Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Hallow was looked at by everyone, but fact was Lee hadn’t left his side….at all. The wolf heir still didn’t trust the spider and they grudgingly had become best friends moving in together. The funny part was that when Hallow found out Lee was bisexual he acted like a terrified rabbit. Apparantly Hallow had been not only alone too long, but sheltered completely from demon history other than watching his friends be raped or tormented by that damn snake demon who saw even him as an abomination since he was half human.

Lee stood in front of Hallow.

“I have been with him the whole damn time so don’t look at Hallow like that. Well, except when I change cloths and stuff. He doesn’t trust me.”

Mirage would have laughed at that if her fingers were not hurting as the bones were growing back along with the nerves, muscle, sinew, skin, and blood vessels as well as the finger nails. It was a rather painful process and Sesshoumaru giving up on her stubborn ways made Mirage pass out cold so she wasn’t hurting anymore as he carried her in his arms.

“Boy, do you know of any others who might be out there? Any other threats?”

Hallow shook his head no hiding from the glares his direction.

“I…..I wasn’t conscious for long. I was lucky to escape with my life thanks to all of you. I am sure there are many out there….half demons with power and who like us worship King Inuyasha are wanted by demons like you…..well…..not like you…..with less power than you Lord Sesshoumaru that don’t want us around. I think they are only after you because you protect us. They know they can’t hurt you so they go after those…well like me who were not paying attention and have been out of things for so long since they prefer for us to not even know we are half demons….”

Sesshoumaru nodded. Damn it. He was going to be human, but there was no point in advertising. It was best to just stay hidden away from electronics for a while. Perhaps camping wasn’t a bad idea. Sesshoumaru hated hiding, he despised it, but he didn’t have a choice. He had to protect his family. He had thought that this whole mess was over with.

Inuyasha looked at the virtual reality glasses he swiped that were being played off to be now for computer geeks. Only the pair he had were tested and verified for him to use except now Sesshoumaru grasped them away crushing them. He didn’t trust anything electronic. Hell his wife’s fingers got blown off and Kagome’s face was still healing. For all he knew the damn microwave had a trigger.

“That is it, we are going camping.”

Sesshoumaru announced as he stood holding his wife waiting for everyone to move their asses.


In the shadows of the forest he toyed with the threads as he made another web setting another one of his children upon it. The tiny red recluse should have devoured him, but he was still too powerful and being of no real true gender he was able to create as well as extinguish their tiny lives since he basically used his demonic power and flesh to create these tiny little web making beings that would be used once again for his plans. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru’s whole family was going to pay especially those damn women that they seemed to cherish since that would make both brothers suffer.

Naraku slinked back into the darkness where he felt best. Onigumo had perished in a make shift body he created before he was torn from Helicon to be one of the pawns in the Inu chess game. Stealing creatures from their home planet to toy with them should have been his job and Naraku loved nothing else than devising plans since like a web they grew into such magnificent sticky situations for those trapped within.

The recluse spider had chosen his new body well. A beautiful young man would have been a good option, but no……instead he chose one of his own. A very old demon recluse who was the last of his kind that had been buried just waiting for discovery. There were so few demon spiders left anymore and half demons now disgusted him. He had been called one, but he was not. His truest form was pure demon power and that haughty snob Sesshoumaru wasn’t going to pull that shit with him again calling him an abomination like his little brother.

Lord Ripley Worthington was not the most beautiful of demon men, but he was indeed a fine specimen as far as spiders went. The long blood red hair flowed about him and his red eyes had taken time to adjust to Naraku forcing himself within.

Ripley still tried to fight him, but he had been in deep hibernation when he was taken by the giant red recluse that latched on and that damn alien demon leach wouldn’t set him free. It was nothing like any other recluse he had encountered and although fully aware he had no control over his body yet. No one would know that the spider impaled upon his back had sunk deep into him. Ripley had hoped for a long rest after a 2000 year lifespan wanting to perhaps just remain buried beneath the soft moist earth until he was ready to reemerge again to fight Lord Sesshoumaru who had been both an old ally and a bastard. No demon, not even that Inu asshole’s Father should be allowed to have such beauty. It was blasphemous.

Half the time Ripley was dealing with a state of half slumber and half awake. He never knew where Naraku was taking him and all he figured was that parts of his body were being removed for these tiny spiders to go cause damage since the bastard inside his back knew that as a demon he would heal.

“So are you going to fight me today? That seems futile. Why not just give in? I am going to use you no matter what Lord Worthington.”

Naraku cooed in a dark low voice.

