Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Inuyasha had been walking with Kouga in wolf form and then with the two Inu dogs practicing for the dog he was to receive. Chase was a beautiful white Labrador that he finally received as his new companion.

With all the work that had to be done by the family and all the investigations into the attacks on the Tashio’s it was best that Inuyasha was independent as much as possible to help out. Besides, Inuyasha did like his independence and Chase very much.

Still, Sesshoumaru insisted that everyone was watched closely until further information could be obtained by his roving guards and agents throughout Japan that he even kept secret from his family afraid that they might think he was being too much of a control freak again.

The paperwork that the Inu brothers had to fill out for the recall on the virtual glasses was enormous taking over the whole desk. It had been only one hundred test subjects after the FDA approval, but the cost was enormous for any of them to even get a pair until they were certified as sales worthy. All the participants understood this and there was really only one reject after testing. Those were Inuyasha’s glasses that had been destroyed back at the castle. Whoever this fiend was he was directly after the Inu Tashio family.

“Well, that tells us at least the humans and the very few demons that have a problem with sight are not being affected as you were Inuyasha. I really don’t know what to say about all of this. It is very frustrating.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he threw a pair of glasses across the room when the door opened and Kouga caught them. He was followed by their Father, Touga.

“We scoured that castle Sesshoumaru. Not one damn thing to show us a clue of what kind of demon is after us. These terrorist attacks are nothing more than a revenge plot, but we still have not even one bit of evidence to investigate to point to any subjects we know. The miasma on Inuyasha’s glasses melted them making it impossible for the forensics team to even try to decipher what happened.”

Kouga stated firmly as he set the glasses down on the table. Mirage was there in dog form wagging her tail as she greeted the men although she was right next to Inuyasha. Today she was in her wolfish form as his faithful seeing eye wolf since she liked that form as well as talking to Chase who didn’t mind the rest

A Seeing Eye dog would get worn out with demon hours. Mirage suggested a second and Chase agreed. Inuyasha would receive his second dog in about a week.

“I thought that she was meant to be a dog, not a wolf. That kind of screws up the whole werewolf idea since she probably as a white wolf knows where the fuck she is going unlike you dog breath. Even when your eyes were working I swear you were lost always running in circles so it is a good thing we are here to help mutt face.”

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes at the barb. Mirage turned back into her human form sitting on Inuyasha’s lap.

“Well he couldn’t go out without training so don’t be so hard on him Kouga. Chase is still new and his other dog won’t be here yet. Besides, you both love to hang out with him although we are all becoming crotch sniffers. If Inuyasha would just quit smelling so good then we wouldn’t have problems and his crotch would be safe.’
“In the case of these attacks though, I think you all need to rethink your theories. After all, it almost seems to me that this fiend’s idea is to go directly after Inuyasha and you dear mate. It was indeed his wife and his room they targeted and their plane as well as his glasses. I honestly believe that they are out for revenge on both of you for some reason, but they have an extreme hate for our Inuyasha even more than you Sesshoumaru.”

Kouga nodded and Sesshoumaru thought about this as his Father sat down feeling exhausted. They indeed had searched everything they could think of that might be a potential weapon, hidden weapon, and the environment around them so this was someone inside of their lives doing these things, but who was it? As much as it pained everyone the next step was to check all pack members to insure there was nothing going on within the pack itself.

“Do you really think one of our family members would be involved?”

Inuyasha thought as he looked at Kouga thinking the same thing. Who else could it be?

“No, I don’t think so. I just can’t imagine one of our own turning on us.”

Sesshoumaru stated writing it off completely. He knew his pack and they were as tight as you could have a family be. Everyone looked out for everyone. No, this was something from the past and they were watching their every move. It had to be some leftovers from Naraku that they just missed. The whole situation stunk of Naraku.

“Why do you think that they are directly after me more than the others Mirage? We all had a part in defeating Naraku. If he wanted revenge he would go after every single one of us, not just specific pack members. Naraku is more of a genocidal type of personality. He likes mass murder and relishes it when others do the dirty work for him.”

Inuyasha stated and Mirage once again answered.

“It could be the ears, I mean they are great antennas and you might be disrupting his TV time. I highly doubt that though.’
“I think it is because we are blood tied. We would know if it was one of us and I believe it could be something outside that is watching just waiting for a chance to find us alone. I believe it would be best that no one is alone at any time. I know it sounds kind of rough for you guys who are so independent, but………..”

Sesshoumaru and Kouga watched Inuyasha carry Mirage in his arms ready to leave.

