Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Mirage sighed as she waited for the kid to wake up. He was a tiny harmless little human kid of 16 years in this form although mentally 450 years old. Sesshoumaru told her that those years didn’t matter since his mind was still only 16. He was in all cases still just a puppy.

Hallow looked so beautiful in the darkness as Lee snuck back to check on him. He didn’t want to think so though since he hated spiders and bugs for the most part. Lee even kind of cursed the part of him that was from his Mother’s side even though he would never hurt her by saying so. The bug demons creeped him out and Mom never went all web slinger on him. She acted like all the other canines, probably due to being raised by them.

Damn his Father for making that brat his responsibility. Shippo finally roared at him to go take care of the hanyou since he and Kohaku had things in order. Lee’s pacing apparently was driving everyone crazy.

Kouga snuck up behind his kid quietly and then poked him in the ribs making Lee jump a mile. He scared the damn piss out of him.

“Dad don’t do that!”

Kouga laughed at his son.

“Why are you here pup and not out helping the others.”

Lee frowned and kicked a rock.

“I was banned from watch duty because apparently I can’t hold still long enough. Besides you guys need my help more than they do. Shippo and Kohaku have all 180 of Father Inuyasha’s pack organized and all of ours making it a cool 360 people. When it comes to battle you know that we don’t fuck around.”

Kouga sighed.

“Well we can actually use you to keep Hallow here out of the battle and away from our prey so it is a good thing you came along. He sure is a pretty boy isn’t he son?”

Kouga stated with a smirk as Lee snorted.

“Ya if you like that kind of thing. I am going to mate a damn wolf or canine. Even a damn cat would be better than that eight legged skinny freak.”

Lee stated with a stubborn look on his face although Kouga wasn’t buying it. Patting his son on the back he walked over to the others.

Mirage picked up the boy sitting on the webbing as she looked at his angelic looking young face. All boys and men had that look when they slept. Still this one was starting to tug at her heart even if she didn’t want him to. Under a spell he tried to kill babies. She just couldn’t bring herself to believe that those spiders had been Hallow after looking at the fragile child with his long golden brown hair. As he opened his eyes they were a pale green and seemed almost too big for his face making him look even younger then he was.

“Am I dead?”

Hallow asked as he looked at Mirage who looked like one of the Angels from his Mother’s picture books.

“No, you idiot no one has killed you yet. I am sure they will though if you keep falling asleep around demons or humans on your human night you dumb ass.”

Lee stated as he sat next to Mirage who put Hallow down carefully on the web. With a slight smirk she ruffled Lee’s hair as he frowned trying to fix it.

“Then who was that?”

Hallow sat up with his jaw dropped at the golden haired woman. He liked all the other women at camp since they were beautiful, but all dark haired like most of Japan’s women. He had seen all different colors of hair, but being underground he had only seen gold in books about Angels and you didn’t see them unless you are dead.

“Oh, that is Queen Mirage Tashio, Sesshoumaru’s mate. Don’t get too attached unless you want your head lopped off. Not even Inuyasha can touch her without permission from our King. Miroku almost lost his hands more than a few times not to mention my own Father.”

Mirage leaned against Sesshoumaru bored. She was ready to go.

“I am not that untouchable Lee. You just don’t know how to keep your paws to yourself since you take after your other Father which you conveniently forgot to mention young man.”

Mirage stated as Hallow looked at Lee. Lee sighed.

“So you have four Fathers and how many Mothers?”

Kouga smirked.

“Right now he has four including Miroku, but like Lee I am looking for our last female.”

Kouga stated with a smirk winking at Lee who rolled his eyes at his damn matchmaking parents. Hallow then looked at Sesshoumaru.

“Wow, I only had one set of parents. Most of us hanyous only have a Mom and Dad.”

Inuyasha ignored Hallow and started tapping his fingers against the tree as Sesshoumaru knew that was a sign that it was time to go before Inuyasha started becoming a pain.

“Ya well not all of us are as lucky as you Hallow. Being disciplined by seven different people sucks and they all know you screwed up so they like to rub it in your face. Still it would suck to not have your Mom and Dad around since I am lucky enough to have all of mine.”

