Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Sesshoumaru was rather pissed to say the least that his family was inside of his body this whole time watching and listening to everything he did. In fact they experienced it with him. It was an invasion of his privacy and he wanted his life back. The jewel should have kept it’s damn advice to itself and he was going to tell his parents what for since it was them who had been trying to dictate his life as usual.

“So it is all of you who reside in me. All these years it has been a human, two demons, and a priestess imbedded in my heart. No wonder I am going insane. When did you actually become four or was this a gradual thing for all of you? Water, fire, earth, and air are what you all are correct? There is no way any of you could be friendship since I know you all want to tear each other to shreds especially after being with me the whole damn time for this many years.”

Sesshoumaru’s Mother rolled her eyes and then got up whacking Sesshoumaru across the head for being so insolent with Father getting up to grasp Mirage from his grip. Sesshoumaru realized once again he could do nothing to stop them.

“Go ahead and let your demon explode now son.”

Father stated blandly. Sesshoumaru was fighting for control as he raged inside. His eyes glowed red and then Izayoi spoke up.

“You are all ogres. You promised you would not torment him like this.”

Midoriko touched Sesshoumaru one time and his body started to calm down and feel rather cool. He could smell the forest and the earth under his feet as it had once been in the past.

“You Inu’s and your tempers I swear are such a bother. I don’t know how I have put up with all of you for so long.”

Father huffed as did Mother as Midoriko rolled her eyes at both of them.

“Son, I figured today is as good as any for you to meet your other Mother. I was mated to all three and you think you have problems. I am stuck in this jewel with all of them. You knew about Izayoi and your Mother. Midoriko was my third female mate. My male mates ran for the hills and Midoriko did to one of them the same thing Kikyo did to Inuyasha so know that women are a hell of a lot meaner then we are. Please don’t piss them off.’
“I do have to say though son you did very well for yourself. I thought your brother was making me feel old with all of my grandchildren, but now that you are having your first I indeed feel ancient.”

Father handed the young woman back to Sesshoumaru with a wink. Midoriko was fuming not talking to him as he nuzzled her neck.

“Oh come on now baby, you know you love me. I was hard to resist for you three and still make you happy when you are not fighting each other.”

Sesshoumaru then looked at his family once again. They were solid and the jewel that had once been inside of him was on the floor blowing away as pink dust disappearing forever from the world. Then Inu No Tashio pinched both Izayoi and Sesshoumaru’s Mother on the ass as he kissed Midoriko passionately. Sesshoumaru was blushing at this point not wanting to see this.

“Father, will you stop that already? Are you trying to scar me for life? I mean please will you three go to heaven or get a room. You were always doing this shit to me. I could not handle being around you and your mates. You were always advertising your pervert selves all over the castle.”

Father huffed and smirked at his son now that he was alive again.

“Well you better get used to it since I am permanently out of the jewel now. We are done being inside of you and have learned all we wanted to. Do you still wish to fight me? You have the Alpha position since heaven knows I don’t want that responsibility any more. You are perfect for the job. Like Inuyasha states you are a great politician and that stick up your ass makes you much better than me at ruling people’s lives.”

Sesshoumaru’s Mother turns and punches his Father’s arm. Still Father does not take his eyes off of Sesshoumaru as he smirks at the growling pup.

“I want to kick your ass for mating the other two you jerk! You mated not only a human, but two powerful mikos who you turned into demons now that the jewel is free. Every damn one of your mates including the male demons had been enemies of our people Father! When did you start hating demons or was it just me?”

Sesshoumaru’s Mother this time goes over to take Mirage from her son. Then his Father mentally forces the car to stop as he grasps Sesshoumaru by the throat and throws him out of the car into what looks to be a deserted parking lot.

Sesshoumaru roars in fury as he gets up shaking himself off furious that his Father is back to screw up his life some more. The females put a barrier up and sit on the bleachers watching the show as Sesshoumaru’s Mother wraps her mokomoko around the young girl in her arms.

