Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Inuyasha and Kouga held the three little baby pups while Kagome slept.

“So what do you think they are doing now Inuyasha?”

Inuyasha felt like being an asshole since all he heard about for an hour now was how Sesshoumaru was screwing Kouga over with Mirage.

“They are probably making out; no they are fucking like rabbits. Come on Kouga, give me a break. We just had three baby girls and you are bitching about a woman, the first mind you, that Sesshoumaru finally has an interest in that he will mate. At least from what you told me I will be able to stand her personality. If I am going to be stuck with some bitch it had better not be a damn complainer or whiner like you. You know you really sound like a whimpering simpering little bitch right now.”

Kouga frowned and hated that he couldn’t punch the big mouth mutt with his pups in his arms.

“You are an asshole.”

Kagome woke up.

“Will you two jerks watch your language in front of the pups? You are already corrupting them and they just came out of my womb.”

Inuyasha shrugged and Coochie cooed the pup in his arms that just woke up.

“Hell Kagome, they don’t understand us do they my little dark haired puppy…… little pumpkin they don’t……..”

Inuyasha loved being a Daddy as he held Kouga’s tiny pup in his arms pleased they were partly his too. He could spoil them rotten and it had been too many years since they had little girls in the family. Even Kouga smirked at his silly mate as he too was smitten with little Rosemary, Ginger, and Heather.

“Looks like feeding time Mom.”

Kouga stated as he handed his daughters to his wife. Kouga smiled at those breasts he still loved and hoped that his daughters were not too greedy. Inuyasha felt the same way, but had a bottle of milk in hand from Kagome using her breast pump so that there were plenty of bottles filled to the brim for the newborn pups.


Sesshoumaru watched the door shut behind them as he sat next to Mirage on the plane. They buckled in as the flight attendants and pilots settled in with the young female woman giving Mirage one last dirty look before turning away waiting for the plane to take off. Sesshoumaru noticed this time and felt his claws imbed themselves into the arm of his chair since he hated this girl with a vengeance wanting to claw those eyes out. Luckily Mirage did not notice as like in the limo the sweet beautiful woman was too busy looking at everything and then grinned as they got ready to take off. Her scent changed and Sesshoumaru felt his body respond to her excitement. He became aroused as Mirage grinned and laughed a little as they sped up until they were climbing into the air. Sesshoumaru was enthralled.

"This is my favorite part of flying."

Mirage stated as she felt Sesshoumaru's hand grip hers. Mirage looked surprised and Sesshoumaru smirked then looked out the window watching the world become smaller. He enjoyed flying, but did not really need to take a plane anywhere. He could teleport where he wanted to go in a second, but if this little beautiful woman became this excited when flying he wanted to do this more often. Rin was not ever this fun on a plane. In fact Rin was still terrified of flying in what she called a Tylenol capsule that was a claustrophobic’s nightmare.

"I like flying too."

Sesshoumaru stated with a glint of happiness in those pretty eyes of his that Mirage suddenly noticed were like gold metal. His eyes are so metallic.

"You have really cool eyes. Your life mates must have fallen for them first. I guess it could surprise me that you have more than one life mate, but you are handsome so it would have to be hard for you to just choose one. I mean you are still so young. In my eyes you only look like you are maybe 21 years old. I must look like an old lady to you."

Then Mirage tried not to kick herself again. He was her coworker, not even a friend yet if that was even allowed. He as far as she knew was her boss and she wanted to know him, but it did not mean this was allowed. It was so hard because she really did want to have friends. She had wanted be friends with Charlie again, but after that earlier incident when he kissed her would it at all be possible?

Mirage really wanted a friend right now and needed one. She had plenty of idiot men who wanted her that she wanted nothing to do with. Maybe with this guy being gay he would at least tolerate one female friend.

This job was kind of difficult with its laid back atmosphere. Mirage felt like she was really messing up and this was only the first day on the job. The guy did not need to know her personal history and his was not her concern. He probably will be offended.

“I am sorry. I did not mean to blurt so many things out that are personal like that. I mean your appearance and so forth is not my business. You probably get sick of people telling you all of these things and to be honest I should not ever assume so much.’
“I have an eye thing when it comes to people because I like the way people’s eyes look. It is hard not to find a person who does not have pretty eyes. Yours are beautiful…….dang I should not have said that. How can I explain without sounding so stupid?’
“I guess I try to follow the old saying that the eyes are the mirror to ones soul. I usually can see if someone is lying so it is a good place for me to look to find an understanding of someone I do not know. Just ignore me ok? I am sorry I tend to babble when I am unsure about a situation.”

Sesshoumaru started laughing as he watched Mirage become all flustered. It had been a long time since anyone had been this entertaining. He liked this babbling she claimed she was doing. It was like for one moment she would forget they were supposed to work together and the next she talked to him like they were old friends. He liked that since no one was ever this upfront with him and no one except his brother had complimented him on his eyes. It was a family trait he was rather proud of. Most women were obsessed with his hair.

It was funny as hell to also hear her say she thought he of all people was younger then she is. It really was not fair to hide such a thing, but it was true that he did look like a young man in his early twenties. Now that they were in the air she could not run so it was time to at least tell her what he was.

