Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Inuyasha cautiously was the first to enter the hospital room. Sesshoumaru got up and rushed over to his little brother holding him like his life depended on it.

“I am so sorry I blamed you Inuyasha. It is not your fault, I didn’t mean it. I love you so damn much. Please forgive me and be my mate again.”

Inuyasha felt tears in his eyes as he grasped Sesshoumaru tightly as Sesshoumaru shook with soft sobs. He hurt so damn much inside and now he could finally let it out.

“Don’t ever leave me again like that. You hurt me. I wanted to be here for you and I am your first mate. I am not anyone else. You betrayed me when you left me so don’t do it again.”

Sesshoumaru nodded as he used his powers to make the mating marks show then kissed Inuyasha on the neck softly right at the mating point. Sesshoumaru kissed Inuyasha deeply missing him so much. He would make up for all those harsh words.

“Sesshoumaru I will always be here for you. I am sorry I couldn’t……..”

Inuyasha stated feeling just as guilty since he didn’t have the strength as a human to fight. It was Touga who took off the seals from him as well as the others and Inuyasha’s neck was still raw. Touga felt much like Sesshoumaru, useless as a demon to stop the horror. They were supposed to be all powerful and Sesshoumaru had indeed surpassed him by being able to actually break the cuffs he was chained into even if it was too late to stop the hell that they were suffering.

Sesshoumaru kissed Inuyasha’s face and whispered that he would never hurt him again like that and that it wasn’t his fault. It was his job to protect them and he failed. Inuyasha tried to deny it, but Sesshoumaru refused to listen. There was no point in arguing since it wouldn’t make the situation any better.

Mirage feeling the negative vibes was irritated her mates were being ridiculous by doing stupid shit while she was out of it. They were not the ones stuck in bed not having people visit because Sesshoumaru her damn husband told them they all couldn’t see her the asshole.

“Ok enough smooching and I am sorry I couldn’t save you. There are things you could have prevented like unmating each other and ya didn’t that matter more than what happened to me which wasn’t your stupid faults. That was the ugly creep in purple. Blame the right people already.’
“Many things after I was out of it should not have happened since you are jerks who let my husband tear my family apart so I blame you both since you are both assholes. You don’t unmate people and if you do you are a punk. If you let it happen then you are a punk brat asshole. You both should be spanked.’
“Damn nice reception from my FAMILY……..No nice to see ya Mirage and glad you are still fucking alive. I really missed you Mirage. I had a bone up my ass and allowed Sesshoumaru to get to me plus unmate me because I wanted him to be a big bully Mirage. What the fuck would you people do without me not that you care cause you are still outside of my room where I can’t fucking move from this bed or I get yelled at!”

Inuyasha started laughing.

“You really are a bitch Mirage. I fucking missed you babe, will you bear my children?”

Mirage pretended to be offended.

“Oh you letch! How dare you insinuate that I might want to have pointy eared children with you! You are such a cad! Be gone light saber boy!”

Inuyasha ran over and hugged Mirage for all he was worth.

“Kami I love you woman. Thank you for making me laugh…. I have missed that.”

Mirage looked seriously at Inuyasha.

“Why so they could steal your pee here too? Here have a cup. They keep bringing these for water so maybe you can use one and save them the trouble.”

Sesshoumaru actually snorted on that one. Kouga then came in after talking to Sess outside and grasping the man by his collar throwing him against the wall telling him if he ever unmated them again he would indeed kill him. Even if he wasn’t as powerful he would find a way as he held Sesshoumaru tightly.

Kouga came into the room in tears and Mirage was practically bouncing on the bed with Inuyasha sitting in shock at the woman who was thrilled that he brought food since at least Sesshoumaru could eat since she was grounded to hospital crap until the doctor allowed her other stuff.

“Hey, wolfmyester…wolforama….come on and mosey on over here hero. I hear you are the new sheriff in town.’
“So shall we go shopping for some new uniform wear with Miroku my bitch, I hear shorts and bicycles are the new ‘in’ thing for the law enforcement peeps and your sexy legs will look so damn good in them. Hmm…yes I think so.”

Kouga bust up laughing with tears down his face as he lifted Mirage from the bed hugging her.

