Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Sesshoumaru was dumbstruck by Mirage's straight forward way of using her dirty little mind.

"Mirage as much as I want to discuss these things with you and I really really want to we have to go see my lousy family. They are annoying the fuck out of me right now because you have warped me. All I want to do is fuck you and I have not felt like this since my very first rutting season. You are killing me woman’
“In fact we will go adult toy shopping later since I know a few places and you keep bringing up fantasies I have always wanted to try. I already know every time I say fuck to you that pussy of yours clenches for me and gets wetter wanting me. I fucking want you and I want all you are offering. You are a bad girl and I like that very much kitten. It is just wicked of you to tell all of this to me now when I did have a few toys stashed on the plane we could have used baby. You make me feel like a young pup wanting you as much as I do baby and I love you for it."

Sesshoumaru stated with a big grin. He looked like a kid in a candy store except for that perverted smile that made Mirage grab him kissing him again.

"Fine be boring and we will go talk to your family. They are just disrupting us to be jerks. Still you invited them so here we go."

Mirage went to open the door with a small grin on her face. She knew she was being bad as Sesshoumaru smirked shaking his head running a hand over his hair then he whacked Mirage hard once on that cute little ass of hers making her jump as she walked out of the bathroom with a squeak for a reaction. It was funny as hell. Sesshoumaru would remember to do that too her later.

"You are a bad girl. Just look what you did to the bathroom."

Inuyasha could not believe the grin that his brother was sporting. No one in their right mind would ever believe Sesshoumaru could be this happy.

"I just got it all was hard and needed it."

Mirage purred with an innocent smile on her face looking coyly at the ground. Then Mirage smiled wickedly at Sesshoumaru giving him a look that meant he was in for a long night of fun. Sesshoumaru smirked since he really liked this dirty talk. Inuyasha just looked shocked.

"I can't believe this shit. Kagome what the fuck? Why don't you talk like that?"

Mirage rolled her eyes at Inuyasha and then went over to whack him across the arm.

"Quit being an ass to your mate. Sorry about him Kagome, I did not mean to kill him."

Kagome started to laugh as Inuyasha's face turned red. Even Sesshoumaru started laughing. It was too funny.

"Oh you will get over it Inuyasha. It is not like you have not seen a naked woman before with your virtuosity glasses so then Neo what pill did you choose the red one or the blue one since I have yet to see those pretty eyes of yours. I want to see if you are all like drugged out man or if you really have incredible eyes like your brother says you do."

Mirage stated. Inuyasha with a confident smirk removes his glasses blinking a few times to adjust.

"Wow, Sesshoumaru they really are gorgeous. No wonder you fell for him. They are different than yours in shape and you are right he would make an incredible female."

Sesshoumaru went to defend himself, but Inuyasha rolled his eyes and put his glasses back on. He had heard that line before and it was cool to see Mirage laughing. She was so damn cute and funny. Kagome was so serious all the time and miserable. Inuyasha hoped that he could help her now that this was their last litter of pups to be like she used to be as he held her hand.

"Sorry Kagome, I did not mean to be an ass to you."

Inuyasha stated with a slight sulk on his lips. He had felt like such a jerk and had been one for a long time resenting that he had to share her with anyone. Sesshoumaru had this whole little bundle of trouble all to himself. It was really not very fair since he would give anything to have someone as fun as Mirage to play with. Kagome used to be like that, but now she was always angry and bitter.

"It is fine Inuyasha. If we changed things too much you would not be yourself and I won't have that."

Kagome stated softly, but still she was sad thinking perhaps the only reason Inuyasha was apologizing was because he was showing off to Sesshoumaru's beautiful mate. Kagome felt like such a worn out old woman next to the childish girl who made the once very serious Lord Sesshoumaru's eyes sparkle. It was a beautiful thing and in some ways she felt very jealous that she could not do the same to Inuyasha. Inuyasha used to look at her like Sesshoumaru was looking at Mirage. So in love he could not see past his own nose, but after losing his eyesight it was like he still blamed her even though he kept telling Kagome it was not her fault.

Inuyasha sighed. Kagome would never believe that he still loved her more than his own life. She kept bringing up the damn past and they had been fighting for years. At first it had made the sex great, but you can only have so much good make up sex before it became too painful to look at the person you once loved.

"Kagome I mean it. I have been an ass and Sesshoumaru promised after this litter you are done with pups for the rest of your life if you want. I know I have no control, but you are beautiful woman."

Sesshoumaru wandered over and took Kagome's hand in his pulling her up. Inuyasha started growling. Sesshoumaru would hear none of it growling at the pup to shut the hell up.

"Inuyasha is right Kagome. A young woman like you that has had no rest after pups should not be as stunning as you are."

Sesshoumaru purred at Kagome making her blush. Kagome really needed these compliments. She felt like an old hag. Sesshoumaru kept telling her she was young and so did Inuyasha. Still she had over a five hundred children in the thousand years she had been mated Inuyasha and Kouga. Her body was damn tired. Sesshoumaru had infused her with his blood and had been there to help comfort her when they had lost the pups due to miscarriage.

The doctors kept warning the males she was mated to that if she continued like she was doing that her reproductive organs would never heal fast enough to ever bear children again. Kagome however kind of hoped for such a thing. She was tired of keeping up with her two male mates.

