Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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The group found the trailblazer at the bottom of a cliff completely crushed. However the little ones were fine. The car seats and their demon nature saved them. Inuyasha still could not be consoled. He felt useless as Sesshoumaru stayed by him afraid Inuyasha might do something foolish again like go out on his own to find these vile foes.

The vehicle was towed and of course the family had to wait for the damn reporters to leave. It was considered another terrorist action against the Tashio’s as the demon medics looked over Kagome, the children, and even Inuyasha who grumbled he was fucking fine.

Kouga was furious and was out with Mirage in their wolf forms hunting for any scents that might lead them to the person or persons who did this. There were footprints, pictures were taken, and the whole family was searching to see what they could find. Mirage and Kouga circled the top of the cliff a few times sniffing out the foot prints that ended and a set of dirt bike tracks left off. Running in the direction of the tracks they ended at the road where they found two bikes burnt. Transforming Kouga and Mirage sighed.

“They are covering their tracks. It looks like they took off in two different vehicles in two different directions after that. It smells human, but it is such a light scent that it was even hard for me to detect them. They are using something that makes them smell like the environment, almost like the forest itself. I swear it is the smell of old dirt I am scenting rather than the scent of human.”

Kouga stated.

“It stinks like death. Smells like grave yard rotting corpse to me, but it ain’t that strong. The scent is kind of like dirt mixed with a small amount of formaldehyde in biology class when we were dissecting stuff.”

Kouga nodded.

“I have smelled dead humans before Mirage a long time ago, but nothing like this. It is like they are almost clean.”

When Mirage and Kouga returned to the others the police had uncovered two dead bodies that had been stolen from the local morgue. They were both still fairly fresh and both human.

“It looks like they were dragged down here Lord Tashio.”

Stated the police officer who noticed the tire tracks and that the bodies that seemed to be breathing although there was no life in them. Suddenly two large spiders popped out of their skulls and the bodies no longer moved as several more started climbing out of the dead flesh from different areas where they had been living.

Sesshoumaru made everyone get back while the police, as futile as it was shot at the spiders as they started to attack. There was no chance in hell that was going to work. Sesshoumaru looked at these things as they devoured the bodies and killed the officers. He couldn’t stop them although he used his light whip to at least remove a few. It was like they had armor.

“Kagome can you try to purify them?”

Kagome walked forward and suddenly the spiders stopped and looked at her as her forehead glowed.

“I can do better than that. I am going to communicate with them.”

The spiders stopped their attack looking up at the Queen. She stood for several minutes and as she walked back they stopped their feast starting to build a new nest for themselves until the problem was solved. They would now not attack humans.

“They are the left over remnants of Naraku’s reign when their Queen was taken and nature was disrupted by the male. Naraku is the first of the male spider species to attack a Queen and take the power to create his own offspring.’
“They have a new master now, but it is a human who is trying to purify the lower demons. He is in control of their nesting site that is why they attacked. Most of these like us have lived in peace amongst the humans until now. Many of these creatures are being manipulated and placed into dead human bodies that are being reanimated.’
“I am to temporarily be their Queen. These demons are being brainwashed and as soon as the spell is done they are lost many dying out here with the bodies. Apparently he isn’t the only one running things. We have a whole group of priests, voodoo Queens and Priests, and witches that are after us. All of these beings are human. They call themselves the Coven of Light trying to eradicate all demons from the earth. There are many and so although these could perhaps show us to one, most likely he has already taken his life. They are to kill then disappear to insure the secrecy of this organization.”

Sesshoumaru sat back against the rock not believing it.

“Humans are doing this? Fools, they just are asking for me to kill them if this is indeed true. Unfortunately Kagome, as much as I love you as family I do not believe a bunch of low level vermin. Last time I did that Naraku grew in power. I doubt one measly little human is the cause of all of this. I am sure it has to do with Naraku and some damn fad with the younger demons that can’t stand being lower level to our kind. They know us too damn well and humans tend to ignore us not believing in us anyway.”

The spiders formed into a shape of a man as the Master of the Spiders bowed before the King of Demons.

“You are of course correct. However our Queen is also correct. If you will please remove this demandable seal the blasted priest placed on me so I will not attack again I would be most appreciative my Lord.”

The spider demon’s neck had a brace on it and it was glowing bright red as he gritted his teeth trying to fight it.

“Why so you can run away and lie to me again?”

