Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Inuyasha was over enthusiastic that Sesshoumaru got to be human the night after his human night. It was a perfect opportunity for him to give his mate shit, but it was also a great way for Sesshoumaru to understand humans.

Sesshoumaru of course thought that notion was completely ridiculous when all he had to do to pretend to be human for a moment was to just not use his great powers, not leave the house since he would rather die than have anyone see him weak in any form, and whimper a lot.

Mirage pouted a bit at first when Inuyasha insisted he be in control of the whole situation and Kouga just sat back trying to contain his laughter coughing out bullshit every few minutes when Inuyasha stated that his life as a human on that one night wasn’t so bad.

Sesshoumaru really didn’t give a damn about being protected….at least he tried to tell himself that it was just part of being a King so it was everyone’s job to make sure that he was being watched over….not protected…just…no matter how he tried to put it the situation was most disagreeable and completely wrong in every sense of the word. How the fuck was he going to stay as an Alpha male if he couldn’t protect them all every minute of the day? It was what he had done for years and now it was like his whole world was being turned upside down for one lousy night a month.

Miroku and Sango had left with their children not wanting to be involved too much in any more of Inuyasha and Kagome’s plans. They had followed those two through thick and thin for years trying to find the jewel fragments. This would end up just like those days, with those same stupid arguments that were occurring except Shippo was being the pain getting sat every few minutes since he and Rin wanted to be directly involved. Inuyasha had enough of his children trying to but into things that happened to be adult only business with the kids trying to tell them that they were not kids. It was like telling Totosai that he wasn’t a sword smith, but a freelance butcher with a rather unique set of kitchen knives.

The young ones were sent out for errands with Bobby having to tag along with what he called the ‘shopping freaks that embarrassed him all the time with their PDA’. Bobby just wanted to be left alone with his computer games and not deal with anyone. Unfortunately, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha had taken over his space by invading the living room with their arguments so he was forced to go with the 500 year old teens that acted like they were 2 as far as he was concerned. Why couldn’t anyone including the adults ever act normal?

“Look, I can watch my husband just fine and if he gets up I will sit on him.”

Mirage stated pouting at Inuyasha who was pacing like mad.

“No way woman. You are pregnant, you were attacked, and who knows if that was the only crazy nutbar that got loose from some demon mental asylum. I will not have you in harm’s way when I can prevent it. I am going to be stronger than Sesshoumaru and Kouga on the night he is to turn human. I am also second in command here so like it or not I will be the Alpha on that night and Kouga will be my faithful watch flea bag.”

Kouga smirked.

“Ya right mutt face and who the hell is going to watch you? You can’t see the broad side of a barn let alone lead anyone dog breath.”

Inuyasha growled.

“Take that back ya wimp! I ain’t some useless moron who chases his tail when I turn into my true form. At least my tail goes away while you two are stuck with holes in your jeans for no fucking good reason.”

Kouga smiled widely.

“Huh, I thought you liked that. Oh well Sess, guess we should go back to wagging our tails around each other since Inuyasha isn’t dog enough to follow suit so no point in offending the idiot. He wants to be human if it were not for those bat boy ears on his head. They are too damn big to be dog ears.’
“Inuyasha, are you sure you ain’t part Chihuahua? I bet you could find a bogie without sonar puppy face. I mean those things are huge like flying cones that only work when they are in the upright position.”

Inuyasha started to growl.

“I’ll pull that tail of yours over your head you sorry excuse for a skinny wolf! Then we will see who has the antenna except mine won’t be an asshole pretending to be a canine.”

Sesshoumaru sighed drumming his clawed fingers on the edge of the couch in frustration. This is why he never wanted anything to change much in his home especially within his family. If he was not in control at all times crap like this would happen, not that it didn’t tend to anyway it was just harder to contain it when he was stuck as a mortal weakling.

“I sincerely thought that this was going to be an intelligent conversation about my problem, but it is apparent no such conversation can occur in this home. Do I really have to pull you two apart and spank you like children?”

Inuyasha sat down finally as Kouga chuckled a bit.

“Well puppy you don’t have to get so sore at me for a minor infraction to your character. Inuyasha, sometimes you are overly sensitive. Could it be your time of the month is coming or am I just being blasé about this whole thing?”

Kouga stated softly as Inuyasha fumed.

“You know that isn’t funny you jerk. I am not a bitch. I don’t have that time of the month like that since we seem to always be at odds when Sess isn’t in control. No offense intended Mirage, but you have no idea the chaos that this causes and you are a female dog now so you will hear us use bitch often. It is not meant to offend. You are a bitch Mirage so you might as well just get used to your nature.”

Mirage shrugged.