“My son really doesn’t deserve this beautiful little girl, but I am still glad she is ours. You would think our men would learn from us, but look at these two go. It is like they let the blood from their groin rush to their heads every damn time.”

Izayoi is sporting a red business suit talking on a cell phone trying to reach Inuyasha while Midoriko sits wearing jeans and a tight black t shirt that accentuates her rather large breasts.

“Yes well don’t you recall how bad we were? I mean I almost pinned you to a tree myself. You were rather fast and I have to admit that after you took me I have not regretted a thing since. Still that man of ours is so silly thinking it was him we were after. He was so generous to do the spell so all three of us could be together. It was such a damn shame that our children have to be such a pain in the ass and all boys.”

Izayoi starts to yell at her son on the phone. Both women smirk since most people would never guess that Izayoi was one tough Lady that did not put up with anyone’s shit. She was just like her son and Inuyasha got his bad ass attitude from her.

“Of course it is me Inuyasha are you deaf too? If you do not get your ass here in thirty minutes young man I am going to come over there and embarrass the life out of you! Of course I am real! Do I not sound real or did you forget the sound of your own Mother’s voice when you are in trouble young man!”

Inuyasha teleports into the barrier with Kouga’s help, just in case this is another trick since no one wanted Inuyasha harmed again.

Kouga stays close behind him and groans as he sees that indeed this was no trick. Kouga also starts groaning as he knows something is wrong. Inuyasha's Mom does not look happy with him through the virtual glasses and then he turns to see his Father kicking Sesshoumaru’s ass. Inuyasha takes his virtual glasses off for a second.

“I think these virtual reality glasses are broken Kouga. I am seeing shit that isn’t there.”

Kouga just swallowed hard and frowned.

“You are not the only one and I ain't wearing glasses so I have no excuse to be seeing people who are not supposed to be alive.”

Kouga is with him and then sees his Mother. The wolf demoness looks just as pissed off at him as she did before she died. No one knew that his Mom was a powerful priestess who created the blasted jewel in the first place. Midoriko was good at hiding her demon wolf self in her human like form. She was powerful as hell with a temper to match.

“Are you going to say hello to your own Mother or just stand there Kouga?”

Kouga bowed politely to Midoriko.

“Hello Mother.”

Inuyasha put his glasses back on as his Mother hugged him and then smacked the back of his head.

“Ouch! What the fuck? What was that for?”

Inuyasha growled as Izayoi did it again.

“Watch your language. The hug was because I love and miss you. The smack on the back of the head is for fighting with your brother. I cannot believe how bad you boys behave sometimes. All three of you! If you ever rip off each other’s limbs again I will make sure you all see hell for it!”

Sesshoumaru and Inu No Tashio stop fighting as they both look shocked at Izayoi who is furious as her hair is flying in dark waves around her with her crimson eyes glowing. It sends chills down the bones of all of them there.

“I would not piss her off any more Inuyasha unless you want her to purify the hell out of you. Izayoi may be a hellion, but she is also a powerful priestess. It hurts son, I know I felt it before.”

Inu No Tashio states as Midoriko gets up to place a calming hand on her beloved. Izayoi’s face goes back to being calm, but a firm line is seen as she looks at Inuyasha like he is going to really get it if he says one more thing. Sesshoumaru almost smirks at his brother and feels pretty damn good since even though Father pretty much kicked his ass it did mellow out his demon a bit.

“Thanks Father, I did need that.”

Sesshoumaru stated with a smirk. Inu No Tashio ruffled Sesshoumaru’s hair and smiled.

“I missed doing that shit too. You are all pretending to be humans too much. We need a sporting event or something so that you can get your inner demons out.’
“You young upstarts have gone a thousand years without any really good battles. It is not healthy. You should have been able to beat me by now Sesshoumaru. You got me good a few times, but we need to get you back in the game son. How long has it been since you really beat the hell out of someone other than your brothers?”