“Of course I am you stupid foul creature.”

Ripley hadn’t feasted as he should still weak only because of this and because of the control over his body as his flesh was being used he only was able to feast on whatever was caught in the large web that was created as a small prison cell while the tiny spiders ran off to do whatever Naraku wanted them to.

“You are a foolish old man. I do not know why I chose you other than I didn’t want to deal with a half breed trap door spider even if he was pretty. I sold half of your underlings to others who despised half demons about as much as you do. Lower demons, petty fools such as your wolf spiders, live to torment these abominations, the half breeds that you and the Inus allowed to run amuck. Why did you not just devour them?’
“Of course there are pretty ones like that half trap door spider Hallow that could be useful. That is of course as slaves since that is their place. We could guide our people and have throngs of beautiful half breed slaves. We could be doing whatever it is we desire as we do the same to our own people. Is that not the privilege of being a Lord?’
“You should just let go of your control and let me guide you. We could rule as you once had or you can simply remain in the dark until I run out of ideas to allow your own flesh to devour you. I of course would prefer that over living in such a decrepit old fossil such as yourself, but beggars cannot be choosers.”

Naraku stated with a laugh. He would indeed love to watch as his tiny children feasted on the once powerful spider Lord.

Lord Worthington once had ruled the lives of spiders with a spinning web of power that cast out into the world was considered a harmonious influence to nature since the fool loved the earth. He was like all the other idiotic demons who had become naturalists for so damn long that they became complacent and when the world changed they all went into hiding allowing things to run as nature intended feeling as though they were not needed.

Oh, Lord Ripley was needed alright. He was needed by Naraku to gain power once again and cause fear. Naraku would rip the worlds of the Inu’s apart first just like he had used Onigumo’s spirit to destroy Inuyasha and Kikyo. Just like he used that wolf Kouga to rape his enemy and then his intended only to use them again to destroy the pretty Inu’s eyesight. Naraku just had to witness that and once he did through his children’s eyes he laughed feeling such joy. Naraku’s almost microscopic spiders were not seen, so how could the great Lord Sesshoumaru stop him? He believed him to be dead.

“You are disgusting. Once I free you from my flesh I will rip off each of your sorry limbs one by one you filthy excuse for an arachnid. I should have my army devour you, but since that slimy miasma you carry that you call toxin will only cause them to vomit I would prefer to do the job myself. I will be free of you do not doubt it Naraku.”

Ripley couldn’t believe that he had not the power to pull himself free of this trap. His arms were still bound by his own webbing and what he wouldn’t give to feast on a young buck. He could smell the prey in the forest and it was making him ravenous. Even a few humans would do although he did not much care for the taste. They always smelled and tasted a bit like old moldy blood until those sweet organs melted causing such a fine wine that he devoured it as quickly as possible hoping the aftertaste would fade.

At this point Ripley would even go cannibal on one of his own if he didn’t feast soon. Perhaps that is what Naraku was hoping for. Ripley was fighting, but he was losing and he knew that eventually his demon would attack whatever came too close.

“Have you ever eaten a dog demon? How about a blind half breed? Inuyasha is pretty, I used his body taking his virginity myself, but I couldn’t stay for the grand finale. I do find it unfortunate for you to enjoy his body rather than just my feasting on him alone and raping him again. However, my breed of recluse requires a host body. It is rather disappointing I know since I have chosen you and you are indeed a waste of time. I had hoped for something much more attractive than a hollow faced skeleton of a once great Lord of Spiders. You were once said to be quite the creature and attractive. I don’t see it at all.”

Ripley hated Naraku right then. He thought he hated many things in his life, but right at that moment he really wanted the fucking bastard out of his back so he could kill him.

“I am a 2000 year old hibernated creature who has not fed in over 500 years. What the fuck did you expect? You do not feed my body and you took advantage of me rather than fighting. You are nothing more than a cowardly parasite with no purpose you vile excuse for a demon if I would even give you that much credit. Even a half breed demon has more honor and I would hold what I consider to be a abomination against our kind to be more of something like you since my children still live not having to cling onto another for life. You sicken me and you are an insult to nature.”

Naraku laughed. At least riled up some of that old spark was showing and Ripley’s demon was going to win. Naraku wanted Ripley pissed off, unbalanced, and ready to attack anything within his vicinity. That would make him pleased and Naraku waited patiently as Ripley continued to tell him how much he despised his villainous self until he passed out from exhaustion as more spiders were slowly placed in different portions of the web. It was the perfect trap and no one knew especially those damn Inus about his whereabouts.

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