Golden Eyes

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Things were not getting any better in the search for finding the foe that had been trying to kill Sesshoumaru’s family. The family had searched everywhere with no fucking clues and no scent to tell them where this person was hiding, make that possible persons. Sesshoumaru was going to lose it soon if something didn’t turn up. It was time to test out the new microchips that were to be implanted into demon patients as well as humans so that they could see as well as any other person. He couldn’t even consider putting them into Inuyasha until he was certain that they were not tampered with.

“Sesshoumaru quit stressing about it. You fired or killed half the people who were working for you whose backgrounds were even slightly shady. You killed all the ones who didn’t have a recognizable scent. Killing more people will just delay the project further. Besides, I am ok for now with how things are. I am used to my blindness. It really ain’t that big of a handicap.”

Sesshoumaru knew that Inuyasha was just trying to placate him so that he wouldn’t go ape shit any more on the public.

“Inuyasha do not stall me in this search. Even if everyone else has given up I am not. Father and the others just couldn’t remain here forever I know that. You and Kouga now are it for me as far as this search goes.’
“Miroku moved away with Sango before Mirage got arrested with him since I cannot concentrate when those two are together. Even Sango was going to have premature labor if she kept laughing that much.”

Inuyasha sat back on the couch pouting.

“So what are you going to do now? Are you going to lock me in my room or some shit? You can’t just stop us all from living our lives. We just have to watch out and be cautious.”

Sesshoumaru growled.

“Inuyasha I don’t want to have to be extra damn cautious. I, Lord Sesshoumaru, should never have to be worried about my family. They should all fear me. It is obvious my people do not fear me enough as well as those terrorists who are after us. I should have stakes with their heads upon them in front of our home so people know not to fuck with me.”

Mirage smiled up at that one.

“But dear, then we would have flies. They are icky. Think about the pesticide problems. We cannot do such entertaining things anymore as amusing as it sounds. Unless… want to put Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie on one. That should gain them both some more notoriety on the news. Skinny blonde bimbos need to quit doing the stupid I am SMRT shit.”

Kouga bust a gut on that one. Inuyasha snickered, but Sesshoumaru just gave a slight smirk since he had laughed so damn much lately he was going to die if he started again. No wonder no one could take the Demon King seriously.

“She is right you know…….”

Kouga muttered out between snorts as he was trying to breathe. Mirage on her own was funny and then Blades with his innocent stupid moments was a walking comedy show. Like when Blades was fascinated by the can opener and had to open all the canned food in the house then take the thing apart to see how it worked unable to put it back together.

Of course Kouga put it back together as Blades just sat there watching saying fascinating every few seconds trying to attempt to help as his hands kept getting slapped away until Sesshoumaru grabbed the blasted mess throwing it away telling Kouga to quit fucking tinkering with it since he had five more from Mirage and Sesshoumaru’s wedding.

Inuyasha stood up and got ready to leave. He and Kagome were packing up to head out for a camping trip. He was tired of being cooped up in the house all the damn time and wanted some time alone with his woman.

“I think this whole camping thing is a bad idea Inuyasha. You should at least take Kouga with you.”

Kouga wanted to go, but he knew he had to get on with his life too.

“No thanks, I have been riddled with wolf fleas long enough.”

Inuyasha smirked as Kouga gave a half hearted smile.

“Ya, well eating your fur mutt face will give me a hairball from hell so good riddance.”

Inuyasha knew Kouga was a bit heartbroken, but hell he had been with wolf boy for years now and he was tired of always sharing Kagome. At some point this was going to happen again.

Mirage smirked at Kouga.

“Don’t worry Kouga. We will keep you busy and Sesshoumaru quit being such a woman since I am supposed to be the Mom here pal. Little Inuyasha will be fine…….he has to grow up someday big fella…..’
“Go on Inuyasha and get those wild oats out before they become instant. Be one with the world, buy pornos, carry lots of Kleenex for those occasions you are a bit more leaky than usual, you know just in case you have a stroke….or two. Medication might not help your illness. Also take plenty of condoms so you don’t get one of those acronyms. Three letter acronyms like STD are the worst. Oh, and damn it all get a job ya bum at McDonalds so you can pay for your own shit. Damn kids……..”