Mirage looked at Inuyasha and growled. He shrugged knowing she would be pissed about that. Sesshoumaru was always on his back and Kouga's about their lack of control.

"Mirage don't be angry with him. I really wanted to have their pups, just not so many so fast. I love being a Mother."

Mirage still growled.

"You are not a brood mare Kagome. I have seen what happens to women who have kid after kid after kid. It breaks them. Some like it, but in the end their poor little bodies can't handle any more. You are a demon, but I have watched humans do this. It is very wrong and it saddens me you had to suffer like that."

Kagome walked over placing a hand on Mirage's shoulder. She did not understand demon ways. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha watched the exchange. Inuyasha felt like a creep, but at the same time he remembered that Mirage was brought up as a human. She did not know their situation and it would take time for her to accept it.

"Mirage, the Inu demons and wolves were destroyed. That cartoon show is not completely off since Naraku did exist. The show was based off my diary found here buried in the earth by one hanyou named Inuyasha."

Kagome stated with a smirk to her mate who pouted at his mate who stuck out her tongue at him. Inuyasha then said his famous 'keh' while turning away in embarrassment. Mirage looked at Kagome who was holding her hand. Kagome wanted to touch this creature. This was a special being who was now her family. The one woman who really felt for her and she appreciated it. Kagome needed a sister besides Sango. It was hard to only have one female to turn to for guidance and Mirage as childish as she seemed was from what Sesshoumaru stated very wise in some of the things she said. Kagome could see the beautiful celestial Inu that was in the aura of this creature she was sitting next to. Inuyasha could not resist Mirage any more then Sesshoumaru could. Kagome understood, but Mirage was too naive to their lifestyles to understand what was really going on.

"There were worse creatures then Naraku that entered our world. Kouga, Sesshoumaru, and Inuyasha are constantly battling to keep this world from being destroyed as mine was. Helicon was the planet of hellions that destroyed my home. Now it is gone, but there are others out there to cause us chaos. We are all here to try to keep this world intact and make it the kind of place where all beings can live in peace. I want to help with this goal and Sesshoumaru as ruler in the background of what you may see as chaos has come far in making this place slowly start to come together. It is not perfect, but it is our home so we fight for it. This is where I wish to continue watching my children and grandchildren grow. I love this beautiful earth and none of us wish to leave it. Eventually we will though and start again somewhere new. It is up to us all to continue to make each planet we occupy a place for all beings including our own species.'
"The Inu brother's Father is an explorer and still alive contrary to what the Anime states. Both of their Mother's are also alive. I believe some of the story that came from my diary was added for entertainment purposes. Still this brought you to us and helped you understand more about us then nothing at all."

Mirage waited. There was more and it was hard to listen to. This woman still did not explain why it was ok for the males to use her as they did. In Mirage's eyes that was still very wrong and had obviously caused friction between Kagome and her mates. Mirage was determined to give Kouga and Inuyasha a piece of her mind if they thought they could just keep doing this shit to this tiny beautiful woman.

"I like you thought I was always a human. My people die fast and it was not until I was infused with the blood of my mates that I could be as they are. My parents are dead as are many of my ancestors. My home planet was destroyed. I like Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha am the very last of my kind. There are only these I have created left that will make up for a whole planet of people that once thrived here. Five hundred children in one thousand years are really not that many when you think about a whole planet of people being gone in an instant.'
"It is frustrating for me because our blood is mixed and it can never be fully repaired. Sesshoumaru is the purest of all demons and beings on this planet. You will be the first to have children of his Inu blood that will be completely Inu. Inuyasha, Kouga, and I cannot have that. We are all of mixed blood. It is not a bad thing; it just is difficult because if our children mate outside of our race then our blood will eventually die out. So we make our children mate within our family. To some it would be considered disgusting, but cousins have done this in the past. I have a few grandchildren, but demon and hanyou children do not age as quickly as humans who reside here. We do not ever hunt humans even if a long time ago we used to. Humans are the minority and we must protect them from the hellions. There are millions of hellions and most are hanyou breeding with humans.'
"People would think Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's situation as mates is repulsive considering they are brothers. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are half brothers. It is normal for demons to mate their siblings even if they were not half siblings. Inuyasha cannot bear Sesshoumaru's children or he would have pure blooded Inu's which is why we joke all the time about making him a woman. We were not serious though. We all love Inuyasha as he is and he sees more than most of us even with being completely blind. The virtual glasses were a miracle that Sesshoumaru had worked hard for years to create. He is a true genius like his Father. Sesshoumaru is a beautiful male that looks great on the cover of magazines for all the many companies he has created although we all say he should just be a male model. He definitely does not look like a man who would not be a tech geek. Still he is constantly improving the technology of this world and is always busy doing something to improve things for everyone even if he will never admit to it. It is an Inu male pride thing."

Sesshoumaru lifted an eyebrow at that comment with no real expression on his face other then perhaps disbelief and then leaned against the wall looking away.