"Mirage relax, you are doing fine. I am not going to get you into trouble for being honest with me and fact is I have no one really talk to me like you do. Most people are afraid of me or they think I am cold. It is nice just to have you talk to me in general and whatever you wish to ask of me I will answer honestly.’
“To be quite blunt I do not have anyone ask me personal questions. I don’t mind them sometimes and yours are not offensive. My eyes are golden because like my Mother and Father I am a demon. I am a very powerful demon who lives in this modern world and it is hard to find someone who understands me so I appreciate your honesty as I reveal much to you now.’
“I am very old. Older then you can imagine. I am also far from being human just as you are not human. You may think this is crazy, but I will show you the true nature of what I am. We are going to be working together so you should know what and who you are going to be spending time with. It is the right thing to do."

Mirage waited for him to say he was kidding, but no such thing happened. Raiden’s face was very serious and his intense golden eyes seamed to hypnotize her for a moment as he was looking at her to see her reaction. So far she did not laugh or look at him like he was insane. She just turned to look at her hands for a moment as if trying to figure out what to say to all of this. So instead of hesitating Sesshoumaru placed a finger under her chin and with that Sesshoumaru allowed his long black hair to turn silver before her eyes.

Looking at the man in awe and surprise at these sudden changes Mirage had to blink twice as his markings started to show. The fangs he had tried to keep hidden grew and his claws returned as they once were before his manicures. Sesshoumaru expected Mirage to scream or cower. She looked shocked, but was not screaming. Lifting her hand she wanted to touch that hair and touch those markings. They seemed so unreal. Then realizing what she was doing Mirage turned red and dropped her hand. Sesshoumaru grasped it desperate to let her know he appreciated that she had not screamed hurting his sensitive now pointed ears.

"You are not afraid of me?"

Mirage thought about how wonderful it would be to look like he did and then felt such sorrow since no one could ever be this beautiful especially her. Mirage shook her head no as a tears fell down her cheeks.

"You are beautiful. You look like a magical elf creature with fangs. I feel sad you have to hide it."

Sesshoumaru felt his heart skip a beat and then warm up as he gently wiped away her tears. Those tears touched his heart like nothing else would.

Mirage always had wanted such creatures to exist and here was one right next to her hiding as a human. He was so silly to think she could not be a human or compare to him in looks. This man said she was beautiful. He was an idiot to think such a thing looking the way he did.

"Do not cry for me. I do not mind it so much. I like playing human sometimes."

Wiping away the tears Mirage looked at Sesshoumaru.

"Raiden, does the government know about all of this? What I mean is Charlie and Ronin also like you are?"

Sesshoumaru nodded yes. With that Mirage crossed her arms and gritted her teeth.

"He is such a liar and he pisses me off to no end. Charlie couldn’t tell me anything if he tried and fact is he never wanted me anyway. Even as a friend he would not go anywhere with me. No strings attached, just hang out because I really did not have real friends. I had thought he could use one too.”

Sesshoumaru did not like the distress Mirage was feeling. Kouga could be a real ass sometimes. Right now Sesshoumaru really wanted to beat the hell out of him, but that would solve nothing.

“I don’t know why I let him get to me. It was not like there had been anything between us and when I had the chance to hate him he was too nice to me. Still he was so vague about things and I was so stupid around him. I am almost afraid of working with him again. I don’t want him in trouble because fact is he is a good person I just don’t know if I want to be around him because he has changed so much. He makes me insane.’
“Now he acts like he wants me and I want no one. It figures things would end up this way. I just want to work and not have any distractions. I am afraid now he might push his affections on me that I do not want any more.’
“I am the kind of person who does what I am supposed to do because I do what I am told when I am told to do something. I have to be told or ordered. It is like it is ingrained now in me. I can live with that. I have been doing such things for years and this set of orders confounds me. Charlie confounds me. He is so damn confusing. You I understand, everyone else seems chaotic and idiotic.’
“I don’t understand this job and I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing. Your being a demon is not an issue. I like it, but fact is you showing me such things now could put me in a strange position that I am not sure I am ready for. I can keep a secret no matter what some idiots may think and have kept many for the protection of people I care for.’
“You have no worries Raiden Tashio. I will not tell anyone about this mainly because I think there is no way in hell anyone will believe me. I don’t want to be locked away in some mental institution for claiming to see demons. They may send an exorcist or worse some missionary to come save me. No thanks, would rather hang out with demons and sinners then people who think they are saints.”

Sesshoumaru started laughing. That was absolutely perfect. This woman was funny as hell and Kouga was in for a real eye opener.

“So you don’t want Charlie anymore?”

Mirage snorted making Sesshoumaru laugh even harder.

“Hell no and that is not because I hate him. I like him very much he is very funny. Still I would not touch him with a ten foot pole to date him. Not after rejecting me and the fact I know that guy has at least 200 girlfriends stashed somewhere on his cell phone. He is a booty call addict I am sure of it.’
“I mean when I knew him he was dating five or more girls at the same workplace almost within the same area of each other. How he got away with that shit is beyond me. Still I found him to be interesting and fun. His eyes were what killed me and I thought I loved him. I was wrong, I was just lonely. I needed a friend so that was what he was to me, my best friend. I would like that again, but I am afraid now that he will try to do something sneaky like kiss me. That was so weird. I mean it was not expected at all.”

Sesshoumaru smiled and held Mirage’s hand tighter.