Sesshoumaru snarled as he ripped the infernal thing off burning his hand a bit, but not giving a damn. The poison didn’t even affect him, but the spider fell over as he tried to breathe and heal since the spikes in the seal had be ground into his neck.

“Thank you.”

Kouga looked at the idiot on the ground. He still had on armor from the Feudal time with long purple hair flowing around him. His eyes were red like Naraku’s but were not filled with malice.

Kagome looked at the young man. He was handsome enough, but why would he lie to her? That pissed her off.

“I have been confined for over 400 years with that device thrown upon me just last year during my time to hibernate. Being a trap door spider I thought I would not have to tolerate anyone, but your world has changed my King. I had been burrowing about the questionable lower portions of these lands trying to get back to the forests where I belonged.”

Sesshoumaru nodded although he did not like this spider one bit. It was a moron to get collared like a foolish child rather than fighting his way free or at least dying with honor.

Suddenly the hair of the young trap door spider demon changed after the collar was removed to a soft dusky brown and his face resembled that of a 16 year old boy in heavy armor.

“You are a half demon.”

Kouga stated softly as he looked at the boy.

“Yes, don’t rub it in Wolf Prince. I know how you full demons feel about our kind although I know Lord Inuyasha changed that for many of us. He is our Lord and hero. Most of us hanyou feel thus.’
“My name is Hallow. The priest was a human he caught me at a bad time of the month trying to force me to be his acolyte since I was pretty for a human. I tried to escape, but he threw me in some cage when I turned into my truest form then he threw that thing on me. I had been running the tunnels as I said not ever seeing much of the light of day. No real need. So of course the one day I decide I am sick of grubs and the garbage below to go hunt for something worthwhile I forgot that it was my weak time only to get my ass caught by a damn human demon hater.”

Inuyasha nodded, he knew how that went.

Sesshoumaru smirked a bit. That was typical. Half demons never seemed to have any preservation for their own damn lives.

“There are more trapped by this crazy jerk. Most of them are half demons like me that he uses magic on to make us do the unthinkable. The voodoo priests and their Queen force us to drink their potions to try to remove the demons from us. It rips our molecules down to the basest part of our youkai and turns us practically inside out.’
“As for me the sick old demon in charge wants to keep me around unlike many of the others so he had been consistently trying to push the demon out of me using other humans who hate us. He wanted to make me ‘pure’ so he could unpurify me in other ways.”

Hallow stated as he growled trying not to think about that sick fuck he would rip apart later. As the poison left his body slowly once again his hair turned purple. It was amusing and Kouga was wondering how he did that.

“Hey, so why do you keep changing colors?”

Kouga stated as Hallow got up from the ground dusting his armor off.

“I am part trap door spider and part human. My body is just trying to readjust since part of it is still pushing out the purification crap they shoved down my throat. My hair is naturally dark purple and my eyes blood red except for that one time of the month like all the others.”

Sesshoumaru regarded Hallow trying to see if he was lying, he couldn’t feel anything coming off of him that indicated he was lying. After the seal was removed he seemed in fact rather harmless. Still Sesshoumaru would keep an eye on him and find out more.

“Little spider you will come and show us where these others are kept after you bathe as well as dress for this era. It is apparent you have been out of things long enough. Besides, you reek of those nasty dead mortals.”

Hallow smelled himself and agreed he didn’t smell too great.

“So where is the pond you want me to go wash in?”

Kouga laughed and Inuyasha sighed.

“Look kid, you will come with me. Since I am your Lord I guess I am responsible for your ass.”

Inuyasha stated as Hallow suddenly recognized the King of Hanyous. Bowing low before his Lord it was strange because Inuyasha stated nothing. Then Hallow finally looked up at his mentor and hero. He was blind……..Inuyasha had been purified in the worst of ways and here he was complaining about his problems. It was unacceptable.

“My Lord, I am sorry for my whimpering. I see that you have suffered more than I.”

Inuyasha shook his head.

“Let me guess you are on the ground bowing like I am my brother. Get your ass up and follow. I don’t like groveling since it is something Sesshoumaru lives for. I am not that vain and I prefer blunt so just be your damn self unless you want me to beat it out of you.”

Hallow got up and smirked. Inuyasha was exactly like he was told in the legends. Even without his eyesight he was crude, proud, and very cool.

“What do you mean by that mate? Are you trying to call me names again Inuyasha? Don’t hurt yourself since I know that takes a lot of concentration on your part puppy.”

