Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Kouga walked into the room with Sesshoumaru and the doctor. Inuyasha was resting, but Kouga knew it was not easy for him to do so. Then he noticed the camera in the room.

“What the fuck is that?”

Kouga pointed to the little red light in the wall. He saw right through the drywall onto the other side. They had not needed surveillance cameras in the building with the sutras and other forms of magic protecting this place. Someone was going to die.

Kouga rushed grabbing Inuyasha in his arms wrapping him in a blanket. Using his cell phone he called the demon security that he trusted. They had to get everyone out of here.

“We have to get the fuck out of here and call the bomb squad to check for any surveillance equipment in this building. Get all the guests out of here!”

Grasping his swords, ignoring the burning pain of tessaiga as he shoved it into his belt, and the damn medallion of his Mother’s that was sitting on the dresser Sesshoumaru knew they only had seconds. Sesshoumaru pulled Kouga, Inuyasha, and the doctor out of the room just in time as a ticking sound could be heard. Then the whole room exploded. Sesshoumaru took on the damage and shook his back off as he hovered over his mates. This whole damn place was trapped. Soon tessaiga settled down and recognized this person who was protecting someone. It pulsated as a power of protection was placed over them causing most of the shrapnel that might have ended up in Sesshoumaru’s back to bounce off of it.

“We have to move faster!”

Sesshoumaru rushed into the rooms ordering his family to get their things and get out of the building. Rushing to grab the females Sesshoumaru sent Kouga down with the doctor to take Inuyasha someplace safe. In the chaos no one noticed the black hooded figure running from the building’s basement.

Kagome and the children were shaking in fear. There were too fucking many of them in the building. They had to get out and right then.

“Kagome I don’t give a rats ass anymore about hiding your demon self when it comes to teleporting our family out of here. Get them out now and where the fuck is Mirage?”

Mirage stepped out of the bathroom he busted the door in on since Kagome locked her in there. Sesshoumaru was furious with Inuyasha’s mate, but Kagome stated it was the only way to keep Mirage from trying to pick up the kids.

Looking at his mate Sesshoumaru shook his head wanting to scold her. She was such a pain in the ass. Mirage stood up shaking in fear looking beautiful in the red dress and heels. Sesshoumaru wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, but had no time. Instead he rushed grasping her in his arms. She heard the explosion and a look of worry etched her face. Another explosion hit the building, people were running outside and Mirage clung to Sesshoumaru as he teleported her out of the building hoping to God all of his family got out ok.

“Is everyone alright Sesshoumaru?”

Sesshoumaru swallowed hard as he was becoming more agitated that they were being attacked by what seemed like a ghost. Her arm was bleeding again, but she ignored it with more concern for him then herself. Sesshoumaru would take care of it when they landed. There was nothing to do for it now.

“I don’t know honey. I am going to have to mate with Miroku and Sango. Kouga is also going to bite you. I know that you are pissed at him, but your wound will not close if we don’t infuse enough powerful blood and since I mated you only mates can assist or your blood will reject them. You are too powerful with my blood running in your veins to just take anyone’s blood. When healing burns like Inuyasha’s we can take others blood to help the wounds, but for this we are working against a powerful magic. God I hate this. I did not want to do this shit, but we don’t have any other choice.”

Mirage felt the tears come. She had not meant to cause him such a problem.

“I am sorry.”

Sesshoumaru nuzzled Mirage gently.

“It is not your fault, it was mine. They should not have come near you and I was careless. I was into the hunt as much as you were and should have paid better attention to our surroundings. I trusted my family to watch this building, but even so I should have gone with my gut feelings. I knew there was something wrong here and I listened to them insist we stay. I will no longer be that foolish.”

Sesshoumaru landed and what seemed like thousands upon thousands of people were standing around them. Kagome was holding Inuyasha with tears in her eyes as Kouga came forward holding the burnt body of his son Lee. Rage was in his eyes as well as tears. Lee was burnt to the point that he was almost unrecognizable. His face was not marred, but he was dead none the less.

There were a few more casualties, but most of the demons were just battered and bruised. A few humans had been killed and the fire trucks were rushing up with the noise of police cars. The bomb squad arrived faster than anyone had ever seen these rescue workers move they were in the building with a robot seeking out the bombs. There were twenty of them left that had been detonated and one in the bottom of the building that could have put a hole in the city. What the fuck was going on?

There were all sorts of defense people that spoke with Sesshoumaru who nodded getting all the information he could as he smelled the threat letter that was written in Arabic. These people were religious fanatics and knew about them being demons. A bunch of half demon bastards and demons who did not think they were demon. Only a few human scents could be recognized from this letter.

Sesshoumaru gave the government people all the information he could offer and they were grateful knowing that this was another terrorist action that may cause this war to become even worse. These bastards were not just against America, but the whole fucking world. That was why they attacked the New York world trade centers and someone was going to pay. Someone was going to die for this. Sesshoumaru knew he would be sending more troops over to the Middle East and that he would not only be surrounding Tokyo with guards to insure nothing like this happened again he also had to do so in America. These demon wars had to end at some point. They could not afford these kinds of casualties especially when it was this close to home and now it was personal again. No one fucked with his family and lived.

Holding his mate tightly he did not even notice until everyone started to disappear. Sesshoumaru gently set Mirage down. Mirage was grasped by Miroku and Sango who had Bobby knowing she would want to make sure her son was doing alright. Bobby was ok, but he was afraid as Mirage held her son. He looked at her bleeding shoulder.

“Mom you are bleeding.”

Mirage smiled pretending everything was ok.

“I will be alright Bobby don’t worry about me.”

