. Then Mirage whispered something back to him. Looking at Sesshoumaru then at the door the two of them had a fabulous idea.

"Hey, is there anyone over on the other side of this limo we should be zapping?"

Mirage asked looking over at the other side making everyone look on the other side of the car as they had stopped for a moment. With a gleam of mischief in their eyes Miroku and Mirage rushed out of the car running for their lives toward the Anime cosplay convention. Sesshoumaru and the others turned around soon chasing the two trouble makers to stop their mayhem before they had more problems. Sesshoumaru would have been mad if he was not so damn happy with as many times that Miroku and Mirage had zapped him.

Miroku ran up to one of the Sesshoumaru wanna bees he whispered something in the guy's ear. Pulling out a guy dressed like Inuyasha the monk slipped a large amount of money into that kid's hands. The man smirked and Miroku winked to Mirage. Miroku slipped another large amount of bills in the dressed up man's hand so that no one especially Sesshoumaru would see it. Then Mirage and Miroku let loose all their endorphins on the crowd shoving a bunch of them into this guy. Someone started playing 'I'm too sexy' and the cosplay kid started to strip. Then Mirage ran over grabbed his fluffy fake mokomoko they just bought, his sword, and Miroku grabbed the Inuyasha character's sword as they raced back to the limo with their mates chasing them back as the two cosplay people smirked walking away with the money after the fake looks of surprise that made the demons take off after their mates thinking they just stole those people's things.

"Get back here you two!"

Kagome yelled as they chased their mates around the limo.

"I got the Fluff dude! Get in before they call the cops!"

Mirage yelled to Miroku as they jumped into the car sitting across from their mates who rushed into the limo looking at the two bad celestials who looked like gangsters chilling regarding their mates with a bored expression. The limo door was shut and Sesshoumaru sat with the others shaking his head at his mates.

"How much do you think Sesshoumaru will give us for the tessaiga, tensaiga, and his tail back Miroku?"

Mirage stated looking at her fingernails resting her elbow on his shoulder.

"Ya know I think we should make him do that 'I am too sexy' strip dance for this stuff, but I don't think he could do a good job like those guys. I mean they were kind of hot."

Miroku stated and Mirage nodded as everyone except Sesshoumaru was laughing. Mirage pulled the fluffy white thing around her shoulders then fluttered her eyelashes at Sesshoumaru.

"They are not as pretty though."

Sesshoumaru smirked and then attacked Mirage as he pushed her to the floor using his body to lay between her legs with a wide grin while holding Miroku to the floor by his throat.

"You are both grounded."

Mirage smiled.

"Yes dear we are on the ground, but you really did not have to put that much energy into getting your stuff back. So when are we going to get our show? I mean you have that I am too sexy thing going on Sesshoumaru, but I don't think those cosplay people could handle the real you."

Sesshoumaru could not stay mad as his grip loosened on Miroku's throat as Sesshoumaru laughed into Mirage's shoulder. Everyone was cracking up.

"I am not going to win this one am I?"

Sesshoumaru stated softly trying to catch his breath.

"Nope you won since I don't have a sword between my legs. Oh my bad yours might be poking me sometime in the near future."

Mirage said with a sweet innocent smile looking damn beautiful and Sesshoumaru rubbed his nose against hers with a smile that was full of love for this silly woman.

"You indeed will be poked by my sword of pleasure my love and spanked for causing me such hell. I think you are both hellions and not celestials at all. Did you both steal those things just for me? I am flattered, still we must return them. We are not thieves."

Miroku smiled at the couple on the floor happy for them both. Miroku sighed as Kouga held his hand gently. Miroku had been an only child. He had wished for a little sister and was so happy that his wishes had been granted since he could imagine the things that two celestials could talk their way into in the Feudal Era. They could have the whole world eating out of the palm of their hands. Mirage was fun, beautiful, and playful. Life was good and it was just going to get better as time passed.

"Sesshoumaru I bribed those guys so they are indeed our things now. There is no need to return to give them back."

Miroku stated as he moved over to where Kouga was sitting. The small group of people laughed not realizing the two celestials would be so wild and with all the endorphins that they were filled with the group felt so much better.

As they got closer to the hospital the tension had grown so the celestials playing their game had really helped. Sesshoumaru kissed his mate as she hurried to grab the plastic swords as Sesshoumaru pulled her onto his lap. Mirage then sat with her silly treasures and smiled widely.

"We got to go Anime shopping early so I am happy. You did not say there was a convention here and they always have great stuff. We have to go and you can just be all like normal. You know too sexy for your shirt, but you wear your shirt anyway Sesshoumaru. I mean that is really Inuyasha's area since like every time he goes postal demon he is like I am too damn sexy for my shirt.'
"All of you could just be yourselves in your like past cloths and then you will all win the contests if they have them.'
"Sesshoumaru you should be happy. Miroku and I went out of our way to get you tessaiga. This stuff is not for me, it is for you. We wanted to get you something for being a cool dude because we love you cause we roll like that. See we got tessaiga and now you have all the swords you need to feel all powerful baby. You are not getting your fluffy back though. It is mine."

