Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Ripley was no longer himself. He was starving. He had been out in the woods with no food for weeks and had not fed while underground for years. When in hibernation he didn’t need to feed, but with his body being used, his flesh being torn to build small armies of evil recluse spiders to do Naraku’s will, and having to heal his demon took over.


Sesshoumaru growled out as he pulled out his Bakusaiga. The spider and he had a long history of battle. Still he never expected Ripley Worthington to get to this feral state.

Mirage finally bit her way free and turned back into her former self.

Ripley went to chase his prey only to have Sesshoumaru stop him slamming him to the ground. Ripley fought with the demon trying to get back up to claim the food that was getting away. His demon knew he could not fight the demon on top of him, but the female was nowhere near the power of Lord Sesshoumaru. She was fair game.

“Let me up….you are letting my prey get away……”

Ripley growled as Sesshoumaru grabbed Ripley’s throat.

“That is my mate you fool.”

Ripley suddenly came to himself as he tried to breathe with the demon Lord using all his self control not to crush his old sparing partner’s throat.

“What about the children?”

Sesshoumaru’s eyes glowed red.

“If you killed them I will rip out your sorry throat……”

Ripley shook his head no as Naraku tried to force him to say yes just to spite the demon Lord and hurt him.

“Get out! Get out you foul piece of garbage!”

Sesshoumaru looked at his old friend who flung himself away and was clawing at the ground. He was possessed by something. He had to be or he was so delirious with hunger that he was going mad.

“I would watch whom you say that to.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he wasn’t sure if he should believe that this was not another trick. However Ripley wasn’t looking at him, it was as though he was trying to get something off his back.

Ripley was desperately trying to remove Naraku. It was one thing to go hunt to kill the snake, it was another to attack his old ‘friend’ in his current condition. Did Naraku want them both to die? Was this the plan?

Naraku laughed and it bubbled through Ripley.

“Lord Sesshoumaru I would think your concern would be less on yourself and on the current state of your children as well as your mate.”

Sesshoumaru looked over and Mirage was suddenly rolling around whimpering as hundreds of tiny microscopic spiders were biting her flesh releasing large amounts of Naraku’s miasma into her body.

“What have you done Naraku? I thought I sent you to hell you vile creature.”

Sesshoumaru ground out since he realized who it was toying with Ripley and Mirage through the sinister voice he had thought he would never hear again.

“I am doing nothing. It is my children that you have to look out for.”

With that Sesshoumaru lifted Ripley up to claw out his throat. He could always bring the guy back later.

“Naraku…….release him.”

With that Sesshoumaru sent his demonic power into the body of Ripley with a white light flowing from his fingers. Naraku screamed as did Ripley as he was pushed out of Ripley’s back and lay face up on the ground.

Ripley lay limp on the ground in a pool of blood. His eyes held no life in them. Sesshoumaru knew that this had killed his old sparing buddy, but he would bring him back. He had the capability to do so.

Naraku ran off into the woods as Sesshoumaru pursued.

Mirage felt the tiny spiders falling off of her as they died one by one since their main host was dead. Still she felt awful, but that was nothing. The children’s lives were at stake and that was more important as she raced into the woods sniffing everywhere for them. The poison had affected her sense of smell, but not enough to completely destroy it.

As Sesshoumaru gained on Naraku, Mirage finally found the cave where four little ones were wrapped in spider silk.

There were muffled sounds and struggling from the three larger pods, but the tiniest one was eerily silent.

Mirage changed form and tore through the webbing to get to the kids. Lee, Coty, and Drake fell out coughing up miasma. However Hailee was silent as she lifted the tiny body out of the sac of webs. She had stopped breathing after the miasma was entered into her tiny still developing lungs. Hopefully Sesshoumaru would be able to bring her back.


Mirage stated as she tried to do CPR and get her to wake up. Mirage tried to pull out the poison with her demon powers, but it was not working. The boys sobbed as they watched their Aunt try to save their little cousin. Hailee shouldn’t have been out with the boys and they all felt responsible for not taking her back to her Mom.