Sesshoumaru looked confused.

“Brothers, you said Kouga was my cousin. I thought Inuyasha was my only brother.”

Inu No Tashio smiled sheepishly then ran a hand over the back of his neck.

“Well I was mated to Midoriko and you know about that. What you did not know was that she was the Queen of the wolves and my male mate Robby created him so technically he is your little brother.’
“You thought Midoriko was human and you thought the same about Izayoi. She and Izayoi were not. Midoriko was a powerful wolf demon miko whom your Mom mated before I got to her.’
“You see son, Izayoi I stole from the Angel planet with your Mom. I told you that Angels are not exactly what people think they are. Well Izayoi is a hellion and I just couldn’t resist that. Your Mom was the same way thinking she was a water nymph after we took a bunch of them from their home planet. Your Mom is my little sister through the same kind of situation that you, Inuyasha, and Kouga are mated.’
“I am probably going to confuse you, but this is how things work. We still travel planets while taking care of you kids. We used to leave half our souls here to do work for this place, be there for you kids, and then all hell broke loose. Midoriko and I accidentally messed around too much with certain planets until we came to one just like our own. There we ended up coming into contact with celestials.’
“The celestials found their way here to get back at us for my taking your Uncle Blades as my mate and we were thrown into this damn jewel Inuyasha and Kouga’s female broke into pieces. We were fine, but it made a mess and then you had to go place that damn spell on everyone because you were bored. Bringing more hellions here was not a good idea son.”

Sesshoumaru muttered under his breath.

“Well you should not leave your spell scrolls just lying around Father.”

Inuyasha turned to look at three other males heading their way that just so happened to be Father’s male mates. They looked quite fearsome and he could feel the power radiating off of them. Then looked at his brother trying to figure out what they were talking about, but Inu No Tashio waved a hand stopping time. It was now only Sesshoumaru and Inu No Tashio talking. They did not have a lot of time and Inu No Tashio had plans. He found a new place to explore and wanted to get going soon. His son needed to know things because his family would never understand all of this shit. Only Sesshoumaru had been educated in the universal arts and the science that had brought things about upon this Earth he ruled.

“Look son, we are not staying here. We love all of you, but I have found many new planets to explore. We all agreed to destroy Izayoi’s home planet. We have enough hellions running around. So Helicon was destroyed since we did not need hell coming here. I know you liked that place and it was a great idea to use some of those really cruel devils to keep you entertained. Things are getting out of hand son, and you are making things worse by bringing them here after all the hard work you have done.’
“Hellions are fallen Angel devil demons, not like our people Sesshoumaru. Izayoi is rare since she was unlike other hellions and did not radiate the succubus tendencies of her Mother. Instead Izayoi being a miko was able to destroy many of her kind and therefore was hunted down by her own parents. I saved her from death and thus she became my mate. Your Mother mated with her too and we both agreed that you needed a brother since Kouga was to be trained away from you so that he could be a Prince of Wolves rather than have to fight to be your equal.’
“We were meant to destroy the hellions since we are Archangels mixed with demon blood. It is complicated; if you read more of the scrolls you will figure it out.”

Sesshoumaru pouted feeling rather put out.

“You know Father that our games are getting old. We can’t just keep taking over planets then blowing them up when they are no longer useful. The one that made everything is going to get pissed off at us if we don’t start showing some progress with these people. Plus I kind of like living like this and I don’t want to go planet hopping with my Parents. I am an adult and I am in love damn it all. I don’t want to even think about your crazy schemes.’
“You piss me off so much sometimes and to think I let you borrow my heart as a medium since you always wanted to know what I was thinking. I let you see things I don’t even let my mates know about me. I am not doing that shit again. I want this planet and you are not going to mess up all the work I have done here since you left.’
“I can’t believe you just blew up a whole species of people like that. It is bad enough you let your three headed pet dog loose on certain planets and mine is stuck guarding hell. So you blew him up with it? Cerberus was my best friend and the only one who I bothered to talk to in my full demon form other then you.”

