Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Jakotsu and Bankotsu had almost arrived to their destination when suddenly two glocks were pointed at the back of their heads with a young red haired man snarling at them in the mirror.

“Too predictable Bankotsu……”

Shippo growled. Their plan had worked perfectly and it wasn’t hard to disguise himself now that he had perfected it.

“Sayonara mother fuckers.”

At that Shippo blew out the brains of both surprised dead humans and dropped the bomb before jumping out of the vehicle. He laughed as it blew to smithereens. See if that bastard spider demon could resurrect that.

Flipping the tracking device he knew the others were on their way. Fool spider didn’t move his hideout. Idiot.

Sesshoumaru arrived with Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kouga. They knew it was just a matter of time before the spider made a move.

Romulus came out to inspect the noise only to be lifted in seconds by a very pissed off demon Lord.

“So it was you all this time pest. I always wanted to rip the legs off of your Father so we shall do so to you and see how long you last.”

While Sesshoumaru made mince meat out of Romulus the three men searched to compound for any others. It didn’t take long as they heard someone in one of the rooms. As they bashed through the wall and Inuyasha used the tessaiga to break the barrier they were inside finding a very distraught beautiful young woman.

“You must be Elizabeth? Ayame’s daughter?”

Kouga asked softly. The poor thing looked like she was going to faint.


Elizabeth practically threw herself into Kouga’s arms.

“Don’t you recognize me?”

Kouga frowned and suddenly he was faced with his long lost fiancé.


Ayame nodded yes.

“Kouga, I didn’t have time to explain. Dakota and I never mated fully. He was killed and I had to go into hiding. I tried to find you……..but………I……..and now………..”

Kouga looked into Ayame’s eyes.

“You aren’t at fault. That Romulus bastard that is screaming out there is.”

“No it was Bankotsu………he raped me…………I was a……..”

Ayame broke down in Kouga’s arms.

‘I saved myself for you……….all these years…… it is ruined……..”

Kouga frowned and held Ayame.

“It wasn’t your fault……look at me….”

Pulling Ayame’s chin up he made her look at him.

“It wasn’t your fault.”

Ayame nodded. She was just glad that the bastard didn’t make her pregnant. One thing about human males was they couldn’t smell heat cycles of demon women.

Kouga helped Ayame pull herself together. She was only wrapped in a blanket and had no clothing. Kagome arrived at the scene and saw the two together. Smiling she knew this was how things should be.


Kouga stated as he tried to explain his situation and Kagome just chuckled.

“It is fine Kouga. Don’t worry about it. We have been mated for years and I am just glad that you are alive Ayame. I know you haven’t done anything stupid yet.”

Kagome stated smacking her husband on the back of his head as Kouga smirked.

“I heard you, Inuyasha, and Kouga are mated. I am happy for you.”

Ayame stated softly as she looked at her former fiancé.

Inuyasha came in kind of bloody since he and Sesshoumaru ripped Romulus apart then burned him alive. It was fun, but they had other matters to attend to.

“So is this Elizabeth like Dad mentioned that I smell?”

Kagome looked at Inuyasha annoyed.

“It is Ayame. IS your nose broken?”

Inuyasha put his glasses on.

“Oh, ok then.”

Ayame looked at Kagome and Inuyasha. Inuyasha seemed out of sorts. Since when did he need glasses?

Kouga looked at Inuyasha and then Ayame.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you Ayame. Inuyasha is blind. He can only see with those glasses and it is still limited on how much.”

Ayame looked sad after Kouga explained the whole story.

“See so if Inuyasha can move forward I know you can.”

It gave Ayame hope that she could have a life even after the rape.

Kagome looked back at Inuyasha.

“So where is Heather?”

Inuyasha snorted.

“She is human now and wants to have a ‘normal’ human life with a second chance. We both figured since it was better for her to move on without me that she just go on. I guess I reminded her too much of painful memories like the loss of her daughter and other shit. Besides we can’t have a relationship built on lies.”

Truth was Inuyasha had been completely miserable since the divorce and wanted Kagome as his wife. The wolf had her long enough and now that Ayame was back he needed to finish what he started with the wolf Princess.

“Perhaps that isn’t such a bad idea.”

Kagome stated and Kouga snorted.

“You are all melodramatic idiots. Fact was Heather is a human and wants to stay one. It would be stupid for her to be in a pack of demons only to die early. Inuyasha had to let her go. Why don’t you tell them the whole truth mutt face.”

Inuyasha growled.

“I did as best I could ya asshole.”

He was still hurt that Heather was gone. He did love her, but he couldn’t use her as a replacement for the woman he loved the most. Heather wasn’t Kagome.

Inuyasha just wanted to leave. He was happy with it being just him Kouga, Sess, and Kagome. He really didn’t want Ayame to be alive and he felt like he was being an ungrateful selfish jerk.

“Look Ayame, I know you want to get cleaned up and stuff so let’s get out of this hell hole.”

Kouga stated although he moved next to Kagome and put his hand in hers.

“Kagome do you mind if she stays with us just until she gets on her feet?”

Kagome smiled and nodded yes as she helped Ayame out to the car. The poor girl needed clothing if nothing else.

“So are you going to mate her now?”

Inuyasha snarled out. Kouga turned and looked hurt.

“Inuyasha………how can you ask me that? I don’t really know her anymore. I just want to help a fellow pack member. It is our duty remember?”

Sesshoumaru nodded to Kouga to go so he could talk to Inuyasha alone.

“Inuyasha are you ok?”

Sesshoumaru asked his mate softly as he put an arm around him.


Inuyasha burst into tears. It had been a hard rejection and a slap in the face to put your heart out for a person only to have them want to forget you for something you didn’t do.

They didn’t say anything as Sesshoumaru held his mate for what seemed like forever.

“Sesshoumaru, I thought killing that bastard would make me feel better. Nothing seems to. I just want to go home.”

At that Sesshoumaru nodded and they left.

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