Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Once Sesshoumaru had Mirage wrapped into the blanket the hotel's front desk had already called the doctor as guests of the hotel watched in concern as rich business tycoon Mr. Tashio was rushing what was his secret fiancé up to their rooms. The media was all a buzz on who attacked the young girl since that was the story that was given as cameras flashed and the media rushed to try to get Raiden to talk. Raiden was pissed about this, but there was no other way to get Mirage into the hotel filled with so many people including a few celebrities without someone noticing. Inuyasha casually answered questions gave his card to the police and since Mirage was unconscious she could not answer questions.

As Inuyasha caught up with Sesshoumaru in the elevator he and the doctor both said the same thing at once.

"The press is going to have a field day with this one."

Sesshoumaru just wanted to find a wall to beat his head against.

"Yes, just don't let them find out about the baby until after we are married. I guess this means I have to invite her family to Tokyo and fly them all out here. Tell our family there have been delays and only explain that my female was injured. They don't have to know about the baby yet. No one needs to know more then what I want them to. If they ask smack them. I have no time for stupid questions. We will get together later and Inuyasha check on Miroku. Ask the boy if he did what I told him to and if he has not done so then send him to my quarters immediately."

Inuyasha smirked as the doctor looked shocked. He was not aware the young demon woman was pregnant.

"How much blood has this girl lost?"

The doctor said in a concerned voice. The blanket was caked in her blood. As they entered the room she was rushed onto the bed. The doctor looked at the wound.

"This was not just a normal knife; did you get a chance to look at it my Lord?"

Sesshoumaru's face changed as worry etched his brow. Then he recalled the events as he imagined the blade's handle. Fuck!

"It was an assassin’s blade. How the fuck did they know! It was the same bastards that are trying to kill us. I don't know if this hotel is safe we should leave."

Sesshoumaru's face went ashen and Inuyasha placed a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Sesshoumaru there is no safer place then here that I know of. Miroku has wards all over this place and we have demons on watch at all times. I mean you did call up the whole damn family. That means over two thousand demons including many of my and Kouga's children are watching this place like a hawk. It is not like the plane incident and you had no time in the limo to prepare for the hunt with this being her first. It is not your fault."

Sesshoumaru growled. It had been a trap.

"I should have watched, I should have stopped is my fault. They know we are here. I want to trust this Inuyasha, but something does not feel right."

Sesshoumaru sat on the edge of the bed holding Mirage's hand.

"Feeling bad about things now will not help her. Young hanyou you have strong blood, is this your male mate Lord Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru nodded trying to figure out the significance of this as he looked at the doctor annoyed.

"I am just inquiring young man because in order to stop the bleeding you will have to allow him to mark her and then after she bites him he can use his blood to help seal this wound. It will take both of you to do this, possibly more. Still we can try with this one and see if this is all she will need."

Sesshoumaru did not like this one bit. It was not what he agreed to yet and Kagome did not know about this. It was not right to not inform her. Inuyasha was already on the cell phone.

"Kagome, honey how are you? I am glad you are all doing well. I don't know if you have been watching the news, but we ran into a problem. Yes everyone is ok except Mirage was stabbed in the shoulder by a demon assassin blade so I have to do something and I am just going to do it even if you say no so this is just telling you ok? Thanks. I have to go now and I will see you when we get back........’
“What do you mean I abandoned you there? It was for your own good. Kagome I don't have time for this shit.'
"I love you so that ain't it at all. I am mating Mirage so we can save her life. Look it is the only way to save her so quit yelling at me about shit we can fight about later since I am running out of time here.’
“Fine, I will talk to you later about that. You are not flying out here in your condition! Kagome are you listening to me woman! Damn it don't hang up! Fuck!"

Sesshoumaru and the doctor looked at Inuyasha dumbfounded. It was kind of funny and the doctor smirked at the young powerful hanyou who he could tell was definitely married. Only a mated and married man could have a conversation over the phone like that without losing his mind. Inuyasha just pushed his brother over to get to Mirage. Inuyasha was too pissed off at Kagome to think about the fact he had shoved his powerful full demon brother out of the way who was growling at him for being so damn impulsive about this.

"Look I know you are out cold babe, but now you are stuck with me. I don't care what Sesshoumaru or Kagome wants. You will live so my brother won't be a fucking asshole and maybe then we won't beat each other up so much anymore. Also you have my nephew growing inside of you so if anything were to happen to him I would have to kill a bunch of people. I am probably going to do so anyway with my mates. I don't regret killing these people or in doing this with you so just don't kill me after I do this ok sweetheart?"

With that Inuyasha bit deep into Mirage's mating point as Sesshoumaru growled a bit. The doctor then watched Mirage bolt up biting Inuyasha out of instinct. Her eyes glowed red and suddenly Inuyasha was under her even with her arm wounded she was lying naked on top of him. He had no complaints, but Sesshoumaru was as he was growling like a madman.

"Shut up Sesshoumaru and let me enjoy this for a fucking second."

Inuyasha whimpered as Mirage dominated him. It felt rather good. It had been a hell of a long time since he had been dominated. Sesshoumaru was the last one to do that to him and he kind of wished the doctor would leave.

