Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Removed Act One

I was walking into time
Thinking of this little theme
An epiphany is removed from the score
I opened up some time ago
I went to look into the vase
But the rose that was in there is gone
Died not too long ago in my bedroom
I started the play a while and then
The words just slipped from my fingers
Out of my mouth and into his mind
I can feel his presence surrounding me
And invisible embrace that weakens my soul
I sense that death awaits I can hear the bells
Hells Bells, in time they will find me
For now I must wait for the second act
He must come and see me as I lay upon the thorns
They prick at me and entangle me in their web
Their embrace like a spider to the weeping widow
I think non other than freedom of the pain
My heart is no longer my own and it has fled into a lonely place
I cannot follow, I am too tired to resist
The death of the loving touch and sweet nothings in my ear
But the walls have become silent
I do not hear the voices within
I see the touch of a gentle hand
I cannot feel but numb
I wait for the third act as I move on
The embrace is yet to come as I wait
Watching out my window for the night to take me
It is done and so am I as the sun has finally set
I am removed from this place to another
That is all I can tell, my voice no longer speaks to you
My words are now and ever more
Trapped in my empty shell
I am removed and lifted
Into oblivion
M.J. Vyper/Vyperbites


Nadine awaited her fate in the cold empty cell. It was dark in here, damp, and dreary. It should feel like home to the spider demoness, but considering the situation she was in it felt like an abysmal hell. There were no windows save the one bared to high for her to reach without using up all her spinnerets which would waste energy right now. She needed all she could gather for Logan’s sake if for no one else since she had nothing left to live for. Romulus had taken it all just like he stated.

The door opened with a bang and Nadine prepared for the attack shrinking into the darkness so that nothing other than her red eyes could be seen.


Logan’s voice sounded soft and lost in the darkness as he searched for her frail form.


Nadine rushed into his arms when suddenly she was lifted bridal style into a predator’s embrace.

“You must be Nadine. I am here to rescue you my dear…”

Nadine turned white at the sight of the dragon Lord who was looking down at her with pity in his eyes. His voice was soft although his eyes held death in them.

“Scales! What did I say about eating the damsel in distress? Put her……..down?”

Touga looked at the tiny fragile woman. There wasn’t much left of her. Her eyes were hollow and her once beautiful features were marred with malnutrition. Logan’s breath caught in his throat as he whisked her out of the dragon’s arms rocking her in his.

“Oh my beautiful sister, what has that monster done to you?”

Sesshoumaru at that moment felt some pity for the woman. He never in his life thought he would feel sorry for one of Naraku’s children, but this woman was a wraith.

“We must take her out of here. Are you alone? Are there others?”

Nadine was kept from Elizabeth so she didn’t even know the girl was there.

“I did not hear any others, but I smell a wolf demoness. A wounded one…...”

Kouga growled as he followed his nose to a brick wall.

“There is a spell upon this wall.”

Touga stated as Scales and Kouga tried to find a way in only to be pushed back by a barrier.

“We will have to go back for Tessaiga.”

Inuyasha stated.

“I am afraid we may be too late if it is an attractive woman. Bankotsu has cut up so many in front of me to tell me how he is going to do me in all on orders from Romulus. I doubt the poor thing is still alive. I believe the only reason I still live is I refused to eat the filth he made and I made myself unattractive by doing so.”

Nadine stated sadly as Logan led her out of the building.

“You are still beautiful Nadine and we will help you heal. Let me carry you home.”

Logan lifted her only to have Scales growl taking her away.

“You will be too slow. Inuyasha get your damn sword and get to that girl.”

Sesshoumaru looked at Scales like he lost his mind. The man was fuming. Sesshoumaru should have never allowed that shithead Naraku to live long enough to breed.

Touga smelled it too and knew it would be too much for Sesshoumaru to handle after what happened to his mate. It may be too much for Kouga and Inuyasha.


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