Hallow snorted.

“I am not that sentimental wolf. Unlike humans and most half demons we trap door spiders rarely miss our parents much since my Father was rarely around. Most of us are rather secluded people. Only my Mother was there and since she was a human she died many years ago. I don’t hang onto bad memories so I moved on. Death is a part of life and you get over it. I don’t live in the past. I just didn’t want to change. That is all. Not all of us like change when the comfort of home is usually dark, dank, warm, and solitude is your peace.”

Lee shrugged as the group looked at Hallow waiting for him to start leading them. Hallow started walking trying to recall as much as he could above ground. They would have to go to the tunnel soon or he would be lost.

“Well canines live in packs. We don’t like alone. Alone is stupid. If you don’t have anyone to watch your back you will get killed.”

Hallow ignored Lee’s comment.

“It is called you hide and remain hidden until your prey comes. Then you get it and feast. Then hide again. You don’t go looking for trouble. You remain where you know it is safe. I will not be that foolish again to be captured rather than hiding like I am supposed to.”

Lee walked at a slower pace than the others who turned into the smaller wolf forms of themselves and wandered about the lands checking for danger as they kept up with the young human’s scent to stay on track.

“I still say you need someone to watch your back. Let’s just say hypothetically speaking you are in your trap door hidden area. Someone actually falls into there or many anonymous individuals. You are alone and they have more power than you do. If you have a buddy to back you up they can go get others for help. If you are like on your own dude you are dead. There is no way around it. Having a pack gives you reinforcements, being on your own just sucks. Just face it you are better off with friends then stuck out there hiding on your own. That is why you spiders and bugs keep getting murdered. You are thinking too small and hiding ain’t gonna help you out pal. It is just a matter of time before someone squishes the life out of you and turns your cozy home into a high rise building. You are damn lucky that someone hasn’t bulldozed over your house putting a crap load of cement over that drains right onto you making you a permanent part of the structure.”

Hallow sighed since that had happened to him once.

“I recall when some humans poured some nasty stuff in my home. They didn’t do it for long I can tell you that much. Giant trap door spiders the size of a human tends to make them move their projects elsewhere. Still, it sucked because I had to move my home since they ruined it sine all my dirt was covered in that foul white garbage. What the hell is wrong with just leaving the earth alone as well as my home? I don’t go out of my way to bother people so they shouldn’t bother me.”

Lee shook his head.

“But see that is the problem. They ain’t gonna leave you alone. Humans are worse than bugs. They will invade your space and take over it. Demons, half demons, and humans in this time don’t care who you are. If they see you in your spider form you know what they will do? They will send out scientists to have you dissected for purposes unknown.’
“Dude, you have no clue how fucked up the world has gotten since you have been out of it. You are just lucky we found you since any others might just kill you or force you to be like them. I ain’t gonna force you, but my family will. It sucks being young and that we are not that bad. I have seen bad. You don’t want it. If you got stuck being raised by humans who felt sorry for you they would send you probably to school to make you learn stupid human shit and for what? There ain’t no jobs out there. At least my family will help you in that way. We can teach you way better than any damn human and we have doctors who take care of us demons. They will take care of you since you are a half demon and they won’t look down their noses at you. You are equal here. You gotta see how things are now and so do the others. No one can live in the dark ages forever. You may hate change, but it happens. Hell I hate change, but I gotta deal with it so if I have to then the rest of you do.’
“After all, supposedly I have to mate soon and one of them has to be a half demon since Shippo didn’t do that. So now I am stuck and I am going to tell you honestly you don’t have to worry about that at all. You don’t have to rule people and I ain’t attracted to you so you get life easy. In fact not to be rude, but you are rather repulsive to me. Personally you are the first spider that acts like one that I can stand, but I have a bug thing.”

Hallow smirked.

“Good, I felt about the same way with you. You disgust me, but that is ok because I like talking to you too.”

Lee then had the ball of webbing in his hand from the hammock and started chewing on it.

“You really like that crap? I can make cleaner stuff. We were sitting on it. I mean our bodies were like on it.”

Hallow stated wrinkling his nose.

“Ya, so?”