Sesshoumaru couldn’t help it that time he was rolling. All of them were except for Kouga who attacked Mirage for making him almost pee himself for the tenth time today.

“I am going to gag you woman!”

Inuyasha got up and hugged Sesshoumaru giving him a passionate kiss as Kouga had Mirage pinned to the floor while they wrestled like two pups.

“You be damn careful Inuyasha. You and Kagome both come home to us safe. You are taking the pups with you too?”

Inuyasha ran a hand through his hair knowing Sesshoumaru was stressed to the breaking point. He was just starting his family. Kouga and Inuyasha had the valley covered in kids if they were to take count of all of the children they produced.

“All of ours, not Kouga’s this time since we did that last time. He got time alone with Kagome and his kin. It was like in the past when he was running his packs in the Northern Mountains since most preferred to sleep in the caves out there after buying the land I swear with the most fucking dens that any family would need. Of course some of our kids and grandkids mated humans so they do the soft shit. No big deal. I get to hear from all of them too.’
“This year it is the Inu family reunion and I have grandchildren as well as great grandkids to look after. I want to know how they have been. You get contacted by everyone so I am sure that your emails are going to be filled up plus expect a few visitors like when Kouga’s family was here. I suggest perhaps you and Mirage take some time for yourselves with Bobby.”

Kouga got up helping Mirage up from the floor as he looked at Inuyasha with sad eyes.

“Hey babe, let me help you guys load up.”

Inuyasha hated that voice since he felt the same damn way when Kouga had Kagome for those days. It was hell being alone.

“Sure, Kagome is still upstairs packing the kitchen sink for the U haul outside. I am sure Sesshoumaru won’t mind the beds and linens missing.”

Sesshoumaru sighed since indeed Kagome would take about everything she could muster for a comfortable night as well as enough bottled water to make her own lake.

“Awe, don’t give her a hard time mutt. It has been a damn long time since she has seen the kids and you know Kagome. She will be cooking all day long no matter how many times you tell her you can go fish or hunt. Still, pancakes…….I miss em.”

Inuyasha licked his lips.

“Ya, the food is the one area I don’t complain about. Kagome could bring a grocery store with us and I could understand that. It is all the girly frilly shit. Why in the hell do women bring makeup, hair gel, and all that other female shit to a campout?”

Kouga shrugged. He didn’t know either.

Sesshoumaru just sat down trying to not look completely stressed out. He wanted to wish Inuyasha a good time, but he was terrified for his mate. He was terrified for his family and Sesshoumaru hated feeling like this. He was ready to beg Inuyasha not to go. What if he fell or someone pushed him off a cliff? What if someone tried to drown him? That lake was deep. Inuyasha couldn’t see for hells sakes and his human time was coming soon. This was so damn foolish, but he couldn’t just lock everyone inside. Father was right.

Kouga felt the stress radiating off of Sesshoumaru. He too had to get the hell out of the house before he became as big a mess as his Alpha. Inuyasha was too important to them all to lose and those bastards that had attacked them came so damn close to killing all they loved. Kouga almost lost Lee his eldest son and most precious heir. He loved all his children, but Lee was to take his place if he retired. Lee was his legacy.

Inuyasha was so excited to see Shippo and Rin with his grandkids. Sure his heir wasn’t of his blood, but he loved that kid. It was so damn fun to tease and torment that little whelp.

Kohaku was with Sango and Miroku for the next few months. That boy never stayed in one area for long. He was always traveling doing his philanthropy shit. Sango finally put her foot down and stated Kohaku needed time with his family. Kohaku also despised having so many people around him even if they were family. He just wanted time with Rin and Shippo alone with no other assholes bothering them. Especially Lee since that guy just couldn’t take a hint that Rin was off limits. Next time Lee tried to put his paws on Rin Shippo was going to pull his lip over his head then rip off the offending appendage. Kohaku would gladly help.