Sesshoumaru stated with a smirk as Inuyasha swatted him. Kouga kept pace with the spider curious on how he was so out of it since he had been living in the dark ages all these years. Hallow explained that since he was an underground being like most of the others who were captured that they rarely came to the surface so why would they change? This was the life they had always known.

“Man you are going to love modern technology. Dude, I am going to show you everything. Forget about mutt face. He is my mate and he has the patience of a wet mop. I can show you so many things that are much cooler than some dog could.”

Inuyasha growled at Kouga.

“Ya right you wimpy wolf. You couldn’t change a light bulb without help let alone get your own damn female so you will let me have mine for a while. Don’t listen to that wolf Hallow, he is an asshole. I should know I have been mated to him for more years then is sanely allowed.”

Kouga smirked as he kept going since this did get Inuyasha out of his stress since he was still worried about his family and the fact he couldn’t protect them. It really hurt his pride as a man and would make any demon feel depressed.

“Well at least I didn’t go around flying through the air wearing red so that the whole damn world could see me trying to attract trouble puppy breath. Besides, you would probably love wearing one of those seals since I know you miss that collar of yours that Shippo is now sporting. It was so…….you.’
“At least for a half demon Hallow knows to wear brown to fit in unlike you dogs who seem to have to show off where ever you go. I wore fur and blended in like I was supposed to. Like a real canine. I am not like some fluffy silver haired people I know who wanted to be all fancy.’
“You know that neutrals are in Sess and you ain’t supposed to wear white after Labor Day.”

With that Inuyasha tackled Kouga with Kagome looking at Sesshoumaru who joined in nodding for her to continue on with Hallow.


Kagome stated as she shook her head at the three men who were in a huge dog pile with hair flying everywhere as they wrestled on the ground. Hallow smiled a bit wishing he was more like that, but his kind rarely were around people at all.

Hallow was lead to the family hot springs where he was left with soap a towel and Lee Kouga’s son who looked at the spider in distrust. Lee didn’t like this guy right away. He heard enough about Naraku to hate the guy and the only spider demon he loved was his Mom who was only part spider like the rest of his family.

Naraku was a recluse, not a common demon wolf spider like this kid who looked rather confused at the soap as he smelled it unsure how this would work over the natural rocks, dirt, and roots he used to wash himself normally.

Lee was in his swim trunks, but of course Hallow had nothing like that although a pair were left out for him. Hallow was to bathe not go swimming or relax.

“Spider that is soap, you rub it on your skin. What are you from the dark ages? You look like you have never seen a damn bar of soap before.”

Hollow looked at the wolf who rolled his eyes at him.

“My Lord, my name is Hallow and no I have not seen a bar of this ‘soap’ before. I live under the earth not above it like my cousins. I am one of the last of my kind as far as I know.”

Lee watched as the young wolf spider undressed. He was a damn skinny short little thing for being almost 450 years old. Naraku was supposedly well built and tall. However he took over a two different human’s bodies.

Hallow took everything off lowering himself into the spring washing himself clean.

“What the fuck have you been eating? I can almost see your damn ribs.”

Lee stated in disgust as he eyed the pale boy.

“Grubs mostly and some other natural underground prey. I pretty much just feasted until winter then hibernated over the cold seasons. It is too noisy above ground so I didn’t hunt the animals I usually do and I don’t like people much.’
“I felt pretty good with things as they were until I was trapped by that human priest who made me basically vomit everything I ate trying to purify me to death so I would be a human for good. I couldn’t eat what he tried to force down my throat which was basically some kind of vegetation mixed in water. Most of the others are as bad off as I am except the few herbivore hanyous who stayed somewhat healthy although even for them it is difficult to eat when you are being forced to be something you are not.’
“I do not like human prey, but when you are starving to death I just ate what I could to keep from dying. Corpses are the worst, but beggars can’t be choosers when we are forced out in our basest state not really in control of what we feed on. Many are much more feral than I am due to lack of sustenance.”

Lee snorted.

“Well you can’t live underground anymore so you might as well get used to the noise. Not even we wolves really live in dens anymore. You also need to eat real damn food and no humans. We don’t even do that anymore.”

Hallow shook his head no.

“I am planning on asking King Inuyasha to help get rid of the threat so I can go back to my home. My parents left me my underground home and I am content there. I don’t like it up here at all. I like my webs and my warm dark tunnels. It is too bright up here. It hurts my eyes and the smells give me a headache.”