“That is ok; as long as I can use the term asshole I am satisfied. Since everyone has one I have no concerns about using it to the fullest extent except I am not like……well……overly happy since rainbows do color your skies my dears. There is no use in denying it. I however didn’t think chocolate was one of those colors that the rainbow so represents although it does touch the ground so I can say you are all well grounded in all that you do. May you all find your pot of gold since mine will be red come dawn if it were not for reproduction and biology.’
“I do hope that my darling Sesshoumaru was right about demons and that such things as dirt never blot your courses that I do not dare to travel upon since that might be too taboo for you. Ooops did I just fapaux in your general vicinity? I am such a bitch…Ooo…pardon moi Messieurs. I did not mean to offend as I was completely helpless to stop myself. Do continue on oh great heroes of the realm. It must be my PMS except I don’t have this ‘monthly’ problem so indeed it must just be a male thing. Carry on good Sir.”

Kouga coughed and broke out into laughter as Sesshoumaru along with Inuyasha wasn’t sure if he should laugh or be offended.

They watched as she harrumphed and get ready to depart them all with a mock bow to Inuyasha for his tactless speech impediment.

“I haven’t the foggiest clue on how to respond to that.”

Sesshoumaru stated out loud. He was shocked and amused at the same time. It was one of the most insulting, hilarious, and charmingly offensive comments he had ever heard.

“Mirage you are indeed a genius and one of the most ridiculous women I have ever had the honor of knowing. To be honest I doubt any of us really know how to top that. You are however remaining since you are a part of this plan. After all, the Alpha bitch is indeed a prestigious place in the pack. Believe me love we assholes do not mind it one bit that you have a say in all that we do.”

Mirage sat down and smiled.

“Well I will stay just as long as you all know that Bitch really means beautiful individual that causes hard-on’s. Ass just means assuming while putting your head in a hole and getting it stuck so hopefully you all will be able to climb back out of your osterage perch.”

Sesshoumaru smirked and grasped Mirage pulling her onto his lap placing a finger on her lips knowing she was going to protest.

“You are not going to tease your way out of this situation woman. I won’t be watched over by my pregnant wife no matter how far you think my head is stuck in that hole and no matter how much my mates here beg me to pull it out. I am still going to be in control of this situation. It is just a matter of adjusting to the change.”

Inuyasha sat next to Sesshoumaru once again looking his age rather than like the fifteen year old that people watched on television in the silly cartoon. He looked so much like Touga especially when he was being serious.

“Sesshoumaru, I know you better than anyone. You know that I have changed enough to take care of things and you do not have the slightest clue how miserable you will be on that one night. Every fucking emotion will come forth and you are still dealing with that shitty situation we were in. You are going to need my help more than any others.’
“Kouga you are strong, but you have no fucking idea what it is like to be human. Mirage you are learning still to be a demon and I will be damned if I let anything happen to you again if I can stop it. I won’t let Sess go through that again. Once was enough for us all.”

Inuyasha was right and they all knew it. It wasn’t funny anymore in the room.

“So does this mean I have to sleep with all of you on his human night while I rape Sesshoumaru because I have to do him as a human? I mean because we haven’t done it a lot and I really want to just to make up for lost time. We just got hitched so we are still in that honeymoon stage of our relationship plus I have to sleep according to the doctor since I have a cantaloupe growing in me. I figure I need to know this information before we go any further since I don’t want to be attacked for you know….being ‘one’ with him on the night he can’t fight back and all.”

Sesshoumaru bust up laughing as did the other two and Mirage smacked Sesshoumaru on the arm.

“Well hell Sesshoumaru you trapped and tricked me on the damn plane so I want my revenge. This may be my one and only shot. I will need ropes, jumper cables, and a trampoline. I don’t know why since the ropes should be enough with a gag, but the others just sound useful.”

Kouga was on the floor laughing holding his gut as Inuyasha couldn’t look up he was laughing too hard.

Sesshoumaru tried hard to keep a straight face.

“You want revenge for me mating you? You are a mean little bitch you know that right?”

Mirage poked Sesshoumaru in the ribs a bit.

“Hey you are the one who snuck me into the plane that was perfectly good so I couldn’t jump out of it since that is insane and told me that I become your sex slave or else. Not that I am complaining now, that would be senseless, pointless, and fact is I enjoy using your body for my own deviant purposes. Still, fact is you owe me pal. That will teach you to think you can just do shit like that and get away with it……huh……fact is you did get away with it……you really are a sneaky bastard.”

Sesshoumaru shook his head. What else could he do? He loved Mirage and Inuyasha sighed in between laughs.

“Yes he is and be glad of it. His lurking days are long gone and now that he has everything he wanted…….”

Sesshoumaru growled lowly at that.

“If I had everything I wanted little brother you could see again and many things would not have happened.”

Mirage sighed and was serious for the first time in an hour.