That made everyone laugh as Sesshoumaru sighed leaning Mirage against his chest. What a silly woman he was mated to.

"I love you silly woman. I am still going to spank you though and you have to share my fluffy with me."

Mirage smiled wide laughing a bit. Then she moved the plastic swords to the seat wrapping the fluffy material about them both as she was tired. So was Miroku. They had used up a lot of their endorphin lights so it was recharge time. Sesshoumaru laid his head on top of his tiny mate holding her as though she were a jewel. Mirage tried hard to stay awake, but her eyes were drooping.

"It is ok to rest my love. All will be fine."

Sesshoumaru whispered.

Kagome sighed softly looking at the two celestials.

"These two sure burned a lot of energy. It is going to be hard to keep up with them."

Sesshoumaru smiled as he held his mate.

"True, but it was far from boring. This is the most fun I have had in a long time. I just wonder how my Father controlled Blades or if he even tried. He was so happy all the time and this must be why. When Blades was not around things seemed less exciting and Father was always unhappy. Scales was the same way. You would have really liked my Uncles. They made these two seem tame some days. Father was the worst of them all with my Mother running wild. I thought they were all insane for years and in some ways I still think of them that way."

Sesshoumaru mused. Now he understood Father and looked at the silly treasures his mate had gathered for him. Miroku and Mirage really had made his day. Now they would take this story and these things to make Inuyasha smile. Sesshoumaru was really worried about him. Leaving Inuyasha in the care of a hospital when his hotel had been secured in the demon ways like a fortress it was still dangerous. It could still be a place that someone could kill those he loved.

"Inuyasha is fine Sesshoumaru."

Kouga stated softly. He could feel his mate's concern and was one of the few who could read Sesshoumaru's mind.

"Yes Kouga I can sense him too and feel his dreams. He is doing better, but it still does not make me feel any more secure in his safety. I am taking him and Lee out of there as soon as we arrive. I don't care if the doctors throw a tantrum. I can't leave him there for someone to hurt even more. Lee is not nearly as bad and I wonder why Inuyasha is taking so long to heal."

Sesshoumaru felt the limo stop and realized they were at the hospital. Handing Mirage to Sango he told the women to stay in the car while he gathered the rest of their family and eventually come back for the doctor who they trusted. There was no time for arguments. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a sight that pissed him off.

"Excuse me Kouga. Go get our Inuyasha and your son Lee. I will return shortly. I have someone I must kill right now. Miroku watch over the women."

Sesshoumaru stated softly with venom in his voice. Kouga smirked knowing exactly who Sesshoumaru was headed for and wished he could have Lee watch this. Lee would have loved this shit.

Mia was trying to sneak into the hospital dressed up as a nurse. Sesshoumaru could smell her and saw her. In a flash he pulled her to a dark part of the building away from the video cameras.

"Mia.....tell me who you are working for and I will make your death quick."

Mia trembled as she looked at Sesshoumaru in shock. Sesshoumaru purred into her ear teasing her trembling body running acid tipped fingers over her breasts knowing that she would not dare cry out in pain. Mia was too afraid of what he would do to her if she did. Mia knew she was dead, but there was no point in making it more painful.

Sesshoumaru and his mates were supposed to be gone already to his castle. Mia had a vial of poison in her purse one for Inuyasha and one to kill Lee. Her Master had made this special and it would indeed kill a demon. In desperation she went for her purse pulling out a needle filled with poison trying to stab Sesshoumaru with it. In less than a second he broke her arm as he held his hand to her mouth to keep her from screaming.

"You think I am foolish enough to fall for such a trick? You are such a waste of time Mia. I might have just killed you quickly, now you will suffer. I will probe your mind as I kill you."

Ripping off her arm he then cauterized the wound with acid throwing the arm away as the acid slowly ate it making it disappear. Mia screamed in agony and whimpered in pain as Sesshoumaru probed her mind causing her nose to start bleeding. It hurt like hell and she wanted to bite his hand. She could not unless she wanted him to push his hand all the way into her face. Sesshoumaru had enough strength to crush her without it seeming like he didn't do more then gently push her away.

After Sesshoumaru got what he wanted from her mind he used his acid flower attack from his hand covering the girl in green deadly goop. The same exact goo he was to be injected with and his family members.

"Mia, you are a fool. That acid you wanted to kill me and Inuyasha with will not work on us. Maybe on Lee, but that was your last mistake. You do not touch my nephew or anything that is mine. My brother and I are Inu demons. We are full of this acid and it runs in our veins. It is like putting more power into us. Consider this death merciful since my little brother would have done far worse to you. He would have taken much more time to torment you. Now die."

Sesshoumaru ripped off her head since that was all that was keeping her alive as the acid slowly had been eating at her body. She disintegrated as his acid caused a permanent scar in the earth.

Straitening his jacket out and then dusting himself off Sesshoumaru walked away from the puddle of acid that was once Mia. There was nothing else except bubbling boiling acid sinking into the earth to disappear like she never existed.


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