Inu No Tashio nodded, but smirked.

“Cerberus is fine and we found another hell planet for you to torment. Naraku was a pretty foe, but I think you will do better with these ones. We moved those of Izayoi’s family that accepted her there and she has been pleased with it. You really should have given her a chance.”

Sesshoumaru walked over to the beautiful woman who was holding the cell phone crushing it as Midoriko’s hand was on her shoulder looking at her mate. Izayoi had her eyes shut in concentration trying to contain her powers. Then Sesshoumaru went over to Inuyasha and rubbed his ears kissing the pup on the cheek then patted his ass. He missed Inuyasha very much.

“I miss ravishing my Inuyasha, I almost lost him forever. He means the world to me and I threaten him all the time that I am going to leave him forever if he doesn’t straiten his shit out. I could never do that and especially after he was almost killed taken away from me completely.’
“His burns are still healing and even with my new gift of having this beautiful female I adore I still cannot get Inuyasha out of my mind. He is my whole life and the only reason I can stay sane.’
“Inuyasha pushes me and pisses me off like no other. In being such a damn hellion Inuyasha does the one thing that no other mate can do for me by being the only creature who can withstand my temper. You made him very well and you know I do not hold a real grudge against Izayoi. I have to thank Izayoi someday for making him with you since it is her hellion side that makes me love my impish little brother so much.’
“I do miss my Uncles sometimes. Arterious is here with Horus and Marcus. How is Horus doing anyway? I don't know why the hell you call him Robby, Arterious Blondie of the Blades, and the dragon you are mated to Lord Scales instead of Marcus.’
“I know that Uncle Arterious was quite the ninja, but to call him Blonde of the Blades was rather ridiculous even if he has no common sense and is innocent in mind. You had me calling your celestial Arterious Uncle Blades not allowing me to ever tease him and then your dragon mate Uncle Scales for years.’
“Is he around too? It smells like he is here, with that delicious blood scent of his. I know you miss them Father especially Robby since he was your first male mate. He like Inuyasha was stuck to a tree by a priestess. Your Midoriko set him free yet? I thought I smelled him around here, but they hide so well playing ninja like I would not notice.”

Inu No Tashio watched as his son wrapped his arms around Inuyasha from behind and leaned his head onto Inuyasha’s shoulder. He looked beautiful, tired, and sad. The two boys had been fighting for years and they loved each other so much that Inu No Tashio knew Sesshoumaru especially regretted their fights.