“I guess then as far as rivals go I would not have to worry about him unless there are others? I mean are you seeing someone?”

Mirage looked at Sesshoumaru and then whacked his arm playfully.

“Oh please, you are taken and you I am certain have no rivals when it comes to getting what you want. You are being silly. You have more than one life mate and I am going to get old before you do looking all creepy like a raisin that has been out in the sun too long. You will stay beautiful so don’t give me that nonsense.’
“I have no boyfriend I have no interest in one either. I have no time for it and my son is more important than playing the dating game again. I just don’t do it since to me it is a waste of time. I am going to die some noble death if I have my way and destroy the evil in the world after I take over the universe. I have big goals in life I don’t think any man would want such responsibility or wish to raise another man’s child. I do not want to deal with men who cannot handle such things and there seems to be a ton of them out there that cannot.”

Sesshoumaru smiled looking out the window wondering if Mirage would ever figure out that he was falling in love with her. She was being so amusing and his demon was humming in happiness. It had its female finally and she wasn’t going to get away from him. There was nowhere on a plane for her to run.

“I don’t believe you should worry about your age so much and I agree that most men can be rather foolish. Still, you may think about what things you like about your situation my dear in regards to me. I need you to be honest in your feelings about me since we will be working together for a long time. I am patient and there is much more to this then you can imagine.’
“I do ask that you do not hold back what you are thinking with me. I am not here to judge you and I prefer it if you will just state exactly what is on your mind. I can read minds, but usually do not choose to do so since it is invading. I know my thoughts at times I would like to keep to myself so I won’t invade unless I have no other option. I like to listen to you speak.’
“What is it that you are hoping for out of this situation? I mean you are stuck on these orders and do not seem too upset about them. I expected you to be much more irrational then a few small outbursts after we made you lose your job. As much as I need you, you could have still refused. I am pleased you did not.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he turned back to look at Mirage listening to her speak again. There was a determination in her voice.

“I am not exactly thrilled, but not really upset either. I could be home without a job trying to find something else and to be honest I am angry still at you, but mainly at Charlie for not being honest with me. It could be a worse job. I am sure there are many people who would beg for this opportunity. I am just glad to have a job and a way to care for my family. It has been rather difficult since Dalton’s death.”

Sesshoumaru decided he should ask the obvious question that would normally come up when talking to a person who believed they were human around him. After all he had just showed her his demon side and of course most people did not live long that saw this side of his nature in this modern era since there were more human beings then demons. Sesshoumaru enjoyed playing with his prey at times and some of the lovely creatures he had bedded had also been an excellent evening meal after he was done with them. There was no point in being coy about it. Sesshoumaru is a predator and as such would not hesitate to feast when his blood called for such things just as the urge to rut was always satisfied with whomever he saw was attractive at the moment.

“I am surprised you do not ask me about my eating habits. The fact that you are sitting next to a monster I would think might disturb you. I have had some foolish people ask if I was going to feast upon them and I did indeed do so. You have not asked this question. You seem to believe all I tell you. Is it not unusual that as a demon I would be seen as a liar to you or a beast of nightmares? I find it amusing that you think I am beautiful when in less than a blink I could kill our pretty flight attendant by breaking Mia’s neck. I have thought about doing so many times.”

At that Mirage laughed shocking Sesshoumaru who looked at her amused at this response. Mirage this time bared her neck on purpose with a wicked grin on her face that made her look too damn sexy.

“So bite me if that is your intention demon. I guess kill me if that is your game here. I do not fear death and if I am to die this way it will be much more interesting then dying some boring death of something like old age. I will be missed though Mr. Tashio since people do know me.’
“Bobby is well provided for if anything were to happen to me and my family will take care of him. I have better things to do then to fear then you. His life is my only concern.’
“I do warn you Mr. Tashio that if you hurt my precious son I promise I would haunt you for the rest of your life making you think you were in hell for all eternity and believe me I am persuasive enough I could pull it off. I am indeed called the ‘Devil’ for many reasons and I can live with that title. I find that title in fact amusing since the devil gets blamed for everything and thus it is my life. I am not going to fight that.’
“I hate humans so I will get over you killing Mia even if I don’t agree with it. Population control is a problem and stupid people should not be allowed to breed. Still, if you kill that girl then you would not feel stronger since she is no challenge at all, but I might enjoy the show.’
“I still believe that killing that girl would not give us any entertainment or anyone to talk about for the rest of this flight so I certainly think you should perhaps put those fangs away for a little while since this conversation just got interesting.”

Sesshoumaru swallowed hard at the reaction he had at her challenge. By the gods she was beautiful and so damn tempting.

“I don’t think you know what you are saying Mirage, but I like the way your mind works. This conversation indeed has become much more interesting. I have no intention on killing you or Mia. I do like the taste of blood, but you may keep yours for now.”

Mirage rolled her eyes at Sesshoumaru.