Tears poured down her face as she knew that Kouga was beyond sorrow. He was filled with such a pain that every Tashio standing could feel it. This was his heir, his most precious little boy.

“Sesshoumaru is there anything……please tell me it is not hopeless.”

Kouga stated with eyes that begged for some kind of miracle. Sesshoumaru nodded for Kouga to set Lee down. Tears filled his eyes as he took the stone that was his Mother’s out of his pocket and then lifted tensaiga looking for the guardians that wished to take Lee to the other world. Suddenly there was the sound of a heartbeat, it was the tensaiga. Sesshoumaru saw them and waved his sword dispatching them as it glowed with the power of life. Lee awoke, not completely healed, but also not as bad off as he had been.

“Lee! My precious son you are alive. Thank you Sesshoumaru.”

Kouga cried out as he held his boy. Lee coughed up black soot from his lungs and tried hard not to cry out as his body was hurting. His Dad’s clawed fingers accidentally scraped against the burnt raw flesh making Lee’s eyes tear up. He was not as bad as his Uncle Inuyasha, but he was not doing great either. Tensaiga was indeed a powerful sword and Lee would have to thank Sesshoumaru for saving his ass. It seemed like Uncle Sesshoumaru was always doing shit like that for them.

“Dad please I love you too, but touching me really fucking hurts so please stop.”

Kouga stopped immediately.

“Where is that fucking doctor?”

Kouga growled as Lee was shaking in pain. The doctor rushed forward. He had not seen this many demon patients at one time in all his life. Everyone else seemed to be doing ok, but this boy would need to go to the ER.

“I think it would be safe for your son to go to the hospital. We have demon doctors who know how to deal with this. Also that goes the same for Inuyasha my Lord. I think with the media coverage on this no one is going to question anything anymore. It was a terrorist attack on Tokyo so these boys will be considered casualties as will your Lady mate. You will have to deal with the press Sire.”

The doctor stated to Sesshoumaru as he nodded solemnly. Going over to Kouga who watched Lee being placed in the ambulance he could not let Kouga go just yet.

“Kouga I know you want to go with your son. Lee will be ok, you can go to him I promise. I need a favor. I need a favor from you for Mirage.”

Kouga looked at Sesshoumaru and hugged him tightly.

“I will do anything for you my love. You saved my little boy’s life. I am sorry for deceiving you. It will not happen again.”

Sesshoumaru kissed Kouga and smiled.

“I know it will not. You saved our lives with your quick thinking Kouga. You know I trust you even if you do piss me off. When it comes down to things like this there is no one I trust more. I will also want to visit Inuyasha and right now I am trying hard not to beat the hell out of Kagome. She locked my silly mate in the bathroom. If I had not gotten there in time……….”

Kouga nodded solemnly.

“I will talk to Kagome. She means no harm, but I know she doesn’t always think things through before doing what she feels is right. Don’t be too hard on her. She has been through hell too.”

Sesshoumaru nodded smiling as he caressed Kouga’s hair. Kouga really had come through for them all and he would be recognized for this. There was something Kouga had really wanted and today he was going to get it. Sesshoumaru’s heart ached a bit and his demon was not happy. Still it was the right thing to do.

“So what is going on with Mirage? I heard about the assassin’s blade, but I thought after Inuyasha gave her so much blood that it was ok now.”

Sesshoumaru shook his head no and had this defeated look on his face.

“No it is still bleeding. She will bleed to death and we can’t give her more of my blood. It will not heal her any longer. She needs more healing magic and there is only one way to remove the spell of an assassin blade. You know this.”

Kouga looked shocked. He wanted Mirage, but not at the expense of losing his beloved mate. This was not an option.

“Sesshoumaru if I bite her as my mate I will want her. I will want her as my female and we both know that is impossible. I don’t want us to have any regrets. I love you, I let go of her so you can have her. I don’t know if I can control my demon with her since it like the rest of me desires her so much. I really don’t want you to kill me.”

Sesshoumaru smirked and wrapped his arm around Kouga.

“Don’t worry Kouga. I will be right there to make sure you behave. Plus we are taking Sango and Miroku. The boy did what I told him to and still he will be a bitch to my mate. I like that idea. You can fuck around with them if you want to. I already unmated them to Lacy and Paula. They are mine, Inuyasha’s, and yours if you want them. After all, Miroku owes me for my lending him my blood. I have been very generous to those two and it is time for them to really become a part of the Tashio family as it should have been years ago.”

Kouga smirked.

“So we will give them a warm reception into our family. Sounds good to me and I think Sango’s gorgeous ass can distract me for a while. I think I am starting to feel better and if you are serious about this then I will behave wolf’s honor.”

Kouga stated with a wink to his mate. Sesshoumaru started laughing as they walked over to Mirage, Sango, and Miroku to tell them the news. Bobby was already with Rin and Shippo who were distracting him from his Mother’s injury as the demon doctor was looking her wound over.

“It is getting worse my Lord.”

Sesshoumaru nodded and then picked his mate up as he motioned for Kouga to get the other two people ready to mate with them. It would not be a private affair, but it did not have to be right in the open as he found a shaded spot away from so many people. Mirage was tired and so very pale.

“My love I have to mate others and so do you to heal your body. We are taking on Kouga, Miroku, and Sango now. I don’t know how else to help you. I feel you fading on me and I won’t lose my family to these terrorists.”

Mirage nodded too tired to fight as she leaned against Sesshoumaru for support. Kouga looked at Mirage. She did not look well at all.

“It is now or never.”

Kouga whispered begging his damn demon to behave.

Ok I know cliff hanger. Still spell check, editing, and all that stuff has to be done too on top of this crap. So I am leaving it as is for now. Night all!

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