"Ummm she is healing I think so can he like go away now?"

Inuyasha stated as Sesshoumaru looked at Inuyasha who was not about to move with Mirage tearing off his cloths.

"I don't know if you deserve that Inuyasha. I still might pull her off of you and just leave you naked on my bed to torment you later.’
“Did I not say you had errands to do? I guess we will have to find you new clothing and I have to now send Lee with the jet again to go get your woman."

Inuyasha whimpered.

"She ain't flying on a jet."

Sesshoumaru exploded.

"What did you say Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha whimpered again.

"Hey it ain't my fault she is a hot head like the rest of our family. She won't get on a plane again after ours blew up so what the hell did you expect? She is teleporting here with all the kids. I mean all the kids. The nurses, the fucking nannies, all of them are on their way."

Sesshoumaru sat back in the chair. No his day was starting to really become jacked up. Holding his head things were not getting any better as Mirage was getting ready to rape his brother. Inuyasha was not doing anything to stop her either.

"Doctor please leave before my mates embarrass me anymore. I have things I must do and you will be compensated well. Thank you for your service…… go."

Sesshoumaru pointed to the door not looking as his hand was covering his eyes as he was leaning back in his chair, legs crossed looking as though someone just stole away his puppy. He was tired and pissed off. The doctor left knowing if he did not there might be bloodshed.

"Thank you Lord Tashio."

The doctor left and Sesshoumaru walked over to his mates as Mirage had Inuyasha pinned to the bed sitting on top of him kissing the hell out of the boy. Blind or not Inuyasha was just asking for it.

Cracking his knuckles Sesshoumaru growled low threatening his mates to stop or he was going to lose it with them both. Mirage blinked her eyes as the red demon blood in them disappeared and looked down in shock. Inuyasha was not Sesshoumaru!

"You are not my Sesshoumaru!"

Inuyasha smirked as he looked dazed.

"No baby I am not, but I wish to God right now I was. Lucky fucking bastard."

Mirage had really bit him good and drank more then she needed. Inuyasha passed out with a happy grin on his face.

"Oh great I broke your brother!"

Sesshoumaru could not stay mad at that comment as he busted up laughing. That was funny as hell. Mirage got up and looked at her blood caked body.

"Oh gross. Man I need a shower. I smell and look like teen spirit. No I look like a bad episode of Elizabeth Bathardy gone wild and I wouldn't kill a single virgin if you paid me to. This is so wrong."

Mirage ignored Sesshoumaru who was laughing so hard he was sitting on the edge of the bed holding his stomach. Damn he could not stay mad at her if he wanted to and his brother looked too damn happy passed out on the bed. It looked like she killed him with the blood all over him including his own and of course he was not even the slightest bit upset about it. She was staring at the TV.

"Isn't that the little girl we saved?"

Mirage felt like she was going to be sick. The girl was covered in blood, still alive, but her Father had been shot to death. Sesshoumaru looked at Mirage.

"Yes it is."

His brow furrowed, but he paid no attention. It was not his problem or hers.

"That pisses me off. I can't believe we go out of our way to save them and some jerk shoots her Father. I want her. I doubt she has any family and I like the way she smells. You have some pull don't you?"

Sesshoumaru frowned. He was not planning to take on another fucking kid that was an orphan. Mirage was determined though.

"Damnit Sesshoumaru we saved her. Don't give me that look. If nothing else find out if she has a fucking family, if not then I will just care for her. You don't have to do a damn thing!"

Mirage was furious with him as she stormed to the bathroom grumbling how people go out of their way getting stabbed to save someone only to have some asshole shoot the guy you saved so now she had more people to kill.

Sesshoumaru would have laughed if her demand had not pissed him off so much. Sesshoumaru growled. Mirage was not going to start another damn fight and she was definitely not going to order him around. If she wanted the damn kid fine, but all decisions had to go through him and he would be damned if she thought she was going to raise a kid without him.

Rushing into the bathroom he heard the water running as Mirage was under it looking sexy as hell. The smell of blood and then the smell of his mate helped calm him enough to not strangle her. Closing the door he took off his cloths angrily throwing them in the corner then opened the door to the shower. Mirage saw his face and knew he was pissed off. Sesshoumaru grasped Mirage by the back of her neck and pulled her roughly into his arms.

"You will not presume to tell me what to do woman. If you want the kid so bad then I will do it, but you will not talk to me like that again. You will not go after those bastards and you will do nothing by yourself since you seem to forget you are mated. You are married in the demon way in every form possible. You are mine damn it all.’
“Inuyasha helped heal you, but you are not his bitch. You are mine.'
"If Inuyasha is lucky he may get to touch you again, but I just mated you. Until I decide if I want to share you after you decide that you wish for such a thing I will say when it will occur. I love my male mates, but you are my only female and I will be damned if anyone tried to take you from me again. I will kill anyone who touches you without my permission and I will unmate my mates if my males become a problem. I will kill them over you.'
"Do not push me woman! They cannot have my children and as long as you are carrying my son in your womb you will start protecting yourself unless you wish for me to lock you up in a room to keep you safe."