“Gee thanks. You go out of your way to try to freak me out, but you should have realized that when you became a demon in front of my eyes the first time I ran from the building was not because I was afraid of you, but because Charlie was freaking me out now that I have explained many things to you about how I feel concerning him.’
“I did not want to be there during his humiliation when he got fired and when I left I was wondering if he was in deep shit. I almost went back, but then I realized I can’t save his dumb ass from acting stupid. I can’t save everyone and really I don’t want to. I used to want to do such things, but now I really don’t care.’
“I thought you two might beat the hell out of each other and I can’t afford to be arrested. I have Bobby to think about. I know the police would have made me answer stuff I did not want to since I did not want to witness anything. It is best that way so I don’t have to rat on Charlie or on you. That would just make me so very popular with you both.’
“I also did not want to stick around to be questioned by you on why the hell Charlie was kissing me because fact is I don’t even know. You yelling bugged me a bit since you did not look like the kind of guy that would do that in front of anyone. You seem like the quiet moody type so you being a demon really fit what I imagined your personality to be like. I don’t imagine you yell often.’
“I apologize for the stereotyping, but you kind of reminded me of a vampire. Like I told you right now you look like a real vampire elf. You took my breath away you are so very beautiful and men can be beautiful you know with them still being very manly.’
“Still you are something I don’t understand and if your intention is to make me lunch at least I want to know more about what things you do since I plan on fighting you if you try that shit with me. I am not really into pain so you might want to forgo the going straight for my guts, I would at least hope you are gentleman enough to make it quick and give me a small head start by allowing me some sort of weapon other then the end of my high heeled shoes. I doubt staking you in the heart with the end of my shoe will help me in that situation. It is just probably going to piss you off.’
“Knowing ones enemy is just as important as knowing ones friends. Obviously I am a lousy judge of character and have no clue about my friends. So if you are my enemy then I have to say it is very nice knowing you. You are so far the most interesting person I have met and when I go to hell in my hand basket after you are done with me I will put in a good word for you in heaven since I will be ruling that hot place everyone else is going to go to. I mean we are all sinners so while the saints pray I am going to be partying and getting tan.”

Sesshoumaru started laughing so hard tears actually came again. He was holding his stomach at this whole conversation since they both did not expect such a normal reaction to something people would consider a situation that Mirage should have been terrified of.

“Woman you are an enigma. I look forward to getting to know you since it has been a very long time since I have met someone this full of life and I promise you that you will not be my lunch. I adore you. I cannot wait for you to meet my family they are going to love you as well.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he kissed her fingers getting up from his chair to stretch. He could not sit any longer and went into the large bathroom turning on the light looking in the mirror as if seeing his appearance for the first time wondering about this image Mirage had of him.

“You are not going to win this one Sesshoumaru.”

The jewel spoke. Sesshoumaru growled at it.

“She is meant to be mine and you will not deter me.”

The jewel then glowed in irritation.

“That was not what we meant young pup. You will not be able to make her see you as a monster. You want her to fear you and she never will. Look at you now standing here trying to find the monster that lives in you. Mirage is an unusual creature because she does accept all things as they are. She does not fear death. She embraces it.”

Sesshoumaru frowned.

“That is not a good thing. No one should wish to embrace death that is that full of life. I have not ever seen anything this beautiful in my life or ever wanted anything this much for all these years I have lived. Not even power or my own beloved mates. I am to the point I would kill Kouga right now if he were to step foot on this plane. It is not rational and I feel like I am losing myself again. I am becoming as I once was, greedy and I am pushing those I love away for this one creature. I do not even want to go see my family. I want to keep her far from all things that might try to take her from me. I have not felt like this before and it is a weakness. I should destroy her, but I could not lift a claw against her if I tried.”

Sesshoumaru looked at the sink he had just clawed up as porcelain cracked and broke under his powerful fingers.

“I could break her just like this and she would fight me. I would love that and it would be like before when this world was a place of natural things rather than all of these modern towers that enclose us. We as demons would be free to hunt like we once did in the past. I want to show her this, but I cannot. These times do not allow for such frivolities.’
“Mirage is my illusion of happiness and my desire. Sara asked once what my desire was and this is it. I thought it was something else, but I was wrong.’
“I tire of fighting my male mates constantly and watching them have children as I grow older. I want to take Mirage now like an animal, but I cannot.”

The jewel glowed as Sesshoumaru waved his hand over the sink causing it to become whole again as though he had not ever destroyed it. Still his eyes glowed red.

“She barred her neck to me offering her life in such temptation. I thought I was going to lose it then and just take her. It was so unlike any other woman I have known.”

The jewel glowed again trying to calm its protector.

“She is still innocent and you have not told her the whole truth yet. You cannot expect her to fall in love with you in one day. You must earn her even if you were to mate with her today. At least give her this one night and show her your family before you take her. Let her see all sides of yourself.”

Sesshoumaru sighed in frustration running a hand over his hair.

“I should be buying her flowers, talking to her parents, and taking her out to dinner. Not pretending that this is a job instead of what it really is. I will give this a week and then we shall see how things progress.”

The jewel laughed at the powerful demon who felt irritated that he was being teased by an object that was imbedded in him against his will. In some ways he really hated the jewel even though it had been rather helpful in some things. It did help him get through this era with no problems.

“Do you really think you can last that long?”

Sesshoumaru growled.

“Of course I can. This Sesshoumaru does not fall prey to my own weaknesses. I will not lose my control. I have worked to damn hard to keep it this long.”

Stepping out of the bathroom after straitening himself out Sesshoumaru saw that Mirage was crawling on the floor looking for something. That gorgeous ass was pointed in his direction and Sesshoumaru could feel a tightening in his groin. It was such a perfect position to do what he had been thinking about doing to her since he first saw Mirage. That scent seemed to make his demon go insane with lust and this was just not going to be his day.