"Anyway, Mirage you have become the most talked about person in our family and I will not have you thinking I am a bitter old bitch. I am very glad to have a sister in law and I do appreciate your concern over my well being. You have a good heart.'
"The Tashio's have never seen anything like you and so in some ways I am indeed a bit jealous. You somehow inherited the Inu blood. I don't know how. None of us do. Your Mother is a human from what we as a family have learned about you. We studied you, looked up every damn thing we could find out about you. Sesshoumaru I swear had two cell phones glued to his ears with his virtual computer up in the living room as we dragged out every single thing we could find out about your life.’
“I am sorry for the abusive bastard who was your Father. He is dead, Sesshoumaru could not help it. He killed him so even if you forgave him we as a family did not. At that point we all agreed to make you ours. So you are stuck with us.'
"All mates and their significant others have to know who is going to be in our family. We have to because we cannot afford for our King to just mate with anyone. We were contacted while you were sleeping under Sesshoumaru's spell. Sesshoumaru had no choice since it has been over a thousand years since he had found a female who actually interested him. It has been a real pain in the ass. Kouga was having a total fit and we almost had to tie him down when Sesshoumaru made his decision. Kouga went ballistic, had a demon tantrum, and then an agreement was made. If he did not interfere he would have had a chance at trying to court you. Unfortunately Kouga is not always the brightest and sent his son Lee to make sure Sesshoumaru was not putting the moves on you too soon. Well in doing that Kouga broke his word and lost any shot at courting you. He never really stood a chance anyway. We all know that."

Mirage nodded and she somehow knew it too. Kouga who was her Charlie was not the man she knew. It would be like loving an illusion. Mirage did not hate him, but she was still in some ways thinking as a human. In her human mind she had been getting divorced. This whole marking business was strange and her own husband apparently marked her before he died stating they were humans. So what else was she supposed to believe? Things were making more sense, but it still did not help. Sesshoumaru did trick her, but he was not sneaky about it. The man was always upfront and even in his anger he made things simple so she could understand it all. Mirage had always been attracted to genius mystery men who always had a sense of humor hidden behind their serious countenance. Sesshoumaru was funny as hell and was fun to play with. If she wanted a normal boring man she could have been with anyone, but Sesshoumaru was so damn wild. He was exciting and every dream that she could have wished for. Her Mother would adore Sesshoumaru. She loved men with long hair and with such a charming personality Mom would accept him with open arms. Mirage just felt it. Still the fact they had killed her Father felt wrong even if it was for her benefit. Sure he was a bastard, but he was the only Father she had known. In some ways she was sad for his loss, but not completely heartbroken. He couldn't hurt anyone else anymore. A few stray tears fell and Sesshoumaru smelled them pulling Mirage into his arms.

"I am sorry. I should have told you about what we did to him and about all of this."

Sesshoumaru touched his beloved mate's face gently wiping the tears away as she nuzzled his hand then held him tightly.

"It is ok. I don't know why I am even crying other then he is really gone. I should be grateful and I know in my heart that it is better this way. He can't do any more damage to others so really it is ok. He was the only Father I knew and he wasn't always bad to me. When I joined the service he was one of the first people to believe in me and I really had needed that. I may not have liked him for the past things he did, but he did go to Vietnam as a Marine and that had to be terrible. He served his country and took the place of his brother so that he did not have to go. My Father was not always an honorable man, but in that he was. I did not like the war stories, but I was ok with the things he said only because war is a terrible thing and people do horrible things when they are in such situations. I don't have to agree with it, I just understand it and I feel bad that people have to be put in that situation at all."

Mirage smiled and hugged Sesshoumaru tighter. Sesshoumaru held Mirage tightly and kissed the top of her head. He felt in some ways as she talked about how people act in wars that it was about him. Sesshoumaru had done some very horrific things during the wars and still did. War was the worst thing for all people, but they did occur. It was a part of his life and had always been this way. As long as people of different backgrounds lived in the same world wars would happen. Kagome continued as Inuyasha held her hand and smiled kissing her fingers. Mirage then saw how much those two really loved each other and was starting to really understand these people. They were just trying to make a life and keep their species alive.

"I being the only female mated to our King's brother have had to do much without help. I am fertile all the time because there has been no other female to create life. I have not been able to produce one child at a time. It is like my body wishes to create more of us so I have triplets every time."

Mirage's jaw dropped. Ok that was crazy. Once again she was appalled at these men. How in the hell did Kagome remain sane?

"Don't worry I am fixing that problem Mirage. Kagome wouldn't let me do it before so you have not been the only one pondering this question. Kagome is extremely patient. I would not have been this patient and in all this time Kagome has put up with these two men I am in awe of her myself."

Kagome laughed at the two Alpha mates who were trying to figure out how she did not end up killing her male mates or refusing them in her bed.

"Mirage and Sesshoumaru as much as you seem to believe I am sane I have questioned my own sanity at all of this. I enjoy both my males very much, but they have not always left the bedroom without considerable damage to their bodies. I am not as kind as you seem to believe me to be or that patient. I lost my patience years ago and my children know this since they all know better than to anger me. Shippo can tell you all about it since he fears me over his own Father."

Inuyasha smirked at this and nodded that this was indeed true.

"I don't think Shippo will be causing you any more grief Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru looked at Kagome who had a wicked smirk on her face.

"What did you do to him?"

Sesshoumaru asked as Kagome's eyes changed to red as she recalled how Shippo almost got himself arrested and Rin whom she thought of as her own pup.

"Oh his tail was ripped completely off for at least a good ten minutes before I reattached it when he tried to run from me. Then I spanked him until he bled and cried for hours. I used to believe that violence solved nothing; however with demon brats it is quite effective. I do appreciate the lessons in that Sesshoumaru."

Inuyasha tried hard not to laugh as Sesshoumaru smirked with Mirage looking horrified.

