Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Inuyasha let his hair fan out around him in the hot springs. Nothing was more relaxing as he closed his eyes and let the servants bathe him than they let him be. It was the only time he got to be alone for a little while since for his safety he was rarely left to himself. Sesshoumaru feared one of these times Inuyasha would fall completely asleep and drown himself.

“You look too relaxed Inuyasha, but it is appealing.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he slipped off his clothing to join his mate.

“Yes I am relaxed, but not sleeping this time Sess. I swear it.”

Sesshoumaru once again did that Hn sound making Inuyasha cringe knowing he caught his lie.

“You know Inuyasha that part of the reason I cannot leave you to your own devices is that you blatantly put yourself into harm’s way. I really wish you would not try to lie your way out of your predicaments.”

Inuyasha felt the water next to him sway against his skin knowing Sesshoumaru had entered the springs.

“You know sometimes I wish I could be left to my own ‘devices’ so that maybe I can grow up a bit too. I ain’t a kid anymore.”

Sesshoumaru gathered his sleepy little mate into his arms as he allowed Inuyasha to lean against him.

“Inuyasha, just because we have sex does not mean you are a full grown adult yet. You are still much younger than Kouga and I. I have at least 500 years experience over you and Kouga 300 years. You are in many ways still a puppy to us although it is not unusual for our kind to mate much earlier in life.’
“I also have many concerns over your lack of ability to follow directions when given. Did I not tell you not to go so far into the wilderness and yet you did so anyway without an escort? You are a capable young man, but you are also vulnerable. Do not think I am exploiting your weakness in trying to protect you, you must start using common sense if you wish to retain self preservation otherwise it is common sense for me to force rules upon you that you may find unpleasant.”

Inuyasha frowned and sat sulking. He was in total relaxation mode and of course Sesshoumaru would come to babysit him.

Sesshoumaru kissed Inuyasha than moved him so he could wash up. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t fathom leaving his beloved little mate to himself. There was a constant fear of Inuyasha becoming injured.

Inuyasha had fallen down the steps of the main hallway making Sesshoumaru have Inuyasha practice walking the stairs for what seemed like forever while Sesshoumaru babied him telling Inuyasha to slow down and not rush things as he held his hand until finally he let Inuyasha try it on his own. It was rare when Sesshoumaru ever let Inuyasha wander around on his own to do anything and it was really grating on Inuyasha’s last nerve.

“Sesshoumaru you are aware I am not a child right? I can do some things on my own.”

Sesshoumaru sighed and looked down at his pouting mate.

“Inuyasha, when you can go down a hallway without tripping and harming yourself I can let you do many things on your own. I would prefer however that at this time you concentrate on your studies. You did well during the coming out, but there were moments that were left to be desired like when you called our Great Grandfather a outdated old codger who didn’t know his head from a hole in the ground. Lord Hiroshima deserves your utmost respect and although I tend not to agree with the elders I do not state my opinions in such a crass uncouth way in front of the entire noble population. You need to learn to curb your tongue and therefore the scrolls will help you with your mantras when you find yourself in less than pleasant company. How do you think I have survived all of these boring events for so many years? Father is wise as was our ancestors. History can be repeated and faux pas can be avoided if you learn from those who lived before you.”

Inuyasha huffed crossing his arms over his chest.

“Tell that to Kouga. He was the other ‘embarrassment’ or am I the only one to blame? He kept punching me in the arm so I had to punch him back. It would be like he wins if I don’t.”

Sesshoumaru tried not to smile or laugh. That was the most childish display ever at any court although amusing. The two called each other such foul names that even he was blushing trying to pretend he didn’t know the two of them for a while.

“Yes and he was punished according to the laws. I have to be somewhat lenient with you since you were not trained properly and are still very young to the nobility that was present. Therefore, you were forgiven for your crude behavior.’
“Kouga knows better and he was a poor example. I will not let him live such things down until he can show me that I can leave him alone with you and not have an international incident on my hands.”

Inuyasha sighed as he recalled the mess that was his ‘coming out’ event and hated the fact he ever had to go since he still heard bastards putting him down while Sesshoumaru took them aside to soundly poison them straight. Apparantly disappearing assassinated nobles was allowed at court balls, but swearing was a deadly sin.

“Your Mother threatened to spank me and you call that an international incident.”

Sesshoumaru smirked.

“Well considering that she had to apologize to clans from five different countries for your reference to bitches I believe that it could have been a lot worse. Perhaps I am exaggerating a bit, but not all females are bitches Inuyasha although depending on the reference to such I am willing to agree with you and Kouga.”

Sesshoumaru settled next to Inuyasha.

“Besides, Inuyasha, I am not here to correct every behavior. If you were not your obstinate, childish, stubborn, roughly charming self I would not adore you as I do.”

Inuyasha huffed at that. It was such an insult, but at the same time why the hell did Sesshoumaru have to rub the truth in? So he wasn’t some refined fancy pants Lord. He at least was trying his best and did better at holding his tongue then Kouga did. That jerk should be arrested for some of the crap he pulled. Pinching the wives of the local nobles’ behinds was not a great way to make ‘new friends’ no matter what the wolf said.