“Son, Horus is doing well and Robby was my pet name for the bird dog since Robin red breasts are birds that we Inu's see as a blessing. Still cracks me up that I fell for the jerk. I can’t believe I mated a bird dog literally, but then again you mated one too so I don't feel too bad. Horus is part Doberman and part condor demon. Horus is beautiful in comparison to the males from his planet. Most of them are rather creepy.’
“It was Midoriko shooting Horus to a tree that forced him to curse her with that spell of turning her into her true form until his demon would no longer hold a grudge. He really should not have pissed her off like he did by threatening to unmate her every time they disagreed with each other.’
“My females got together and planned on tormenting him for that shit. Midoriko of course just lost it and decided it was time for Horus to just be stuck to a tree for a few years to think things over before he opened his mouth again. Like Kouga more than Inuyasha, Horus forgets to think before he speaks.’
“You know how it is with grudges and demons. It took us forever to get Midoriko out of that damn spell that made her a wolf for years. I was afraid she was not going to change back so I could enjoy that sexy body of hers in this form, but Horus did not seem to mind. He said that if she was going to act like a bitch then she could stay one. I argued with him and we had a few nasty fights. He and I rutted with her with little difficulty. Being a demon dog rutting your mate in their true form is indeed just as pleasant. It was just poor Blades that missed out for so long.’
“You don’t need to tease Kouga about it though even though I know you two boys will. He has it rougher then you think. He really was in love with your Mirage, but she was meant for you.'
“I miss wrapping my fists into Horus’ thick black hair and kissing him. He has incredible lips and somehow he passed that onto your little brother Kouga. My mates did infuse their blood into you both so you should really watch what you say about my mates being our enemies. All of my mates and yours are a part of my blood.’
“They are also your family. Family matters and your opinion of them really pissed me off some days Sesshoumaru.’
“You my son, anger me more than anyone and being my heir I expect much more from you then anyone else. You know this and so I have felt in some ways I ask too much of you. Instead you are so mature and take every damn thing so seriously I think some days you are trying to grow ancient before your time. You have many years to live and you my son need to have fun once in a while. Do not grow up so fast, take your time with life, you have lots of it.’
“I have to piss you off to get you to play with me once in a while and our fighting is childish. Still it is the only time I can get you to relax. I don’t want things to be that way any longer. You are my son and to say I hated you makes me want to tear my hair out.’
“You will play with your mates and that is an order. You are going to have your very first baby and your heir with this little beauty. You need to go with her to that dumb Anime place and enjoy it. Act for once like a kid and see things through her eyes rather than your own. I am glad every single one of your mates is childish since they have to make up for everything you don’t choose to do.’
“When I held you as a baby I did not ever want to let you go and in some ways I am selfish since I have not really let you go at all. You have been my very best friend and I love you son. I miss you all the time too, but I can’t just be here when I have so much more to do.”

Sesshoumaru sighed. He held Inuyasha tighter as he ran his claws over his mate’s chest. As much as he loved Mirage, his love for Inuyasha ran so much deeper. Inuyasha was his life and his heart. Not even Kouga could fill the void that had once been there like Inuyasha had done. Inuyasha was the only one to make him really cry or laugh. Any true emotion that he had was alive only because Inuyasha had opened him up.

“I know that you hate our fights, but I don’t know how else to talk to you some days. You are always gone and eventually I got used to taking care of myself. Mother stuck around or so I thought. Then I believed you both died on us. You had me believing all sorts of nonsense. You expected me to just accept it.’
“Eventually, I had to accept what was right in front of me as being real and try to adapt. I don’t know how else to be then how I am now and you wish for me to be like my mates. I cannot do that. I know I seem boring and serious to everyone.’
“Inuyasha, Kouga, Mirage, and the rest of my pack do amuse me so I continue to let them take over where you left off. They are like children and I wish to keep them that way since I value their innocence although I cannot stop from corrupting them a little. It is part of our nature.’
“You know that Scales is not much different than I am. You mated a bunch of serious beautiful creatures that are just like me so how can you expect me to change? Only Mother is as silly as you are some days.’
“I mainly took after Scales and like him I am the happiest when I am killing someone. I could not help following him around since he smells so good like fresh blood and his hair of course looks like it. He, Blades, and Robby were fun to train with. Still none of them could compare to you and my worship of you Father.’
“Even if I set up an arena for our demons to fight in for me it is just not a challenge any more. In some ways I am glad you destroyed Helicon since in reality only Izayoi had been a true challenge on that planet after Midoriko enhanced her miko skills. She still can scare the hell out of our demons since none of us want to be purified by a hellion.’
“Inuyasha has no idea that he has this power and if he truly tapped into more than he does now then I think we would all be in for a lot of pain. I don’t know if I ever want him to know or tap into his hellion purification powers.”

Inu No Tashio nodded. He enjoyed the smell of Scales too since the dragon always smelled like a fresh kill. Scales smelled and tasted of wonderful blood fresh from the open wounds of his victims. It was like enjoying the hunt without actually having to go anywhere. Scales was a unique beautiful creature and there was not another like him.