Lee stated as he chewed on some more as Hallow grasped the sticky ball from him and threw it into the woods.

“As soon as I turn back into my true form I will get you new stuff. Now please spit that out before you make me vomit wolf.”

Lee swallowed.

“I already ate it.”

Hallow had to cover his mouth for a moment. That was just so disgusting. He caught prey in those webs, but even he wouldn’t eat them. They were for marking his tunnels, blocking off areas to his territory, trapping prey, sleeping in, and sometimes for bedding when it was cold. Never in Hallows life would he ever eat his own webs. They got dirty where as he kept his prey and anything that went into his stomach clean. He drank every nutrient his prey offered by liquefying their innards only leaving a husk of a shell which he used a light natural poison on to dispose of like acid that melted the bones as well as the skin away. Everything was clean and he liked things that way.

When they got to the caves Lee was thrilled. There were huge chewing gum webs everywhere except the entrance was blocked off by a huge web.

“Huh, I don’t recall making that one. Must have been when I was under that seal. Oh well.”

Lee smelled the area as he took a stick swirling the webbing onto the end getting ready to eat it as Hallow grasped it frowning at the wolf throwing the stick to the ground.

“It smells like you.”

Lee huffed angry that his cotton web stick was ruined.

“Quit eating that. You have no idea how long it has been out here or what has been in it. I swear you talk to me about self preservation, but you have no idea if there is any purification in those web orbs I have made since I was under the spell you moron.”

Sesshoumaru and the others turned back into their human forms.

“Your scent is in there so stay behind me.”

Sesshoumaru ordered as the two young men were suddenly in the center of the demons that were with them. Inuyasha being blind didn’t really stress about light since now he could use his nose and other senses. In fact they were in a territory he could actually claim to have more knowledge over then the others.

“Sesshoumaru something is approaching. Can you hear the sound waves?”

Inuyasha’s ears perked up and the air smelled of something familiar. Suddenly the earth exploded as the two swords landed on the ground after thrusting through the earth practically knocking the damn ceiling down on them.

“Looks like tensaiga is done rejecting you.”

Kouga stated as Sesshoumaru looked at his sword snarling only to have Bakusaiga knock him in the ribs trying to get a grip on his belt.

“Stop it.”

Sesshoumaru growled at the swords that were battling in the air for who was going to go on his belt first. They hadn’t been used in so long they were having attitude.

“Tensaiga goes first.”

Tensaiga glowed and the frog on the side looped itself magically to his belt as Bakusaiga did the same bopping the tensaiga once for good measure.

Inuyasha felt Tessaiga come to his hand as the scabbard did the same on his belt as the other two swords had done to Sesshoumaru except the sword refused to be let out of Inuyasha’s hand as it stayed in full form with Inuyasha rattling it to let go.

“What has gotten into them?”

Kouga was laughing a bit as suddenly Inu No Tashio, Blades, Scales, and Robby came down standing in front of them all.

“They miss their masters and you have someone to protect again. You didn’t before since your mates are strong enough to protect themselves. You have this half demon here now and others ahead from what I smell. Hopefully we are not too late.”

Inuyasha looked at Sesshoumaru.

“This isn’t one of your and Dad’s tricks because you were both bored is it?”

Sesshoumaru sighed.

“Unfortunately no so I have no bloody control over it and neither does Father. We didn’t start this one.”

Inuyasha nodded.

“Just checking since I have had enough of you two scheming just cause you have nothing better to do. You are tormenting my life too when you do that. I mean I made these plans for my family so if you had any part in messing them up I think I might have to find a way to kill you both even if I do love you.”

Touga sighed at his son and then looked at the tiny human.

“So you are the one who escaped. Well we will go on ahead. You have led us far enough.”

Hallow frowned.

“Wait one damn minute here. None of the half demons are going to trust any of you except maybe Inuyasha who none of them know especially since he ain’t in his fire rat armor. You need to let a familiar face go with you unless you demons want chaos. Arrogant as always you never think about us.”

Inuyasha stiffened expecting either his Father or Sesshoumaru to kill the kid for talking like that to them.

“You are indeed right Hallow, but you cannot go alone in your condition.”