As Inuyasha packed the small blue Trailblazer helping Kagome get the triplets into the car seats Kouga kissed both his mates and the babies goodbye. Pulling Inuyasha to the side Kouga had to say something to him.

“Look, I know that this sounds like I am being our overprotective Sess, but please come back safe to us. I have a bad feeling about things too lately and you scare the hell out of us leaving for all this time during your human time and don’t give me that crap about being surrounded by demons. You are stronger than they are and you are going to be fucking vulnerable. I am going to do something and I want to know if this works since we know the cell phone isn’t going to be a way for us to insure your safety out there.”

Kouga grasped Inuyasha’s arm and dug his claw in then put in a tracking device.

“This is a special device that I have in my body too as well as Sesshoumaru’s. It was his idea. No one knows about this since me and Sess manufactured these ourselves. They are top secret. If anything happens push on it and we will come for you.”

Inuyasha nodded where he normally would have ranted. This was a smart idea and the only problem he was having now was the wolf was crushing the hell out of him.

“Kouga, not so tight……”

Kouga let go trying not to cry and feeling like a damn sap because he was stressed out. He was going to freaking lose his marbles since Inuyasha was really scaring him by leaving this week. It was just none of their damn pack could come any other time and Inuyasha was as stubborn as the rest of them about being with his family.

“I love you both. Do not be so damn proud trying to take care of shit by yourself mutt.”

Inuyasha smiled.

“I ain’t like you or Sess Kouga. I know how to ask and I ain’t too proud I am just as protective. That’s all. I love you too asshole. Tell jerk face that too and that if he ever decides to share that maybe I might come home early. That will get his damn panties in a twist and maybe get him to start living again.”

Kouga laughed.

“That is just wishful hoping you jerk. It ain’t gonna happen.”

Inuyasha stated as he waved goodbye after getting into the passenger seat. It was kind of depressing that he couldn’t look through his virtual glasses anymore at his family or the wilderness. He missed those things so much sometimes, but the smells and the environment around him with all the noises was just like being at home when Inuyasha was with his small pack hunting down jewel shards.

“Honey, do you really think this is such a great idea? I mean we can go at least for that one night back home and then come back.”

Inuyasha sighed and sat back in his seat.

“Kagome we will be fine. We have been through a hell of a lot worse and we have our whole family around us. It ain’t like Shippo can’t do his part and look out for us this time. Damn, someday that boy has to step up and be responsible. We can’t do things for our kids forever woman. I am just kind of peeved that Kohaku decided to wimp out on us at the last minute. I was really hoping for some stability around since Shippo always seems to get himself into trouble when Kohaku isn’t around.”

Kagome and Inuyasha both didn’t want to think any of their family was involved in these attacks, but there was always that nagging part of the back of their minds that said that things were happening too close to home. People knew too much, intimate things that no one should know about that made it so all of them were almost afraid to trust each other.

Inuyasha unconsciously rubbed his thumb lightly over his right wrist knowing that if the worst case scenario occurred that he had reinforcements. No one knew about this and no one would. It was a secret even their females did not know about. They couldn’t afford for one of their beloved females to be tortured to get information about such a thing. It was best Kagome and Mirage never knew about this.

“I know that you are trying to think of what is best for Shippo and your family Inuyasha. I just don’t want you to take things so lightly. You always seem to just blow things off when we worry about you like you are indestructible.”

Kagome muttered angrily. She was terrified since she had seen Inuyasha close to death on his human nights more times than anyone before Naraku’s death. She had been there to keep him alive with the help of Mioga who was no longer with them. Inuyasha like it or not was still vulnerable to death.

“Kagome, do you trust me?”

Inuyasha asked grasping his wife’s hand.

“You know I do Inuyasha. This isn’t a matter of trusting you; it is a matter of trusting everyone else. I want to think our kids are doing right by us you know that. I sometimes worry about who they mate though. We really do not know our children’s mates all that well. This is why we do this every year. So we can find out what is going on with our kids. It would be impossible to find a camp big enough for both sets of kids that I have had with you and Kouga. That is why we do this separately and you know I hate doing that. One of you is always left out which is why either you or Kouga have to get a female. One of you has to make a damn decision since I can’t be the middle person all the time. You are trying to kill me both of you I swear it. As much as I love you both I have had more boys around me including our own sons than anyone else. I do not even have time for friends. I am always fucking pregnant.”