"Scales is doing well too, but you know mates do need time away from each other or we would all kill one another. Plus making sure everyone so damn loyal for as many years as we are mated is insane. You will eventually come to stray on your mates with others if you don’t learn to trust them completely. Six mates for a dog demon are not that many. We used to just rut whomever we saw fit leaving bastards everywhere. This is as close to monogamy as we can get.’
“That is why we choose six total mates and allow some of them to have a second mate. However, it is a hell of a lot easier just to go mate with the females that your male mates are already mated to otherwise you are stuck with every one of you being jealous of your lovers significant others. It is just best so I suggest you mate with Kagome and when Kouga gets a brain since Ayame’s daughter is out there somewhere waiting for him then mate with his female. That red headed young woman will make his wolf howl all night long in pleasure if he would go back to America where he found her scent in the first place. He thought he was insane so you can now tell him he is not. Elizabeth is waiting for him and if he doesn’t hurry up someone else is going to snatch her away from him.’
“It doesn't mean you have to rut with any other female then Mirage, but I enjoy all my mates completely finding my life to be more satisfying this way. All my male mates love your Mother, Midoriko, and Izayoi. Mating Izayoi fully, Scales has been happy and can handle her purifying him. He says like me and Blades that her fire can melt us any day of the week. You assuming she was human really cracked them up.’
“I know you did not care for dragons at first, but dragons are not as bad of creatures as you think after I gave you Ah-Un so quit assuming so much. You are making an ass out of us both by doing such foolish things.’
“Blades doesn’t ever change and I pray he never will. He is the same old crafty ninja that he was before and for a gorgeous golden haired man who sometimes acts like a complete moron. I liked my title for him so don’t knock it.’
“My Blades is the closest thing we have come to an actual full blooded Archangel. He is absolutely the most beautiful of all my mates as you well know. Blades is much like your little Mirage and I am glad that my good taste has rubbed off on you.’
“Sesshoumaru I warn you, don’t ever call him Blondie since that was our little joke and he likes just the title Blades. It was going to be Blades or Art of Aphrodite. Blades was more masculine and it makes him proud.’
“When you, and once Inuyasha finds out about all of this, I expect both of you to always call my Arterious Blades since it means the world to him. My mates like their pet names and they are not cruel taunts. Scales likes being reminded he is a dragon and is proud of his heritage. He felt Marcus was more of a vampire’s name rather than one for a dragon so Lord Scales had been his title for many years. Besides, I cannot resist those lovely green eyes of his that smirk with mischief when I use his pet name and that long auburn hair that flows like blood in the sunlight. Each of my mates has a beauty all their own.’
“Those ice blue eyes of Blade’s make me want to do anything for him and I feel like I am his beta sometimes rather than being his Alpha. Blades really has me wrapped around his little finger.’
“Your Mother mated him and she always has such excellent taste. If you really look at my mates it was your Mother who helped me pick them all and then mate them to each other so we would not have all the problems your Grandfather had being completely miserable as his demon was constantly jealous all six of his mates were mated to others that he could not stand.’
“Your Mother and I took our time and were very selective. The results have been you, Kouga, and Inuyasha. I have my blood infused into three of the most beautiful sons in the world. I am quite the proud Father and Grandfather.’
“You cannot tell me you do not become an overbearing asshole when Inuyasha has been with Kagome too long. I can see how much he means to you so fix the problem. Mirage will understand if you are honest with her. She trusts you now and it takes a special woman to accept men like us.’
“You really should consider taking that sexy young Monk and his Sango. I still get smacked by your Mothers for looking. Of course I am not the only one in trouble since my male mates practically drool as dose my females when Sango bends over. What a fine ass on that woman. How can you resist? I would jump on that like hot on rice.’
“None of my mates has eyes like Miroku and he is quite the catch. I know that Inuyasha has thought about taking them as second mates and Kouga has wanted to also. You would get no complaints from anyone of your mates so you should take advantage of that situation. You have the most attractive beings right here in your pack.’