Mirage looked at Sesshoumaru in shock then tried to push him away. He was being so damn mean and Mirage had enough of being treated like a baby. Sesshoumaru could not keep trying to protect her every damn minute of the day. At some point she had to be able to breathe a bit.

Sesshoumaru growled at her thoughts. Mirage had no understanding of how things worked for demons and the fact was he would protect her every second of the day if he damn well felt like it. In fact her resistance to him just made him want to do it more.

"Stop it Mirage! I am not trying to be a fucking abusive asshole! I am trying to get you to understand who you mated. You mated a demon not some dog that will stray on you. I am very selective and I do not just choose anyone to mate. I unlike my Father and his Father do not need more mates. I have what I want. If I want more then it will not be something that we do not discuss.’
“Inuyasha had no choice and if his female was to influence him against helping you I would kill her. I would unmate him and kill that bitch for being so damn selfish. Do you understand me now? Do you understand how much you mean to me now? I will protect you and you will accept it.’
“The more you fight me the more I will fight back. I live for this shit so don't think for one damn second I will back down. I will win. You may be the conquest and challenge I have searched for all my life considering not even Inuyasha has driven me this crazy. I can't bring myself to strangle the life out of you and at the same damn time I really want to. You do not want to see me in demon rage. You do not want to awaken that monster, but you are coming damn close to it.'
"If you think my only concern is the pup in your womb you are mistaken! It is not just for the damn pup you carry that concerns me even if it is important. I love you. I did not mean to fall in love with you, but damn it I did and look at the monster it makes me. I am a jealous furious beast who wants to kill anyone who would even attempt to hurt you or take you from me. I can't even stand anyone touching you except for me. I want to kill anyone looking at you the wrong way. You are mine and I am a possessive jealous bastard who does not like to share anything that is mine. This is how demons love. It is the only way we know how."

With that Mirage kissed Sesshoumaru holding him tight then placed her forehead against his hard chest as her arms wrapped around the man she adored and loved.

"Sesshoumaru, I don't understand all of this. I don't always know what is happening to me. I am changing and I am not sure of what is real anymore. I really thought it was you I was messing with in my demon state. Your brother is an Inu with blood that tastes very similar to yours. I could not see during all of that mess so I honestly did not know it was not you."

Sesshoumaru groaned in frustration and wanted to find a way to comfort his mate. She was so damn naive and how could he explain something that was his whole life? Sesshoumaru did not know what it was like to grow up as a human and even the little understanding of them that he had did not prepare him for all of this. These emotions were so damn hard.

If Mirage had met him years before now she would be so damn surprised at the difference. He had gone from a killing machine to something else. All the instincts that had made him what he once was adapted to the constant changing world and in doing so in some ways had domesticated some of the wildest sides of his personality that would not ever resurface again. They had their time in the light and had been free to do as they pleased.

Lord Sesshoumaru for so many years of his life was considered cold, calculating, and vicious. This world could not handle what he had once been. The demon Lord wanted more from life then just constant blood and death. Such things were always there and he lost his fascination in them. It used to be fun to kill things, but now it was not so great anymore. It was too convenient and too easy to hunt what he needed to survive. There was no real challenge.

Sesshoumaru had plates of meat in the fridge, he still indulged on a few human treats like ice cream, and of course the occasional drink to calm his nerves. Sesshoumaru had to go to impressive dinners to feast with society showing he could stomach some of the human's food and thanks to Rin he was able to do so without grimacing in disgust.

Still he would go home alone and not even bother calling his mates. They had busy lives and Sesshoumaru was not always interested in sex although that is all his male mates seemed to want him for. Showing up in the middle of the night with their key knowing he was only sleeping in the silk boxers as they would seduce him to get what they wanted and only to leave a few days later. Sesshoumaru did not care one way or the other at that point. It was the same old shit.

Sometimes Sesshoumaru just would turn up the radio to run on his treadmill for hours, use the weight sets that still seemed too light for him, or watch TV. Sesshoumaru always ran to his office, showered there, left a few silver hairs he cut up to pretend he shaved so no one would get suspicious, and then there were tedious board meetings all day long.

During meetings Sesshoumaru would be listening to the damn demons as they bungled through the day and he would only think of why the fuck was he still doing this shit. Sesshoumaru hated his damn life and had been so fucking lonely. Nothing could fill that void until now.

Sesshoumaru would spend some of his time lying on his couch wearing nothing except sweat pants that no one knew he owned or pure cotton boxer briefs that felt so soft against his skin. There he would think about his Father, ideas to improve Inuyasha's virtual eyesight gear so that the hanyou would eventually have these chips inserted into his eyes like the stupid pearl so that those gorgeous big golden eyes would not be hidden behind glasses. Still it was too risky right now.

Sesshoumaru would lay there fantasizing about the kind of female he wanted and then read a few dirty magazines since Playboy also had some interesting articles. He would throw out his Maxims, Penthouse, and Playboy magazines every day since after reading them there was no point in keeping them. The women were always air brushed to perfection and so the things he saw that were beautiful in his eyes were always missing. He would wonder if the model in the picture ever would really smile at him like that or was it all just for show like half the women he had to deal with. The coy blushes of even innocent beautiful good women and decent men just did not make him feel anything other than pity for these people. No one could understand what it was like to be like him without living his life so he could not judge them for their ignorance.