Lee shook his head at the comment that Inuyasha was King. Sure his other Father was royalty, but Sesshoumaru was King.

“I think you had your head hit a few times too hard kid. King Sesshoumaru is our ruler. Inuyasha may be our Lord as well as my Dad Kouga, but Inuyasha is not King. Plus no one is going to let all of you hanyous just hide underground for the rest of your lives. Not even Inuyasha. The Lords will tell you what is best for you and it is best you just listen to all of them. Better that then being chopped up.”

Hallow smiled.

“I think you are wrong about King Inuyasha’s opinion of us. Inuyasha is King of Hanyous. I am a hanyou and my kind all feel the same way. We follow Inuyasha and respect the Demon King’s laws. However, Lord Inuyasha is our ruler not Lord Sesshoumaru. No self respecting half demon would claim a full demon as their ruler when they hunted and killed our kind like we were garbage.’
“Lord Inuyasha showed that we have worth and many of our kind practically worship him. That is why we fight so hard to keep our demon and human selves both so we can someday become worthy enough of him.”

Lee was shocked. He never thought of things that way. He was raised that even hanyous were to follow Sesshoumaru.

“I am not sure how he feels about that kid. Our King may not approve.”

Hallow sighed.

“It is up to Lord Inuyasha to lead us. No one else truly understands us. You are not a hanyou. You do not have to suffer our plight. How can a demon understand something that he will never be? As honorable and noble as Lord Sesshoumaru is he will never fully accept all of us. He is a demon. We all know how demons treat people like me. Lord Inuyasha made us worthy again and so we will die for him if asked which is why I am surprised I am still breathing. He should have killed me for my part in this assassination attempt that was thrust upon me by a collar similar to what he had to suffer under my Queen. Even she has less respect from me than I have to my King. King Inuyasha understands us and is the only one who will. Humans and demons will always try to control us or kill us. We are never fully accepted except by our own kind. I will not follow another and you are not going to make thousands of hanyous who worship Inuyasha change their minds. They will put themselves to death in shame first.”

Hallow looked away from Lee who felt a bit sorry for the guy since things were not like that anymore. He would learn though.

“How many of your are there that live like this?”

Hallow shrugged.

“Underground? Thousands. We meet in a big cavern every so many moons. Most of us are cave dwellers or ones who had to hide or be killed by our own kin. Demons do not like mistakes. Others came from an island that is hidden in a deep mist. Some are from the water. All of them are hanyous.’
“The priest has only one demon and he is always chained up cursing us. Another under grounder except he has been hunting us and ritually slaughters us one at a time. We exterminated most of his kind, but there are always a few stragglers. We will not shame our King by allowing hanyous to be exterminated from the earth when he survived and was stronger than us all. We live to be like him and many call him big brother although I am not worthy of such an honor. I do not have enough battles under my belt to show for much.”

Lee wondered if that island was the one that Inuyasha mentioned where he left a ton of half demon whelps.

“Well let me help you wash that hair of yours and then we will go get food. Real food and then you can talk to your ‘King’ although knowing Inuyasha he will want to smack you around for calling him that. He isn’t into the whole royal thing that much. That is usually left up to my Father and Sesshoumaru.”

The spider backed away in fear as Lee approached him to wash his hair. He did not have anyone touch him.

“I can do it on my own thank you.”

Lee smirked at the hanyou cowering in the corner.

“I am not going to bite you kid, I just don’t think you know how to use the shampoo and I don’t want soap in your eyes. It will fucking sting. Let me show you first on me if you don’t want me touching you. I really didn’t want to anyway. I was just trying to be friendly.”

Hallow sighed relieved that he wasn’t going to be touched. His Mother and Father never really touched him much. Spiders didn’t tend to like being touched especially shy ones like his kind.

“Ok, you just get a little bit in your hand. Here I will squeeze some in your hand, but don’t do shit with it. Not until you watch me then you do it.”

Hallow nodded as the slimy substance was placed in his hand then he watched Lee wash his hair. Then Hallow did the same except he didn’t have enough soap for all of his hair so Lee gave him more.

“Now dunk your whole body under the water and scrub it out. If it ain’t all out it will get in your eyes so stay under there until it is out.”

Hallow hated going underwater. In fact he was terrified of it.

“I don’t do underwater. Is there another way?”

Lee saw the panic in the kid’s eyes.