“Even in my wild explorations of other worlds I have not seen such a group of creatures that belonged together as much as your little pack does. You may see it as strange, but believe me son I have seen some pretty damn weird things in my lifetime.’
“Inuyasha and Kouga of course had to pick the most fertile female ever to grace our family. I am pleased you are placing a spell on her to keep her from conception for a while. Those two boys are going to kill her if she does not get a break in between triplets. Kagome cannot seem to ever just have one pup at a time.’
“Blades can’t sire children and so he has to think of you as his own. When we saved him from one of the bastards we destroyed in Helicon he was burnt from the waist down. Blades was purified by evil when I met him. I could have denied him, but there was nothing more beautiful I had seen in my life and so I took pity on him. I fell in love and throughout time I have found Blades to be stronger than most of us. He can still rut and his perfect beautiful skin was healed. Blades just did not ever recover his ability to reproduce of his own seed since it purifies itself over and over destroying the fertilization process. We thought perhaps the further training of Izayoi and Midoriko as mikos to mate with him would heal him. It still is not working.’
“You bitched about my lack of ability to heal him, but I had my mate to think about just as you have Inuyasha. You can’t say you would not do anything in this world to make him happy or find a cure so he can see since he suffered a similar fate I cannot since there is none I know of.’
“I adore Blades so I hope that someday we can find a cure for him since he would like to have a child of his own blood very much and he talks nonstop about how proud he is of you wishing you were of his own seed since you are indeed very beautiful my son surpassing every known being I have encountered in looks. That is not just my opinion, I hear this all the damn time from your Mother and my mates. They don’t like your cold cruel side some days, but they stated you did have to have some flaws or you would be too perfect.’
“I must say even though Kouga is a fine male with only part of my blood and a fine son I do make incredible children with my own seed and my own blood. I watched you both as so many people wanted you and it took all my strength not to interfere blowing up this world with all the cruelty it has born into it with so many hellions running lose.’
“You have stifled the hellions to a tolerate level and they adore you. The young hellions are under your control and you even have quite the hunting grounds since you have allowed our prey to thrive. Slowly you are taking the ideas you started in your America to Japan making it so there are less starving creatures in the world. Your health company will indeed keep the cattle from growing too thin and keep them healthy for your future generations. It is amusing that they are so ignorant and I find this forest of buildings could be much more unpleasant if we had allowed true humans to take over. You have been slowly cleaning this world up nicely son.’
“Inuyasha seemed to have suffered more than any of us. My poor beautiful little imp still has very little confidence in himself. You need to work on that with him.’
“Everyone was shocked that I could make a being that was even close to you in perfection, but I did do it. Inuyasha is the yin to your yang. Complete opposite in personality to you, but still in his silly childish ways wants so much to be like you as he tries so hard to still get you to accept him. He still thinks he is so weak in comparison to you and would rather face death then live without you. I really hope someday you can change his outlook on life.’
“We have over two hundred planets of beings on this world and I was impressed that with your persistence you have indeed come very close to fulfilling what the Creator of all of these places has always wanted. We were supposed to bring as many people from other planets as possible to live together in harmony.’
“You have created a melting pot on your Earth that has with every year impressed us with the many ways people are learning to live together in peace. These small wars will eventually fade away. It is to be expected since it is hard for people of many cultures and races to live together for long periods of time without some disharmony. You have succeeded where I have not and have learned from my mistakes. You do not need to have concern that I will blow up your precious Earth. It is yours, but someday I hope you will travel with us son.’
“You and your mates should not linger in one world when we have billions out there that are just as incredible. Eventually you will come around so for now enjoyed the charmed life you have and I will try to come visit all of you in between world hopping. I know your Mothers now that they are free of that blasted jewel so their souls can be whole will be visiting more often and your Uncles have always been wandering about so you will see more of them too. We are never far away.”

