Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Sesshoumaru and Mirage were in the ballroom with a DJ that Kouga called on his cell phone. It was just the four couples, but it didn’t matter. He was still paid as though there were a room full of people. There was no need to have Shippo come down since Rin was pregnant and due anytime soon so he was needed at home.

Heather and Inuyasha were still making out in the car until he finally helped his fiancé out and made her put the glasses on one last time.

“I want you to see this place before I take these away. It is amazing.”

Heather was surprised by all she saw. It was an amazing forest environment with the ballroom in the center of it all. There were water fountains everywhere and sculptures of clear crystal that looked like ice. Inuyasha informed her that they were adamant and so were the chandeliers.

After leading her about he removed the glasses from her lovely eyes and they began to dance.


In the distance someone was watching patiently. His plan was working out well and Heather was wonderful. She really played the blind role well and had been an exceptional actress. Of course holding her daughter for ransom kept the hanyou in line and of course there would be no compensation once the Tashio fortune was taken. Perhaps if Heather knew he sold her daughter off and the new owner had sacrificed the child to its pagan deity that she would not cooperate so easily. Using puppets was his specialty especially since he took after his Father, Naraku.

Sesshoumaru was such a pompous ass. He actually thought that killing the pups in Kagome had destroyed his Father’s offspring. Sure Romulus was conceived in rape and his mother murdered. Naraku never kept his mates alive for long.

He only had one sister and one brother who were goody two shoes hating their evil Father for massacring their Mothers. Still, one could not choose one’s parents or siblings. He couldn’t even change the fact he himself was a hanyou, but he could finish his Father’s work and make a fortune while still keeping the family tradition of tormenting the innocent.

Romulus would make his Father proud and the Tashios as well as the rest of the hanyou world would suffer great losses for his Father’s humiliation.

Heather of course would fall in love with Inuyasha, she would try to fight to keep him, but in the end she would betray him and he would hate her forever. Romulus could cackle in glee at the prospect of this wonderfully evil plan.

Romulus watched Ripley also knowing that this man had to die. He was another pawn that had fought his Father that Romulus planned on using. He had an attraction to Heather so why not give the man what he wanted and force Heather to have a lurid affair with him while still playing Inuyasha’s fiancé? They could have a Romeo and Juliet moment before he slaughtered them both and made it look like suicide.

This whole game was loads of fun and Romulus would be as his Father, brilliant man sending pawns to do the dirty work.

“My Lord, do you wish to destroy them now?”

A demon specter stated. Bankotsu was an excellent choice as far as reviving dead humans and the boy wanted revenge for his comrades although it was rather farfetched for him to ask for revenge against Inuyasha for killing those supposed ‘friends’ of his that had already been dead in the first place. Still, Bankotsu amused him and he was attractive even if he stunk of graveyard soil.

“No my pretty pet, I do not. I already have one play thing working on this and we will meet with her after her little rendezvous with her “fiancé”. I want them to play a little longer before I rip out that filthy little hanyou’s heart.”

“Inuyasha deserves no less.”

Romulus laughed at Bankotsu.

“My foolish little boy, I was talking about Heather not Inuyasha. We must keep that beauty around since I like my prey to be nice and feisty. Inuyasha needs to suffer. Perhaps we will keep him alive for a long time after he is destroyed since I want him broken so we can build him up to do it again. Why allow him no pleasure when we can rip it from him latter then fling what could have been in his face? The boy may not be able to see, but it changes nothing on what we can do mentally to him. I like mind games Bankotsu so do not ruin all my fun so fast. You will get your chance and perhaps learn something from it. After all I have plenty of people for you to kill little mercenary.”

Bankotsu folded his arms over his chest leaning against a tree.

“I still smell too close to death for your purposes. How am I to sabotage your brother and kill him if he can smell me from a mile away? Your sister was human when I slaughtered her family and kidnapped her for you so that was easy. You still do not know Logan’s human night and you wish for me to rape your sister in front of him to drive him mad. I will not rape anyone. How disgusting………If you want me to kill I will do so, but touching your sister is like touching you. I would rather boil in acid.”

Romulus laughed.

“Do not concern yourself with minute details. I am certain I can find another to do such a thing if not I will do so myself.’
“If my family chooses to live like fools and not come to my side then they will suffer. Eventually Nadine will submit as will Logan. I will be all they have, I will insure that much.”

Bankotsu just ignored Romulus. Like his Father he had an ego that was going to be his undoing. The only reason Bankotsu was here was to kill Inuyasha for destroying the band of seven while they had a second chance at life. Tormenting him took too much time, but at the same time seeing that bastard suffer would amuse him.

The specter had only one interest and that was in killing all in his way. Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Kouga, Sesshoumaru, Shippo, and their family would die too for their part in destroying his band of seven. The dead did not lust for women or men. They lived to hate the living even if they could still see beauty in such things. It only made it easier to hate them.

“You have plans for all of the Tashio’s except for that pregnant woman of Sesshoumaru’s. Am I to slaughter her right away or cut out the pups first?”

Romulus frowned since that was not part of his plan.

“No. She will live as will the others for a time. I want to do to her what my Father did to my Mother. She will make me fine offspring as will their other women. I want to do it in front of the Tashio men’s self righteous faces. Of course you are welcome to have a taste of her first if she is of interest.”

Bankotsu licked his lips.

“I just want to taste her blood and watch it drip on my blade. I want to do that one slow, for Jakotsu. He hated women and his sexual pleasure was in slaughtering the males slowly then raping them before they died. I on the other hand was his opposite although I never raped a woman or man. Not with my body anyway. I have something special for her. I will love her to death.”

Bankotsu took out his skinning knife making sure it was still sharp.

“You amuse me Bankotsu.”

Romulus stated smiling. Bankotsu looked at the woman and then at his blade. It was the only lust he felt and he imagined slowly cutting her before plunging the sharp blade into her. She would remember him and that was all that mattered. Perhaps with that sword of Sesshoumaru’s he could make the bastard bring her back for more later. This was of course the one time he wished he was fully mortal so he could taste her blood and force his lips upon hers so she could taste it too.

Bankotsu felt himself fill with more power. Romulus was trying to make him ‘alive’ but he did not have the power. Still this boost made Bankotsu aware that his body was reacting as though it were human. He felt himself gain an erection from the thoughts running through his mind.

“Seems to me from your reaction that you want more of her and now your scent of grave soil is gone my pet. Would you not like to take her like a man trying something different for a change? You can still cut her up.”

Bankotsu laughed.

“I am a virgin and you think I would sully myself with another man’s bitch? I may find myself attracted to many of the Tashio’s little females, but I am not that desperate. My love is for death herself and for the prey I seek. I live for death and my lust is only sated by the pain of others. If I want to fuck a woman I will decide when and how. I won’t have you coercing my decisions. You may be able to play with others, but I am dead. I have nothing to lose other than my life and to be honest I don’t’ really give a damn if you take it. It wouldn’t be the first time I died.”

“We are not that different Bankotsu….you love the pain of others and so do I.”

Bankotsu frowned not caring to be placed in the same category as this sadistic fuck, but he was not going to say anything. He could always use Romulus’ ego to get what he wanted and eventually destroy the bastard. He may even be able to talk him into reanimating his old friends so that they could once again be the band of seven terrorizing a new generation of victims.

“Do not kid yourself my little mercenary, you will want more than just causing pain when you get such pleasure from sex as well as causing pain. You are a virgin though so what do you know.”

Romulus scoffed as he left Bankotsu to fume over his words.

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