“Fine, but I am going to have to fucking touch you to do this so which is it? You want me to touch you or you want to dunk?”

Hallow guessed that he would rather suffer being touched then having to drown himself.

“Ok, you touch me, but not long ok.”

Lee sighed as he dunked himself then came over to Hallow and forced him to relax. Than Lee made him lie back a bit so he could rinse his hair without getting water in his eyes. Hallow was afraid that Lee might attack or do something horrible. Most demons would, but was shocked that he was not hurting him with those deadly claws. It almost felt nice, but Hallow didn’t want to get himself into a false sense of security. Demons were deadly to his kind and deep down loathed them. It was what his parents told him and what he dealt with on his own for years until he met others like himself who suffered the same fates. They formed small packs and protected their small territories and each other since they had different human nights.

The little spider’s hair was like spun dark violet silk and very soft with a nice smell to it now that it was clean. Actually now that the spider was clean he was indeed quite pretty for a boy. His pale skin seemed to glow a bit and his big red eyes were like a child’s full of innocence. This kid had been sheltered underground filled with lies for much too long.

“Ok I am done.”

Lee stated as he got out and handed Hallow a towel. Lee still frowned at the young hanyou. Not much muscle and so very thin. Other than the little bit of chubbiness to his cheeks he was a walking wraith.

“I don’t know if we will have anything that will fit you.”

Hallow shrugged looking at his armor as he went to wash it. Lee stopped him.

“You can’t wear that here. Do you want people staring at you? You will have our whole family staring at you all fucking day and night. You gotta fit in plus after being under that spell this stuff has got to go.”

Hallow grasped his armor to his body.

“No, Father gave me these. I will wash them and ignore the stares. This is my only clothing and I wear it in honor of my family.”

Lee sighed.

“Fine you can keep it, but it has to be cleaned by someone else and you have to fit in for now. Trust me I ain’t your normal demon. In fact no one here of the Tashio clan is normal by anyone’s standards. Try explaining to buddies why you ain’t pissed off because you have three hot dads and two hot moms. Hot meaning gorgeous especially Sesshoumaru if he would ever give me a fucking shot at him. We ain’t like tied like I am to my Dad so I don’t get it. Alphas are usually not as loyal in the Inu family so I don’t get what his beef is.”

Hallow was embarrassed.

“I cannot just go in a towel. It would be unsuitable.”

Lee motioned to the shorts which fell off Hallow four times before they both gave up. Lee ran to go get a set of sweats from one of his kids telling Hallow to stay after stealing his armor to insure that he didn’t move.

“Great that wolf probably will burn my armor and I am too weak to fight him. What would my clan members say about me? Just another fucking weak hanyou.”

Hallow stated angrily as suddenly Inuyasha was there with Kouga.

“If they said that I would have to kill them.”

Inuyasha stated as he looked down at Hallow although he couldn’t see him. Kouga shook his head at the boy. Poor little pup was very undernourished. He needed fattening up and soon.

“Hallow, Inuyasha is going to feel your body, but not to be perverted although in truth he is the pervert of our family not Miroku so watch your ass.”

Inuyasha snorted at the wolf before whacking him on the but.

“Shut up mate or you may not get any from me ever again you asshole. Don’t listen to the flea bag I don’t bite and I ain’t a perv especially with kids.”

Hallow felt nervous. What would Inuyasha think of him; still he would not defy an order from his King so he would try to stay still even if it sucked.

“You say others are trapped like you. Are they in your same condition son?”

Inuyasha asked of the boy who was trying not to cry since he had waited years to meet the powerful Inuyasha and be worthy. He never wanted to be reduced to this state in front of such a noble person.


Hallow stated softly then suddenly he was hugged by the hanyou who then caressed his hair gently.

“Don’t worry kid. I will save them with my mates. Your suffering is not going to go unpunished and we will gather the others to correct them. I am your ruler kid, but demons have changed and my brother is your King. He will temporarily accept your ways, but I am his beta. You bow to my brother before you bow to me or Kouga. I order this of all of you although I understand why you choose to do as you have done. I am indeed the hanyou King. It was proclaimed long ago after my birth so no matter what this wimpy wolf’s brat says you are right in that much.”

Hallow fell to his knees kissing his Lord’s hands and waiting for him to tell Hallow to rise. Kouga was shocked when Inuyasha nodded to the kid and didn’t stop him from bowing. Apparently Inuyasha had grown up quite a bit.