"You ripped off his tail? Doesn't that hurt?"

Mirage asked innocently as her eyes were huge in just the thought of how a dog would feel if its tail was ripped off its body while it was still awake with no sedatives for pain.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh. That makes me feel.........ouch........ I can't handle that visual. I freak out when my dog whimpers or yelps. I can't handle that puppy sound. I can sit there and deal with my son being a big baby. I can even handle the sound of a child crying even though that even bugs me, but a puppy's cry just tares at me like nothing else."

Sesshoumaru's eyes went wide as he realized that it was not just the crying child that had bugged her. The little girl they saved during the hunt whimpered like a puppy. He wondered how long she felt this way about puppies. It might help them find the fiends that had been attacking them. He would ask her when they were alone again.

Mirage looked at Kagome whose eyes turned back to normal as she shrugged off the idea of puppy yelps bothering her. She had enough pups and had to discipline them all with a firm hand so yelps were nothing any more unless it was serious. Most of the time it was just her babies constant whimpering about every damn thing that made her immune to their nonsense. As a Mother many times over she knew when her children were injured, in pain, or just being brats. It was like second nature.

"Mirage I have had too many pups to worry about one yelping puppy who deserved what he got. Eventually as you get used to this life you will not be bothered by such things. Still it is interesting that you are bothered by the sounds of puppies crying more than human children being upset. You were raised with human beings and hellions. You were surrounded by them so perhaps that is why you distance yourself from people. You do not like humans, but you love animals. It makes perfect sense that you would belong to this family. You did not feel normal around people and you felt like an outcast. You could not accept them and you hated humans. It cannot be helped and so it is a good thing that we found you. You belong to us now and slowly as a pack you will feel like you are really home."

Inuyasha spoke up this time and felt at peace as Kagome leaned against him while he rubbed her arm softly with his claws.

"What about the orders though? I mean once they are done then what? How do we make that look real?"

Mirage asked and Sesshoumaru waited since Inuyasha had the answer for her.

"I set up orders for you, real orders. I did that after seeing you for the first time and I thought they were going to deny me. The military really wanted to keep you and they have been rather lenient with you. You are amusing after reading your files. Still it was Sesshoumaru who talked them into doing this and I thought he was not going to win this one. He shocked the hell out of me. Sesshoumaru did the impossible and got the damn DOD to bend.'
"None of this life we lead is to try to deceive you. We had to make sure of what we were doing and we did take some of your blood. Kagome is a registered nurse and she works at a hospital. I teach blind children. We try to live somewhat normal lives, but we do not forget where we come from. Sesshoumaru gives us more then we need and in doing so we protect him with our lives. If he dies we die. So I gave Kagome some of your blood. She took it with her and after that Sesshoumaru made his decision. That stupid wimpy wolf mate of ours never had a chance."

Inuyasha stated and Mirage could not help laughing. He sounded just like the cartoon and with that smirk looked so much like his character. It was amazing. The drawings were so damn accurate. Kagome smiled since she was used to Inuyasha constantly picking on Kouga although they had been mated for what seemed like forever. The two men never changed too much and Kagome was glad in that.

"Mirage you need to know why we did all of this and why we could not just tell you in the beginning what we were up to. I am mated to Inuyasha who is mated to Sesshoumaru. Kouga is mated to Sesshoumaru so if Sesshoumaru chooses a female we have to know. It is that important. We have to know that our mates are not doing something impulsive since we have done many impulsive things that have cost us too much in this life. We will not lose the things that mean the most to us again. We are all learning from our mistakes and we are still learning.'
"When I took your blood to the hospital I was about to dismiss it as nothing unusual since I was not finding what I was looking for and was going to claim you as human. However under the microscope I saw something only a demon can. No other eye can see what I did since the human eye is not trained to see magic, power, or anything other than possible disease. It is not the fault of these demons playing human or hanyous since they are trained to use only their human eyes. These demons do not know what they are just like you did not know what you really are. Still I looked and in your blood I saw that something was strange. I told Sesshoumaru about this. I don't know if it was a blessing from God, but you should not have Inu blood in you. Your genetic parents are not demons.’
“I made them take several samples and brought it to the attention of our demon doctors. They went nuts over you and the DOD was going to revoke your orders when the demons in the Department of Defense found out about this discovery. You became a rare treasure and they did not want to let you go. We fought for you and won. Well Sesshoumaru threatened to kill them all if they did not let you go so they kind of had to do this."

Sesshoumaru shrugged and smirked at Mirage. Mirage looked at him rolling her eyes and crossing her arms as she moved to sit on the end of the bed as Sesshoumaru let her go after giving her a quick kiss. Mirage kept looking at him and then smiled looking at the floor realizing he was indeed just like the cartoon character in many ways. Threatening to kill people for what he wanted. It suited him to be that way and Mirage found it was kind of flattering.

"You wished to kill the whole Department of Defense over me? I think I like my mate a lot and I may just love you for doing that. I mean what the crap were they going to do experiment on me?"

Sesshoumaru looked at Mirage seriously and frowned since that was what they had planned. It pissed him off.

"Yes they were."

Mirage looked shocked and then laughed.

"Figures, my husband dies and I become a guinea pig. I guess I was still destined for great things since they would probably use my blood to make mutant soldiers. Hey if it kicked the bad guy's buts that had killed my husband I would have let them do it."