Inuyasha squeezed Kagome’s hand.

“So, you want me to look too? I was considering it if Kouga couldn’t find anyone. I just can’t do it though Kagome. You are meant to be my wife. Kouga and Sess have been there forever. I had to wait for you. Kouga just kind of tagged along for a while, but he isn’t committed like I am since he can’t stay in one place for long. I have no choice. I can’t see so I have to adjust to an environment, get comfortable there, and know the area before I can even think about uprooting us. Kouga just doesn’t ever seem to get that.”

Kagome sighed as she squeezed Inuyasha’s hand back.

“Heaven knows I love you both, but Inuyasha we are soul mates. I want you both to look together. I need a fucking break even if you don’t. This is the last set of babies I am having for a damn long time. I have had over 300 children with you two over the years with 226 of them being boys. I am surprised my uterus hasn’t run for the damn hills since I have been doing overtime. Over five hundred years of this shit? I mean I love being a Mom, but hell. At some point can I retire too?”

Inuyasha smirked.

“Honey, I don’t want any more either so I will help Kouga, but I am done with female searching. To be honest it should be Sess and Kouga going out. Problem is Sess is still new to falling in love and dealing with being a mate to a woman for the first time. I am surprised our Fathers or Mothers didn’t have him already set up years ago.”

Kagome sighed.

“I am going to assume though that Mirage will be with pup soon because even with your family’s half baked spells if she doesn’t I am going to get screwed over again.”

Kagome had changed from the once carefree childish girl to a growling Mother and mate. She was worn out and deserved a break. Inuyasha though couldn’t leave her side. This was his wife and they were still in danger. Not just that, he wanted some time, a lot of years alone with his woman. Inuyasha hasn’t had that in so long he couldn’t even count the time that passed since they had just been alone together.

“All we can do is hope sweetheart. I am pretty certain Sess will have no problem in that area. My concern right now though is where the fuck we are going to park when you get there since we were running late as usual. I need to get out to go mark a few trees.”

Kagome pulled over so that she could wait for Inuyasha as she smelled the air around them making sure there was nothing that might come out at them by surprise. Kagome hated that Naraku had made her become a demon, but at times like this she was thankful. Still she used foundation to cover up the spider mark on her forehead. It was a blemish she never got over no matter how many times she was told to stop doing that.

Inuyasha felt the ground with his cane and sniffed the air too. The air smelled clean and fresh with the fresh scent of sycamore trees. There were towering asps with white bark peeling and large rocks along the ground he had to look out for as well as the gravel. He allowed for now to have Kagome assist him since he could not determine the depth of things around him.

“Ok, you are all set.”

Kagome stated as she turned away to let Inuyasha do as he needed. Another reason he wanted his fucking glasses back.

“Guess I can’t hide us up in a tree to be alone this time babe. I will be stuck at the camp grounds.”

Kagome didn’t answer him and that scared the crap out of him as the truck drove away. What the fuck? As he fumbled up the hill he reached the top feeling the body of his mate on the ground. His kids were gone. Pushing the button on his wrist he yelled for help hoping one of the kids would get to him as he held Kagome feeling warm liquid on her temple. She was breathing, but knocked out as Inuyasha started to freak out. His kids were still in the truck! His kids were taken!

Inuyasha pulled himself up and transformed using his senses to get around only to fall a few times with his precious cargo. He eventually made it back to the campground before Shippo caught up to him running as fast as he could to his parents. The whole family was there and soon were on the hunt for the missing truck as well as Inuyasha’s missing children. Inuyasha was forced to stay at the camp with Shippo since he turned fully human right after Shippo found him. Shippo just hoped for a miracle as his Father sobbed since he felt so damn useless and Kagome still had not awoken.

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