Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Sesshoumaru was very frustrated with Inuyasha. His stubborn mate had no life preservation what so ever. How could he even ask to bring Heather back when the woman was obviously coerced to kill him? Inuyasha always fell for the dangerous women who wanted to destroy him.

“Inuyasha I have not changed my mind.”

“Well I am not leaving her dead in my house and I still love her Sesshoumaru. She isn’t a bad person. She was tricked like all the other people who are involved in this mess.’
“You were the one who brought Naraku so you can blame yourself for that part and as much as I dislike Naraku his children are not all at fault for being born from a bastard. I mean hell, you hated me for years because I was a half breed demon……..”

“For the billionth time I did not hate you. We went over this already Inuyasha. This is not the same situation at all and fact is Tensaiga doesn’t want to revive her so unless the damn thing pulses for her life I will not make a move. You cannot just expect every damn life to be saved. That is not how tensaiga works Inuyasha.”

Inuyasha thought about the medio seki stone.

“What about that stone thing your Mother gave you?”

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes.

“She took it back with her remember?”

Inuyasha looked down feeling like a moron for asking.

“I forgot. Still if that sword pulses I want her back.”

Sesshoumaru sighed and nodded.

“If and when the sword decides to bring a life back I will be the one to choose if I want it done Inuyasha. Do not push the issues. Besides she is still full of miasma. Do you not think that perhaps since we could not bring the body of her daughter back that this may be the best for her? Heather obviously wouldn’t want to live without her daughter. Stop being so damn selfish and for once realize if you love her sometimes it is best to let the ones you love go.”

Inuyasha frowned and nodded. He didn’t like it, but Sesshoumaru was right. Tears threatened but Inuyasha pushed them away. He didn’t really know Heather all that long and perhaps this was fate. It was just that fate sucked right now.

The men followed Logan cautiously to an old mansion in the middle of nowhere. It almost resembled an old castle like Naraku’s illusion, except for the fact that it was indeed smaller than the estate that Naraku forged out of thin air.

“So this is where the spider is hiding. Perhaps we can remove both jerks at once.”

Kouga stated. Logan looked at the garage.

“No, he isn’t here right now. It is only Bankotsu and he won’t have the information we need. Romulus may favor him, but he doesn’t trust anyone.’
“My elder brother is probably off feeding or tormenting another’s life. We have to not only find my sister, but find out who else he coerced into doing his dirty work or the threats will never end and we will never find peace.”

Sesshoumaru agreed although Inuyasha was just itching to off that dead human.

“God I hope that Jakotsu wasn’t brought back.”

Inuyasha stated softly as Sesshoumaru tried not to bust up laughing. It was the same with Kouga.

“Ya that guy had a thing for you hardcore.”

Kouga stated with a grin.

“You were easier for him ya wimp. He could have gotten under your fur in seconds where he had to try to slice off my kimono. Of course that was after he fucked with me for a while. Sick weirdo.”

Logan frowned.

“What makes you think Bankotsu is any better? At least as a man you can fight back. Bankotsu does to women what Jakotsu does to men. He will torment my sister to death if we do not save her. We need to get to her at least and try to get her out of there before we go after my brother. I can’t imagine what he has done to her.”

Inuyasha frowned and felt some pity for the spider. Scales licked his lips.

“Is she beautiful like you and does she taste good?”

Touga smacked Scales across the arm.

“Will you quit thinking of eating the people we are trying to help? I swear I can’t take you anywhere. I should have brought Arterious or Horus with me you big lug.”

Scales sighed.

“Touga, I am not interested in eating her yet. I just wanted to know what she looks like. I mean I can have a concubine can’t I even if it is temporary…..”

Logan frowned.

“My sister lost her whole family so do not get your hopes up and I won’t lose her too. Especially to some jerk who bites people without their permission.”

Scales feigned offence placing a hand over his chest.

“I swear my intentions are pure………”

Touga growled at Scales.