“After we get you fed kid we will need you to help us find the location of these freaks before they hurt someone else in our family. I am hoping this is the only cult.”

Lee came back with the sweats seeing Hallow on the ground slowly getting up without Inuyasha yelling his head off about it. It seemed unnatural, but perhaps Inuyasha only gave privilege to family. He had not ever seen him amongst his own kind outside of the family.

“Here are some clothes. I figure we will have to scower the camp for shoes that will fit.”

Hallow pulled the sweats on and they fell off too. He was about to curse it all when Lee much to Kouga’s amusement pulled the string on them to tie them so they wouldn’t fall again before he also started to curse. After the sweatshirt was thrown on the kid looked like he had been eaten by a blueberry since everything was basically hanging on him.

A bunch of females came forward with different shoes and some socks. Hallow never had expected such kindness as demons, humans, and hanyous seemed to suddenly surround him curious about him as they sniffed him out. Children ended up all over him and he wasn’t sure what to say.

“This is just the wolf pack’s way. You will get used to it. Half these humans are hanyou and you are going to get babied since your story went around the damn camp four times. Now every woman will be treating you like you are two damn years old like they do to the rest of us.”

Kouga smacked his kid on the back of the head.

“Be nice Lee. He deserves to have some fucking kindness after all he has been through unlike you who has still yet to find a fucking female and male to mate rather than just give me a ton of bastards not that I don’t love them. It is just they never come to visit often cause you choose to fuck around with whatever is available. Maybe when you settle down we will quit treating you like a child.”

Lee shrugged with a smirk on his face.

“Sorry Dad, but I am attracted to so many people and I can’t mate them all.”

Lee stated while eyeballing Inuyasha then Sesshoumaru when he arrived.

“Besides, you won’t share them Dad.”

Inuyasha snarled.

“Are you eyeballing me again Lee? Get your pervert mind back in your head you damn pain. I am not going to mess with a kid and neither is Sesshoumaru so get over it. You are a baby to us and you are trying to gross me out every damn time you do that. I am not a fucking cradle robber unlike my two mates the bastards.”

Sesshoumaru smirked as did Kouga.

“Well Inuyasha, you were just too damn tempting and we couldn’t wait forever for you to grow up. We knew that might take the rest of our lives.”

Kouga stated as he led Lee away from the others.

“Lee, you will take Hallow under your wing and help him fit in. No arguments either. Make him feel welcome and do not push too much new shit on him too fast. It is obvious this poor boy and the others have been living in a different time frame for who knows how long. They are not going to adjust overnight and do not ever tell Hallow that Inuyasha is not his King again. Inuyasha is his King. We never talked about this to you because you and Shippo both piss us off too much to let you in on all the secrets of ruling our people. Only another hanyou will work in keeping the peace with our hanyou population. There has been too many years of prejudice for them to fully trust us still so you will have to earn this boy’s trust since he probably thinks once he lets his guard down you will kill him.”

Lee snorted.

“I wouldn’t do that. I don’t even want to touch him. I just was helping since he is an idiot and I didn’t want him to think I was a total ass.”

Kouga sighed as he pushed his son back over to Hallow. Lee had to someday grow up. Kouga figured that Shippo and Lee were trying to make them all into overbearing asshole Fathers. It was time for Lee to settle down and Kouga was to the point he didn’t care who he settled down with as long as it was done. Taking care of Hallow may be good experience for the pup since he never had anyone depend on him or had the feeling to protect someone. It was a frustrating lesson, but packs like the wolves always had the protective feelings by instinct. Whatever took Sess that long had to be just because the damn idiot was dropped on his head too many times as a child. Canines were born protectors and that poor hanyou kid needed one even if the fool thought he could make it on his own.

Lee escorted Hallow to the tables where they were both given a plate of fresh cooked sausages, eggs, and buttermilk pancakes. Hallow smelled the food. It smelled really good, but he wasn’t sure about the flavors and waited for the other men to sit with them other than Miroku who was flipping pancakes into the air for the little ones. Saying a silent prayer his human Mother taught him Hallow ate the delicious food except for the eggs. He saved them for last since he liked them the most. After he was done another plate was set in front of him.

Kagome sat next to him and motioned for him to eat more. Hallow did so, but when a third plate was brought he couldn’t do it. The males chuckled at Sango who was trying to stuff the kid up as fast as she could.

“Sweetie, his stomach is still shrunk. We are lucky he ate that much.”