“I am all for this plan. I think it will work. Let’s go start the orgy.”

Inuyasha stated as Mirage looked at him like he lost his fricking marbles.

“I am not doing that Inuyasha you silly pervert. I already told you that Kagome and I do not swing that way even if you three do. We agreed you crazy horney males could share us females, but I think you are asking a bit much of us girls. We do not have orgies like you want them.”

Touga raised his hand.

“I do. I like the plan and I think you are all too tight laced lately. I plan on attacking all my mates very soon for an all out orgy of monumental proportions since I have been forced into this hunt to protect my children. I have needs too though you know.’
“No one will be alone especially naked and in bed. We will be most vulnerable then so no one should leave their rooms for at least five hours. It is a great plan. In fact Blades will be here any minute to escort you all out of this building when you are ready to go. You won’t see him, but he will be there. Sneaky ninja bastard thinks he can hide from me, well I will show him. My mate will not hide from his Alpha or I will kung fu his little ass into the next dimension. Scales and I have about had it with him. Heaven help Blades if Midoriko or Luna gets a hold of him. I would also hate to see Izayoi throw a hellion tantrum at him for what he did.”

Sesshoumaru wondered why Uncle Blades was in trouble with everyone.

“Blades is usually the quiet one so what is the problem?”

Touga sighed.

“He has been holding out on us. Saying he is too busy and then teasing us like it is fair. He isn’t supposed to take showers without us and he had the nerve to get dressed in front of Scales just as he was getting ready to get it on. What kind of a bastard mate teases people like that? If he wanted some alone time he could have just said so, but not my Blondie of the Blades. He has to try to hide with his sneaky ninja self and try to pull a fast one on us all. We will just see how long that lasts.”

Inuyasha was already gone with Mirage so slowly getting up Sesshoumaru followed.

“Kouga, I believe you can take care of things for a while. I am retiring for a bit. You have Kagome this week right?”

Kouga nodded and he was indeed too tired to join his mates. He really needed his own female even though sharing wasn’t bad.

“Blades, get off the ceiling you chameleon.”

Touga roared at his mate as suddenly what appeared to be only part of the white ceiling flipped down to the floor. Kouga hated it when Blades would do that. It freaked him out.

“So, you knew. Well next time I will do better.”

Blades stated in his soft voice as he transformed back into the celestial he was. The long golden hair flowed down his back in waves and of course he looked stunning.

“Did you find out anything or have you just been creeping around here?”

Arterious knew that he was in deep shit with his mates, but he had an excuse. Blades was not about to let his mate torment him just yet. He needed to avoid them to see if any of the family was perhaps being coerced into giving up information to the terrorists.

“I was indeed searching for our foe, but I had to insure that none of you were being tricked into telling some spy any information that may seem a weakness to our family.”

Touga sighed. He couldn’t argue with that. It was one of the most intelligent things that Blades had brought to his attention.

At that moment however Scales slipped behind Blades emerging from a dark corner like a ghost. It was amazing how in ninja mode he could hide his scent. Putting his arms around Blades, the celestial almost jumped at the contact.

“Scales, I didn’t know you were right there.”

Scales was wearing blood red leather jeans and a matching vest. His steel toe black boots just made him look cooler. Touga licked his lips at his mate. Scales really didn’t have to wear anything at all, but this was nice.

“Trying to take credit for my idea Arterious?”

Blades stammered as he tried to pull Scales off of him with no luck. His white ninja gear looked a bit outdated next to Scales, but he did look awful cute blushing like he was.

“Uh…no….I was just……just trying to explain my disappearance that is all Marcus. I mean…well you know what I mean.”

Touga rounded in front of Blades kissing those pouting lips.

“You are in trouble my beautiful Arterious, but I forgive you. So since your work is done we have other things I would like to do and you are not teasing us anymore.”

Robby rushed in through the window looking pissed off.

“His work ain’t done Touga. He took off an hour ago before he forgot what he learned which was nothing, but he still didn’t want to forget it. You are such a dim wit some days Blades. I think we should just call you Blondie ya blasted air head.’
“I am not going to give him a break either since the bastard has been avoiding us. Why should I give up anything to any of you especially Blades when he has been holding out on all of us showing off like a jerk. Let him suffer like I am.”

Scales let out a laugh. Blades shuffled his feet looking at the ground like a little kid who was in trouble.

“Really Horus, I have not been teasing anyone. It is not a crime to take a shower alone or dress myself. I am not a baby and I do not always want to be manhandled. Just because you had another fight with Midoriko doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me.”