Sesshoumaru nodded and sighed. He was still holding Inuyasha still wanting him to wake so that he could express his feelings with his beloved.

“Father will you please undo the spell on Inuyasha. Your freezing time is annoying. I like quiet as much as the rest of the world, but Inuyasha’s silence lasted fifty lousy years. Then he is blind and we both cannot fix it. I have made him suffer much and I got my arm back. I have many good things. I was not being honest with myself when I thought about unmating Inuyasha. I love him so damn much.”

Inu No Tashio nodded undoing the spell on the pup.

“What the fuck?”

Inuyasha stated blinking then he felt familiar warm arms around him and the smell of Sesshoumaru nuzzling him. It was pleasant.

“I have missed you my beloved. I don’t want us to have secrets Inuyasha. Not anymore. You will know our Father now and see what we are since you will be a part of this. It will be confusing at first, but it will sink in quickly if you allow your mind to be open.”

Inuyasha did not want to move it felt good to be in the arms of the man he loved. This was like being in heaven. There were suddenly the three females and his father’s three male mates standing together with Inu No Tashio in the middle. They looked like Angels in the glowing light. Father spoke to them both.

“Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru I am proud of you both. I cannot stay. I have many more adventures I will be experiencing with my mates.’
“Both Mirage and Kagome are actually celestial beings with demon power except Kagome is more demon than celestial. The rest of these beings aliens are a mixture of humans, demons, and hellions like Izayoi. I know you think I am insane, but if you had been to the places I have been and seen the gorgeous as well as the hideous beings I have then you would understand why I continue to do as I do. I can’t die and neither can either of you. We are destined for greater things then death.’
“We are born explorers who cannot ever settle in one place for long. I figured you would get over your hostility towards one another eventually and after a thousand years you would know more about your brothers as well as their Mothers accepting them finally.’
“Remember my sons that reading is fundamental and that knowledge is power. I have a lot of things I know now and someday maybe you both will do as I do exploring new planets to bring other beings to share our lives with. We are dogs my children, sometimes it is ok to stray as long as you can still find your way back home. I will see you both again. And Sesshoumaru........”

Sesshoumaru turned around ready to leave to go to the family meeting he set up and start over from where he left off since his Fathers disruption had distracted him.

“Yes Father?”

Inu No Tashio looked sternly at his son.

“Do not unmate your mates. I will be watching all of you so behave.”

Inuyasha looked at Sesshoumaru horrified as their Father disappeared. He wanted to unmate him.

“Sess you want to unmate me? How could you?”

Inuyasha stated in tears.

“Not really. Still for making you think I would do something like that to you little brother I will give you something amusing to do to our Kouga. He really pissed me off and I need to take Mirage back into the limo before she catches cold. I can’t believe that Mother wanted to take off with my mate. She left her where she disappeared from. See.”

Inuyasha looked at the ground after wiping away his tears at the small woman who was now shivering since the soft warm mokomokos that Sesshoumaru’s Mother had her wrapped in were now gone.

“So why don’t you make your tail reappear?”

Sesshoumaru looked at Inuyasha like he lost his mind.

“I am not ruining another suit when we have a family meeting tonight.”

Inuyasha smirked. Sesshoumaru was such a stickler when it came to appearances.

“So fine Mr. High and Mighty have to be perfect all the time, what are you going to do about it and what is the scoop on Kouga?”

Sesshoumaru picked up his mate and Inuyasha threw Kouga over his shoulder who hit his head on the ground after passing out. He was terrified of Izayoi since she went all hellion on them all.

“Kouga is a bird dog. He is only part wolf. Part condor and part Doberman.”

Inuyasha started laughing almost dropping Kouga.

“That is too good. Man he is in for it if he messes with me again.”

Sesshoumaru smirked wickedly.


With that the two silver haired brothers walked on as Inuyasha headed back for the hotel and Sesshoumaru headed for the limo knowing that his Father would not restart time completely until things were as they had been before they messed with everything.


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