“Ooo be careful……I have attachments……they don’t call me Mrs. Roboto for nothing. I am Kilroy….Kilroy….Kilroy……”

Kouga smiled wide and kissed Mirage passionately as Sess growled pulling them apart.

“Not now Kouga. I love you, but no.”

Pulling Mirage back onto the bed carefully Sesshoumaru pushed Inuyasha over making him move over to the chair. Sesshoumaru really didn’t want anyone touching his mate much. He felt so protective over her still that he was almost afraid of what he might do so it was best if the touching was kept to a minimum.

“You need to calm yourself dear. You just woke up.”

Mirage put her hands on her hips pointing a finger at her skinny mate.

“Look you….eat and you shush……don’t shush me up…..I feel great.”

Thrusting a piece of pizza in his mouth. Sesshoumaru sighed and ate slowly. He really was hungry and Mirage kept stealing bites of it looking around for spying doctors or nurses. She stuffed a piece down before the others showed up with half of the pizza hanging down her mouth as Blades entered and started cracking up.


Mirage stated with a mouth full of pizza as it hung off her face with until it fell on her lap. The doctor entered and she thrust the pizza into Kouga’s hand then started whistling after wiping her mouth on her sleeve.

“How is our patient doing?”

Mirage panicked chewing quickly then swallowing in a bit of pain since it was a huge bite. She was going to get heartburn for that one.

“I was doing nothing I wasn’t supposed to. I swear it…….oh….I am fine….I was just kissing my underfed husband so that is why I smell like pizza. Maybe you should admit him since he is anorexic and needs to be fed.”

Mirage stated slowly trying to pretend that she didn’t have garlic breath.

Blades sat in the corner laughing so hard he couldn’t talk since he was so full of endorphins and Mirage’s positive flow was making him feel lots better. Miroku too was in there so they were feeding off of the good vibes especially since Mirage was awake doing well. It lifted everyone’s spirits. Touga came in with Scales looking a little worse for wear.

“I think that by tomorrow she can go home my Lords. All the damage from before is healed.”

Suddenly it was like the room became cold again as no one wanted to think about that. Mirage though looked at the doctor.

“So does this mean that Sesshoumaru and I can have crazy hanging off the light fixtures sex when I get home? You know because I have been having withdrawal symptoms and I think it is affecting my healing progress.”

At that the mood once again lifted as the doctor smiled at the young woman.

“I believe that won’t be a problem.”

Mirage sighed.

“Good, because I was really worried about that and I was wondering do you want me to send you my pee in the mail? I mean you guys never have enough so I was thinking about helping your cause in a philanthropist charitable way so you don’t have to wait or ask for it anymore.”

The doctor chuckled.

“I am sure we have plenty, but thank you. I will leave you to your family.”

Everyone bust up laughing after the door was closed. Then Mirage was told about all that had occurred and the scars that would be permanent on her shoulders as well as her wrist. The damn snake had marked her as his mate so that explained why she was feeling like shit.

“So bring the bastard back, do what he did to us and let him live in hell. Then I don’t hurt anymore and you guys can torture him. See problem solved.”

Sesshoumaru thought about it. No, he had to have that mark removed.

“So Father what do we do?”

Sesshoumaru looked at the crystal jewel.

“It has something to do with this blasted thing. I have found nothing on it although Scales has seen one before.”

Mirage looked at Scales.

“He said he couldn’t use that on you.”

Scales nodded.

“Because you are a reptilian kind of dude and we are like useless in that capacity.”

Scales smirked a bit at Mirage.

“I have an idea.”

Mirage held out her wrist.

“Bite it.”

Sesshoumaru frowned as did Touga.

“I don’t think that is such a great idea. I don’t want my wife mated to one of my Fathers…that is wrong…..”

Mirage rolled her eyes.

“It ain’t gonna be like that moron. He is going to bite me to mark me as his mate and he isn’t like your real blood Father like that. Besides I only want to have sex with you and you won’t let me have sex with your male mates you selfish bastard not that I would. Still, what is the big whoop?”

Everyone shrugged and Touga sighed.

“I don’t like this, but fine.”

Lord Marcus bent down and bit deep into her wrist. Then the jewel glowed and attached itself to Scales’ chest.

“Ok, I get it.”

Scales stated softly as he figured out what Mirage wanted him to do. With that the mark was removed and his remained.

