Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Inuyasha and Kouga left the camp. As they did they found hundreds of tiny dead spiders along the route with Kouga explaining to Inuyasha all he was seeing s. That was when Kouga stopped dead in his tracks and looked at their little girl then at Mirage making Inuyasha take a step back.

“Inuyasha stay here. I am going to get Hailee, than we have to leave.”

Inuyasha stiffened and started to growl.

“What is wrong Kouga?”

Kouga didn’t want to tell Inuyasha yet. Inuyasha was going to fall apart and so was Kagome when they found out about Hailee. She had been the sunshine for them all and Mirage’s son would have to be notified. It was certain Sesshoumaru would unmate them and most likely die with Mirage in a few days time.

“I will tell you when we get back. Just trust me.”

Kouga gently whimpered and approached Sesshoumaru as the dog demon Lord growled at him with his eyes glowing red. Then as the whimpering became more familiar Sesshoumaru nodded to Kouga to take the little one as Sesshoumaru gave Hailee a gentle pat on the head.

Naraku was right. He wouldn’t be able to save his family and the guilt was so strong as well as the sense of failure. Still, Inuyasha would be safe as would Kouga as well as others. Sesshoumaru knew that losing Mirage and his own life was nothing since it was a matter of duty to his pack to keep the majority alive.

Inuyasha sniffed Hailee as Kouga handed him his little daughter. Inuyasha whimpered mournfully and carried his little girl back with tears in his eyes. He had many children, but Hailee had been very special to them all.

When Kouga told everyone about Mirage the whole camp was silent. They didn’t know what to do or to say. In some ways Naraku had won, but in the end Sesshoumaru had indeed defeated their greatest foe.

“Why can’t he bring her back? She has not been resurrected by the stone and the tensaiga like you were Kouga.”

Kouga sighed at Kagome’s question as she sobbed over her little girl. He didn’t know the answer. No one did.


Sesshoumaru let the breeze flow over him as he held Mirage nuzzling her softly whimpering for her to come back to him. He had loved deeply in his life, but not like this. It was nothing he experienced before except once with Rin and this wasn’t the same feeling. It was a horrific sickening feeling and it hurt more than he could bear.

Inu No Tashio arrived to see his son. He knew if he let his scent out that Sesshoumaru would allow him to approach.

“Son………come here.”

Sesshoumaru got up with Mirage as Touga looked at the young woman. She was not dead yet, but would have to have the poison removed to start her breathing. It may be similar with his great grandchild.

“I have Mioga’s replacement. This is Yoshiro and he is a dragon demon flea. Let him help your mate.”

Yoshiro bowed to the powerful young demon Lord.

“Sire, I will see what I can do.”

Jumping onto the young woman he drank from her as suddenly Mirage gasped for breath. Sesshoumaru’s eyes went wide in shock and then he flicked the little demon flea off his wife kissing her face and holding her like his life depended upon it.

“Forgive Sesshoumaru Yoshiro, he doesn’t much care for fleas, but in this case I know he is grateful.”

Yoshiro smiled as he jumped back onto Inu No Tashio’s shoulder.

“Such is the life of a flea my Lord.”

The flea was able to also bring back Hailee whose parents were eternally grateful until Inuyasha found his nose assaulted by that familiar bite causing his new retainer to float to the ground since his Father of course left the little pest to his younger son just as he had done with Mioga. Sesshoumaru would have no patience for a biting flea even if it did save his wife.

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