“Sesshoumaru, you can’t have everything you want because if life were perfect than we would learn nothing because we would assume everything was right although we never would know what right is. You could be doing horrific or good things. You would never know because you wouldn’t know good or bad. You would only see the same thing day after day. Life isn’t about perfect, good always conquers evil, and that everyone lives happily ever after. It is rough kick dirt in your face problem after problem that you have to hurdle over to get to the next thing in your future.’
“See, the past you can’t change. You ain’t supposed to anyway, you learn from it as best you can trying not to do it again although that is hard to do also. Still you do your best that is all that is asked of anyone. Then you see the present. It is already over with since we had this conversation and now we are still moving into the future.’
“Presence always was and is a state of mind, present exists only for a millisecond if that long. It is always past and future. We keep moving forward so move along move along babe. Just like the American Rejects song. We move along like I know you do and I do and everyone does. Don’t expect moments, let ‘em happen and enjoy them while you got ’em.”

Sesshoumaru and the others watched Mirage after she gave Sess a quick kiss leave the room.

“How come every time she shocks me with such intelligence she must end it all with something so wonderfully childishly ridiculous?”

Inuyasha sighed at his brother and beloved mate.

“Sess, you overcomplicate everything. You got one of your wishes. You have a female version of a mixture of me and Miroku. One minute she talks riddles, the next she actually makes some damn sense to those of us who take the time to listen.”

Kouga got up and snorted.

“Give me a break, she just stated the obvious. You fucking dwell too much on things the both of you. All she said is that we can’t change crap so we gotta deal with it. Why do you two always have to make more of things that are in front of you? I am going to bed are you coming Sess? I mean it is our night.”

Sesshoumaru nodded as he kissed Inuyasha who left to go be with Kagome. The two of them deserved some time to themselves and Sesshoumaru promised.

Mirage was waiting a bit nervous since she wasn’t sharing with the two guys, but would be sleeping in the middle of them. It felt like invasion, but apparently it was normal for packs to sometimes have five people crammed into one bedroom all crashing around each other. Their demonic sides were pack animals after all.

Sesshoumaru and Kouga got into the shower as Mirage waited in bed. She could hear the two of them and snuck a peak at them through the door. She felt like a damn peeping Tom. All there was, was a bunch of hair it seemed like. All long silver hair all over black hair. It was almost like two cousin It figures groaning since the hair covered everything else up.

Mirage smirked to herself a bit wondering if they had to use a plunger to get all that hair out of the drain. There had to be enough canine hair in there to make a sweater. She wanted to go and ask if everything was ok since Kouga whimpered for a second then everything seemed ok again. It was kind of funny hearing the canine noises rather than human sounds. The second time she peeked they were in full canine form. At that Mirage ducked into bed with a bit of water sprayed on her face from them shaking off. Trying to pretend she wasn’t looking she grasped her book and sat in bed trying to pretend she was fascinated by the ‘Art Of War’ mini books that Sesshoumaru had by his night stand.

Sesshoumaru walked in not wearing a stitch of clothing smirking at his wife who had seen more than she probably planned on seeing in her whole life. He was absolutely certain she would have a plethora of questions. Still he would wait and it wasn’t very fair of her to do this to Kouga since he could scent her. Kouga still wanted Mirage pretty badly since he had yet to find his own female.

“So how is your book?”

Mirage tried to ignore her blush.

“It is terrific. I am learning how to destroy and lead people with great mental powers of persuasion. I might just have to reread this thing, you know for future reference so I can become really good at waging war with someone just in case because it might happen.’
“So how was your shower……?”

Kouga came out naked too as Mirage tried to hide under the comforter.

“Oh…my……just looking for my reading glasses, pay me no mind!”

Mirage stated wishing to God she could close her mouth for five seconds. They were both fricking naked! Didn’t they……well Kouga……well didn’t he!!! She was mated….married for hells sakes! It was like eye candy she didn’t have to see before due to the hair, and now what was her fucking excuse? It wasn’t in the way this time!

“I don’t recall you having reading glasses dear.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he sat on the edge of the bed with a big grin with Kouga smirking a bit. It was going to take Mirage some time to get used to things.

“Should I?”

Kouga whispered as he pointed to the door. Sesshoumaru shook his head no with a rather glowering face.

“Mirage come out of there. You don’t wear reading glasses.”

Mirage fell off the bed and started to scramble to the door.

“I might have left them out in the hallway! I just got ‘em!”

Sesshoumaru grabbed his mate as she struggled only to have him look her in the eye then growl a bit.

“This had to come sometime so settle down and get into bed. No one is going to do anything more than sleep.”

Mirage sighed and almost looked a bit sad.


Climbing into bed Sesshoumaru looked at Mirage and Kouga pulled on boxers making Sess frown a bit.