“So Sesshoumaru, you gonna share with this old man?”

Sesshoumaru looked horrified as he looked at Scales who could indeed challenge him for his female. That was why none of them wanted this.

“It is your choice my Lord.”

Scales smirked as he ruffled Sesshoumaru’s hair as Sesshoumaru looked like he was going to burst into tears again.

“Nah, I was just kidding. At least I can do this though.”

With that he unmated himself from Mirage which took care of the problem.

“See using your brains does work.”

Mirage stated as she looked at them all with Sesshoumaru sighing then feeling like a moron wiping away a stray tear since he really couldn’t handle any more crap right now.

“I see, I did it so he could too.”

Inuyasha sat down next to Sesshoumaru.

“Yes he did it and unmated himself.”

Sesshoumaru put an arm around Inuyasha. He had really hurt his little brother. Worse then he hurt any of them.

“Inuyasha I will die first before I ever hurt any of you again. I think though you are all going to hate me for a while. I am not going to let any of you out of my sight and you will all live close by. I can’t do this again. If Kouga hadn’t been there…………”

Mirage felt bad. She wasn’t trying to be a bitch she just didn’t want people to be unmated over her and felt it was her job to make people happy. It made her feel alive.

“I wasn’t trying to be ungrateful you know. I just don’t want you dwelling on it. I felt so helpless to stop him and I felt all of you feeling the same way. It sucked. I kept fighting, but that power wasn’t like anything I felt before. If I dwell on things I won’t get better I will go back and allow that fucking dark purifying black crap to cloud my mind pulling me away from you. It gave me bad dreams and then I realized I couldn’t just lay there. I had people who loved me I had to get to and I knew if I didn’t get back that things would get worse.”

Mirage stated as she twirled a hair in her fingers feeling bad she yelled at Sesshoumaru.

“Don’t do that Mirage.”

Blades stated softly feeling like he was losing his energy.

“You will drain Miroku and I. I need your positive flow since I am a mess. He did a number on all of us.”

Kouga smirked now understanding what they had to do to heal the two celestials.

“Well, I could find ways to make all of you feel better, but they don’t allow orgies in hospitals.”

Inuyasha smirked catching on quickly.

“No they don’t allow wolf fleas and men who wear skirts in hospitals.”

Kouga countered back.

“I think you mean they don’t like mutts since morons like you might use those radar ears of your to scramble their radiology equipment bat boy.”

Mirage smiled and took Sesshoumaru’s hand.

“I do love you and I am sorry I scared everyone. I love all of you so much.”

Sesshoumaru leaned in to give Mirage such kisses that everyone had to leave the room.

“Man talk about PDA, bastards don’t fucking share ever.”

Kouga stated trying to keep the mood up for Blades. That was what had been missing and it had been killing the poor guy. They couldn’t let the house be dismal for the sake of their beloved celestials.

Kagome smiled at Kouga and Inuyasha as she took each of their hands.

“Maybe tonight we can all share for once?”

Inuyasha smirked as did Kouga.

“You sure Kagome? I mean I don’t mind and I really would rather do things this way all the time, but it is up to you.”

Kagome smiled.

“Yes I think I can handle it. I could handle having all fucking 226 kids with both of you. I think this will be a piece of cake.”

As everyone left Sesshoumaru laid back on the bed with Mirage holding her all night as she slept only moving enough for the nurses to do their work although he growled at them not to wake her up. He wanted to make up for what happened so badly. He was afraid of making love to her. What if she thought about what happened? What if it gave her bad memories?

Sesshoumaru for the first time really felt lost and unsure of himself as he caressed what he felt was the most important person in his life although he loved his mates deeply. This was his wife, and his wife was his whole life. She was the one like Kagome was to his male mates to give him a legacy. Mirage was the one woman who would always be at his side and the one who would not leave him for another.

For the first time in many years Sesshoumaru felt so damn vulnerable and never wanted to feel that way again. He would learn how he and his Father were trapped like that. He would do everything to make sure nothing like that ever happened again if it took his whole life. Mirage might seem happy and ok on the outside, but he knew better. She had been hurt badly. He remembered all the blood he washed off of her and how he could not protect her. As he held Mirage he whimpered throughout the night as Mirage shivered a bit as she too had nightmares.

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