Sesshoumaru, Kagome, and Inuyasha's mouths dropped. Inuyasha turned ashen. Mirage was not even upset about being used by her own government.

"You are too casual about your life Mirage. You have got to quit that shit."

Sesshoumaru growled out. Mirage smiled at Sesshoumaru.

"Look if you did not have one wit of interest in me at all would it concern you now if they had used me for such an end?"

Sesshoumaru then pulled Mirage into his arms kissing her lingering on her lips as his eyes held meaning that meant he would have cared.

"Your blood is very special Mirage. I do not agree with anyone including our military forces using such tactics even if I have seen such horrors with my own eyes. I do not agree with genetic mutations. It destroys all I have worked for my whole life."

Mirage gently placed a calming hand on Sesshoumaru's chest.

"I was not trying to upset you Sesshoumaru. I just feel like if it had done some good I would have wanted to help since I felt useless. I could not get justice for my husband's death as far as I knew. I was forced to practically live in an office and no one wanted me to go to war. I did not really wish to, but only because of my son. I knew how the people in that country feel about females like Americans coming in to disrupt their lives. I had no intention on doing that unless it had been their females who killed my husband. Any woman including theirs would want to kill those who took away someone they loved so it was not the same as just blowing up innocents. No one in their right mind would want that, but it happens in war. It is not fair. I can't fix that. I can only fix what this one person is able to do and hope that maybe I made a difference.'
"I wanted only those who did what they had done to my husband stopped and any following them to stop so that no other child would lose their Father as my son did. Those same people want to be heard, but they are going at it all wrong. Communication is all messed up. People don't know how to do it so they blow things up and commit violence rather than using their heads. Intelligent people use their brains and fight with their ideas not their fists. You can't let someone beat you up or tear you down. Still there are ways to always work through problems. People just are too lazy to try and would rather kill people then talk to them. That is why I hate humans.'
"I wanted to insure such things as this kind of violence never happen again (knock on wood) and so that is what I was fighting for. It was not vengeance. That is selfish. I wanted an end to this struggle so we could all find peace. I don't hate the people of the Middle East; I just don't want them hurting my people or their own. The world is a crazy place with so many people always thinking they are right. No one knows anything if you think about it. We all just know what we see or we are taught. There is so much of the unknown out there that we will not ever fully know and instead of going out to figure out things that we don't know we just beat each other up over stupid crap. We don't learn from the past and we keep trying to kill each other over things we cannot change. I see how humans act all the damn time and it makes me sad.'
"My family is those soldiers and sailors over there. We get ordered to be in some weird place away from our family doing what we are told just like any good warrior and fact is many of the different warriors that work together over in the Middle East really believe like I do that they are helping people. They want more than anything to help these people and it is so hard when cultures clash. No one wants to listen it is like we all shut our minds and ears off. We are too busy fighting even amongst each other to see that in the end we all want the same thing. To just live and enjoy the time we have in this life with our family."

Mirage stated as she looked down at the floor ignoring the fact she was glowing. A gold and white aura surrounded her. It looked like wings were floating from her and Kagome had to smile. Inuyasha took off his virtual glasses since Mirage was too bright and he was afraid his glasses could not handle such an aura. It was beautiful.

Sesshoumaru smiled as he had seen this before watching Inuyasha dry tears at the sight of a true celestial being that was indeed what the drawings of Angels in the human mind had confused as the heaven's creatures. Celestials were special and rare. To see the aura of one that glowed so brightly was a rare treat as the colors flowed like rainbow crystal wings off of his Mirage's back. Kagome was tempted to reach out to touch these wings she saw since they looked so real. Kagome watched the colors fade down a bit, but not completely disappear as she held Inuyasha's hand still. He had seen Kagome's celestial side, but it was not as bright as Mirage's. Mirage had a power that she was not aware of so in that she was pure where Kagome had a thousand years to understand her powers.

The glow would fade with time as Mirage grew to know her true self. Kagome spoke again smiling at the woman who had no clue that she had touched them all without lifting a finger. Kagome would not let Mirage stay in the dark when she deserved to know all that had been done while she was under Sesshoumaru's spell. That would not be fair and these males were so good at keeping secrets from them all.

In Kagome's eyes Mirage was still so very young and nothing more than a beautiful child that Sesshoumaru was lucky to capture since this little creature's heart was very fragile. As a human Mirage in mind felt she was old, but that only amused the demons surrounding her. She was younger than any of them and such a sweet little thing with this big heart she used to help others so selflessly. Mirage really did not care about her life that meant so much to them and the fact that her beautiful heart was too good for one who was almost as much demon as she was celestial. Such a heart would break easily if these demon men were not careful with it and they could also easily break this precious little girl that could remain innocent forever if they did not completely corrupt her.

Kagome had been corrupted and there was no turning back. Mirage would not suffer the same fate and Kagome would beat the hell out of all the males if they even tried to do to Mirage what they did to her. Sesshoumaru already discussed this with them all and everyone agreed that the mistakes of the past would not be repeated. Kagome had so little of her celestial blood left. It was almost completely taken over by demon blood and in many ways Kagome had done this to herself. She was always getting kidnapped or getting injured by people.

Mirage was strong though even with her injury her celestial light only grew brighter as part of the reason her wound was taking so damn long to heal was her celestial side was telling her demon half to back off. There was a battle raging in the tiny golden blue eyed woman and Kagome seemed to be the only one who could see it.