Still, Sesshoumaru had one true joy. He really liked children. They always saw past his human like disguise and knew exactly what he was as little ones would cry out doggie man. It made him smile. Even when a baby pulled his hair that just made him realize how much he wanted a child that was his with his features that would need him. Whenever a child yelled 'Daddy' rushing up to their Father with an adorable unbalanced little body only to be scooped up by the man that those adoring eyes wished to see at the end of a hard working day it wrenched his heart as he wished for such excitement from his children when he came home. To see families together and watching his brother with his children he felt like a strange outcast that did not belong. Inuyasha was an incredible Father and so was Kouga. They had shown him what he really desired.

As much as Sesshoumaru loved to hear his nieces and nephews rush to him yelling 'Uncle Sesshy' it was not the same. Watching Inuyasha kiss Kagome as they held their pups only made Sesshoumaru fall into moments of despair as he sometimes would find himself crying at home wanting to just get away from the whole damn world since all the children including Inuyasha that he raised were all grown up now.

Sesshoumaru was the Family Patriarch and King of them all. Sesshoumaru sometimes felt trapped in his title and told Inuyasha one night that he wanted to give up his place to his brother. Inuyasha never took that seriously, but Sesshoumaru was dead serious about it some days.

Women and men threw themselves at him. Newspapers for years had written about him as he pretended to die from some stupid human disease to have a successor with a new first name that was supposedly the nephew of the prior individual that had been in charge. He had deep brown hair, black, silver, and even auburn in respects to his favorite Uncle Scales. It did not matter what form he had ever been in. The demon Lord could not make himself look old. Even with his jet black hair the fact was as Raiden Tashio this was the first time he actually looked just like his normal humanoid form that he had occupied in the Feudal days except his markings did not show. This character of Raiden was his favorite to play since even his mates seemed to appreciate the cold calculating playboy that had everyone always curious on what he was planning to do next.

Sesshoumaru once tried very hard to disguise himself as an old man. His stupid demon had a shit fit since it was egotistical and vain. The beast in him wanted to flaunt what so many people thought was so damn beautiful about him. Sesshoumaru's Father had the same damn problem. Inu No Tashio did not give a rat's ass about what the world thought though and if he had his way he would have the damn paparazzi eating out of his hands with the absolutely wild things his old man would have done. Father flaunted everything and always was willing to show off. His mates were the ones that had to keep Father from embarrassing them all and Mother would of course just go along for the ride making up stories to get the priests to blush in the confessionals.

The demon inside of Sesshoumaru liked what people said about him. Sesshoumaru was apparently charming, had a great voice, perfect hair, and eyes. Still no one could handle his temper or even wanted to bother to really understand him including his own mates. Sesshoumaru tried to play that he was poor for a short time only to have rich people fawning over him. That made his mates crazy and cracked him up.

Sesshoumaru even got married and divorced twice just to see what it was like. Married a young human girl and hated it. She had a fit about the prenup that he made he sign before the wedding and that alone ended their relationship. Still Sesshoumaru had fun with that whole thing and refused to have sex with her claiming he had to divorce her because of the fact he was gay. Then told the press later he was bisexual getting the same idiot human girl to marry him after signing another prenup only to catch her in bed with the gardener since he still refused to have sex with her saying she smelled of other men. It was not nice to humiliate her like he did, but Sesshoumaru never claimed to be a nice guy. The people of the press had fun with that for a while.

Of course Sesshoumaru would make up stories on occasion to keep people guessing with his mates messing with the media just as much as he did. People especially humans seemed to believe anything those idiots told them. It did not matter what area of life he played a role in, he was noticed and treated differently.

Now Sesshoumaru craved something different and Mirage was all the things he wanted wrapped up into a small pain in the ass woman that he wanted to please. It was the first time in Sesshoumaru's life that he wanted to actually go out of his way to do more for someone else then himself. His mates and Rin had been lucky in the few generous things he offered them. Now Sesshoumaru wanted to take his female and find out every damn thing that would make her smile so she would love him all the time. Sesshoumaru wanted to bask in her love and not worry that she would leave him. He wished for the comfort of the kind of charmed life Inuyasha and Kouga had with Kagome with his own children of his own blood. It was more important to him than any power he could possess and Sesshoumaru wanted to show Mirage everything. Sesshoumaru found himself opening up completely to Mirage without wanting to hold back anything. She opened up something inside of him he could not slam a door on.

Mirage seemed to want the same things from him that he wanted from her and the challenge was just breaking her enough to remove all the walls she built up around herself like a fucking fortrace. There were so many things going on in that woman's head. She was an artist so he wanted to push the limits there and find out what other talents she had. He wanted to complain about her little annoying habits like Inuyasha and Kouga said Kagome sings all the damn time killing their eardrums since the woman had to be tone deaf. Still it was one of those things that made his two mates eyes shine with love for Kagome and neither of them had the heart to tell her that her voice was terrible. They both said they lived for little moments like that. Sesshoumaru wanted that for himself. Dumb memories of things that he could keep whenever he needed to get through the day and the tedious long life of an immortal.

