Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Mirage didn’t wake up after their night of passion and Sesshoumaru freaked out. The poison had not completely left her system and so he drove her back to the hospital. Mirage was in a coma for three weeks before she finally woke up.

Mirage felt a hand that felt warm and comforting. She opened her eyes and saw Sesshoumaru sitting looking paler than normal. He was a bit gaunt and looked like he was sick.


Sesshoumaru jumped a mile as he heard his voice from his wife.

“Mirage………you are awake……..please forgive me…………”

Mirage felt a crushing embrace as Sesshoumaru sobbed in her arms.

“Shhhh big guy……….you did not do anything wrong………… was that other bastard……the ugly one…….”

Mirage couldn’t move her arms anymore as they fell at her sides.

“They got the poison out, but they can’t undo the rest my love. I am sorry. It is my fault. You shouldn’t have been there. I put you in danger.”

Sesshoumaru watched Mirage smirk a bit.

“Danger smanger…..I am a tough old broad……..I made you take me…….I would have followed you anyway even if you tried to tie me up……..”

Sesshoumaru growled.

“No…..don’t do that. You wouldn’t have been hurt…if I…..excuse me……..”

Sesshoumaru ran to the bathroom to vomit. It made him sick what that creature did in front of him and he was helpless to stop it. He didn’t deserve his title.

Mirage didn’t know what to do to help him. She hurt and she was tired. It felt like there was a steel weight on her chest, but she was not going back to that negative stupid place where nothing was fun anymore. That place sucked.

“Where are our other mates Sesshoumaru?”

Sesshoumaru came back and tried to breath.

“I had to leave them. I wanted to die with you if you left me. I can’t do that to them. I was so cruel to Inuyasha too and he deserves better. You deserve better.”

Mirage snorted.

“Now you are being an ass. I see. So leave all you love behind over a jerk. You gonna let him win huh? I thought you were made of better stuff.”

Sesshoumaru looked at Mirage who was mad at him.

“You are my wife. Don’t you understand that I can’t lose you? You bear my children, they cannot. I am connected to you by fate and it is our destiny to live or die together.”

Mirage sighed.

“Help me go to the bathroom jerk and then call them. You will remate everyone and stop blaming yourself. I will not have a somber, depressed mate who can’t take care of me because he is too into his own self pity.’
“You had no fucking control. So what, not everyone can control everything all the time.”

Sesshoumaru got angry, but he helped Mirage up.

“Why are you being a bitch? Do you have any idea the hell I have been going through since….oh fuck I am going to be ill.”

Mirage frowned. Her body wasn’t cooperating.

“Ok my body is an asshole and you are complaining about being ill. I don’t even know what happened except I got stabbed by a jerk and he forced himself on me until I passed out. I think I am the one who is supposed to be pissed off, depressed, and screwed up yet here I am listening to you whimper on about how you failed. Quit thinking only about you. Think about how Inuyasha and the others felt. Don’t you think even your Father felt useless? What about Kouga, Kagome, and everyone else in the family? Have they even gotten the chance to see me yet or have you been a wife hog?”

Sesshoumaru wanted to yell at Mirage, but he couldn’t. He wanted to drop her on her ass. He was so pissed off about her thinking he was only thinking about himself and acting like a child. Helping her remove her things then closing the door so she could urinate in peace Mirage suddenly thought about something as he held her.

“Um honey, do you think they may want some of this before I do it?”

Sesshoumaru totally forgot about being mad and pulled the cord for the nurse to come in.

“May I assist you Lord Tashio and Lady Tashio?”

Mirage tried to smile, but her face muscles were not reacting yet for her emotions.”

“Do you want my pee?”

The nurse then held her hands to her face.

“Oh dear yes, hang on a minute.”

Rushing to get one of those cups Mirage wanted to laugh but it came out more as a screwed up whatever it was. It sounded kind of like an old man laughing who was out of breath.

The nurse came back and Sesshoumaru helped as Mirage finished.

“I swear they love the yellow stuff and your blood. How much have the vampires drained from me babe?”

Sesshoumaru didn’t know. He was tired, pissed off that his wife was making fun of this whole situation, and relieved she was talking to him. After she was done he carried her to the bed careful to insure that the cords were not all over the place as he pulled the machine with her IV bag on it around getting her back into bed plus tucking her in.

