Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Sesshoumaru snarled as did the others while Lord Kim touched Inuyasha gently at first as he looked over his new prize.

“No wonder they wanted to keep you even though you are hopelessly useless. Being blind still doesn’t take away from your breathtaking beauty little Inuyasha. You have been such a pest and yet here you are the mighty Inuyasha no more than a weak little human. You my pet are a very lovely little human boy with so many charms.”

Inuyasha tried to fight as the seal was placed around his neck.

“This will not work on the demon Lords I am afraid. However it will do nicely for you gorgeous. I think I shall let you live and serve me personally in as many ways as I can think of. You need not say anything nor thank me. Believe me I can be very kind to you little one or I can show you hell just like that poor boy I am going to burn so your brother cannot bring him back. I wouldn’t want that to happen. It would ruin what I must do for Hallow. I like rare ones and you are indeed a rare find. You will do well in my collections.”

Inuyasha squirmed as the snake Lord started to run his fingers over his body making his skin crawl. Sesshoumaru’s eyes were glowing redder by the second but the damn cuffs wouldn’t let him change.

“I am going to rip you apart!”

Sesshoumaru roared as the cave shook. Kim just laughed at the demon Lord.

“No I think not. You are also a prize. You, your Father, and your pack will be mine Lord Sesshoumaru. You have such a wonderful choice in mates. But, for now I think I will take your celestial with me. I haven’t been with a female in ages oh and I am going to do so right here in front of you. Just to spite you since you have always been so damn arrogant for your own good. Perhaps you will learn something.”

Pulling an unconscious Mirage off the wall after throwing the dead boy on his alter into the fire pit he took his time looking her over. Taking his time he cuffed her to the table.

“Oh, one blade at a time I think, but let’s wake her first. I want to hear her scream like she did for me when I had my minions cut her with the assassin dagger.”

Biting into Mirage’s wrist she screamed as her eyes opened wide at the pain. It was excruciating. Scales heard the blood curdling scream from where he was at as Lee and Kouga suddenly felt better. Nothing was purifying them. All three raced through the cavern.

“Yes, just like that my lovely little celestial. I want to hear you scream for me. Lord Sesshoumaru does know how to pick them doesn’t he?”

Mirage couldn’t talk as the jewel pulsed a slow miasma of dark purifying power over her. Her clothing was slowly being cut off by a blade as her eyes rolled back in her head a few times.

“Very nice…….”

Lord Kim purred as he climbed on top of the Alter then stabbed one blade into her shoulder. Mirage cried out, but it was weaker.

“Perhaps Lord Sesshoumaru, I should mark your woman as mine. I will fill her belly with my pups since you have not yet sullying your perfect self with a half breed. This one deserves better. Much better than you Inu demons………”

Mirage felt tears sting her eyes as the bastard forced himself upon her then stabbed her in her other shoulder licking the blood away. Touga and the others were helpless to stop it as Sesshoumaru fought screaming losing all control of himself. This was his female! His that this bastard was raping!

Lord Kim took his time raping the woman and fondling her body in front of her mates driving Sesshoumaru into madness. Mirage was too far gone to stop it as she whimpered in pain.


Sesshoumaru roared as his wrists started bleeding from trying to escape his confines while losing himself completely to his rage. This was the worst one could do to a man especially a demon of his status with this bastard being such a low demon that it was to the point that Sesshoumaru was going to rip off his own limbs to break free as his body jerked with his demon’s rage letting the cuffs cut into his flesh. This act shamed him beyond what he could mentally handle and he was foaming at the mouth screaming out his roars as everyone winced not able to handle the sounds.

Kouga bolted through the door and saw what the bastard was doing to Mirage as his eyes glowed red and a growl so feral rose from him that the snake didn’t have time to react. Kouga was upon him grasping his throat and ripping it out. Kouga tore at the beast over and over until there was nothing left but gore upon the floor. Scales looked at the scene and felt sick. He failed his mates. He wasn’t fast enough.

Sesshoumaru broke free as his youkai finally broke the cuffs and shook Mirage who was unconscious with blood running down her arms and between her legs.

“Oh gods! Not my wife! Not my female!”

Sesshoumaru roared as tears came that wouldn’t stop as he pulled the blades free and rocked his wife.

Inuyasha tried to come forward and Sesshoumaru’s eyes were blood red as he looked at them all. He was hoarse from roaring and his voice sounded ragged as the tears still continued to flow unable to gain his composure he was so grief stricken and angry he took it out on all of them. His pack didn’t help protect his mate and he failed her. They all deserved to die in his irrational mind.

“Get the fuck away from me all of you! This is your fault! Don’t ever come near me again or I will kill you! You all failed me!”