“When Kouga gets that same line then talk to me otherwise don’t pick at things that I have perfected for years. I had to defend my own ass and my crude behavior is as much your fault as my own. Who was a big jerk bastard who tried to beat the fuck out of me for years and now you are going all squishy on me. I don’t understand except Kouga is right. You can’t baby me forever.”

Sesshoumaru frowned.

“That wolf has nothing more to say to you since I am going to rip out his tongue if he keeps telling you such nonsense. I love him very much, but I will unmate him before I let you come into harms’ way because of his foolish notion that you can fend for yourself if we rush your training. Patience and persistence is what is needed. I have spoken to elders who know more than any of us. It is wise to follow their teachings.’
“You are still learning to deal with your blindness Inuyasha. We have no help for you as of yet and no spell to remove what was done to you. You cannot act so blasé about this situation and Kouga is not helping in that area. I will not tolerate it.”

Inuyasha was about to protest when Sesshoumaru put a finger to his lips.

“No more talk Inuyasha. We need not discuss this anymore as I will not change my mind. Kouga will be leaving for a few weeks to train our troops to remove the minor threats to our kingdom. I have had years with him and he knows I trust him with this duty. It is time for us to bond for a change.’
“You will find I am quite selfish, even more than you imagined before we were mated. I will have my way young mate.”

Without another word Sesshoumaru kissed Inuyasha who was still pouting. It didn’t matter since he would be moaning soon enough. Sesshoumaru refused to be denied such a young attractive body that begged for his touches like no other.

“I will have you begging for my affections for the next few days my beauty.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he lifted his mate out of the water and then laid him upon the pillows not caring about the water that went with them. He would lick every drop off of that ivory slightly golden flesh and lavish such affection that Inuyasha would not be left wanton.


Inuyasha moaned as Sesshoumaru grasped his point of pleasure stroking with practiced ease as he sucked each nipple taking his time to make sure Inuyasha was fully pleasured before he took his own.

“Do you like this my Inuyasha? Tell me what you are feeling.”

Inuyasha writhed as Sesshoumaru kept up his ministrations practically mewing out each feeling unable to describe the pleasure begging Sesshoumaru not to stop just because he couldn’t verbalize what he felt.

“I……I……feel…oh Kami………”

Inuyasha released into Sesshoumaru’s hand and Sesshoumaru being the dedicated loving mate cleaned him with a deft tongue bringing Inuyasha right back to attention.

“The arrogance and gifts of youth……I envy such things….”

Sesshoumaru stated huskily as he teased Inuyasha taking his time to prepare the tight passage that would accept him. Inuyasha was indeed a tight one who gave Sesshoumaru intense pleasure that he could not find from another.

Inuyasha writhed as Sesshoumaru licked and suckled upon his most secret of places causing him to lift off of the pillows. Sesshoumaru pushed two pillows under his hips to gain full access and then forced his beloved little mate to roll over upon his knees to accept his Alpha like a good beta male.

“Are you ready my love?”

Sesshoumaru stated softly as he caressed those strong hips with soft circles of his claws moving long silvery hair over one shoulder so that he could kiss down his lover’s back as he moved his hands up to cup both cheeks and gently squeeze.


Inuyasha stated softly as Sesshoumaru grasped one of the oils next to the pillows that smelled of lavender. Then gently stroking himself with the oils as well as the tight passage he was to enter with his fingers he found Inuyasha’s prostate causing the pup to jump a bit.


Inuyasha muttered out and then he pushed back against those fingers feeling very good. He needed more though and only Sesshoumaru could give him what he desired.

Sesshoumaru slowly thrust in and took his time rolling his hips until Inuyasha’s shoulders were no longer stiff, but relaxed.

“Is that the spot?”

Inuyasha nodded his head yes as he was now ready. Sesshoumaru thrust forward and continued at a slow pace until he was certain Inuyasha found his rhythm. Sesshoumaru being the age he was had been with many lovers so he knew what to do even with those new to this kind of affection. He had even helped those who had felt pain during intercourse find pleasure since sex should never be painful.


Inuyasha groaned out as Sesshoumaru took his time and made sure his young mate was receiving as much pleasure as he was. Sesshoumaru took years to become an expert in all things and this was indeed one area he promised himself to always remain perfect in for all those he chose to bed especially those special precious ones he called mate.

Each thrust was slowly becoming more intense and much harder as Inuyasha grunted then cried out Sesshoumaru’s name as he moved back to keep up with the demonic speed that Sesshoumaru finally started to use. As Sesshoumaru’s seed spilled into his beloved, Inuyasha’s own release came.

“Thank you…for loving me……..”

Inuyasha stated softly as Sesshoumaru held him tightly kissing his mating point and caressing that long hair as well as those sensitive ears.

“I will always love you Inuyasha, there is no need for your thanks although it is noted and appreciated. It is I who should thank you for allowing me to love you my young mate. You have no idea how much you mean to me.”

As Sesshoumaru pulled out of Inuyasha he held his precious mate close until they fell asleep in one another’s arms.

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