Sesshoumaru had enough. Using his claws he swiped off Mirage’s cute pink PJ’s he bought her as she fought to cover herself. Unfortunately Kouga couldn’t hide the tent in his boxers which were also ripped off. Sesshoumaru slept between both his mates with his arms possessively around Mirage so she couldn’t run away. Sesshoumaru swore that Kouga had better find a female that was not a pup still or he might have to kill him. This was the last damn time he was going to rob the cradle when it came to a mate and he had thought Inuyasha was young. Mirage made Inuyasha seem like an old man in comparison.

“Um….do you think it is a bit too soon Sesshoumaru?”

Kouga growled out. He wasn’t sure with Mirage’s age that she was ready for all of this. Sesshoumaru was always in a hurry to control everything and force it to work rather than let things happen naturally.

“NO! Do not question, just go to sleep the both of you.”

Mirage sighed. This was so embarrassing. How could she sleep now? She was naked with two gorgeous well built men, not just her husband. Mirage had never done this before. It wasn’t like she didn’t know what they were doing. Mirage wasn’t that naive, but that was their private time. She figured what they did behind closed doors was between them just as her time with Sesshoumaru was between them as husband and wife. It was an odd situation and a new one. Not that Mirage would put them down, it was just she didn’t want to be a doormat either. It was only fair to have some say so in things and it felt as though there was none. Sesshoumaru owned it all.

Sesshoumaru didn’t like Mirage’s thoughts. He would change them and explain things when he was not so damn tired.

As the Alpha male, Sesshoumaru’s time with his mates was with all of them, but certain things with Kouga were complicated for the time being.

Inuyasha asked for time alone with his female. He deserved it and Sesshoumaru did owe Inuyasha much after all the hell they had been through. Inuyasha was his very first love and Sesshoumaru would provide whatever was needed for his mates including time alone with their wives. Men could not reproduce without females and therefore females were necessary although Sesshoumaru never thought of Mirage as a convenience. He deeply loved his wife even if they were still getting to know each other. Inuyasha could not give him what his wife could and Inuyasha felt the same about Kagome. Kouga and Inuyasha would go to hell for that woman. There was a communication and connection with all of his mates that Sesshoumaru would not sever although he had come very close to it when he almost lost his wife.

Sesshoumaru would have preferred that it be Inuyasha in here with him only because Inuyasha was easier to convince to do what he asked of him. Kouga tended lately to be rather lax about some things he should not be so relaxed about. Kouga needed to find a female or he was going to have a headache for a lifetime. His demon would choose for him and then they all would be stuck with some bitch that annoyed the fuck out of them all. Kagome could not be Kouga’s end all since Inuyasha had been with Kagome much longer than Kouga. Sharing a female was obviously trouble and no good was coming from it. Sango was not going to go through the same shit either. It was better that Kouga find his own on his own although Sesshoumaru was tempted to get one for him if Kouga didn’t decide soon.

With a stern growl and a bit of demon magic soon Mirage fell into slumber as did Kouga with Sesshoumaru wondering how long things would take before he would have everyone adjusted to these changes in the pack. Modern times complicated things and if this were the Feudal Times no one would question the sleeping arrangements. Why did society have to make life so damn difficult for demons and why the hell did humans have to make up so many stupid rules? A demon did not follow under human law or human morals. Who were they to make up such things when they broke half of their own moral laws, values, and other such things on a constant basis? Sesshoumaru found he was a Saint in comparison to what many humans did to one another not to mention what they did to helpless animals.

It was ridiculous for Mirage to feel such embarrassment at something so natural that was part of his culture. He would have to weed whatever foolish things she was taught out of her mind.

Sesshoumaru mated his woman for life as well as his other mates. There were no comparisons between them. If he wanted Kagome or Sango he could have them at any time. It was his right as Alpha. He could have any of them whenever he wanted them, but Mirage was always to be his first just as Inuyasha was favored above all others. It was his heritage and it was high time Mirage was taught the ways of his people. An Alpha Lord could have a whole harem of women and men on a whim if they so chose to do so.

It was a good thing Sesshoumaru wasn’t like his Grandfathers before him. Sesshoumaru heard from his Father all about his Grandparents and if that wasn’t enough to scar him for life than nothing else would.

Running his fingers over the black hair that floated over his shoulders Sesshoumaru was tempted to give Kouga a bloody nose for the hell he was putting him through. It was a damn good thing he loved the wolf.

Looking down at Mirage she was so very upset about her PJ’s. He would have to buy her a new pair. He didn’t feel like mending them right now.

“Little wife what am I going to do with you?”

Nuzzling Mirage in his arms Sesshoumaru finally fell asleep praying that maybe his human time would not be so bad. Sesshoumaru could not imagine being the one without power. That already happened and it frightened him more than anything in the world. If he couldn’t protect his pack…..the nightmares came no matter how he tried to sleep. By morning he figured the old saying must be true. ‘No sleep for the wicked’. With that thought in mind he figured he must be the wickedest man on earth.

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