Touga stated as Sesshoumaru growled at the way the boy was talking to them. Lee even stepped back for a moment wondering if his new buddy was going to be canine kabob.

Inuyasha came up and whacked the kid on the back of the head after touching him to make sure of what side he was facing.

“You will not speak to my Father like that again Hallow. He can rip you in two not to mention my brother. I told you show respect to my family rulers as you would me and that was a direct order. You mess with them again like that I will punish you. Now move your little ass before I get really pissed.”

Touga looked at Inuyasha and frowned at him.

“Inuyasha enough, just because you are King of Hanyous you should know you were just as crude to your brother as well as to others at his age. Give the kid a break. They learned from you so don’t expect these young half demons to not act like you.”

Sesshoumaru then calmed down and started laughing. It was true and if these kids were still living in the feudal times there was no way in hell they were going to listen to a demon Lord. They probably would band together to fight futilely against them just like Inuyasha would.

“Inuyasha I guess Kouga should change to be your faithful watch wolf so you can take control of this situation since you are now in charge. I am not going to deal with a bunch of people just like you used to be with no fucking respect and no manners. I for once am actually afraid of dealing with my own subjects and I think the rest of the demons would have to agree with me. This is your ball so call it.”

Kouga bust up laughing, but then Sesshoumaru looked at him.

“I don’t know what you are laughing at Kouga. You are going to help him since you two might as well be twins when it comes to bad manners and foul language.”

Kouga shut up and was going to protest until Inuyasha growled.

“I need my fucking glasses for this. I swear I am going to fucking kill that son of a bitch when I get there. Hell, fuck it. I am going to wear these anyway since I don’t want wolf breath cramping my style.”

Inuyasha pulled out a pair of hidden virtual glasses he had on him as he was chased by Kouga trying to get them back to destroy them. What if they had that miasma shit in them?

“Inuyasha take those off you asshole! Are you trying to kill us all again! Come on mutt face give em to me!”

By the time those two were done they were covered in Hallow’s webs as Hallow and Lee just watched them.

“I guess the legends are true about Kouga and Inuyasha. I thought that part was a farce.”

Hallow stated as Lee shrugged.

“They have always been this way. It is Sesshoumaru that has changed so much that we all think he is going to someday lose it to become the asshole again and kill everyone just for sport. I mean the guy still has that cold indifferent killer thing about him so don’t do what you did earlier ok? As much as you disgust me I don’t have many friends so try to keep your head and watch your damn mouth. You are not Inuyasha remember that.”

Sesshoumaru lifted both by their collars and growled.

“Stop causing a scene you two and give me those damn glasses Inuyasha. I am going to sniff them out first and check them. I will give them back if they are safe, but do not do that again unless you want me to leave you tied up at home so you will stay safe you brat.”

Kouga was dropped on his ass as was Inuyasha as Sesshoumaru took out a tiny tool kit, took the glasses apart double checking everything and as lightning fast as he took it apart it was once again together. Handing them back to Inuyasha he glared at him.

“This is just temporary Inuyasha. If anything attacks that can gain access to those blasted things or if for any damn reason you feel funny destroy them. Otherwise I will spank your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for a year.”

Inuyasha cursed his brother as he got up putting them on.

“Oh, so that is what you look like. You are a fucking skinny runt. We will fatten you up Hallow. Don’t worry kid and fuck you if you think about going in there to fight on your own. You are not going into the battle and you will remain here with Lee even if you don’t like it. You are going to hurt your damn self. If those brats don’t recognize me then I will just but their heads together until they grow a brain.”

Hallow pouted ready to say something, but Inuyasha just knocked him on top of the head.

“Oh and that is for talking back to your betters who are a hell of a lot older then you. Shut up, behave yourselves, and do not get yourselves into trouble. If you do I will come back and throttle the life out of both of you.”

The elder demons left with Inuyasha in front using tessaiga to cut through the webs with the wind scar. Of course after a while he wasn’t allowed to do that anymore since the demons were sick of being covered in dirt as well as burning webs. Instead torches were created from some sticks and some of the large webbing which Inuyasha also had to try as he chewed on some with Kouga following suit. It wasn’t too bad.

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