"You are a pure celestial with Inu demon blood. It seems impossible since your younger sister is a pure hellion. I don't get that at all. Neither one of you should have this powerful blood in you. There are no lines or family ties to trace back to. We were all confounded. Still Sesshoumaru was attracted and it was inevitable. Inu's mate with other Inu's. It is instinct. You were born to be his mate.'
"Mirage, you being a celestial look like an Angel of artists' dreams to us. However angels are not what you think they are. They are not heavenly beings unless you consider Archangels. We won't go into that since Sesshoumaru already tried to explain all of that to me and it is way over my head."

Sesshoumaru looked at Kagome with a nod of thanks. She had really helped out and trying to explain this all to Mirage in his way may not have gone over as well.

"I see, but I still think you are nuts. I mean I turned into a demon dog so I had to have the demon blood in me from biting Sesshoumaru after he gave me his blood. If I had any of that crazy stuff in me don't you think I would have noticed it? I mean hello. Plus the fact is I have read that Angels are demons. They are fallen Angels so in turn they are heavenly creatures like celestials and are called celestial beings. I think someone foobard on the name of the aliens coming here. They probably saw wings and said hey look there is a fricking Angel as the thing landed on them to kill them to eat them alive. Then they became devils or hellions later described as what we are...demons. See that is how I see it, but to each their own. I ain't going to argue with you all since you seem to know what you are talking about. I just won't remember half this crap later. I think that the living always gets things all jacked up. We have to explain the things we don't understand so we make up names for them like God. I mean what if God doesn't like that name? I mean what if God wants to be called oh Great Creator of All Things? Ok so maybe that is too politically correct even for it. So it wants to be called Bob. It is easy you can spell that both ways."

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha are laughing their asses off. Kagome is even laughing.

"The great and all powerful Bob?"

Mirage looked at them all trying not to laugh herself since they were funny as hell and so damn serious.

"Sure why not? I mean are you going to tell God, the Creator of us all that he can't be Bob if he wants to be or she wants to be? I mean do you even really know what gender it is or are we still assuming things here people? Then if you really want to throw this thing for a loop and be really profound ask who made it. There is a question to contemplate for the rest of your lives. Me I am just happy living and being a pain on the world. I am ruler of this universe even if it is in my own mind and I am quite pleased that we are all different so that we can drive each other insane. Life would be terribly boring if we were not different. So yes I know war is lame, but life without variety sucks. I don't want people to kill each other. It can be entertaining only when it is a jerk that does something horrible to someone innocent, but other than that I like life. It is a good thing, I like air I breathe it, I like colors, and the earth. It is round so it may stay. I think a square earth would not be the same, but if the great and powerful Bob wants it to be that way then so be it. I did not make all this I just get blamed for everything that goes wrong since I am the Devil."

Inuyasha was laughing so damn hard tears were pouring down his face. Kagome was trying hard to breathe and Sesshoumaru was also trying to recover.

"Ok find laugh at the Devil, everyone does. See if I care. The great and powerful Bob loves me so I am told. So see even if the world sees me as its whole dang problem I ain't worried about it. I will go up to great Bob and say 'Hi Dad did my best now what do you want me to do? Did I cause enough chaos or do you need more? Ok then see ya later and thanks for the free will. It is great.' Bob will hug me and I will be all happy coming back to see you all. See death is not the end of all things, it is the beginning. I had to have died when Sesshoumaru vamped me with his bad ass demon self so I am a living dead girl. So right now I am still like nice to meet you all and the rest of the world. You should all just be glad I ate a bunch of evil jerks since if I was hungry I might go all weredog and attack you all for laughing at me."

Sesshoumaru was on the floor laughing with Kagome and Inuyasha still gasping for breath as Sesshoumaru attacked Mirage kissing the hell out of her.

"You are so damn silly. You are not a weredog and the great powerful Bob does love you. Who could not you crazy little woman."

Inuyasha hit the bed with his fist trying hard not to pass out from laughing so hard. Inuyasha's burnt back fucking hurt and all the other burns on his body. Still he could not stop laughing.

"Sesshoumaru shut up please. Don't say Bob, it just is so wrong for you to do that to me. It is bad enough with Mirage saying it. Oh Great Bob please save my ass from these crazy people before I hurt myself from laughing so damn hard."

It was too funny as everyone finally caught their breath hoping Mirage would not say anything like that for a while. It was too damn funny.

"So what were we doing before I jacked things up?"

Mirage stated as everyone tried not to laugh again. Sesshoumaru pulled Kagome up and knew what had to be done. Mirage knew what he was up to as he looked at her with pleading eyes hoping she would understand why he had to do this.

"You need to do this Sesshoumaru to stabilize things with all your mates. I get it and it is all good. I will just torment the puppy head here for a bit."

Sesshoumaru sighed in relief as Inuyasha growled slightly with a smirk at Mirage's pet name for him. Father was right about Mirage and Sesshoumaru was glad of it.

"Kagome I need to ask if you will allow me to mark you as my mate. We both have issues of sharing Inuyasha. This way I can protect you both better and then we are even since Inuyasha is mated to my female. It is the only fair thing to do and perhaps should have been done long ago. In this I can keep these pups from rutting you and pupping you to death. It is your choice of course."