Miroku stated trying to console Sango who was so worried like the others about these young hanyou children.

“I know that, he is just so little and so damn thin. How could anyone do that to a child?”

Sango stated slamming her fist down on one of the spatula’s sending it spiraling somewhere into the forest.

Hallow felt crowded by so many people, but no one would leave him be. They were being so nice, but he felt rather claustrophobic so Lee took him out for a walk so that the men could start packing up the weapons as well as supplies so they could start the hunt tonight.

“Look, I know you want to be alone, but we can’t do that. You are part of our pack now and if you want to really piss off Inuyasha leaving on your own would do that. I was ordered to be with you at all times and even though you think you are alone there are demons in the trees around us in their true forms making sure you don’t get swiped away again or that you hurt me. Believe it or not a half demon ain’t that wimpy.”

Hallow smiled wide.

“Yes, I know that because I have met the real Great King Inuyasha. It is such a great honor. You have no idea how long I had dreamed of that day, but I did not wish for him to see me in this way. I had a whole different idea of what our meeting would be like and I see he does not wear the fire rat armor. I carry some with me at all times. All of us followers of King Inuyasha do.”

Lee looked at something he missed as the spider suddenly had a small bag in his hands that seemed to appear out of thin air made by silky webs.

“This is my life, everything that I own is in this bag.”

Hallow stated as he pulled out a small red square then some rocks and a few grubs in a jar.

“No one knows including the humans that I spun this bag. It isn’t noticeable because of the webbing. It sticks to my skin under my left arm.”

Lee then caught the smell. Sweat and blood.

“It reeks. Why didn’t you wash it?”

Hallow snorted.

“You can’t wash this kind of thing. You really know nothing about spiders considering you are part spider from Queen Kagome. Here let me show you something wolf.”

Lee watched as out of his fingernails Hallow created himself a hammock that seemed invisible in the darkness as he lay upon it seeming to hang in mid air. Sitting up on it he offered Lee a seat who looked nervous since the thing looked like it could rip apart with all the very thin threads.

“It is damn strong.”

Lee stated in shock.

“Well duh, I couldn’t live in a nest of webs if my webs were weak. Just don’t touch the underside since it is sticky.’
“I can create many things and catch my prey in here. I do get sick of grubs though. They are not filling. I wanted a damn deer or even a rabbit before I was captured.”

Hallow then sat in his web watching Lee as he extended it out so it was a bit larger.

Lee couldn’t help it as he pulled a little of the sticky side of the web apart letting it sit on his fingers then he licked it off. It tasted great and was chewy like gum.

“Hey don’t eat it! Now you made a big mess.”

Hallow fixed the web and glared at the wolf.

“Why not eat it? It tastes good. If you ain’t gonna use it when you are done then I want it.”

Lee stated as Hallow rolled his eyes and then tried to rest. He was tired. That bastard priest had used up a lot of his demon powers to make him do so many horrible things. All he wanted to do now was sleep. It was hard to do with the wolf staring at him, but he would try.

Once Hallow was asleep Mirage and the others came out of the woods.

“So you honestly believe he is telling the truth Sesshoumaru?”

Mirage asked as she was skeptical. Kagome was hit pretty damn hard by that tire iron and the kids could have been killed.

“I have the proof here in my hand. I honestly believe he is telling the truth, but if he is not we will find out tonight after he wakes. His demonic energy is almost gone. It is the full moon so I am going to assume tonight is his human night so we will have to be on guard.”

Inuyasha smelled the kid.

“Yep, definitely his human night and I doubt that he even smells us much right now. No wonder it was so easy for the humans to take these little ones. They are completely vulnerable and easy pickings. I wonder if a demon has a part in this too though. I mean a human priest alone couldn’t have done this without some kind of knowledge from demons. Maybe this is their way of trying to eradicate us considering most of the attacks have been aimed towards me and my family.”

Mirage leaned back against the tree as Kouga looked at Lee then motioned for him to go back to the camp to do watch with Shippo as well as all the other older boys. The females were to keep watch over the children just in case someone go through. No female other than Mirage was coming with them since Mirage did not have little ones yet to look after although Sesshoumaru really didn’t like that idea. She would stay in her wolf form with Inuyasha though and help him to get around giving him directions in case there was a battle so he could fight.

Little did they know that at home tensaiga and tessaiga started pulsing for them flying with their sheaths off of the wall breaking the front window to their Masters.

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