Sesshoumaru figured since this was just the beginning of his relationship with Mirage things were going rather smoothly in the remembering silly moment’s area since Mirage so far was anything but boring. Mirage kept him on his toes and drove Sesshoumaru insane with the things she did so impulsively. Fact was not even Inuyasha made him laugh this much or want to tear his hair out this badly. It was funny that in just a few hours of getting to know this woman every little thing Mirage did was making Sesshoumaru love her wanting her even more. Sesshoumaru felt happier every second he was near her feeling both free and possessive of this strong emotion that only grew stronger every time he looked into those beautiful blue eyes that made him realize he could not deny Mirage anything if he tried. It was just a damn good thing she did not know her power over his heart because it would not take much for her to break it. Sesshoumaru for the first time in his life felt vulnerable and weak. It made him afraid and at the same time nothing was this exciting.

"I know you were not aware of yourself. That is why Inuyasha still lives. That is why our room is not destroyed and we are not both a bloody mess.’
“Demons are very physical creatures. When you fight with me and if I fight with you we may damn well almost kill each other. That is why I don't want to fight with you. If you want something ask me for it, don't demand it from me. There is nothing I would not do for you if you just ask me for it except if you ask me to leave you. You do that I will probably kill us both. I don't want to even think about that. Do not fear me and do not leave me. I would not ever purposely hurt you. I only want you to be happy with me.'
"If you want that damn hanyou child you can have her. I knew after she hugged you I was fucking toast if it came down to this. You are really making me look like a big softy. It is not a good thing, but it could be worse.'
"I have only had you as my mate for a few hours and already you are damaged. It makes me feel ill and I want to fix it. I do not every want you to do this to me again. I have not ever been afraid, but bad things that happen to my mates that I cannot prevent terrify me. You are all trying to kill me. I am supposed to keep this shit from happening to you. If you want to make me look like a real ass then you are doing a great job of it honey. I come back with no injury, but you are wounded very badly so this does reflect upon me as a protector. If I can't protect the woman I love then what good am I?’
“Underneath this demon and all this magic I am still only a man. I need you to depend on me and allow me to take care of you. You can't do this to me anymore. I will beg if I must to keep you from putting yourself in harm’s way. Don't throw away my love like this. I cannot bear your pain when I should be able to stop it and I feel like I failed you as your mate.'
"We have to make up a story about your shoulder being wounded and you will have to tell the police about the men we killed. As far as they need to know we got side tracked not thinking about the area we ended up in. I can't cover this one up with magic. We have to all use the same damn story."

Mirage nodded and allowed Sesshoumaru to caress her back as she kissed his chest leaning into him.

"I am sorry for being such a bitch and you did not fail me. You tried to protect me; we did not know this was going to happen. As much as you want to Sesshoumaru, you can't control the whole world. You are trying to and you do well with these people. Still they cannot live under our thumbs. People must thrive. It takes time to learn from the past and people will repeat mistakes. I will do so and geniuses such as yourself may never be able to come down to everyone else's level. I am ok with that and I understand it. You are so noble and honorable. You are a good man and you are a great leader. Still you cannot keep bad things from happening to good people.’
“We enjoy all the time we have while we have it and make the best of every moment. That is what the living do. Everyone has to have a life and live it well.'
"We may in our pride as demons think we will live forever and perhaps death is far away. Still if the maker of all this life suddenly decides tomorrow will not come what memories do you want to remember Sesshoumaru in that eternal slumber if you are allowed such a gift? What are the things that are most important to you my love? If there are to be regrets then don't let them be the things that cloud our future together. Let them be past memories of things not to do again so that we will not have any more. The dead do not mourn us, they laugh at us. So why not laugh with them?'
"I just feel so trapped in some ways not because of you. It is because I live a life that has been just all about me and Bobby. I do what I have to for folks, but fact is I did not care for a long time about anything as long as my family was cared for.’
“I am so used to being on my own and not reporting to anyone except at work. I was not prepared for all of this. I am glad though that I am with you. I dream about it and want it so very much.’
“I have worried about you in your cartoon character. Silly that I think of that person as the same one I am holding now, but fact is you are both. I worried for your loneliness and my own. You are a good man Sesshoumaru even if you don't think so. I have wanted you forever it seems. I just wonder what the hell took you so long to find me. My late husband I loved, but it is totally different. I feel something like a connection to you and a complete feeling of peace in my soul. When I look at you I feel happier then I have ever been in my life too.'
"I want you to protect me and be there for me. I don't blame you though when things go wrong. Shit happens so we deal with it. Even if things are bad for us we will get through it. We are just starting out and we have much more life to live before we turn ourselves into the Looney bin. I don't think they would tolerate us there. We would probably get thrown out. Still I would rather be crazy with you and have this interesting life with you then anyone else.’
“I like the sex part a lot so far. You are really a hottie and you have a great ass. Yes you are sexy as hell and you know it so I ain't giving you more of an ego trip. I mean if you think about it God spelled backwards is Dog so you are a Sexy Dog. See no idol worship or evil doing yet. I am sure with your guidance since you have over a thousand years of experience you can teach me some new things.'
"I don't mind having the kids and I am hoping that my body doesn't get all jacked up since I want to be a hottie too. Can't have your puppies by yourself. I need someone to help me open jars and help kill bugs since they are gross. So I guess that makes me kind of need you since I really don't want to be the man in this relationship. You have to protect me from myself sometimes, but you will get over that. I forget I even need it and then fall flat on my face. So to keep my face from breaking you will have to be there to catch me. You are going to be busy as hell since I am a pain in the ass. It is certified and if not I want it to be.'
"You are rough with me, but I like that. I am into that. I don't want a guy who is always agreeing with me and I don't want to fight with someone all the time either. I think debates are ok though. We will work on that.'
"Sometimes I am really quiet and it doesn't mean anything is wrong with me. I am day dreaming or some crap. I write poems and stories. Keeps my brain busy and making up crap is fun. I like romance novels even stupid ones because none of that shit ever will happen to me.’
“I mean look at us, we are two soaked demons in a shower and right now I don't want to world to share this moment. Even if I were to write about this no one can touch you like I can right now and only you can feel me.'
"I know that sometimes I can be mean. I just don't know how else to act. I hate so many people Sesshoumaru and even those I worked with. It was not their fault, but I could not stand the simpering and the bending over backwards to please people. I don't like that at all. I just want things done, simple yes or no. No shades of grey even though I know they are there."

