Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Inuyasha walked in with a new dog. This time it was a German Sheppard that he picked. It was smarter than his Labrador, but he still loved Chase. She was a good dog.

Steel was once a police dog and was no longer able to do police work due to losing a leg in the call of duty. He was then trained to be a seeing eye dog. Steel was very protective of Inuyasha, but a good family dog for the canines who owned him.

“Hey Steel, what’s up buddy?”

Kouga stated as he talked to Steel in canine as Steel wagged his tail at Kouga. Steel told Kouga how Inuyasha sometimes wouldn’t stop when he told him to, but other than that the day went by fine. Steel went to go lay by Chase to take a break. Inuyasha was a fast walker even for the canines who helped him get around. Inuyasha had his walking stick and knew the apartment well.

“Sesshoumaru are you around?”

Inuyasha asked as Sesshoumaru wandered out of the kitchen with a raw steak sandwich.

“Yes I am here. Want something to eat dear?”

Inuyasha took the sandwich from Sesshoumaru nodding thanks to Sesshoumaru who went back to the kitchen to make another one. He kind of missed doing things for his mate. It was almost pleasant that Inuyasha didn’t have his virtual glasses anymore. Now he could kind of dote on him on occasion like they did in the old days.

The company let Inuyasha have some time off since they had to set up his computer with brail and change the office a bit to make it more convenient to the Vice President. His phone and even all the name plates on the walls of all the people working there had brail added. The whole building was set up for Inuyasha so that it was easier for him to get around and for others like him. They also had hired on a few disabled folks making sure everything was people friendly. Some of their demon workers had lost arms or legs. Sesshoumaru recalled how that felt so he wanted to insure that those who wouldn’t regenerate limbs right away would be able to work without problems.

Somehow Inuyasha also still managed to find time to teach blind children. He loved his teaching job and no matter what his mates stated he was not going to give up his passion for anyone.

Mirage came home with a few bags of different quite expensive clothing carried by their butler and chauffer. The three men had planned some dinners with some military and other clients for their weapons business so the dry cleaning had to be picked up. Mirage was also to attend these dinners so she needed appropriate things for each event. Mirage also had a few bags of shoes. Sesshoumaru wanted to chuckle since they had built a whole closet just for her shoes.

“Just hang those things up Lloyd. Tahoe you can just leave those on the couch and we will get to them. Thank you for your help.”

Tahoe didn’t mind. In fact he liked shopping with Mirage since she went to some of his favorite places since she also had a bag full of comic books and anime junk.

Kouga just chuckled at the bag as Mirage sat down to pull out all her new toys, collectors’ cards, and DVDs.

“I finally got the third episode of Black Blade Brothers and Naruto. I think that collection is complete now. I just don’t know where I am going to put these since my Naruto shelf is almost full, my Bakugon shelf is almost full, and my Return to Labyrinth one I hope will get there soon if they would just write some more damn books. I however did find a few cards for Bobby.”

Mirage was an Anime junkie. She even got all the up to date Voltron and Vampire Knights collection. There was a room set up just for her collections.

“Well, we watched every episode three times of Inuyasha’s shows and movies. I think we are good there. It will be a nice change to see something different.”

Kouga teased as he flopped down next to Mirage rubbing her leg.

“Hey buster, not right now. I just got home and I haven’t kissed my Sesshoumaru yet.”

Mirage got up from the couch and gave Sesshoumaru a kiss then she pats his ass. Sesshoumaru smirked at his female. He hadn’t bothered with the others since he was only interested in one female. He may have to put up with Kouga and Inuyasha but he didn’t have to tolerate the others for sex unless he was in the mood.

“So who are we having dinner with tonight Sess? The banker or the butcher?”

Kouga loved calling Commander Yamaguchi the butcher because the guy was ruthless when it came to weapons wanting the ones that did maximum damage. The US military officers that bought from them from the DOD he referred to as the bankers because most of them paid the most for the best they offered. Yamaguchi could care less about cost if it made his enemies bleed for hours. The US was much pickier.

They refused to sell to the Middle Eastern countries until they got their heads out of their asses since this dumb human war was taking so damn long. The bastards always wanted to go with the cheap junk and Sesshoumaru would not support countries who didn’t give a crap about what he sold since he didn’t sell under the table after what they did to some of the demons who were stupid enough to fight with the humans. He didn’t have to anymore since he was much more interested in the development of items to help the demons not kill them. Plus they refused to lower their prices.

“It will be Commander Yamaguchi. I think that we have him by the balls this time. He really liked that rocket launcher and we have some of that ammo that enters the body, but don’t come out. It is like getting hit with a million tiny sharp fish hooks when it goes in. The docs will have their work cut out for them trying to pull those bastards out.”

Inuyasha stated firmly. Sesshoumaru shrugged, he didn’t care as long as the guy carried the cash with him this time. Last time they had to entertain his body guards too, it would be the same except with a briefcase for the sale.

“I figure we should have a cool ten million US dollars from the butcher since we have to go back to the states soon.”

Kouga stated as he looked at his watch knowing they would have to get ready soon.

Mirage opened the appointment books.

“We won’t be able to go to the states for a good month Kouga. We have our appointment schedule booked for this month and it is with the Hospitals. We have three with Dr. Le and another five with Mr. Rice who is flying out here from the states to look at those new prosthetics that we came up with. It is more of a philanthropist trip for Rice since he is donating what he buys from us to the Veterans of this war.”