His was an offer no sane woman could refuse. Sesshoumaru was a male that women like Kagome fantasized about and dreamed of having love them. Inuyasha and Kouga were beautiful as well as wonderful Fathers. Still, both young male demons did not have Sesshoumaru's calm nature or maturity. Inuyasha after his 800th year did change quite a bit. He did grow up a lot and Kagome was grateful for that. Still in Inuyasha's maturity he grew this wander lust that did not seem to leave him. Sesshoumaru stated that this was natural for demon males. Sesshoumaru apparently had done the same so for two hundred years Kagome was with Kouga most of the time.

Kouga bounced between Sesshoumaru's affections and Kagome's until mating season. Then every damn year Kouga and Sesshoumaru went mate searching for a female of their own. It seemed for a short time Kouga thought he found his mate and was happy. Then Kagome found out the woman he loved had a mate, it was just no one really knew it was Mirage. Kouga moved far to the east coast and explored out in the hot regions of Florida as well as other coastal areas for a female that would compare only to come back unhappy. Kouga had cursed himself stating that he should not have let the one he wanted get away when her mate had denied her for another female. Mirage was not his to take at that time though and it was best that the man who was Mirage's husband was with her since he was the Father of her son. Families needed to be together and Mirage loved him. She would always love her late husband and Sesshoumaru had accepted this as well as the man's son. Sesshoumaru was an enigma in that since he took on many children including his own brother raising them into fine men even if on occasion they would stray into trouble. Sesshoumaru always would lead them back in the right direction.

Mirage should have died when her mate did. She did not, that made her even more desirable to male demons and in that alone Mirage held power. She did the thing no other demon female or celestial could do. She out lived her mate and used her suffering as a tool to try to make her son's life better rather than constantly dwell on her own problems as some mates do at the death of the one they loved.

Kagome noticed just looking at the small amount of toned muscle she could see on Mirage had been because Mirage must have been working out like crazy after his death to become stronger to go to war to seek justice and stop this war. Mirage had goals and was focused so that she could move forward no matter how hard it was. It was not that she wanted to forget her mate, it was his memory that kept her so strong and something about her seemed like he was still intact watching over her. He had to have been since it had to be her guardian spirit that lead her to them and opened up their eyes to what a jewel they had before them.

It was funny because Mirage had this whole idea in her head that she could change this war by growing wings to look like a celestial so that people would be too shocked to fight and start praying to God whom she referred to a moment ago as the Great Powerful Bob. That was so damn funny and Kagome could believe that this girl might have had that power to make people stop to see what she would do next too interested in her funny ways to think about fighting. Mirage's good heart and love for people would have had them all falling all over themselves to make her smile since she made this wonderful feeling in a person's heart when she was happy. Mirage would try her best to make the best of any situation she was in. At finding out about what they were Mirage could have lost it with them all and left them. Instead she made light of things and enjoyed making others smile no matter how hard things were for her. She had this great love and Kagome wanted to bask in it for as long as Mirage would allow her to. The woman shared her love with the world and Sesshoumaru wanted it all for himself. He could not handle such a strong love since it would destroy him. Sesshoumaru would have to let her be free in it or he would stifle all the things he truly loved about his little female mate. She like Kagura had to be free like the wind to be happy and in that freedom she would show him her world making him the biggest part of it.

Sesshoumaru had no problem finding women who wanted him, but of course neither did Kouga. They were exceptionally handsome men and both quite wealthy so neither slept alone during mating season. Eventually though Sesshoumaru went three mating seasons without rutting a female. He called upon Kouga often and took him until Kouga felt he could not walk strait. Sesshoumaru almost gave up all hope and was going to let his demon choose since he was sick of searching. It was then the miracle of Mirage came into their lives. It was fate and with the unfortunate death of her husband it also brought new life to a family who needed her more than Mirage could imagine.

Kagome did not think twice about becoming Sesshoumaru's other female mate. She was so pissed at Inuyasha and Kouga for not really giving her a break when she had asked for it. She had been pregnant all this time for over a fucking thousand years. They promised her all sorts of adventures and she had been stuck in bed losing pups only to have more later. It was physically and emotionally exhausting. She was not their brood mare even if she enjoyed being a Mother. Mirage was right, but to insinuate such a thing about her mates made Kagome feel like she was complaining over something rather small. It made her happy to have their children and it was not really until now that she wanted a break from it all. Mirage was here and it was no longer just her responsibility to repopulate the Inu's. Mirage was not going to be treated like she had been though. Kagome would kill them or at least make the guys lives miserable as hell if they did that to Mirage. Kagome had a feeling Mirage was pretty damn tough under all of that girlish childish adorable nature of hers. She was something unique and special that Sesshoumaru had better appreciate. Sesshoumaru was also very special and unlike her mates had matured over many more years than any of them. He had control and knew his limits. Sesshoumaru was as perfect a man as any woman could ask for.

"Do it."

Kagome stated firmly and Sesshoumaru took that tiny woman into his arms biting her getting a soft moan from her lips. It was beautiful the sound of it and Mirage could not help growling for a second as Kagome bit into her mate. Inuyasha held her hand though and then it was done. Mirage went over to the girl and as if driven bit her hard. She would be damned if the girl was just going to be marked by Sesshoumaru when she knew someday such a beautiful woman would probably share their bed. It was a given, you cannot live forever and not have some variety. Even if Sesshoumaru did not do such a thing Mirage wanted to insure there were no hard feelings. The guys moaned a bit at the swooning women who were drinking off of each other. It was beautiful. Soon it was done though and Mirage smiled at Kagome taking her hands. Kagome whispered something in Mirage's ear.

