Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Sesshoumaru and Mirage were cuddled up against Inuyasha making him feel loved. He didn’t want to ever leave them, but he knew he couldn’t stay with them forever. Mirage always had a way to make him feel more alive than any woman had. He was so envious of his brother it made him sick sometimes. She was funny and fun to be around.

Then there were those legs that when wrapped around him made him forget all his troubles and delve into paradise. He felt like two different people at times with his mates. One moment he was just Inuyasha, the brazen man who played hero and the next he was weakened in his lovers arms falling into oblivion not caring to come back to earth.

“Kami you are beautiful.”

Inuyasha whispered kissing Mirage and then Sesshoumaru before sliding out from between them. He thought them both too perfect.

Getting up he went outside of the bedroom and sat on the couch after slipping on his red silk boxers.

It was strange being able to see again. He had chips implanted behind his eyes and now he could see like he had never lost his sight. It was a miracle, but one that couldn’t be shared. He could never reveal that this was how he could see. It was just to be said that he regained his sight from that childhood accident that went all over the newspapers when they had changed their names for the five billionth time to be able to fit in with normal society.

Thinking about normal, what was normal anyway? Inuyasha and Kouga had populated their species ten times over. They were just damn lucky Kagome still had a womb left after all the pups she had. If anyone was to call someone a baby machine it was his beloved Kagome.

Looking at his mates it was amazing how things turned out. The two belonged together, but Inuyasha wondered where he would belong.

Damn. Not having vision was like a chic magnet. They loved a good looking helpless man. Sure he could play the part again, but at the same time he loved being able to see the colors of the world and see a lie coming before it was too late. Smelling one just wasn’t enough anymore.

It was five am and he just couldn’t sleep. Inuyasha thought about going to work out, but changed his mind several times. It was too early for that shit. That was Sesshoumaru.

It was so hard to explain. He missed the days alone with Sess, but then again he also grew sick and tired of being bossed around still by his elder brother. Sure the jerk was always right, but did he always have to do the ‘in your face’ thing all the time?

Many women came to mind and fact was most of them had disappointed him. All but one……Kagome. She was always there for him, never felt pity for him, was hard as steel sometimes, but also loved him like no other had accepting all of him for who he was.

Kouga was just a prick to want to stay married to his woman. That was all there was to the matter. Somehow Inuyasha had to find a way to make Kouga go look for a woman and sneak his way back into the marital bliss he had for so many years with his wife. Kagome was his wife, not the stinky wimpy wolf’s woman.

Mirage moaned at the lack of a warm male body and cuddled up with Sesshoumaru. The two of them were soon wrapped around each other in some………comfortable way? Inuyasha had no idea how one could get their legs to wrap like that and be comfortable.

“I wonder if I did that with Kagome.”

Inuyasha knew he was just punishing himself, but no one else would. They all seemed to just push him this way or that to make him happy. Inuyasha knew he wouldn’t be happy until he was home with his wife again.


Kouga and Kagome had another fight. It was always the same lately. Over bills, why Kouga was out all damn night long and why he smelled of perfume.

“I am not sleeping with anyone except you woman!”

Kagome sat in tears.

“Really, than why was there lipstick on your collar again! Hmmmmmmm……….did it get there magically or some shit? What other bullshit are you going to feed me today Kouga? You know I don’t care, but not while we are married. If you are going to date then divorce me already.”

Kouga groaned.

“Look, I told you I got a job at the local strip club. I am not dating anyone, they just throw themselves at me. I can’t stop that. The bouncers are slow and you can come any time you want to see what I suffer.”

Kagome growled.

“Then get a real job!”

Kouga frowned.

“I can’t work for Sess. He is driving me crazy ok? I just can’t do the office shit and that is what I am qualified for. No one will hire me because they are all assholes. I was lucky to get this job.”

Kagome rolled her eyes for what seemed like the twentieth time.

“I can’t live this way Kouga. If you are not going to get a respectable job that the kids can have you go to the school on career day proudly proclaiming you are something other than a stripper……”

“Kagome I told you I would tell them I was a dancer or lie. I promise I won’t embarrass our kids like that. I really like what I am doing. I am doing a service to the community you know.”

Kouga stated feeling rather proud of himself as he walked around wearing some Chip and Dales uniform.

“You look like a teenage boy trying to pick up girls from the mall.”

Kagome stated.

“Look Kouga, I want you to be happy. So this is the deal. If you want to be happy then divorce me. Otherwise go back to work for Sesshoumaru and give up this mid life crisis you are going through. I can’t handle it. Not everything is about you.”

Kouga frowned and growled leaving.


With that he slammed the door and Kagome threw his keys at the door. He forgot them again.

“Well if you are not I will.”

Kagome stated pulling out some papers looking them over. Someday she would get him to sign them and perhaps if Inuyasha got his head out of his ass he would beg to come back. At least he had some morals left….at least Kagome hoped so considering Kouga’s influence. She could just see Inuyasha wearing red speedos gyrating around a crowd of women with Kouga. The two of them were too damn similar for their own good. Perhaps it was time she found herself a real man instead of a want to be boy.

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