“Mirage please don’t make me laugh. I am not in the mood and you have been a mean bitch since you woke up. Why? I have been here doing all I can for you. I haven’t eaten……..”

Mirage felt her body move as she sat up and yelled at him. Being pissed off at Sesshoumaru for not taking care of his damn self seemed to give her more energy. She wanted to kick the crap out of him for unmating their mates and for not eating. Was he insane?

“What! Are you crazy! Are you trying to kill me and yourself! Go get your skinny ass a damn sandwich and call Inuyasha to order pizza damn it! How dare you starve yourself! Do you want me to get off this bed and kick your damn ass!”

Sesshoumaru looked at his woman like she lost her marbles and then yelled back.

“I was protecting you woman and at your side day and night! I didn’t have time to eat when I was taking care of you damn it! Do you want to just rip me to shreds! Is that what you are trying to do? I……I……..”

Sesshoumaru couldn’t take it. He grasped Mirage and kissed her before he strangled her to death. He was so damn happy she was breathing and wanted to jump for joy that she was alive yelling at him. At the same time he wanted to kick himself for marrying such a mean little bitch who drove him insane.

“Damn it I love you…….I love you so much it is killing me.”

Mirage held her mate who started crying again except this time he smiled.

“I will call our mates and if it will make you smile I will remate them as well as apologize. I just can’t take back what happened to you. I know it sounds asinine, but I am terrified of making love to you and I am glad you are not with pup. We lost it, ours, but it is ok. I….don’t know how to deal with that…but it is ok. You are alive. We can have others and I promise to keep you safe always.”

Mirage growled crossing her arms.

“You are not going to keep me prisoner. I will go with you everywhere you understand that?”

Sesshoumaru growled.

“Not now, we will talk about that later Mirage. One damn thing at a time and now they won’t let me take you home yet. You are going to be going through tests.”

Mirage groaned as she flopped back onto the pillows. This sucked so she turned on the television to watch a cartoon making sure the volume was down so Sesshoumaru could correct the error of his stupid ways. Unmating his mates that she loved too, what a selfish jerk. He never asked her damn permission isn’t that what marriage is about?

Kouga picked up the phone surprised that Sesshoumaru was calling. Inuyasha had been depressed for weeks crying every night and Kouga had been similar except he never told anyone. It was like their hearts had been ripped out.

“Hey. Are you doing ok?”

Kouga stated softly in his usual deep voice.

“Yes, I think so. I am sorry my love. I didn’t mean to hurt all of you like I did. It was just…….”

Sesshoumaru stated brokenly over the phone.

“Hey, I understand Sess. We all do. How is Mirage doing?”

Sesshoumaru growled at his wife who was mad at him.

“She is being a bitch. She wants me to remate all of you and told me to eat. She doesn’t even care that I have been here at her side for months and that we lost the baby. I didn’t mean that… I didn’t Mirage I am sorry…..I just got whacked. I shouldn’t have said that….I said I am sorry! Fuck!’
“She is sad, but she is doing really well. You should bring everyone. She is just watching cartoons and sticking her tongue out at me.”

Kouga smiled wide and ran a hand over the back of his neck. Relief filled his soul. It was good to know things were better.

“We are on our way.”

Sesshoumaru sighed.

“Oh, and you are ordered to bring lots of food for me since I am apparently the stick that was in my ass.”

Kouga bust up laughing. Mirage perhaps could help Blade.

“Hey is it ok if we bring Blades and the others by?”

Sesshoumaru asked Mirage who looked at him like he was a moron.

“Yes… better or she is going to kick my ass. They are to bring her ice cream and two spoons since I am now a fucking what….I am not the wraith from hell woman.”

Kouga snorted trying not to laugh. Mirage of course was strong, he should have figured as much, but damn that had been scary and inside he still felt ill. He wanted tensaiga to bring that asshole back so he could tear him apart all over again. How dare that fucker touch his woman! It was that second he realized, Kouga didn’t want another mate. He wanted Sess’s female just like Kagome. He really didn’t want to go searching either anymore. Perhaps it was indeed time to just accept things as they were and hopeful wish that things would change for him where Mirage was concerned if Sess would allow it. He highly doubted it, but there was nothing wrong with being optimistic as Mirage would tell him all the time.

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