"Kagome I appreciate the offer, but not right now."

Mirage stated with a blush. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru lifted an eyebrow as Mirage growled at them both. Kagome smiled since it was not a no.

"I understand."

Kagome said softly. Mirage smiled feeling better since the girl was not upset and she really did not want to offend her. Sesshoumaru lifted the covers to see Inuyasha was indeed sporting something that needed some attention.

"Ladies do you mind allowing us some time alone? I believe Kagome you can help Mirage with her dress since her arm has to still be bugging the hell out of her. No matter what she says do not let her use it or it will be bleeding all over the place again."

Sesshoumaru stated as the two women left with Kagome helping Mirage carry her dress grumbling the whole way out the door that she was not a damn baby. This sounded very familiar and Sesshoumaru could not help smirking.

"How is your back and legs my Inuyasha?"

Sesshoumaru stated this in concern looking at the few blisters that were still on the back of his brother's arms wincing a bit. Inuyasha really was hurt badly by that blast.

"It feels sore, but you know me."

Inuyasha stated shrugging.

"Yes I do. I am surprised though that you did not tell me what was going on somehow. I mean carrier pigeon still is effective."

Sesshoumaru joked. Inuyasha laughed a bit.

"I have missed you too."

Inuyasha hugged his brother holding him tight as sobs racked his body.

"I thought I was going to die Sesshoumaru and leave you in the world with that stupid fight we had. I wanted to unmate you so that if I died you would not die with me. I love you so damn much."

Sesshoumaru pulled Inuyasha into a deep kiss. He touched that face he adored and took off the glasses wanting to see those eyes.

"I love you too little brother. I want to ravish you, but I don't want to hurt you. I don't know how to do this. Tell me what you need and I will do what I can."

Inuyasha let his guard down as he winced in pain trying to lie back against the pillows.

"Sesshoumaru I want you to ravish me since your mate almost gave me blue balls, but fact is I am not really turned on right now. I fucking hurt. I did not want you to lose Mirage so I gave her as much blood as I could knowing that fucking dagger would kill her faster than the damn plane. We have to find these fuckers and quick. Our family is in danger and I ain't losing anyone I love to them.'
"I just want these burns to heal. I can't fucking move without wanting to scream. Even the damn clothing hurts. I gave your mate all I could of my blood, but it isn't going to be enough. Fuck it, you have to mate her to Kouga Sesshoumaru. She needs more blood and unless you can come up with six of us you can stand being mated to really quick that wound of hers is just going to keep opening until she bleeds to death.'
"You know I never mix business with pleasure so right now I mean business Sesshoumaru. We can't be thinking with our dicks right now. We have got to start tracking these people. You are the smart one of us all what the hell do you think? What have you been thinking lately? I know you have some ideas."

Sesshoumaru sighed. He did, but there was no one to pin point yet.

"The man we saved was set up with his hanyou kid. Mirage wants her so we are going to get her. The baby is maybe only five years old in the demon world. In the human world she is maybe two. So it isn't much to go on. If that bastard would not have gotten himself shot I could have inquired with the police, but he is dead. This baby is our only witness.'
"It fucking sucks so I have already telepathically reached my people. They are working on getting her here. I am worried we have someone working against us that we know personally. How the fuck else did they know about Mirage and I? Mia was one of them and my incident with her just made her run to the fuckers to hurt my Mirage. I know this only because I could smell her fucking scent all over the thugs. I tried to stop Mirage, but it was too late. Like you she is impulsive and does not always listen.'
"The kid was put there to distract her. Mothering instincts, she would not ever hurt a baby especially one of our own demon children even if she is a hanyou. Mirage just heard the baby and acted. I can ignore such things, but the fact Mirage is pregnant with my son she cannot. After having Bobby she now as a demon is ten times more protective over little ones and heaven knows what she would do to someone who tried to hurt a kid. I am sure Mirage would pull their limbs off without thinking twice about it. Demon Mothers as you well know are ten times worse than males. We tear each other up, but try to be gentle with our females. Females don't give a rat’s ass. They will tear anyone up if they are in the way or hurting someone they love. They don't have the concern when it comes to killing a female or male. This violence towards those who harm people they love especially children is ingrained in females.'
"We have to watch our females closer and protect them since these jerks are now attacking innocents. The kid's Father was a human and completely innocent. Those fucking rats were going to eat him alive right in front of the kid. I hate rats. They are just as fucking useless and evil as spiders."

Inuyasha nodded thinking about Naraku who was a fucking evil son of a bitch.

"We will get them Sesshoumaru. We will get them all."

Sesshoumaru rolled Inuyasha over and gently poured more of his blood on the ugly healing wounds. Inuyasha looked worse.

"I am getting the doctor Inuyasha. You are not getting better."

Inuyasha nodded. He was tired and in too much pain to argue. Lying his head on the pillows he waited for the doctor to return to the room as he rested not knowing that someone was watching them from a video camera in a security room waiting for the demons to become comfortable so that he could exact revenge upon them for ever being born at all.


This is a long drawn out chapter again, but there are things to explain so even if it is please bear with me. More lemons will come if you are patient.

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