“Coty, you and Lee go get Kouga. Show him where we are since I have too much poison in me to make it back.’
“Drake, you need to keep your Mother and Inuyasha at the camp. Help them with the other children like a good boy.’
“We can’t have more casualties so be careful and do not rush since you cannot get lost. I don’t have the strength to try to find you.’
“Sesshoumaru has the Tensaiga so we will just pray that it brings our Hailee back.”

The boys took off as Mirage held Hailee’s limp body trying once again to gain the strength of her demon powers to try to bring their little girl back and hoped Tensaiga would be able to do it’s magic once again.

Sesshoumaru now knew how the bombs and other threats to his family had come about. Inuyasha was indeed who this spider was after. Naraku hated Inuyasha and wanted his family to suffer. As much as that spider hated Sesshoumaru and the others it was always Inuyasha that Naraku loved to torment.

Racing through the woods he chased the orb of purple miasma that was the barrier that Naraku set up for himself. He had to kill Naraku in order to end his reign of terror and to keep his family safe.

Naraku felt blasts of energy colliding with his orb. It was the only thing to keep the dog Archangel out and the only thing that the devil himself gave to the demon to try to destroy the lives of the Inus. It was the price he paid for his immortality.

Each thrust of energy ran the ball into a tree or the rocks. Naraku couldn’t keep steady, but he could keep up the barrier as he baited Sesshoumaru on after sending his millions of tiny minions out to the camp to finish what he started. Kagome would be his bitch again as well as the pretty whelp Inuyasha whom deserved no better than to be a bitch considering his half demon status. Naraku had indeed enjoyed taking over Kouga to rape the kid and it would be done again if he had his way and if he had his way in all his planning all the Inu brats would die to be replaced by his own race. Naraku wanted world domination and to make the whole world suffer as he tormented them all wanting to eradicate all half breeds except for Inuyasha and his little Hallow. He had twisted plans for those he would force to be his male mates.

Also once Sesshoumaru was out of the way after his mate died there was no stopping Naraku. Sesshoumaru would be so devastated that it made Naraku cackle in glee. She was dying and would die as Sesshoumaru chased him. Indeed they would all suffer and it could all be turned onto Sesshoumaru since Naraku lived for mind games. He would give Sesshoumaru the guilt trip that would destroy the once all powerful demon Lord turning him into nothing more than another notch on Naraku’s achievement poll.

Stopping in the middle of the forest Naraku laughed at the Inu Lord.

“Lord Sesshoumaru, you are indeed persistent. However, you are too late. While you have been chasing me your family will die and all because you are too obsessed with killing me. Does that not make you want to weep?”

Naraku cooed as Sesshoumaru fumed.

“You will die vermin as will your foul creations. Your barrier cannot keep me out forever, but I can indeed bring those who pass into the netherworlds back from the grave so why would your words harm one such as I? You are nothing except a blemish upon my blade.”

Tensaiga pulsed like mad. There were too many things that needed repair. It floated into his hands and the Meidou Seki stone glowed with power.

“Since Mother no longer needs this trinket……”

Sesshoumaru smashed the stone open with his fist as the powers of hell started to suck the spider within.

“Cerberus, take him to hell. It has indeed missed him and it is time you returned. You may stay in your little barrier, but it will not last Naraku. This time you are banished for good now die.”

Naraku did not expect Sesshoumaru to destroy an object that could have saved his family to kill him. Throwing the pieces of the stone onto his sword he swung tensaiga in an arch as Tensaiga much like its brother Tessaiga pulled the powers of other weapons and abilities into its impressive arsenal.

Power flowed about the land and Naraku screamed as he was sucked into hell until the Tensaiga itself contained all its power completing the transformation making Tensaiga even more powerful than its brother in sending the unworthy to the abyss.

With that Sesshoumaru turned to leave feeling something unpleasant within. Following the scent of his mate he looked for Mirage finding her on the ground with Hailee in her arms both dead as Ripley stood looking down at the two with tears in his eyes.

“What do you wish to do to me Lord Sesshoumaru? I did not intend this.”

Sesshoumaru looked down and growled at Ripley.


Ripley immediately left as Sesshoumaru bent down and lifted his mate as well as the tiny one into his arms. Then he sat down and sobbed.

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