Robby looked at Blades like he was asking for a beating.

“You are too a damn tease bending over in front of us and walking around naked after your shower. Besides I don’t fight with my woman, she does what I tell her to do and she better tell me about that damn night that the women went out to that Thunder from Down Under show in Las Vegas. I just know she is giving out something even if it ain’t information.”

Scales looked at Robby like he lost his marbles. Why did he care what the women did as long as they came back home?

“You really need to take valium or something Horus before you explode in a bunch of feathers and dog hair. Midoriko has been with you for how many years now? Perhaps you bore her and she needs a bit of eye candy to bring the spark back.”

Horus wanted to strangle Marcus right then. Touga held them both back as Arterious took off while he could. His damn ass was sore and he needed a break damn it. He just didn’t have the words to say it worrying he might hurt his mate’s feelings.

“Come now, no one is bored, but now we have to go after Blades again. I wonder what the hell has got into him. He is usually the peaceful one whom I can count on, now I can never find him unless I scent him out.”

Marcus nodded and took off to find Arterious. If anyone could find out what was wrong with the bird brain it was Scales. Blades just had to be overly sensitive now of all times after years of being apart. It wasn’t right.

“Do you think it was us that made him run?”

Touga asked Robby who looked like he could care less.

“No, but my bitch of a wife will be running around in wolf form until she agrees with me and stops trying to shoot me with purified arrows when she is the one who is wrong.”

Touga growled at Robby.

“Look Horus, you can’t just keep turning my female into a wolf whenever you two argue and no I am not allowing her to pin you to another tree. I swear you two need a marriage councilor. I cannot leave you both alone for five seconds.”

Horus pouted and looked at Touga like he was being mean.

“Damn, don’t get your panties in a twist. I will turn her back even if the bitch deserves to stay like she is for a good damn month. I am not boring and I don’t want her out looking at men even if it is only their shirts coming off. Who knows what those bastards are thinking. I should just go kick their asses.”

Touga laughed a bit.

“No you don’t Robby and you are right. You are not boring by any means. Just let me straighten this out and know if you don’t want her looking then you better stop salivating every time you see an attractive person walk by. We all do it.”

Horus frowned.

“It doesn’t mean I have to like my woman doing it or any of our mates. I don’t even like you doing it. Maybe Inuyasha is lucky to be blind so he can enjoy what he has. I swear I want to poke our eyes out in this world. Your son did too well in filling up this planet. Too much eye candy and it ain’t right I tell ya. We are going to be shot or struck by lightning if we keep this shit up.”

Touga sighed.

“Horus, we will be leaving as soon as we find the culprit to these attacks. I will not have our children’s lives in danger and really that comment about Inuyasha is rather crude. His eyes will never heal just like our Arterious will never bear children of his own. It is a tragedy since we never seem to appreciate the gifts we are given until they are taken away.”

Robby pat Touga on the back.

“You know I didn’t mean anything by that. I just want my Midoriko to quit blasting me with those arrows every time I try to ask her something she don’t want to answer. If she would just answer the fucking question I wouldn’t have problems. Why are women so damn stubborn?”

Touga laughed.

“That is the question men have asked since the beginning of time. I doubt we will ever get a straight answer to that one.”

At that the two men left to go find Arterious who had to be sulking somewhere. If Marcus couldn’t find Blades, then no one could. Still, Robby and Touga hoped they could get him out of hiding before he got home and all of them raped him for being such a tease. The bastard had it coming if he didn’t open his damn mouth and just tell them what was wrong.

Arterious slid out from the corner of the wall glad no one caught onto him. No one was in the room anymore except for Kouga. Kouga wouldn’t see him slip up to the room with some ointment he got from the demon doctor. He would hide in the room and hope his hemorrhoids would heal quicker than his mates could find him.

It was rough being a celestial that couldn’t purify demon hemorrhoids and it was all his mates fault. This was so damn embarrassing too. How the hell was he going to explain this without the men teasing him mercilessly? Blades wanted to sob at the injustice of it all, but chose instead to blend into the environment until this was over with.

Scales found Blades later that day and there was an argument until he found the ointment. Then Scales felt a bit of pity for Blades, but not totally since this was funny as hell. Only a celestial could get demon hemorrhoids. He tried not to bust up laughing while explaining all of this to Touga and Robby. Blades didn’t have to worry about the females teasing him, but his male mates were having a hay day with this.

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