“Dang pencil had to fall under there!”

Mirage growled. Sesshoumaru was shocked to hear the woman growl. It made things even more difficult as he tried really hard to start thinking of anything to turn him off. He swore that if he did not calm down he was going to be quite embarrassed with the tent that was starting to form in his black pants. He had on the black jacket, but that would not matter if that part of him that was not listening would not go down. Sesshoumaru went back into the bathroom.

“I am so fucked.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he locked the door releasing his monster from his pants and stroked himself to completion. It was the only way to keep from raping the girl who was making him feel like he was going to go crazy.

He imagined her bent over like that and her lips taking his cock deep into that sweet mouth as he stroked then dominating her in that wonderful position as she cried out his name. When he was done he washed up quickly wishing he had time to take a cold shower, but he would live.

“I have never done that in my life. I have never had to. She is right there for the taking and I can’t do it. I can’t force her. What the hell is wrong with me?”

Sesshoumaru stated looking in the mirror. The jewel felt some sympathy.

“We know you have always had a willing partner and some unwilling who never complained after the fact. You have not ever raped anyone or had that shame. Still if you want to win her then you have to do things right.”

Sesshoumaru nodded closing his eyes. He felt shamed in some ways and at the same time relieved. It got rid of so much tension that had been building and would make this much easier to do. The jewel was right, his rational mind was right, but his demon was still being an asshole. It had to back down and it was growling at him like he had gone insane on it.

“Shut up. You are not coming out to play today. I need some peace and then we can play. I don’t think I can go a week, but we will try this. Now pull yourself together before we make a fool out of ourselves even more then now.”


Kouga looked at his watch. No one had called.

“Inuyasha, do you really think he is going to force Mirage to mate him?”

Inuyasha sighed.

“So what if he does? It isn’t like she would complain.”

Kouga frowned.

“You don’t know her. She might feel like it is rape. I shouldn’t have let her go with him damn it all.”

Inuyasha smacked Kouga on the back of the head.

“It ain’t rape if she consents and you know she will. Sesshoumaru will probably be a bastard using some sneaky plan, but he won’t rape her. Sesshoumaru has not raped a lover in his life. In fact most come crawling to him including us.”

Kouga didn’t like this one bit. They had teleported to Tokyo after being thrown out of the hospital room by Kagome for being too loud.

“I think you might be right Inuyasha. Still I don’t like it and I am telling you that if he harms one hair on Mirage’s head I will find a way to kill him.”

Inuyasha snorted.

“You and what army? The guy is invincible.”

Kouga snarled.

“No one is invincible.”


Sesshoumaru stepped out as Mirage was once again seated and seat belted in talking to the young male flight attendant who was looking at something she was doing making all sorts of compliments. The flight attendants were canine demons like him and the one was very young not even in his first heat yet so he was harmless. The other who was lurking above him flirting with Mirage who was not looking at him was going to be beaten to a pulp if he did not back off.

Mirage had a drink next to her and both young men seemed to be almost in awe at whatever was on that paper. Sitting next to Mirage giving the two men a look that sent them both on their way they bowed leaving the two alone again. Sesshoumaru looked over at the paper and saw that there was a drawing upon it. Mountains, a forest, a bridge, and the back of a man in fine armor was standing with his hair flowing in the wind. She was drawing him in the past. It was amazing and so accurate.

“That is very good. I did not know you are an artist.”

Sesshoumaru stated as Mirage signed her name to the drawing handing it to him with a smile. Sesshoumaru sat back looking at the picture amazed.

Mirage shrugged.

“I was just thinking about this after you showed me your true self. I watch that show Inuyasha and you remind me of this character. His name is Sesshoumaru. He is my favorite. So this made it easy. You are a demon and so is he. I don’t think you are the same though. You guys have similar markings, but yours are darker in color, plus you are not a cartoon.’
“Your hair is lighter silver like real spun silver and your eyes are real gold. Not yellow gold. They are much more beautiful than any artist could possibly attempt to draw and too detailed. You would probably have completely lost it if you found out someone was messing with your life by writing stuff like that about you. You seem to like to keep things rather secretive and I don’t blame you.’
“People are so weird about things like the supernatural. We don’t know everything and we never will. If we did then there would be nothing more to learn and life would be boring.’
“I still think Sesshoumaru would have really liked you if he was real. You have probably heard of him. I loved that anime series so much I filled my house with posters and other nonsense. Still have them. I wasted so much money on collecting that stuff, but mainly I wanted Sesshoumaru stuff. I even have a costume so I could look like him. Crazy isn’t it? I mean I feel so stupid now, but it was fun while it lasted.’
“Then my husband died so all childish things were put away. I still miss him though and Sesshoumaru was the one I had been drawn to. He was who I wished to be like and I liked that he cared for a human child even if he did not have to. I think out of all the characters he is the most misunderstood and the one I wanted to understand the most.’
“I joked with my husband once that the only competition he would ever have would be if Sesshoumaru was real. My beloved husband knew that I would always love him and never leave him. If he did not then he was an idiot. Still in my own shame I loved Sesshoumaru and I knew he was not real so it was ok.’
“Do you think that is bad? I mean to love someone not real and for comfort so you are not alone pretend someone cares for you even if you know there is no way in hell he would?”