“You haven’t had a pure intention in your entire life Marcus. Stop picking on the boy.”

Kouga sniffed the air.

“I think I am losing it, I smell Ayame.”

Inuyasha smelled the air too. It smelled just like the young wolf Princess that had been killed.

“Could it be her daughter inside?”

Touga stated sniffing the air.

“Look I ain’t mating anyone else so don’t even think about hooking me up with a female brat of my former fiancé. That bitch went from wanting only me to dumping me in five seconds. I will not cater to some kid’s warped fantasy.”

Kouga growled.

Touga laughed.

“I didn’t expect you would.”


Bankotsu entered the fancy bedroom that was down the hall from the dungeon. The room wouldn’t seem like a prison cell, but it was indeed. Elizabeth was still asleep looking so innocent and beautiful.

Bankotsu took out his recently sharpened blade and ran it over the girl’s arms then down in between her cleavage. Such nice breasts covered by clothing. He wanted to cut the clothing off while making her bleed in the process. She was perfect for playing with, but at the same time Bankotsu thought about what Romulus said.

“Why not lose your virginity to a virgin girl and get yourself an heir in the process. You can always kill her later.”

Perhaps the bastard was right. Elizabeth though looked to damn fine to be a virgin. She was probably just another slut he would cut up after he pleasured her body. One little cut at a time she would slowly bleed to death while he showed her such passion that she only dreamed about.

“You are probably just another whore, but let’s find out.”

Bankotsu lifted her skirt knowing that Elizabeth would be under the spell for a while. She was wearing next to nothing with this pink thong. It screamed slutty easy bitch to Bankotsu, but then again he saw the new styles in that Victoria’s Secret magazine that Romulus showed him as Bankotsu salivated over the women in there he could carve into his own masterpieces. Such lovely creatures that needed his blade across their perfect soft skin where as Jakotsu would just slaughter them in disgust rather than taking the time to enjoy the moment with a woman. Jakotsu was always weird though and Bankotsu had to love the guy since he was loyal as hell plus his very best friend. He missed him so much and Jakotsu actually enjoyed watching Bankotsu torture women. It was like another sick thrill the guy had since he hated females so much.

Using the blade he cut off the offensive pink panties smelling the heavenly scent of female. Taking his time he licked and suckled her a bit knowing that she could do nothing about it. She was damn sweet, but he needed to find out if she was pure.

Trying to enter one finger was damn near impossible. The woman was tighter then hell and soon as he was able to slide in he found the hymen breaking the membrane with his fingers as he entered another one inside.

“Hmm……blood of a virgin.”

Bankotsu smiled as he searched the drawer for the lube that Romulus had hidden in there for raping his victims.

“You will bear my heir.”

Bankotsu wasn’t into rape, but then again he never tried it before. In fact he never had sex before in his life other than foreplay since he was saving himself for death herself. Still what was the point when he kept being brought back to the world of the living?

Looking at his ring with his family crest he took out a lighter and lit up the ring to brand his intended. Bankotsu always marked his victims this way.

Elizabeth would be his wife and bear him sons until she was no longer useful. Of course he would blame Romulus for this first time with her and gain Elizabeth’s trust. She would depend on him, fall in love with him, and then Bankotsu would play the loyal husband while killing his victims on the side with his family not knowing the real truth about him until his sons were old enough to follow in his footsteps.

Positioning himself at her entrance Bankotsu slammed into her with no mercy. It felt like heaven to him and the unconscious girl couldn’t do a damn thing about what he was doing to her.

“Fuck you are tight……….”

Bankotsu stated feeling slight pain and at the same time great pleasure. Thrusting faster and faster he came into her. He was far from spent though as he stayed within her womb until he was fully sated. It was incredible and Romulus was right. He had missed out.

Pulling out of her he kissed her bruised thighs and then her lips.

“You are now mine.”

Bankotsu stated smiling as he fixed her dress not bothering to clean up the mess and got dressed.

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