The new prosthetics that Sesshoumaru was having made at Lafayette Inc. had actually come up with a mechanical system that looked like real limbs with the full motivation so that they could feel a bit more like their old selves again. Even the fingers could type, write, pick up utensils and worked like a full five digit machine.

“Sess, I thought you sent some of those test limbs to the US after that retired WW11 Vet General Norman came by from the VFW?”

Inuyasha asked as he pulled off his shoes trying to get comfortable before they had to leave. With Sess’s help it only took him about five minutes to get ready although he preferred to do it himself. Kouga was also being a doting pain in the ass.

“I did. We found out that they really worked well and we are sending more as an incentive for the US to start buying from us. I want to make sure that they are getting quality stuff too so the testing was a good idea. I keep in touch with the General and he has given me a few names. That guy was quite the character and I am glad we could help them out. It is nice hearing some of the war stories that are not all about how Japan had been complete assholes to them. It is unfortunate that war ever had to happen. Stupid Germans talking our people into such things like trying to take over the world. Humans should know better. I rule this world and that is the end of that subject.”

Kouga tried not to bust up laughing at Sesshoumaru who insisted he was still in charge. He would get away with that with the demons no problem, but with humans he might as well be pulling his hair out by the roots if he though any of them would listen. As far as humans were concerned the world revolved only around them.

“You my love just ask way too much from humans, but still continue on great leader.”

Inuyasha stated with a small chuckle as Kouga finally let his laughter out too. Sesshoumaru ignored them and sat next to Inuyasha then pulled him onto his lap.

“You have a big mouth that needs to be quiet. Even if they think they rule, they would be lost without what we offer them.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he kissed Inuyasha then looked at the many bags of things in his living room. Mirage must have bought out the shoe store.

“Are these bags for every dress or every occasion dear?”

Sesshoumaru stated looking at all twelve of them.

“Well they had a sale on boots and so I just had to buy some of those cute ones with the fuzz on the tops. Oh and on the sides too. I love leather. I also got some for you, Kouga, Miroku, and Inuyasha. You should have seen Miroku at the store…..”

Mirage chirped as Sesshoumaru shook his head while his female babbled on joyfully about her shopping spree with Miroku. They didn’t do what he thought they did….Make that the two celestials together did not rob the place blind.

“You sent out a billion endorphins around you didn’t you?”

Kouga stated as he put an arm around Mirage.

“Well……we couldn’t help it. But that isn’t the good part…….Miroku started walking around the store in high heels! It was so damn funny! He kept trying on those really stupid 60’s looking ones with the wedge heels and stated that he felt so pretty flipping his hand like he was some kind of diva while I put on those fake combat boots and played the cool dude with Miroku as my chick telling all the guys to keep their hands off as we walked around the store together.”

Kouga bust up laughing as did Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru was just so damn glad he didn’t go shopping today. He would have to pretend he didn’t know them.

“Anyway, it was a blast. You guys should have been there. Sango ended up having to go pee so bad after laughing with us and Kagome that you would just die at how red we had them. Kagome I think is still in tears after she started hiccupping after every laugh. Then we did a rendition of off to see the whizzer to take Miroku to the men’s room as I waited outside telling people that men take so damn long in the bathroom asking them to tell me what they hell they do in there. I mean do they shake hands, make friends, or what? Too bad you guys weren’t there. You missed it all.”

Inuyasha was still trying to catch his breath as was Kouga. Sesshoumaru coughed out a laugh trying not to feel a bit bad for the public when Mirage and Miroku got together.

“Oh and Inuyasha we got you a hookah pipe with seisha. It wasn’t dog biscuit flavored, but I think you will like it.”

Inuyasha smirked at his gift.

“Thanks…I think though I will treasure your story over this my love.”

Mirage gave him a kiss and an ear tweak.

“Come on guys and get up! We have to get ready….hello…….time is ticking.”

Mirage pointed to her watch as she practically skipped up the stairs to try on all her new things. It was like living with a talking Barbie doll comedian. The new Mirage edition and these guys totally bought into the gimmick loving every moment.

“We really didn’t get her from Mattel did we Sess? I mean we have all looked at that sweet ass, but I didn’t see a logo.”

Sesshoumaru bust up laughing as the three men followed the crazy female up the stairs. She was too excited for her very first business dinner with the most boring man on earth.

“Do you think she will be disappointed? At dinner with the exciting Commander Yamaguchi?”

Inuyasha stated softly as Sesshoumaru walked with him up the stairs. He hated that the virtual glasses weren’t working and was terrified Inuyasha might fall even if he had gone up stairs a billion times. It just took one time and Inuyasha could fall down them making Sesshoumaru debate on moving their room to the main floor. Inuyasha insisted he was fine, but after his plane exploded and this miasma incident with the glasses Sesshoumaru became overly protective of his mates. These bastards had gotten to them too many times and it only took one stupid mistake for them to have Inuyasha hurt again.

“Miroku will be there so I doubt anything will be boring with those two. They will fill the guy up with endorphins and make him so damn happy he might be able to have an actual conversation that lasts for only one hour rather than five.”

Kouga thought about it and figured they should have the three celestials about during the meetings. Hell they could really make some good money and perhaps get a free meal.

“You know if we brought Blades along too than we really could make bank.”

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha turned at that comment looking at Kouga like he was nuts.

“Uncle Blades isn’t able to go anywhere since Father grounded him and we don’t want to be arrested. Believe me, we will get a free dinner tonight. I am not worried either about money. The Commander is loaded.”

Inuyasha stated as he wandered back up the stairs. Kouga though was very curious what three celestials would be able to do. He would have to find out later.

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