Sesshoumaru looked at Mirage and smiled holding her hand.

“I think that there is nothing wrong with that. No one would believe I am really a demon still you sit here next to me accepting me as I am. I do not judge you and will not do so. I told you this and I meant it.”

Mirage smiled.

“I hope I am not annoying you with this. It has been so long since I talked about that show. It has been so long since I even thought about all these things. You bring out the kid in me.”

Sesshoumaru smiled and leaned back his chair still holding the picture.

“Please continue. I was enjoying this and as you speak I can see the colors in this picture. I can almost see his face. I did not much care for the show, but I did not see it how you do. You see things in a way that most do not and I find it refreshing. You are quite accurate with your belief that the eyes are the window to ones soul. I have also followed this belief and it has saved my life many times.’
“I am also one who watches the physical movements of people. In all that people do even if not in words they say a multitude of things to me. You in your actions and words make me feel comfort. You bring me peace in this old mind that is constantly at war with the rest of the world. I have now found that I can truly relax for the first time in years.’
“Tell me Mirage, you loved this Sesshoumaru, why? Why would you love a demon? I still wonder why that little girl character, Rin, would love a demon, but a child is innocent. A child does not know any better than to love one that takes care of her. A child cannot see what an adult mind experiences. You are child like, but you are also wise beyond your years.’
“I find it amazing that one minute you are wild, childish, and silly. The next you say something so profound that it is like it is heaven itself speaking to me through you. I feel right at this moment at home and your drawing looks like a place I had once been. It brings back memories I had almost forgotten. Thank you.”

Sesshoumaru smiled softly and closed his eyes feeling the cool breeze of what seemed lifetimes ago on his face. Sesshoumaru recalled the smells of the forests and the mountains. The river he had walked along and the times that seemed so innocent in comparison to this modern strange world he now explored. All of this was brought back by a simple drawing that touched his heart. What other surprises did this woman have in store for him?

“No need to thank me. It is not one of my best. I just was having one of those delusions of grandeur thoughts and had this eureka moment when this idea just popped into my head. I do that sometimes. I am spontaneous that way.’
“I wanted to give you something in return for all you did for me as far as those jewels were concerned and all I can really do is draw since there is no way I could pay you back.’
“I sometimes write stories and poems. These days it won’t make money for me, but I enjoy it so why ruin the fun of being artistic sometimes by making it into work?’
“I will answer your question though. I guess I loved Sesshoumaru so much because he was the one to change the most in the stories. Sesshoumaru is all powerful with everything in the palm of his hand, but he does not see it. Sesshoumaru never seems to see his full worth which is unfortunate because he is an incredible person.’
“I found it so sad that he could not ever see how heroic and how amazing he was even to his brother. Sesshoumaru is like this unattainable being that so many people strive to be like. They want to be the untouchable perfect beautiful creature that could give less than a rat’s ass about anyone else except once in a while when they feel like doing something nice. Even when he does this he doesn’t want to admit to it. Fact is though you can see he likes getting credit where credit is due. I think he keeps hoping Inuyasha will finally admit that Sesshoumaru is all powerful plus a thank you from his brother would be appreciated since Inuyasha has no manners when it comes to his brother sometimes.’
“Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru may have fought often, but they did care for each other even if they did not want to admit to it. Inuyasha’s pack freaked out just as often as Sesshoumaru’s when anything happened to either brother.’
“As much as even Jaken acted like he hated Inuyasha the truth was the two brothers were all that was left of their Father. They had no one else except each other to depend on sometimes and deep down I think Inuyasha really looked up to Sesshoumaru. He had no other role models. Plus Jaken was not always mean to Inuyasha or his pack. They all stood together against one jerk of a foe in that movie about the Swords of an Honorable Ruler.’
“Stupid human woman stealing bastard tried to kill Inu No Tashio’s son and his girlfriend Izayoi the big lame jerk. Then got Inu No Tashio killed.’
“I mean that guy Inu No Tashio was a hottie for a cartoon dude. So of course his sons are going to be good looking. I mean hello I would have ran away from Takemaru if I had that hot demon dog wanting me in those days. I doubt he would have though because apparently that Izayoi lady was really beautiful. Besides then I could not have fallen for Sesshoumaru if I had been with his Father. That would be totally wrong plus you know only what the two brothers say about their Father. It isn’t like we totally know the guy personally.”

Sesshoumaru could not help laughing. It was funny as hell the way she said things. It was for one moment like listening to this proper well educated woman then she turned into Rin.

“Takemaru was a stupid human woman stealing jerk? Izayoi wanted to be with that guy. He did not steal her.”

Sesshoumaru stated with a grin trying hard not to reveal his real name yet.

“She did not really want to be with Takemaru. He was full of himself. So yes he is a stupid human woman stealing meanie from the fiery pits of hell. I was so mad at him. Izayoi loved Inu No Tashio. She called him her love. She wanted Takemaru the idiot to leave with his men so Inu No Tashio would not cream their dumb asses. Instead the idiot tried to fight the powerful demon dog.’
“I mean the dumb human moron was just asking to get killed. Izayoi was just being nice to that guy because she felt sorry for him. He obviously had a crush, but when she saw Mr. Hottie pony tail boy with his long hair and cool armor knowing he was a sexy bad ass then Takemaru did not stand a chance. That idiot should have just given up instead of fighting a futile battle where he was going to lose. I mean give me a break.”