Touga pulled Inuyasha away as well as the others. Inuyasha ran from the cave. Kouga couldn’t go after him although Touga did. Kouga still was trying to calm down and Lee carefully left the cave afraid of what his Fathers might do especially Sesshoumaru.

“Kouga leave me! Go now or I swear I will kill you too!”

Sesshoumaru choked out as Kouga nodded grabbing the jewel from the floor. He knew Sesshoumaru didn’t mean to hurt Inuyasha; he was just devastated and felt he failed to protect them all. He may never recover from it.

Running out of the cave with his mate Sesshoumaru went to the hot springs to wash her out to get every smell of that beast off of her. She still wasn’t moving although the bleeding had stopped. Mirage was barely breathing.

“Come on baby wake up. Please for the love of Kami wake up.”

Sesshoumaru had never shed so many tears in his life for anyone as he sobbed holding his wife with his clothing soaked to his skin. He didn’t give a damn though as he held his beloved wife tightly begging her to forgive him and wake up. If Mirage didn’t hate him he hated himself for this. She shouldn’t have been there, he should have protected her. Sesshoumaru wanted to die right there for failing his mate, the female who would birth his heirs.

Mirage couldn’t wake. She was in some kind of trance and the poison the snake put into her wrist was slowly seeping out as finally Sesshoumaru took her to the hospital not leaving her side. He snapped at anyone who came too close including his own mates who decided to just stay away although Inuyasha never quite got over the hurt of those words although he knew Sesshoumaru never meant to hurt him. Sesshoumaru cursed them all to hell and then himself as he sat fuming with tears in his eyes. He hated them all and mainly himself.

Kouga had wished he too had gotten there sooner. He kept having nightmares and felt sick every time he closed his eyes trying not to think about what happened in that cave.

Months passed and Mirage was still not awake. Sesshoumaru refused food and company. He would die first before leaving Mirage. He even went as far as unmating his mates from him so that he wouldn’t bring them to death. Everyone protested it, but Touga said it had to be done. If Mirage didn’t wake then Sesshoumaru most likely would take his life.

Kouga studied the stone and Scales stopped talking to everyone including his mates. He couldn’t even look them in the eye although Touga finally pinned him down to get him off of his guilt trip. Eventually he may have to do that to Sesshoumaru as well, but now was not the time. They had to find out how to undo this trance Mirage was in.

Blades was also very sick too and he looked very pale. No matter how many endorphins Miroku thrust into the celestial it was like their light was completely drained from him.

“Damn it all to hell Scales! I can’t control Blades’ situation. This is why demons were not allowed to mate Celestials, because of assholes like that Kim bastard.”

Scales was yelling at Touga again as Robby was in the middle trying to calm the two down. Blades was dying. All the females had returned. Dark purification was of the darkest magic and its evil corrupted pure good beings. Celestials thrived on positive thoughts and feelings. If these things were destroyed it destroyed their life force slowly and painfully.

“Then why the fuck did you! Why do we do these things? If we can’t protect them than what good are we as mates? We are supposed to know more Touga! Hasn’t Blades been through enough damn it? He can’t have kids so now we have to add this to his problems?”

Scales said throwing his coffee mug across the room breaking it as he ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

Inuyasha didn’t know where to turn and Kagome wasn’t able to help him. Kouga was a good help though and kept Inuyasha in check with Lee assisting with the underground half demons. Hallow was staying with them and another half demon named Jenny who was a field mouse. Most of the half demons were prey to the predators that took them in. It was amusing that none of them were eaten, yet such barbaric ways had been used enough with these kind creatures. They deserved some peace. There were other prey that the demons fed on so as long as the under grounders were not causing trouble they would be treated fairly.

Sesshoumaru barged into the house with tears running down his face as he strode up to his Father. He didn’t look like the powerful tall Lord, he looked like a desperate man full of hate, anger, and pain.

“Have you found an answer yet Father? They want me to take her home so she can die in peace! There is nothing they can do at that fucking hospital! They made me leave before I tore the place apart, but they can all fuck off! They are useless! The only reason I came here is to get answers before I melt that damn place to the ground! So unless you want me to kill people I suggest you help me come up with something!”

Touga looked at his distraught son and shook his head no.

“Sesshoumaru bring her home. We will see what we can do for her here. Maybe Miroku can help like he has been trying to with Blades. Son, I know you are upset, but I am too. Blades is dying too so do not think you are alone in this.”

Sesshoumaru snarled.

“That……..thing……..didn’t do to Arterious what it did to my WIFE! Do not compare!”

With that Sesshoumaru strode out of the room slamming the door. Touga jumped a bit as did others. Sesshoumaru was going to lose it big time.

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