Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Hello Readers,


So all of you are aware I am now going to be writing professionally.  I will be taking away the majority of my fanfictions and making original stories out of them by changing names, situations, and giving the series I will be writing endings that I know you all want here.


I am sorry for being gone so long, but I am focusing on editing, rewriting, and changing each story systematically.  As you are aware my Love Everlasting story is no longer on this site.  I have updated it and it is on ebook for the first part of the series. 


The cover is not fantastic because it was painted by me, but the next book coming out in the series I plan on having famous artist Jay Aheer do the artwork for it.  She has done several book covers for various artists. 


I am working on the ending of Love Everlasting Series Volume 3 since I plan on only making this series a trilogy.  I will keep my stories up for a little while longer, but most are going to be gone before the end of next year. 


I am currently in college and working on my bachelor degree in English and Professional Writing.  If my books get popular enough I will be getting my Master's degree in fictional, non-fictional, and screen-play writing as well as a Master in Arts and English so I can become an editor as well as writer.  I also plan to take a short course in digital art so I can do my own covers.


I apologize for not finishing these stories for months/years, but they will be finished hopefully before the end of next year and on the shelves of readers everywhere.  I will post free arcs on this site for a few of my stories and maybe later a fanfiction or two since I love the readers on this site and the authors who have written so many great stories.  I will also keep donating to this site since it brings so much joy and inspiration to so many people. 


Thank You Everyone.


Margie Eileen Jones


You can find me on facebook or via email at or

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