Mirage was actually having a serious conversation about a cartoon with this guy and it seemed funny as hell. Sesshoumaru was laughing at her again.

“Hottie pony tail boy…….. I like that. You think Inu No Tashio is a bad ass and that Takemaru was not? That human guy, as you so eloquently state, was quite the human foe for many people even though I did not much care for him. He was without honor and rather insane. Still in the end he gained his sanity and deserved to move forward into the afterlife. Why do you think a noble woman would like a bad ass demon over a bad ass human?”

Mirage rolled her eyes.

“Oh please… fact is Inu No Tashio was powerful, beautiful, had pretty, loving, kind eyes, and had great hair. He had fangs, those intense golden eyes, and he probably could go for hours with a woman without being a big whimpering jerk about pleasing her. The man was a man. Takemaru was a kid with a major crush on a woman he should not have had a crush on. He was not a nobleman that was of proper status to be flirting with a woman like Izayoi and even if he was he was nothing compared to Inu No Tashio. I mean compare armor and let’s just face the facts. Inu No Tashio had Takemaru beat on looks hands down. You know that attraction plays a big factor in any relationship.’
“A real man does not go about killing the woman he loved, he proves he is the best in every way possible so he should have tried that instead of being a big human woman stealing jerk. A real man always shows a woman how much she means to him so that there is no question of who she wants. It is simple and if a real man wants a woman he acts. You don’t just expect the woman to come running to you.’
“It is so backwards these days. Men want to be weaklings with women taking care of them. It is pathetic. Women should not be so independent sometimes since it screws up the order of things.’
“Just because I want to kill people some days doesn’t mean I don’t want someone to take care of me. Oh and I appreciate you saying I am not human even if I know I am something along those lines. I hate humans so I appreciate the compliment. They are so mean and I know they have their place in this big world. I just don’t want their place to be in my face all the damn time. Customer service is for wimps.’
“Sure I want my freedoms, but I also like to know someone is taking care of me. That the man I am with would do anything for me and then I would do the same for him. I mean I am a pain in the ass and high maintenance apparently even if I think that is bullshit since I don’t buy all the electronics my husband used to when he was alive that he needed more than life itself.’
“I would want it all if I were interested in a man. I want the whole deal, the knight in shining armor with the guts to protect me with his life, but the sense to also let me have some freedom so I can have a life too. You have to have some of your own life to have things to talk about or life would be totally boring.”

Sesshoumaru ran his thumb over Mirage’s fingers as he listened. What she said made sense and as funny as it was it was also making him realize how much he wanted her. Mirage described exactly what kind of man he wanted to be for her.

“Inu No Tashio in some ways was the perfect man in my mind only because I don’t know him and he seemed so cool. I mean he busted through that wall to save his love and his son. He kicked those stupid woman stealing humans asses who had the nerve to look all surprised. That cracked me up.’
“We all know that he had to have sewn his wild oats a billion times over since children are not conceived by spontaneous combustion unless biology 101 for demons is like spontaneous combustion. I think that would hurt though so she would not call him her love. Izayoi would have called him a sadistic cruel bastard and cursed him haunting him for all eternity.’
“Women are mean like that. We hold grudges and bring shit up from the past to torment our significant others with when they are being jerks. I am sure you and yours do the same do don’t give me that look.”

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes and was trying not to laugh.

“Oh and plus Inu No Tashio saved her from death and if she was anything like Kagome he probably did it more times than he ever wanted to. Inu No Tashio held his cute baby and seemed to be one who was proud to be a Father not afraid of it. He is a man not a little boy. There is a huge difference and he probably treated Izayoi so well that she doesn’t want anyone else.’
“I can just imagine the strong muscles and that body under that armor. I am sure Sesshoumaru is the same way. I mean we only get to see a glimpse of that sexy chest and those muscular arms as a tease in the show. It is so wrong to hide that entire male under those fine cloths. Still he wasn’t the kind of guy that just would take it off for anyone.’
“I mean Inuyasha was taking off his shirt or had it off more times than I can count. Whoopty fricking doo. Seen it too many times Inuyasha and as cute as you are you are still a kid baby so go play with someone your age. I wanted to see a real man and baby that Sesshoumaru is a real man if he were a real person. I bet if he were real you would want to see him naked.”

Sesshoumaru started laughing again. This time it was just too much. She was funny as hell and still thought he was mostly gay. He had always been bi so he enjoyed both sexes equally finding it was the lover not the gender that made sex better.

“I am sure that this Sesshoumaru you describe so well would appreciate the things you say about him. Still I do not think that Inuyasha looks bad without his shirt. He is young, but will not remain so forever. I kind of like the shirtless Inuyasha parts of the show.”

Mirage smiled leaning against him with her head against his shoulder as her feet curled up in the seat.

“It is great talking to someone else about this stuff. I did not think I would find another friend who liked this show or would talk about such silly stuff with me.”

Sesshoumaru smiled enjoying having her so close to him. Mirage felt Sesshoumaru’s finger sliding over her hair.

“I like this too. Still you seem to think this demon Sesshoumaru was something special. I say this Sesshoumaru was only interested in power and hurting others.”