Sesshoumaru smiled. He felt the same way as he let the water wash away the kill and the sweat. Mirage in his arms was all he wanted to feel. He wanted to take care of Mirage and not ever allow her to worry about anything. Her mind needed to be free of worries except for the ones surrounding her family and ones that were not harmful. Mirage had a rough life full of abuse, pain, and regrets. Sesshoumaru understood this and wanted his life to start over too.

Even if they were not mates Sesshoumaru would have been drawn to this wonderful woman. Mirage was so funny, but at the same time there was wisdom behind the words she stated that would amaze his own Father. Mirage would someday have to write and read a poem for him. Sesshoumaru missed stuff like that. People really did not appreciate such things much anymore.

Mirage unlike Kouga and Inuyasha would probably love to go to art galleries with him. She would go to gardens with him, Rin, and Kagome to see the botanical shows since the male mates complained of headaches. They did not know how to separate the senses to pick out the pleasant scents from the ones that were not pleasant. There were many things like sitting on a beach and relaxing with his mate that he wanted to do. This was not all about the sex even if it was incredible. Sesshoumaru wanted to hold her hand and even just sit as they had on the plane talking about things ignoring the rest of the world since their world would be complete in each other's arms.

Sesshoumaru felt good to know Mirage would be the first to see him dress down and he wanted to see what kind of things she could come up for them both to wear to see if the things that connected him so much to her were in all things she did. Her mind swam with ideas of things he wanted to do with her and had wanted to do his whole life with someone without them backing out of it.

Grasping the soap Sesshoumaru washed his mate and then she did the same for him washing his back, his hair and then was shocked to see his fluffy white tail that took up most of the bath tub. It was wrapped around her feet and she slipped only to have Sesshoumaru catch her with a smirk. Then her damn shoulder started to bleed again.

"Damn it all when will this fucker heal!"

Mirage growled. Sesshoumaru licked the wound closed.

"We just have to be more careful with you for a few days. Your arm is pretty useless for now, but it will heal. They went deep into the muscle and the blade messes with your nerves as well as your ability to heal. It is a quick way to kill a demon."

Sesshoumaru stated with a frown not caring that they were probably using up all the hot water in the building he held Mirage tight feeling so much cleaner with the water running over them both. Sesshoumaru could feel her pulse weakening. The blood loss might cause her not only to lose the pup, but her precious life. Sesshoumaru did not want to mourn the pup, but he could always create another. It was something he would get over and help Mirage to do if that was what kept her from healing. He would force it with magic out of her little body to save her if he had to. Sesshoumaru did not want to do that, but it would not be the first time he had killed his own offspring.

Inuyasha had come to accept the way of the pack and he had once cursed Sesshoumaru to hell for catching Sesshoumaru who was killing a pregnant woman who had been his lover. Sesshoumaru then grasped Inuyasha by the head and showed him how sick she was and that the baby was already dead only to stride away ignoring his brother's apology. After seeing this and watching Kagome become ill if the children were not healthy Inuyasha begged for Sesshoumaru to do the dirty work with his pups since he could not. Kouga had no qualms since he like Sesshoumaru understood his duty to the pack.

Only a few of Inuyasha's sickly pups that could not make it after their birth. Inuyasha was too emotional for such a task. Only the strong of a demon litter even of mixed blood would be allowed life. It seemed cruel for a long time to Kagome, but she adapted. Her little body would have died if she had carried pups that were not healthy since the magic in her would kill them and cause them to die inside of her. It was the way of the demon inside of them all and the animal itself created life. Survival of the fittest and keeping the females safe so that they could continue to produce strong healthy pups for the pack was the duty of all members of the Tashio family.