Mirage snorted making Sesshoumaru laugh at this since she always did this when she did not agree with him.

“No one looks at his eyes or body language. Sesshoumaru is not all he seems. People think Sesshoumaru was so interested in power, but deep down he was a hero with a good heart even for a proud demon who wished to pretend he did not have one. I wondered the whole time if he really knew that his Father had to be so proud of him even if they were at odds. It hurt that he was not nice to his brother, but Inuyasha was also not very nice to Sesshoumaru. I think they both working together could be an awesome power.’
“I know that it is perhaps childish to want someone unreal to be real, but when my husband died I really wanted Sesshoumaru to be there with me. So I would not have to be alone and so that I could be his friend so he had an adult to talk to when he wanted someone to talk to. I am sure he could have used someone like that. I really think like me he needed one really good friend that was not a child, not his brother, not his brother’s friends, or an elder demon.’
“Inuyasha is a teenager in the show so it would drive Sesshoumaru up the wall to deal with those kids all day. Inuyasha had many friends, but Sesshoumaru I believe could have been happier if he had a really good friend who was not so childish. I definitely could not have filled that role.”

Sesshoumaru smiled as he looked at the picture. Wouldn’t she be surprised that she was still right on target? That he indeed had longed for someone to talk to and be a friend to him who would really understand him. Sesshoumaru had longed for someone who would hear his problems and not be a part of them. He had been very lonely and very misunderstood. Right now he felt like he found that someone. He did not speak letting her ramble on. It was nice to actually hear someone who had watched the show that seemed to interpret some things right.

“I kind of thought maybe Kouga being a full demon could do this for Sesshoumaru, but Sesshoumaru is too proud. Kouga is below him so he would need someone of equal rank to understand him or at least someone who did not cause problems before he met them. Plus Kouga is too much like Inuyasha.”

Sesshoumaru at this point had to agree. He hated to admit it, but the last few hours had confirmed what a true pain in the ass pup Kouga really was. Kouga was just as good as Inuyasha at hiding things sometimes and he knew how to piss him off like no one else.

“The idea alone of Sesshoumaru just being there kept me going when my husband went to war and when he died I was not alone because like an Angel I felt like he was there for me. Stupid huh……he is just a cartoon, but that cartoon meant a lot to me. I wanted to be strong like Sesshoumaru and in his strength he helped me to not let the world see my weakness. Sesshoumaru comforted me without being a big jerk about it and in his silence I found peace. I pretended although we could not see each other that we were connected so that we would not ever be alone or lonely.”

Sesshoumaru smiled moving the arm rest making Mirage laid her head on his lap. She obviously felt safe with him and he could pretend a little while longer that he was safe. That his intentions were pure and that this was all real.

“Inuyasha was just cute. Inuyasha is just all little boy with silly ears that ran around trying so hard to be a man. At least that is how I saw him with that cute baby face and such a temper. I would have liked to touch those ears like Kagome did. I don’t think I could help it. It is like people are drawn to him and he hates it. It is funny since both Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are so loved by people. They are just too stubborn to see it.’
“Kouga and Inuyasha together were hilarious. Kouga just had to stand there and not say anything to Kagome as Inuyasha would just go ballistic on him. They made me laugh. Then Miroku with that wandering cursed hand. He is such a funny pervert.”

Sesshoumaru nodded as Mirage looked at the drawing with him. It would be so easy to say that she had hit the nail on the head again. Mirage loved him as a cartoon character. Did she not see it was him, the same person she described? No one else had deciphered the true things about him, but she was seeing it all.

“I have watched the show more times than I have desired to. I am a demon so as a creature like these cartoon beings I wanted to find out what humans thought of us. What was it about Sesshoumaru's character that you found so attractive? I could only see him as cruel to his brother and sometimes blind to the fact the rest of the world did exist. His desire for power almost destroyed the things he loved the most.”

Mirage looked at Raiden who was staring intensely at the drawing. It was just a drawing nothing special.

“I liked the fact the whole world could fall apart, but he would still be standing proudly even in the worst of times. He lost his arm and did not make it a weakness. He took care of a child he did not have to and even when he growled at the little girl he really did not have to speak to her in the first place when she came to him. If he wanted to be a true bastard he could have killed her right away just for seeing him injured. Instead he took pity on her and she knew he needed her. They needed each other. Rin opened up the powers of tensaiga by showing Sesshoumaru he did indeed have a good heart and in doing so opened the most powerful weapon in the world even though he shunned it.”

Sesshoumaru nodded, he had shunned the most powerful weapon in the world. He was curious though. What power did Mirage see in such a fang? Was it just the giving of life or did she see the horrors that it could cause in taking it? The taking of life had been the side he preferred.

Looking out the window Sesshoumaru asked Mirage a question. He did not want her to see his tears. The picture was of a place he knew quite well. How did she do it? She had drawn the very place he had laid to rest the bodies of his faithful retainer Jaken and Ah-Un who had become for family than friend before they disappeared into that magical place that only he could enter. It was the field of tall grass that waved and every damn detail was exact. It was like she had known him and his heart more than any other. The eyes are the window to the soul so she had looked into his soul with him only as a cartoon. If she could see his soul through that then what worlds and wonders had she seen in others? Did she know his emotions this intimately since it was the one place he could hide nothing. Then he changed his mind, he may be revealing too much too soon.

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