Demon women felt for years that was sexist that the males were the only ones to decide if a pup was worthy of life. Sesshoumaru to show a few of the younglings what would happen if they continued breeding unhealthy children allowed a few of them to try to live and in the end suffered painfully dying shortly after birth anyway. It was much more merciful to just do as Sesshoumaru had told them to and it was what kept the Tashio's going even when things seemed damn near impossible. Their family was everything to them all. No one messed with the Tashio family and those that did paid with their lives.

"We are going to be like raisins if we do not leave this shower soon."

Mirage whispered as she felt her fingers get wrinkly smirking up at her mate kissing his gorgeous lips.

"You know my love I don't care about things like that. I want to take you right here right now. I have always wanted to fuck a woman in the shower."

Sesshoumaru stated with a wide grin. Mirage kissed Sesshoumaru with more force as soon they were both moaning as he lifted her onto his hips then moved her to the back of the shower. Holding onto her mate Sesshoumaru lifted one leg allowing Mirage to balance with the other as he slid deep within her. Soon they were soaring as his demon took over and thrust at demon speed into her. Mirage felt like she was free falling as her body rocked to meet each of his thrusts. Then Sesshoumaru pulled out and made Mirage bend over as he thrust into her from behind harder and harder until he felt his seed fill her body feeling her squeeze him in her own powerful release. They both had cried each other's names more times than they could count. A knock came on the door as Kagome's voice could be heard on the other side.

"Sesshoumaru did you kill my mate?"

Sesshoumaru pulled out of Mirage as Mirage started laughing. She could not help it as she fell out of the shower onto the floor laughing so hard tears were rolling down her cheeks. Sesshoumaru was also laughing as he tried to catch her and missed feeling like shit about it as he exited the shower. The floor was soaked.

"Kagome I will be out to explain in a bit."

Sesshoumaru stated firmly back to Kagome to let her know that he was not to be disturbed right now as he reached out his hand to help Mirage up. He then proceeded to wring out their hair. There was no point to the damn fluffy rug on the floor since it was wet with all the water Mirage took out of the shower with her when she fell. She kept forgetting how long her hair was and then felt by her but.

"Ouch I hit something."

Looking down she realized it was not just Sesshoumaru's tails that filled the tub; it was hers since she had this long white and gold fluffy tail. It was now sitting soak and wet on the floor.

Sesshoumaru pulled her into the shower and wrung out his tails closed the door and told Mirage there was only one way for a dog to get dry the right way. They had to go out the window and shake off in dog form. Mirage looked at him like he was crazy.

"All those people will see us naked!"

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes changing into his dog form and then nuzzled his mate's beautiful moist core that had been fucked quite well with his long nose then licked there with a very long soft tongue. Mirage turned all sorts of shades of red, but her mate just smirked at her since he knew she enjoyed that even if she was a bit shocked. As Mirage changed she looked at him like he was a very bad dog. Sesshoumaru decided he liked this. He wanted to be a very bad dog and fuck her as a dog so this was a good opportunity to do so.

"What Mirage did you not think I would not wish to taste you and have you in every damn form possible?"

Mirage licked his cheek feeling a bit shy. This was so strange even if it felt good. They were way up in the air above everyone with fur all over so they were not naked to the world even if she felt like it in some ways. The fur felt good and it was strange to be flying. It felt wonderful; she had always wanted to fly like this.

"Sesshoumaru is there somewhere we could go that I could see you in your full size? I want to see you as you are in every way. I want to know if I can do the same and then we can hide there some days away from this crazy world."

Sesshoumaru smiled and could not be happier. He thought he found ultimate happiness in just mating this woman and then in having her bear his son. In everything she did she was a surprise to him.

"Yes in fact I do and I want that. Let's go."

Mirage raced with him across the sky to what seemed like a small secluded island as they grew bigger in size. It was over the ocean far away from the things of man. Sesshoumaru landed and stretched enjoying the feel of using his muscles since it had been almost too damn long since he had been in this form. He really missed it some days.

"You are right this is good now my mate I will show you the pleasure of rutting as a dog. I have wanted to do this also since the day I met you. I almost prefer mating you as a dog then as the humans we pretend to be. This is natural for me."

Sesshoumaru nuzzled his mate then licked under her jaw as she licked him back. She lifted her tail as he licked her warm wet privates and loved the clean scent of her. She smelled like him and the wet dog smell that bothered most was not what they did smell. In everything they were sensing each other and that smell was the smell of his mate. His scent was the smell she desired and found her dog form was just as excited as her humanoid form when he mounted her. It was like his already large cock however grew much larger and Mirage gasped as he entered her.

"Oh my God you are huge."

Sesshoumaru chuckled a bit as he nipped his mate gently on the back of her neck then proceeded to rut her hard and fast. Mirage had not felt anything this wicked and perfect at the same time. It was wild. Soon after several couplings they were both tired. Kagome probably thought they abandoned her and Inuyasha.

"So my love do you wish to complain some more about my size or do I fit you just right?"

Mirage started laughing as she bounded up to Sesshoumaru and licked his face.

"You and your ego. You are perfect as always, but I am probably ruined for life."

Sesshoumaru smirked.

"No, you are not. We adjust as we change form. I do have one other thing to tell you and it might piss you off a bit. After the pups are born you will be a virgin again."

Mirage looked at Sesshoumaru with a ‘you’re not being funny’ look as they raced side by side in the night sky shrinking as they got closer to the hotel so no one would notice the flying dogs that were headed for their room.

"What? No fricking way! You are just kidding. That is not even funny. So that means your big huge tool of love is going to open me again and again every damn time. I mean I can handle being tight, but every fricking time? No wonder you say Kagome gets pregnant all the damn time."

Sesshoumaru laughed as they entered the still wet bathroom. His tail entered his body and his hair grew another few inches to compensate. Mirage entered, but her tail was not cooperating and it was starting to piss her off as Sesshoumaru tried hard not to laugh as Mirage kept closing her eyes concentrating to get her tail to go away only to open one eye seeing it was there and growled.

"It takes a bit of work, but you will figure it out. Just imagine what you want to look like and then you are done."

Mirage smirked at this, so they could shape shift. So she turned herself into a female version of Inuyasha. Mirage had long silver hair, full lips, and big golden eyes that just complimented her female body that he loved so much. Sesshoumaru blinked twice, swallowed hard, and tried hard not to think of his stupid fantasy of his brother being female as being real since this was just cruel and unusual punishment.

"Mirage that just is not nice. God you look good like that though and he would too. Still you can't do that. You are too beautiful as you are. Don't mess that up on me it is another great fantasy I have and you are real."

Mirage shrugged and turned into the demon she saw herself as in the mirror when he first mated her. This had to be her true form. This was the one she saw in the car except the red eyes. The good thing was the tail was gone.

"I guess I can will it back any time right Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru nodded smiling trying to stop being a horney fucking bastard. He wanted to fuck her again in the image of Inuyasha as a woman and even now. It had to just be the fact it was mating season. He had not been this damn horney in years.

"Yes. Now let’s get into these bath robes and go visit Kagome before she blows up on us."

Mirage smiled wickedly. She had a really good idea. Sesshoumaru then after donning his robe found a smirking Mirage slid her fingers up and down the open part of his robe where her favorite part of his body could be seen. Mirage was obsessed with that firm muscular chest that just had to be touched.

"I love this part of you Sesshoumaru. It is so damn sexy, but so is the rest of your body. So for a present tonight I am going to will my tail back and wear only it to bed if you would like that."

Mirage stated as she sauntered over to the door flipping the tie on her robe then showing Sesshoumaru her leg teasing him as he was not sure that putting the fucking robes on was worth the bother when he just wanted to take them off again to fuck his mate with Mirage acting so silly and sexy.

"Are you coming? Oh that is right you did that with me and I hope can do it some more since I want more of you. Should I open this door or suck your cock? Decisions can be so damn hard sometimes. Are you hard yet baby?"

Mirage purred as she turned to look at Sesshoumaru who had something absolutely delicious out of his robe ready for her lips.

"You should not tease unless you mean every damn word you say my beautiful little sex kitten. Do you want what I have? This hard cock wants your lips wrapped around it or don't you want this in that pretty mouth after offering?"

Sesshoumaru stated stroking his cock making it even harder as Mirage moaned licking her lips in want. Sesshoumaru was surprised at the reaction and it made him really fucking love this bitch. Mirage licked her lips one more time to wet them and knelt on the floor running her clawed finger over his gorgeous muscular legs.

"Who says I don't?"

Sesshoumaru knew he was in deep shit. Mirage was indeed bent on killing him. Every damn thing in his head screamed they should be leaving the bathroom already since they had been there in appearances for hours. Still when her lips engulfed him he did not dare move as it felt so damn good. Running his hands over her hair Sesshoumaru allowed Mirage to do as many wicked things with her tongue as she wanted to and then she surprised the hell out of him. She licked her fingers and then slid one of them in his tight ass. Sesshoumaru at first was shocked, but then she felt around wondering if he would like this since she read about it. She had to find his prostate. Then boom she had him. Her fingers hit it as his cock jerked in her mouth and so did his body.

"Oh fuck."

Sesshoumaru stated as Mirage entered another finger sliding along that bundle of nerves and causing his body hell. It had been way too long since anyone had done that and Sesshoumaru came faster than he had done in his life. It was not fair.

"You are evil woman."

Mirage smiled up at him batting innocent blue eyes.

"I don't know what you are referring to Sir. I did nothing evil. I think we will need some adult toys for me to do something very evil to you. We need some in fact right now, but we have visitors so we are screwed.’
“By the way my hottie man… screw me very well and I want more later. I want more now, but that is because you just turn me on all the damn time. I have only known you for a few hours, but I dream of you taking me every damn night. You need to tie me up and tell me what a bad girl I am. What do you say to that?"

Sesshoumaru pulled his woman up as he adjusted his robe as she had swallowed every last drop of him licking her lips as she then kissed him. Sesshoumaru found he did not ever seem to mind the flavor of himself since it was always mixed with the flavors of his lovers and with Mirage the flavor was completely different. It was intoxicating and almost addicting. She was a little hellion, had to be. Father had to be completely wrong about her being a celestial. Nothing this wicked could be completely pure. Celestials were pure beings, but then again Father did say Blades was his favorite. Someday he would have to ask him about that.

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